“Alcohol isn’t in my vodkabulary. However, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink to much of it, it’s likely to tequilya!”


Heavenly Play Ground Off 7th!

Good Day Everyone,
About six months ago or so I was walking around the 7th street area, as I do very often. I saw these guys working like Trojans on this place. I thought, “My, what have we here? A new place to play?” Time passed, and I went by one night and saw these bright lights that said “2909.” It was looking inviting and cozy! I went by again, and I saw colors and heard music, then I noticed it was a new bar. Oh, yea baby! My heart started racing, a new place to hang off 7th called, “Bar 2909.”

Thompson’s Downtown Heaven

If you travel to downtown, Fort Worth and head south on Houston Street, you will find a fantastic historic building on the west-side of the road called “Thompson’s”.

When you open the big door and walk inside, you are met with a nostalgic, literary feel. You see, Thompson’s used to be a book store and pharmacy back in the day-way back in the day. The first floor is reminiscent of an old book store, complete with book shelfs, big comfortable chairs, and couches set up to emulate a small living room. It has a remarkable, cozy feeling and is perfect for socializing. You might enjoy a wonderful, craft cocktail, a glass of wine-maybe even sip on some smooth whiskey bourbon, or a nice classic vodka.

Time To Tiki In Texas!

Five months ago, I was in Dallas at the Tipsy Alchemist visiting with master mixologist, Aaron Wang about a new project that has a tiki island vibe and would go by the name of “Pilikia”, which means trouble. The idea behind Club Pilikia comes from the minds behind The Tipsy Alchemist, ILL Minster Pub, and Truth & Alibi. I said, “Oh heck, it’s on now!” “Drink With Trey” is all over tiki-ness and island vibes.

Lola’s Trailer Park & House Of Fun!

Good Day Everyone,

Those of you who have met me, know me, or hear great tales about me-know how much I love food, drinks, and music. If you don’t know me-well, let me briefly explain.

There are two ways you can choose to live your life; You can choose to live an exciting life-full of joy, fun, friends, and events or you can choose to live a dull life full of endless chores, duties, boredom, and sadness. I’ve always chosen the happy life which means I love an endless array of food, drink, socializing with friends, music, and parties.