The Morning After Brunch A Real Chow Down!

Doc B’s Candy Bacon DFW

A few years ago I heard about this brunch event. After my diligent research, I found that it was centered on brunching. I was like, “One price for a bunch of chef-driven brunch dishes AND it includes cocktails too? Sign me up folks. I’m there.”

This event was forreal a fantastic brunch event filled with incredibly delicious brunch cuisine like powdered donuts, candied bacon, biscuits and gravy, maple and chocolate pancakes. I can go on forever. It is areal foodies dream come true.

Just A Brunch’in!

The events name is the “Dallas Observer – Morning After Brunch”, and it’s truly a Texas sized brunch that doesn’t compare to anything you’ve ever seen before. I’ve never seen so many mouth-watering, knee-slapping, chef-driven brunch dishes in one spot! There are so many, you couldn’t get to all of them. We only made about eighteen, or twenty, before we had to jump in a wheel barrel to roll ourselves out of the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

We had a bit of trouble trying to jump in the wheel barrel to make our exit with empty cocktail glasses in both hands, powered donuts in our jacket pockets, and four or five strips of Doc B’s delicious candied bacon stuffed in our shirts, but we managed to make it work. I felt like a food thief piglet at an all-you-can-eat late night buffet in Las Vegas. I was on a brunch high like no other!

When I tell you they had cocktails, I’m talking about serious cocktails. They didn’t just have a few selections of beer and wine they had it all; Deep Ellum Distillery Vodka, KORBEL Champagne, Wine, Jack Daniels whiskey, Bloody Mary’s, Creative cocktail mixes, much more. They offered custom Bloody Mary’s too! Oh it was a cocktail lovers dream. If you would have seen me with all that food and trying to hold cocktails in both hands, you might think I had a serious partying issue.

The truth of the matter was I was so excited about all that awesome food and drink I had a hard time controlling myself. Once I got it all under control, I had to figure out the best brunching items they had to offer at this once a year shindig. They offered some much FORTY-TWO different vendors we just tried what we could  after reviewing all the dishes and booths available. I tried fifteen different dishes!

I wanted to list my favorite dishes from this fantastic food event.

Try and make it to some of these places in the DFW area.

Taco Heads DFW

1. Taco Heads

Fort Worth & Dallas locations

Chef Sara, and her Taco team, made some delicious Chilicillias that were fresh, hot, and packed with authentic flavors. Each bite I took tasted like, “I need more”, because that’s all I wanted was more. #MorePlease

2. Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen

Fort Worth & Dallas locations

I love Doc B’s and their creative menu. I loved their candied bacon! It was so delicious and tasty. We even went back three times for some more. #Worthit

3. The Mozzarella Company

Dallas locations

I just love fresh cheese and bread. Who doesn’t love cheese and bakery fresh bread with some succulent jams to put on them? #CheesePlease

4. Asian Mint

Dallas locations

Chef Nikki’s team offered bacon fried rice. Yes, you read that correctly; BACON FRIED RICE. This dish was incredible! Talk about going to the flavor rodeo. My taste buds where screaming #SimplyDelicious

5. Bongo Beaux’s

Dallas locations

Bongo Delicious Shrimp Dish

Bongo offered an amazing shrimp and rice dish. The shrimp was cooked perfectly. The rice was flavorful and cooked to perfection.#ShimpSurprize

We also tried a host of other dishes that we really enjoyed. Some of those dishes where from the Dallas Carmel Company, Go Loco Street Tacos and Burritos, House Of Blues, Fresh Art Foodie, Bellegreen, and some others. There truly wasn’t a bad dish at this amazing event.

You need to look up The Morning After Brunch and make plans to visit this event next year because Trey’s Chow Down and Drink With Trey will definitely be in the house for 2020. See you at the table or the bar!

Remember; “Food is an exploration of the pallet. Try something new. You just might like it!”

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Much love,

Trey Chow Down Chapman


With all of Trey’s Chow Down BEST OF lists getting so much attention, and thousands of re-shares, we just had to seek out the BEST SANDWICHES for our fellow Texas foodies!

One of my favorite things to do is eat a delicious farm fresh flavor-packed sandwich!  They are delicious at any time of day, or night, when prepared with farm fresh vegetables and ingredients, stacked between two bakery fresh buns.

The story of how the sandwiches were created is a funny one. I laugh every time I read it or discuss it with someone. A man, for no other reason than convenience, created it. LOL. Sounds just about right.

