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Chef For Farmers 2019 BEST ONE YET!

Fun, Food, Chefs, Wine, and Champagne.


How can you go wrong with any one of those I just listed? When you put them all together you have event party greatness!

I’ve said this every year now for three years, the Chef For Farmers Event in Dallas is one of the BEST events of the year in the crowded DFW event scene.

I truly wish that every single one of the five million people we reach every month could experience this wonderful event in their lifetime. I did see some of our followers there and enjoyed saying hello to each of you.

This year 2019 was the BEST C.F.F. event I’ve ever attended and the BEST event I attended all year.

That’s a BIG statement considering I attended over 55 events in 2019 so far and have a few more to go.

How does this event get better and better every year? Iris Midler has put together an amazing team of event folks and chefs that continue to achieve the impossible.

They strive to create an amazing atmosphere with incredibly talented chefs that come from all over Texas and the nation to sling deliciousness for everyone to enjoy.

C.F.F. doesn’t just want to throw an event, they want to throw Texas’ biggest and most successful party every year. That’s why they have C.F.F. events for three days! You can’t have Texas biggest party event if you just throw it for a one day, period. You have to start on a Thursday and end on a Sunday. Yes, that’s correct. Days of events where you interact with creative and unbelievably talented celebrity chefs, eat some delicious amazing dishes, drink some creative cocktails, and party with your friends.

It just doesn’t get any better. Let’s discuss the weekly events that happened.


An experience with Alex Astranti, Misti Norris, and Justin Carlisle

Friday, November 1, 2019

For one night only join Chef de Cuisine of Uchi Dallas, Alex Astranti, F&W’s Best New Chef of 2019 Misti Norris, and the James Beard Awards nominee Justin Carlisle, for a delectable pairings dinner at Uchiba.


with Scott Gottlich, John Tesar, and Gerald Sombright

Friday, November 1, 2019

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Join Chefs For Farmers for a swanky bourbon supper from top-notch chefs Scott Gottlich, John Tesar and Gerald Sombright.


with the Seed Project Foundation

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Chef Panel At Omni Dallas

A fun-filled day of Texas-made drinks, locally-sourced dishes from three of the area’s best chefs, and learning how our local farmers and ranchers keep us fed.

Chef Talk Discussions:

Omni Dallas Hotel – Lobby

Chefs combined their talents to present a LIVE discussion panel Saturday, November 2, 2019, in the lobby of the Dallas Omni hotel. It was an informational and entertaining discussion about the culinary world with some incredibly talented chefs.


Presented by Audi

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Take your taste buds on a journey around the world at our Street Food Night Market presented by Audi.


Sunday, November 3, 2019

Come feast with us on November 3rd to celebrate the 7th annual Chefs For Farmer’s main event at Dallas Heritage Village.

As you can see the C.F.F. schedule was packed with amazing events, talented chefs slinging deliciousness and having fun.

We ate and drank our away around the main event chowing down like professional eaters. Although it was impossible to reach every booth and chef’s dish that was offered at C.F.F, we gave it our all. I personally tried 20 dishes that were loaded with flavors. All the flavor profiles and dishes offered at the event were delicious but we located some clear winners in our book.

Below I’m going to recognize my TOP FIVE dishes at Chef For Farmers 2019.

#1 Meat Church BBQ

Meat Church BBQ Taco Winner

Waxiache, Texas

Team Meat Church

Pitmaster & Chef Matt Pittman

Matt is always whipping up deliciousness centered around beef. When I walked up to say hello to Matt the first thing out of his mouth to me was, “ Trey, there’s no way my taco won’t win first place today. I got this won it’s stupid delicious!” After my first bite I know he was going to win, and he did win first place. Matt’s taco was truly amazing! It might have been a simple culinary delight but it was loaded with fresh ingredients to create a delicious bold flavorful taco. It was prepared with Meat Church cooked Wagyu beef rib meat with truffle horseradish cream and fresh onion rings on a freshly prepared flour tortilla. BOOM! Flavor rodeo on my pallet for this cowboy! Ten Cowboys our of ten baby!

#2 Knife Steakhouse

Dallas & Plano, Texas

Chef John Tesar ( Cover Photo )

Fried Chicken & Champagne WHY NOT!

