Creative Food, Great Drinks, Live Music Daily: Magnolia Motor Lounge

Good Day,

From Scratch Menu!

Some years back before the Fort Worth 7th Street area started rocking and popping, a little place opened up for business in the southwest corner called Magnolia Motor Lounge. We they opened I thought to my self this is going to be a great place.

Magnolia Motor Lounge, or for the frequent the 7th street area comers, then you’re aware they go by the name “MAGS” for short.

MAGS offers a wide range of national and local artists nightly. This means on any given night there is awesome tunes being played at Magnolia Motor Lounge. They have a wide VARIETY of music from rock, blues, Texas blues, Texas red dirt, and any & all types of music. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be fantastic and the sounds are always great.

The stage is set in the middle of the building so you can see the artist performing from any angle in the club. The servers, bar tenders, and employees are all very nice. They are all so helpful and friendly. The club is open, spacious and has a great patio. So for the folks who want to grab some fresh air, or you just like being outside to socialize in the wonderful Texas air the patio at MAGS is always ready.

Trey, Garett, and Stewart Mann with Chad.

It’s also the perfect place to stop in and hear some great live music During the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. You won’t want to go home!

The have a great “from scratch” chef drive menu. You can eat brunch, lunch, dinner or snacks of any kind. The food is always farm fresh and on point. Just to let you know, Magnolia Motor Lounge has some of the best burgers in town too.

They have a great selection of foods to choose from, but here’s a list of some signature items from Magnolia Motor Lounge:

Garage Queso – Beer Braised Pork, Pico de Gallo, Queso, Grilled Onions, Grilled Jalapeños, add some Avocado on it!

Melt with tenderloin.

Magnolia Custom Burger – Burger topped with Ham, Grilled Mushrooms, Breaded Fried Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, and a soft fried egg.

Mag Melt Burger – Burger topped with Grilled Onions, Spicy Magnolia Sauce, Provolone Cheese, Bacon, on Jalapeño Cornbread.

Junk Yard – Hand Battered Deep Fried All Beef Frank, Chili, Queso, Grilled Onions, and Jalapeños, Mustard

“Magnolia used the freshest ingredients, handmade daily, cooking only the best for our guests. HECK, we don’t even own a microwave!”

See y’all at Magnolia Motor Lounge   soon! Holler let’s do a shot and take some photos.

Trey Chapman

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Texas Debauchery & More!

Good Day Drink With Trey buddies,

Just when you think the Fort Worth West 7th area can’t get any better… BAM! A new fantastic business opens up. Not only is the new place big, bright and rocking, it’s named after Texas. WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me?

A new place to drink, party, watch sports, eat great food, listen to awesome music and socialize with friends into the wee hours of the night. What would you call a place with a tasty from scratch chef driven menu, strong drinks, big open space, friendly folks and Texas music? I’ll tell you what they call it.


Or if you’re a West 7th Street local, TXR will do!

That’s right folks, TEXAS REPUBLIC.

Upscale Southeast Asian Cuisine!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

Eva doing her thing!

Quite some time ago, I was told about Malai Kitchen in Southlake. At first I thought, oh yes another Southeast Asian cuisine place. I’ll get over there when I can. I love Asian culture, the food and the great flavors it provides. Everyone knows how much I love food because… well… It’s my job and my life mission to pursue with a deep passion. I get leads on new places daily and while I do try to never prejudge a restaurant, a chef, or a menu, I sometimes put places on the back burner.

Malai Kitchen has other locations in the DFW metropex so when I heard Malai Kitchen was coming to Fort Worth I told myself, I’ll just wait and try Malai when they open here. I made a colossal mistake not trying Malai in Southlake when I heard about it the first time.

I drove up to the NEW location and saw the big bright colors, the beautiful patio, and the fantastic vivid interior… I was in love. If you know me at all, you know I love BIG BOLD THINGS! It can be flavors, colors, cuisine, clothes and more. My first impression will always be good if it’s bright and bold.

OPEN Thanksgiving Day To Eat, Drink & Be Thankful In The DFW!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

Years ago when I was younger, the holidays were truly meant for families. Everyone came together at home and cooked. There was so much food and all you could do was eat, stumble to a chair and take a nap. After waking from a good food slumber you got up and went back to eating some more. It was an all day family chow down fest.

BLKEYE Vodka Cocktails

Sometimes we work too much, sometimes flights get missed and sometimes…just sometimes we don’t wanna do anything but relax on the holidays. Whatever it is, times have changed and so have our values. Today we have a lot of places open for you to dine during Thanksgiving. You can take your family, friends, or just eat a great Thanksgiving meal all by yourself. You can also hit the town with the family after a great Thanksgiving meal. Drink With Trey always has the 411 for drinking, partying, and all your cocktail needs.

A Wish With Wings In Cowtown!

My cell phone rings it’s Clay Brants, “Trey are you coming to a Wish For Wings again this year? ” I answered “Heck Yes Clay Baby!”

Some Of The Wish For Wings Crew!

So I had the opportunity to attend a great event. The 2017 Kitchens Tour in Fort Worth, Texas! The finest chefs. The Finest homes. The cutest Wish Kids! This was an AWESOME event benefiting A Wish with Wings.

Let’s get fancy; The Quintessential TEXAS Dish!

If you live in Texas, or have spent any time roaming around here, then you know what the most quintessential dish that Texans love to eat.

It’s big, tasty, light brown color, has a little crunch with each bite. In most cases it is smothered in creamy gravy. Yep! The delicious chicken fried steak! Born in Texas, and it is truly the quintessential state dish.

Texans love it so much we even declared an official day to celebrate it!