The bread-enclosed convenient food known as the “sandwich” is attributed to John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), a British statesman and notorious gambler. He invented the sandwich so he could sit and gamble without getting up to eat. All I can say is… Men haven’t changed much at all in 300-something years. Most still don’t want to get up when gambling, watching sports, movies, or one of the many social media sites we visit daily. I don’t really care who invented it, where they invented it, or what the reason was! I’m just happy that we have them and I can CHOW DOWN on them when I feel like it.

I’ve been chowing down on sandwiches the last 12 months and now it’s time to let everyone know where the best sandwiches in DFW are located. It wasn’t easy making these picks, but someone has to do it!

So here we go, Giddy up folks!

#1 Carshon’s Delicatessen

Fort Worth, Texas

Carshon’s Deli Old School

Carshon’s is an old school deli that makes some of the best sandwiches you will ever eat. It’s been around since 1928 and is the oldest deli in Fort Worth. I feel at home every time I walk in the doors. They just have that old school deli magic.  I love the “Rufferford” and the “Rebecca” sandwiches. They’re both so delicious and they just can’t be duplicated. Packed with flavors and always fresh, they will leave you mumbling hashtag flavor rodeo. #YouKnowWhatImSayin

#2 Melted

Dallas, Texas

Melted is pretty new to the Dallas scene, but has made big waves in the foodie world. Great atmosphere and upbeat vibes while serving deliciousness with everything you order. You will say, “How did I miss this deliciousness?”, with every bite you take. For some fantastic lip-smacking deliciousness, I recommend ordering “The Beach” and “Mozzarella Melts “. Those Mozzarella Melts will put a smile on your face and happiness in your hearts. #Delish

# 3 Cork & Pig Tavern

Fort Worth and Los Colinas, Texas

Cork & Pig originated in west Texas, and then moved to the West 7th area in Fort Worth. They recently added a third location in Los Colinas. They have a sandwich that I’ve been in love with since the first bite. The “French Dip” is the VERY BEST I’ve ever eaten. I grab it, dip it in the house prepared au jus, take a bite, and let the sauce drip down my chin. You won’t find a better one, in my opinion, period! #Flavorgasm  

Little Red Wasp #smackyomamagood

# 4 Little Red Wasp

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

Little Red Wasp has been in Fort Worth for about four years and they are opening a new one in Southlake soon. The Wasp, as locals call it, has amazing bites and sandwiches that will make your taste buds sing. If you really want to try something that will blow your mind try the “Reuben.” That is a Chef Blaine special sandwich that has a four-day preparation time marinating the meat. They only use freshly baked bread. It is just stupid delicious. #SmackYaMommaGood

#5 The Latin Pig

The Colony, Texas

The Latin Pig has a fantastic colorful Latin vibe. I’ve always loved other cultures and the Latin culture especially. The Latin Pig menu has a treasure chest of delicious creative cuisines. My favorite sandwich is the “ROPA VIEJA”, made with tender shredded Latin-flavored brisket. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! #SucculentBlitz

#6 Local Foods Kitchen

Fort Worth, Texas

Neiman Marcus #GiveMeSomeMore

The Local Foods Kitchen is a fantastic little joint I like to call a little slice of heaven. Everything they sling out of the kitchen is packed with fresh flavors. They only use farm fresh vegetables and ingredients to prepare daily deliciousness. I’m in love with the “Jalapeno Turkey Crunch “ served on warm cheese bread. Yes, I said warm cheese bread! The sandwich Gods live at Local Foods Kitchen. #HeavenSentSandwich

#7 Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

Dallas, Texas in Bishops Arts & Mocking Bird Station

Dallas Grilled Cheese Company has two locations in Dallas now. I couldn’t believe how delicious a grilled cheese or any sandwich was from these folks. I have had three different sandwiches from D.G.C.C. and each one is super delicious. But if you want to have a #Flavorgasm then try the “Grilled Cheese Cheese Burger. ” Yes the Grill Cheese Cheese Burger, WHAT? But seriously I’ve liked them all, so any sandwich will have you saying #SuperCheesySandwichDeliciousness  

#8 Neiman Marcus

Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

I love the cafes at Neiman Marcus. They have some delicious bites. Of course, I love the N.M. broth you can sip on before your meal. Let me tell you how in love I am with the “Grilled Cheese” and of course, I add the French fries on the side. The grilled cheese is always cheesy and delicious. The fries are always crispy perfection. Don’t forget a delicious turnover either! You will be saying #GiveMeSomeMore