When I approached the Knife booth I saw Chef John in the back with a smile on his face as he was creating magic with his fried chicken hovering over the fryer. I remember John saying, “You haven’t tried my fried chicken!” I replied, “No sir chef, but I bet it’s delicious.” I’ve only known John for 2 years but I admire his creative genius, his unwavering tenacity for his culinary craft, and how he continues to give back to the city and folks of Dallas. He doesn’t waver in his beliefs and loves the culinary arts. Every time I try something John has created it’s always exceptional and at C.F.F. his Fried Chicken dish was just that, SIMPLE but EXCEPTIONAL! When I smelled it I said, ” Holy Chicken ” as my mouth started watering! it was loaded with flavor and I got that warm fuzzy feeling as the first bite rolled across my pallet. A person standing next to me ask me how I liked it and I simply said, “DAMN DELICIOUS go get in line!” It was John’s fried chicken. tators, and gravy.

Please see our LIVE show below article.

Chef Gerald Sombright

#3 Ario Steakhouse

Marco Island, Florida

Chef Gerald Sombright

Good, God! That’s what I said when I took my first bite of Chef Geralds dish. I thought about screaming, “Fire up the jet boys, we’re headed to Marco Island Florida to see what delicious eats Chef Gerald is slinging at Ario.” I was in love with the flavor profile of his Truffled Hot Chicken Wing. I love truffle flavor for me you can put truffle on anything and it always enhances a dish. Some folks tell me it’s overused these days but that’s because they don’t truly understand the flavor enhancement truffle flavor can offer when used properly.

I have an extremely funny truffle story to tell everyone that happened to me one night while I was dining at Clay Pigeon in Fort Worth, Texas. I had enjoyed a few glasses of whiskey before this all happened. Per Chef Marcus’s Post on social media. Chef Marcus said, “Winter white truffles are in season so I purchased some ($1200/pound FYI). I have been selling them at Clay Pigeon for $25/gram. That’s right we’re using metric, as you do when using a product as valuable as a truffle. When acclaimed food columnist Trey Chapman came in for dinner tonight I thought he would get a kick out of being able to smell such a rare product in its whole form. So like a generous restauranteur, I took a WHOLE truffle to Trey and said, “put your SNIFFER on this” what happened next is the craziest, funniest and most gut reaching thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Trey-effing-Chapman bit into that SOB as though it were an apple. As I watched him chew what amounted to $220 (my cost) worth of France’s finest foraged product I was in shock. I learned a very valuable lesson today which I feel obligated to share with everyone. DON’T put anything in front of Trey Chapman unless you want him to eat it.”

So as you can see I love truffles and I might take it to the extremes. When I saw and smelled Chef Geralds Truffle Hot Chicken Wing my food senses went into full-tilt culinary boogie. I grabbed that wing and made a BEELINE for the TABLE. It was prepared with a house brine, Grandma’s Dredge, Hot Stuff, and the famous Truffle flavoring. Good GOD is what I stand by when describing this dish.

#4 Jonathon’s Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

Chef Jonathon aka- ( D.D.J. Danger Dog Jonathon )

Chef Jonathan (D.D.J.) Deliciousness.

Chef Jonathon was slinging some deliciousness at C.F. F. but that’s what he and his team do every day at his places in Oak Cliff. When I walked up to his booth I saw him smiling and working hard and fast assembling his dishes and handing them out to waiting chowhounds. He created Buttermilk-Tabasco Brined Chicken, on a Belgian Waffle, and it was covered in Chef Jon’s delicious house prepared gravy. Just for the record I went back and grabbed seconds and blamed it on Jana. I said she wanted one, lol! Then as I was walking off Chef Jon hollered, “Wait you have to try my special infused cocktail!” I thought what the hell chefs been holding out on me, give me that cocktail now! The cocktail complemented his dish very well or it could have been that I just love tasty cocktails.

 I HAD TO KNOW what the cocktail was called and what was inside the drink.

He said, “Well Trey, glad you asked… as many know, I garnish most of my dishes with Strawberries, you know, to add a little color. So, for CFF I wanted to do something that would serve as a garnish and an exclamation point. The process is simple, I take fresh strawberries, toss them in sugar and a pinch of salt and roast in the oven at 300 for about 20 minutes, then on to a large container with your favorite bottle of bourbon for 5 days or so and BOOM! Strawberry Bombs, the shot was the juice from the brine, like drinkin’ pickle juice from the jar.”