#9 Americano Italian Restaurant

Downtown Dallas, Texas            

Americano Dallas #GitTiHaveIt

I love the downtown vibe at the Americano in the Joule Hotel lobby. I fell in love the minute I walked in and saw the big open space with all the windows looking outside. I also liked the long bar and the neon signs. The place just screams let’s have some fun! I enjoyed two items when I chowed down. I loved the “Fried Olives”, stuffed with Cambrian chili sausage. They were amazing and really popped in my mouth. I Also tried the “Roasted Chicken Panini”, which was loaded with delicious melted mozzarella cheese. The Panini was cooked to perfection and the bread was perfect. You will love Americano #GotToHaveIt

#10 Jason’s Deli

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

I’ve been eating and chowing down at Jason’s Deli since 1976. My dad and I used to visit Jason’s Deli for weekly lunches back when we owned our restaurants. I truly enjoy everything Jason’s offers, but I especially cherish the “Beef Eater” and the “California Club”. Both of these may be very different but are incredibly delicious. Packed with flavors and always prepared fresh! They’re hard to beat. Jason’s Deli will leave you saying #INeedMorePlease

BBQ ON The Brazos

Cresson, Texas

Gobble Gobble on Good Day Fox 4

If you drive south of Fort Worth on Hwy 377 you will hit Cresson Texas. Cresson is home of BBQ On The Brazos and some award winning BBQ. Not only are they a Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Winner they also have other fresh and creative menu options. One of my favorite is the “Gobble Gobble” a delicious Turkey sandwich like you’ve never eaten before. It’s packed with Chef John’s slow smoked Turkey and fresh bakery bread. I like it this sandwich so much I featured it on Fox 4 Good Day during my BEST OF BBQ list episode. When you have time make the drive and EAT THIS! you will be saying Gobble Gobble all day long! #GobbleGobble

Thanks for reading our article and trusting us for your chow down needs! I really appreciate the dedication and local support. We are passionate about food, drinks, the chefs that create it, and the restaurants that host everyone.

Remember, “Food is an exploration of the pallet try something new you might like it!”

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

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DFW BEST Bars & Super Bowl Watching Parties!

Trey Enjoying A Drink, lol!

Last year, our Drink With Trey “BEST BARS & NIGHTCLUBS LIST” received over 1000 re-shares and 121,000 reads! We just had to make a BEST LIST for 2019 for our Texas sports fans too.

It’s here! It’s time! Are you ready sports fans?

Every year the Super Bowl puts excitement in the air for sports lovers, partygoers, drinking buddies, and heck even folks who love to watch the super bowl just for the commercials.

If you follow Drink With Trey, Trey’s Chow Down, or Trey Chapman, then you know how much we love to have a good time. You can’t threaten us with a great party because in most cases we are the PARTY. We’ve been partying, watching sports, slinging back drinks, listening to live music, and chowing down all over Texas in 2018. We wanted to offer our suggestions for the BEST PICKS to watch the SUPER BOWL or any sporting event for that matter in the DFW area.

Our picks have a large number of TVs, great music, awesome chow, seductive bar bites, and great service folks that pride them selves on great customer service. It’s all about having a great experience with lots of fun. Buckle-up buttercup! It’s fix’in to get crazy!

Reservoir Bar & Kitchen

Fort Worth, Texas on West 7th

Rez as the locals like to call it has plenty of TV’s with a big menu and great chef-driven brunch items. I love the Texas-size patio and they have so many TVs! The only way to miss anything is to close your eyes. The NEW bunch menu is killer. It is just packed with great creations.  On Super Bowl Sunday they will have brunch until 3 PM and 2.00 Mimosa’s. The staff is friendly with big smiles and just love to sling those cocktails. So get there early and have some fun for Trey. Check out Reservoir’s new location at Texas Music Factory coming soon!

On Super Bowl Sunday they will have brunch until 3 PM and 2.00 Mimosa’s. Check out this video: Reservoir fun

Happiest Hour

Dallas, Texas in Hardwood District

Happiest Hour (Photo Credit: H.H.)

I love this place! My favorite spot is on the patio looking out at the beautiful buildings of Dallas. They have a wonderful bite menu and why not considering they’re the sister of Saint Ann’s Restaurant. The staff is always upbeat and friendly with big smiles. They are hosting a big watch party downstairs and on the front lawn. They have a VIP party upstairs. Not sure about the cost of VIP though. I do know, they will have $5 dollars off appetizers and beer tower specials. I dare you to try “Everything But The Kitchen Sink.” This dish is what I call A Spectacular Foodie Rock Star! If you love sundaes, then I double dog dare you to try this dish. Head on over to the Happiest Hour and turn it up like Trey!

They will have a VIP party, $5 dollars off appetizers and beer tower specials. Check out this video: Happiest Video

Texas Republic Bar & Kitchen

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th area

TXR as the locals like to call it has one of the biggest TV screens in the DFW area, if not the biggest with incredible color. They have amazing sound throughout the club and a wonderful staff that is super friendly. They also have fantastic bathrooms, which is important if it’s crowded. They have an amazing menu that is chef-driven and the chef offers some award-winning items that you will love. Oh baby, the “Trash Can Nachos” are OMG… I just dare you to get this amazing dish. Tap this link and view video Make plans for TXR tell’em Trey sent you.

Deep Ellum Distillery

Dallas, Texas in Deep Ellum

What can I say about my boyz at Deep Ellum? It’s just an AWESOME place with fantastic one-of-a-kind cocktails created by professional mixologists. They have booths, tall tables, bar seats, and a Texas-size TV screen. They offer wonderful Deep Ellum Distillery products like Apple Cinnamon Vodka, Pickle Flavor Vodka, and of course the regular Deep Ellum Vodka. I dare you to try the “Apple Pie Drink” you CAN NOT have just one. I guarantee it or my name isn’t Drink With Trey!

D.E.D. special:  Happy hour all day on Sunday. $5 DED Vodka, $6 infusions, and $7 specialty cocktails. Head over to D.E.D. it’s just bad azz! D.E.D. Tasting Room Video.

Whiskey Garden

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th Area

Whiskey, let’s say that again, WHISKEY. You see how that just rolls off your tongue? The locals call it Whiskey. I like to call it my fun house. Whiskey Garden has long been one of my favorite places for just about anything fun related. Awesome staff, award-winning tacos from Chef Tuck, great cocktails and of course tons of fun. Just stay out of the pool it’s cold as a well-diggers butt this time of year! Oh, and it’s covered, lol! Reservoir across the street is a sister club so feel free to walk back and forth.

Specials: Free buffet starting at 4 by Tailfeather’s Wing Truck. at Whiskey until they run out of food. We know they won’t run out of drinks. Love my W-H-I-S-K-E-Y staff!

The Owners Box

Dallas, Texas at Restaurants On Lamar/Omni Hotel

The Box! The Big Deal! The Beast in Dallas! This place is packed with TVs, pool tables, private suites, great staff, a big patio, and awesome food. Let’s just say The Owners Box is a destination, not a stop off. You have a chef-driven menu and 6 other restaurants on Lamar to choose from if you get hungry. They also have 2 other big patios if you just want to stroll around and get away for a few. Oh yeah, I forgot one of the most important factors. You can carry your drinks anywhere on Lamar. Just stroll around sipping, drinking, and laughing like you own the place. Like a BOSS! If you need a room, the Omni is there too. Heck, drinking at the Owners you’ve already won (even if your team didn’t). I love the pretzel and loaded fries just DELICIOUS! Head over to the Owners Box.

Texas Live

Arlington, Texas at Live Area

Texas Live-WOW! (Photo Credit T.L.)

What? What? What did you? That’s what folks normally say when you try and describe Texas Live to someone who has never been before. I like to call it an “Entertainment Mecca” everything you need for a real Texas party. T.L. has a complete and crazy line up of places to sling back drinks, watch the big game, or Chow down on some incredibly delicious food. It’s so big it needs it’s own zip code, lol! They are having great specials Super bowl Sunday look at this deal:

Sunday, February 3rd for the Big Game Bash and enter for a chance to WIN the ultimate tailgate package! Package includes a 65″ TV, tailgate tent, cooler, and two chairs. Enter here

Head on over to Texas Live and have a Texas-size time like Drink With Trey does! Check out this video

Bottled Blonde

Dallas, Texas at Good Latimer Express

Bottle Blonde, or B.B. as I Iike to call it, has an awesome upstairs outdoor patio setting. The downstairs is killer too but I love the upstairs. The first time I was there I fell in love with the vibrant upbeat atmosphere upstairs. The cars flying by on the expressway makes for some fun games. They have a fantastic friendly staff and a wonderful menu full of great tasty creations and bites. They have lots of TVs and plenty of room for Super Bowl Sunday.

They will have two 24-foot projection wall TV’s which will be awesome to watch the big game. Head over to B.B. have a have a drink on the upstairs patio for Trey. Watch this video! 

Bar 2909

Fort Worth, Texas West 7th Area.

Varsity Tavern (Photo Credit V.T.)

Bar 2909 or just 2909 as the locals like to call it. I call it my outdoor headquarters for all that’s fun. 2909 has an amazing outdoor area with games, lots of seating, a fireplace, big heaters, and great sound. They have plenty of bar space so you can get your drinks easily without any issues. They have a wonderful Chef driven menu from Cork & Pig Tavern and it’s full of tasty creations. Its filled with great eats. They have one of my favorite sandwiches, the “French Dip”. This is so good you will order two one for later. Great cocktails, lots of room for lounging and having fun in the sun, or under a heater. Head over to Bar 2909 and have some good times. Watch this video! 

Varsity Tavern

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th Area

V.T. is what I call it and it’s a great place for fun and debauchery of all types. They have two floors of greatness. Outdoor games of all types, great cocktails, and an awesome staff that loves to have fun. You can hang out upstairs and look down two different streets. Here you can take in the vibrant upbeat atmosphere. They have some big TV’s with a great sound all over V.T. I love the upstairs section outside in fresh Texas air. They have great seating areas with plenty of stand up and stretch room. V.T. as also been an all-time favorite of mine and is a great place to watch sporting events. Love me some V.T. baby! What this Video! 

End Zone

McKinney, Texas on Eldorado Pkwy

If you’re in the McKinney area for Super Bowl Sunday or any sporting event you need to head on over to the wonderful End Zone. The powerhouse of sports entertainment, or as I would say, the place for some bad azz fun with great staff. E.Z. has plenty of room with great bar food. They have some awesome cocktails too! They say, “It doesn’t matter if you like the classic, soulful, shaken, or stirred, you will get an amazing cocktail from E.Z.”. They’re having some great deals on Super Bowl Sunday.

The biggest game in all of the sports, free beer hour, free appetizer samplers, prizes, $200 being given away…I mean, what else do ya need!?!? Head on over to E.Z. and tell’em Big Trey sent you.

The Mad Hatter Pub (Photo Credit Sneaky Pete)

Mad Hatter Neighbor Pub

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th Area

Here’s the deal. Mad Hatter isn’t a big sports club, a party palace, or a gigantic bar. It’s plain and simply one of the BEST little bars in Texas, PERIOD! When I tell you it’s the BEST because I truly mean it. The place reminds me of CHEERS. It just can’t get any better than the little Cozy Mad Hatter. The owner and staff are truly amazing and so friendly. They pride themselves on great customer service as well as serving perfect cocktails and cold beer. You get good times and plenty of conversation whether you want it or not. If you in the mood to try an award-winning cozy little joint in Fort Worth where everyone knows your name then head over to the wonderful Mad Hatter. Tell them Trey sent you. Mad Hatter still my NUMBER #1 VOTE of the BEST BARS in Texas, PERIOD!

Upper 90 On College 

Fort Worth, Texas Magnolia Area

Up 90 is a fantastic little sports bar located in the new hip area of Fort Worth in what I like to call the Magnolia Arts District. Known for friendly fun folks and a great staff you call see all your sports games and enjoy some great company. I think they enjoy every sport known to man at Upper 90 it’s a real sportsman paradise. Super bowl Sunday is no different it will be a Texas size day!

Party kicks off at 5PM Free Food, Drink Specials, Super Bowl Squares, Live Music and more. Head over to Upper 90 and enjoy the fantastic sports vibe and wonderful staff! Check out this video!

Please have an awesome time and remember to TIP your staff well! Be polite and don’t drive drunk. It never ends well for anyone especially you. 

Much Love,

Trey Drinking Chapman 

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Texas Best Chili for Chilly Weather!

It’s getting cold so that means it’s chili time in Texas, my friends. Who doesn’t love a bowl of delicious warm tasty chili layered with your favorite cheese and fixings? EVERYONE DOES.

I love chili. All my life being from Texas, I’ve tried so many bowls of chili, they have to number in thousands. Every year I judge at least 10 to 15 chili contests, and boy is that always a shocker. Just when I think I’ve tried every combination known to man, a new chili cook creates something crazy new. As a seasoned chili expert, it always surprises me. On the positive side, it’s fantastic that we have all these chefs and home cooks wanting to create some new delicious chili recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Quick Story! About two years ago I was judging a contest (I’m not going to state any names because I want to protect the integrity of the food-judging scene). At this contest, one of my good buddies was sitting next to me. I could tell by looking at his facial expressions if something was bad, good, and really tasty. Everyone started passing the chili around and we were about 7 chili bowls deep into the 20-something chili contest. I hear this gaging sound and little snicker. I look up and it’s my buddy looking like he’s about to puke all over the table. You know that look, lol! After a second he passed it to me and shook his head as if to say DO TRY THAT CHILI, DUDE. I figured he was acting or at best just exaggerating to get one over on me. When I put that big spoon full of chili in my mouth it didn’t take two seconds before I almost spit it out. It tasted like someone had put an entire container of salt and hot sauce and nothing else in this chili. That was just crazy. After the contest was over we tried to figure out what happened but we just assumed they screwed up on the mix. One would think they would try the chili before they serve it? Who knows? That’s just part of judging and one contest I’ll never forget.

On a good note, I’ve eaten lots of great chili this year and I wanted to share my great chili picks with each of you. That way you can enjoy some delicious chili in the chilly Texas weather.

My number one pick for 2019 has been around a while and knows a thing or two about some delicious Texas cooking.

#1) Fred’s Texas Cafe

Fort Worth, Texas (3 locations)

Fred’s TCU, Fred’s Texas North, and Fred’s West 7th Street

What can I say about Cowboy Chef Terry Chandler and his wonderful Texas flavor creations? Terry is a true outdoor cowboy chuck wagon cook that brings those wonderful western flavors to life in his Fred’s Texas Cafe’s creations. The chili at Fred’s is awesome! It will send your taste buds to the FLAVOR Rodeo and everyone needs to try some while the weather is chili-right.

#2) BBQ On The Brazos

BBQ On The Brazos Chili

Cresson, Texas on Hwy 377

BBQ On The Brazos or as I like to call them, “The Smoke Flavor Rodeo Kings” has an amazing flavorful chili. Pit Master John Sanford has been working on his chili recipe since man was created. Probably not, but it sounds good anyway. Their chili is flavor-packed, delicious, slap yo mama, and leg twitching awesome. When you get a chance head out and try some of John’s chili in Cresson, Texas!

#3) Billy Oak Acres BBQ

Fort Worth, Texas on Camp Bowie West

Oh yea, my boy blue Chef and Pit Master Billy Woodrich has been slinging deliciousness for a while now at his place in west Fort Worth. His chili is always fresh, hot, and full of bold western flavors. It’s so good you might pray to the chili Gods, thanking them for great chili deliciousness at Billy Oak Acres BBQ. You need to head over and try that chili today.

#4) 407 BBQ

Argyle, Texas

Yee haw and giddy up is what I say about the chili goodness from 407 BBQ. Pit master Bryan takes no prisoners when he creates his little chili bowl greatness. The chili is prepared fresh and is served until they run out. Bryan’s chili has a western flavor that is unique to him and his 407 BBQ. Last year when I tried his chili the first time we were at a festival. I returned two times to refill my little chili bowl because it was so damn good. Check out 407 BBQ today!

#5) The Barn Cafe

Paris, Texas on Hwy 82

Drive one hour and a half East from Dallas and you will find The Barn Cafe located in the sale barn in Paris, Texas. Chef Zane has all kinds of farm-fresh house prepared dishes in a cozy western setting. Her chili is amazing and tastes like more be because that’s all you want is more chili after each bite. Her chili is lip-licking delicious. Make the drive and try her chili!

Texas Spice Dallas

#6) Texas Spice

Dallas, Texas at Restaurants On Lamar

Texas Spice has lots of fantastic flavorful dishes made from scratch every day. They have an innovative approach to chili. They serve the bean/chili medley in a small hot cast iron bowl and it’s some kind of delicious. It’s fresh, colorful, and flavor-packed for all to enjoy. When you get a chance head over to Texas Spice to try it out!

Remember: ” Food is an exploration of the pallet try something new you might it! “

Much love,

Trey Chapman

Champagne, Burgers, & Caviar French Fries!

When I opened my message from Chef John Tesar it said,

Michael, Chef John, & Trey

“Trey… Caviar, Burgers & Champagne. My buddy, Michael Passmore, is back home here in Dallas for a few events. He’s the founder of Passmore Ranch in California, where he farms fish, makes damn good caviar, and serves guys like us all over the country. He asked me who he should go see in Dallas. I told him if he brought the caviar, I’d supply the burgers and champagne for lunch at Knife (at The Highland Hotel). Easy going lunch, some champagne, a bunch of caviar, and chat with Michael.”

After I read the message I re-read it again just to make sure I understood. We were going to eat some of the finest caviar in the world, paired with some of John Tesar’s award-winning world famous burgers. Then we’re going to wash it down with champagne and discuss various types of delicious caviar from the man who farms it? Is this a joke? Am I dreaming? Then I remembered John is too busy to type all that out for a joke. I didn’t even have to think about it. I replied YES right away. I couldn’t wait for this day to come.

If you don’t know John, I’m just going to give you a free quick education about an amazing Chef. John gets his thrills on perfection, creativity, and hard work. He has an unwavering dedication to the culinary arts, his peers, and various charity organizations. He lives to make sure every single customer has a happy and positive dining experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 6-dollar burger, or a 200-dollar steak, John accepts nothing but perfection. His culinary pedigree is so extensive and has so much detail I’m not going to list all of it for you. I will tell you in the simplest terms; John is just a BADASS at what he does. Period! I respect the hell out of the guy.

So now you know why I was so excited when John told me we’re going to discuss caviar over burgers. I was ecstatic! I’m so passionate about food, drink, the chefs that create it, and the farmers and ranchers that help bring it all together. I couldn’t say no. I love being able to write about different foodie experiences so everyone can enjoy them and learn about the creative chefs and farmers that make it happen.

We pulled up to the Highland Hotel. It was a windy day. I’m always early and of course, my love Jana was driving me so I could work on social media and emails on the trip to meet John and Michael for our caviar outing. I must’ve asked Jana what time it is, at least a dozen times because I do not want to be late. I always want to be early. I consider it disrespectful to be late. Everyone’s time is valuable and especially a Celebrity Chef, and Michael’s time since he flew out from California.

We walked in and I saw John talking with some folks. So, we introduced ourselves to the famous Michael Passmore of Passmore Ranch. We sat down and immediately I started firing off questions about all the fresh caviar I saw on the table. If I remember correctly, we had 10 beautiful sexy jars of caviar setting on ice. I say “sexy” because that Passmore fresh caviar was colorful and oh so sexy just sitting there sparking under the lights. John finished, brought some champagne over, and we started discussing the various types of caviar and the attributes that each offered. Each had it’s own name and number and were easy to identify. We talked, laughed for a bit, and then when the burgers arrived Micheal said, “My two favorite words… Let’s eat”! In fact, he told John we need to have a caviar burger on the menu at Knife Dallas lol! But he was serious. We started testing the Passmore fresh caviar and for the first time in my life, I loved every single one I tried. I was shocked but very happy, I had finally found a ranch that produced great caviar and caviar expert that knew what he was talking about. He discussed in detail how caviar was produced, harvested, tested, and shipped. Michael is so passionate about his customers, his caviar, and fish that he tries every batch personally to ensure the highest standards are kept.

What happened next could be a scene out of a major motion picture or a scene from Ballers. Where snacking on burgers, caviar, and champagne when I hear John and Michael discuss French fries. I thought to myself French fries with champagne, caviar, and burgers. They have to be kidding? All the sudden plates of French fries appear. I’m thinking to myself HELL YEA! Cheese burgers, Passmore Ranch-Fresh Caviar, Champagne, and now French fries. You’ve got to be kidding me? 

Then Michael says my favorite words again “Let’s eat some French fries and caviar!” To which I said, “Michael what do you mean put the caviar on the French fries?” Then his response was classic, “Hell no, Trey! We’re going to dip these French fries in my delicious caviar and wash it down with champagne”! I thought this is freaking awesomeness. Here we are sitting at Knife, eating award-winning Knife burgers, caviar, drinking champagne, and now dipping French-fries in farm-fresh caviar like we’re dipping chicken nuggets at a damn Chic-Fil-A. All I could do is keep eating drinking, talking, and laughing.

I looked up and John was down at the end of the table working. He wasn’t eating anymore. I said, “What are you doing”? To which he replied, “I’m working, signing my books for some folks who bought them”! He said he has personally signed over 16,000 books each with a message. He wants to sign each one individually with a message to make it personal for each person purchasing one of his books. That my friends, is just one more reason why I call John a badass. It shows you the dedication and respect John Tesar has for his customers and his craft.

After our burgers, fries, caviar, and champagne, we said our goodbyes. It was truly an amazing experience with John Tesars and Michael Passmore.

If you’re a chef, a foodie, or a person who just loves to eat, please look up Passmore Ranch. Go to their website Passmore Ranch and educate yourself on what they offer. They will ship you some of the world’s best fish and caviar right to your front door, back door, or kitchen door overnight. You will fall in love with Passmore Ranch products and Michael PASSMORE’S attention to detail. I promise.

Until next time my foodie friends remember. ” Food is an exploration of the pallet. Try something new, you might just like it.”

Trey Chapman


Passmore Ranch is a premium freshwater, sustainable fish ranch in California.

We started by selling live fish at Northern California farmers’ markets, and our quality and service quickly made us a premier purveyor for top restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs throughout the state and the country.

Michael and Vandy Passmore moved to the ranch just outside Sacramento in 2005 because they fell in love with the rolling hills and lush grasslands on the edge of the Sierra foothills. They got big help launching the fish ranch from a neighbor – an aquaculture pioneer who would become Michael’s great friend and mentor.

Today, our ranch is 86 acres with our fish being raised in 80 million gallons of fresh water pumped up from the pristine Cosumnes aquifer. We have a variety of open lakes and massive tanks used to increase the variety of sustainable fish we grow. Our ranch also houses a hatchery for sustainable spawning, and will soon have a state-of-the art processing facility so we can deliver fish precisely to order from live to filleted.

We offer the freshest fish, aged, sized and delivered to order, almost as if chefs were pointing and saying, “I’ll take that one.” We continue to build new partnerships with some of the country’s best chefs, including renowned restaurateur Rick Moonen, three-starred Michelin chef Christopher Kostow, Napa pioneer Cindy Pawlcyn, and Dallas chef John Tesar.

How We Do It

Passmore Ranch’s philosophy is clear: Cut no corners. We grow, source, and produce the finest fish and caviar for our chefs, and deliver directly to them. Both in the fish we rear, and those we source through partner farms, the standards are the same – adherence to sustainable methods coupled with outstanding waters, food, and handling from the water, right to your kitchen!

The BEST Steaks & Steakhouses For 2018

Steakhouse Magic in Old Town Lewisville in DFW

J2 Large Dry Age Cooler #1

If you’re a steak LOVER, do I have a story for you! Here’s some deliciousness with a historical background you will surely enjoy.

About three months ago, I heard about this new steakhouse in Lewisville, Texas that was opened in an OLD 1886 FEED MILL. A Chef I met Chef Johnathan Pauley was extremely passionate about his baby J2 Steakhouse as he explained in detail about the new restaurant venture. Being in the food business, I hear a lot about the openings of new restaurants. You get all the information about the new restaurant buzz but sometimes you miss out on the NEW CONCEPTS in the Texas market. You say to your self, “I’ll get there when I can. It’s a steak restaurant in Texas. That’s nothing out of the ordinary in the Texas restaurant market.”

Well, friends, I should have made the trip to J2 Steakhouse much SOONER than later. I waited over three months before making the chow down trip to J2 in Lewisville.

Craft Cocktail from J2 Craft Master

Chef Johnathan and J2 state on their website,  “J2 Steakhouse is a new restaurant in a familiar space. Opened in the Spring of 2018 by a family who was just as fond of great food as they were of preserving the past. After operating since 1886, the Lewisville Feed Mill at 119 E. Main St had seen its fair share of history and reinvention. There is something special about what the Polser family created over 100 years ago that lends itself to preservation. It’s rare to find a restaurant that feels so comfortable in its own right and place – so written into the lore and landscape of a neighborhood and it seems it has always been at that address.

Today, J2 Steakhouse serves elevated Texas fare with a wonderful selection of dry aged beef in the heart of downtown Lewisville. It is kept up by a staff who strives to maintain an unobtrusive sense of hospitality & service.”

When I pulled up to J2 I saw the historic building and old machinery displayed around the building. I started to get excited! I love Texas history, especially farming and ranching history. The building was originally constructed in 1886 as a feed mill. It’s a very large building with lots of character and charm. When they purchased the building it had been locked down for decades. What they found inside was a large number of Texas treasures. They found old machinery, bottles, cans, and all kinds of historic items. Simply said, what they found was amazing.