#5 Fearing’s Restaurant

Dallas, Texas

Chef Dean Fearing

If you haven’t visited Fearing’s in Dallas, then you haven’t lived. I always love conversations with Dean there always insightful and interesting. In my book, Dean is one of the most creative and talented chefs I’ve met in the last five decades. True to form Chef Dean had a creative dish that tasted like MORE because more is all I wanted after each bite. It was

Chef Dean Fearing Dish.

KIAWE SMOKED DRY AGED A BAR N RANCH WAGYU MEATBALLS. It was a colorful dish with a fresh flavor profile. It was prepared with Funche de Coco, Curry Leaves, Pickled Starfruit, and Crunchy Bites. Now if that isn’t classified as a creative culinary delight I’m not sure what would be. I’m going to sum it by stating Chef Dean’s dish was just EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!

Please see our LIVE show below article.

Everyone needs to attend a C.F.F. event sometime in their lifetime.

I only hope for your sake it’s sooner than later, like 2020 sounds good.

See everyone at C.F.F. 2020. Giddy Up!

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Chef & Pit Master Matt Pittman On Trey’s Chow Down LIVE 


Chef Dean Fearing’s show on Trey’s Chow Down LIVE


Chef John Tesar on Trey’s Chow Down LIVE

Best Breakfast In North Texas – Rise & Shine!

Good Morning Y’all! Rise & Shine!

That’s always an appropriate way to kick off a great morning.

The first Chapman Family Restaurant LACY’S Est. 1905

If you are one of the three and half million people we currently reach every month, thanks for following us! If this is your first time visiting Trey’s Chow Down; HELLO! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! I highly encourage you to watch more of our television broadcasts, social media episodes, Live weekly podcast, and give us a follow on social media.

The history of breakfast in America is an unusual story; For decades, workers had a meal to start the day, but it was generally small—a chunk of bread, a piece of cheese, perhaps some ale. Then the first cold breakfast cereal was invented around 1863. Back then they relied heavily on cornmeal. Will Kellogg invented cornflakes in 1894 (by accident) and the rest is history as we know it.

In the 1920s, 30’s and 40’s, companies made eggs, bacon, and toast the widespread breakfast choice through advertising. As folks made larger incomes and the women had more time on their hands, a traditional hot breakfast started to become a family or business event.

My family owned restaurants during this time. Two diners named Lacy’s that served a variety of cuisine, and one breakfast place that opened in the early 1940s in down town cowtown. My grandfather loved breakfast. Who am I kidding? He loved any and ALL food. MY entire family loves to chow down. That’s the reason we where in the restaurant business for over one hundred years beginning in 1905.

I happen to love BREAKFAST! So the BEST BREAKFAST article seems appropriate, especially since we have so many fantastic breakfast spots in the North Texas area.

As you know I love food. However, I am extremely partial to breakfast. I love waking up early, getting things done, then chowing down on a delicious Texas breakfast to get my motor running.

When I was a boy, I would get up very early and look forward to breakfast. If I was traveling with my dad for our restaurant business, I would love to hit up the hotel’s cafes buffet and pile on the bacon, eggs, and of course, biscuits and gravy. Breakfast was simpler in those days just the basics.

I remember one morning my dad asking me if there was any of the pork left on the buffet or if it was all on my plate? He basically called me a little breakfast piggy, but it was not going to stop this munch-a-sorus named Trey! While I have always been a big eater, the allure of breakfast sends my taste buds and senses into “Full Tilt Breakfast Boogie“!

Who doesn’t love a reason to eat some delicious waffles, a cheesy omelet, or a bunch of bacon. I always tell anyone that will listen that if a person does not like the flavor of bacon, they must be either shifty, shady, or plum crazy! Any of those three are enough to make me keep a close eye on them until I can finish and make my exit. You will not be touching my breakfast or my bacon!

I enjoy dining at cozy colorful establishments with great service and a down-home southern feel. They don’t have to serve southern food to have a southern feel, you know what I mean? It’s all about being friendly and having that big smile on your face that makes all the difference.

I enjoy any and all breakfast foods. Breakfast sandwiches, waffles, omelets, biscuits and gravy, heck…I even love some of those big sweet creative waffles, sweet rolls, and colorful pancake dishes that folks are serving up nowadays.

Bacon Dishes that Make Me Bacon Crazy!

Saturday, August 31, is International Bacon Day 2019.

Everyone dreams about bacon!

Trey’s Chow Down LIVE on Fox 4 Good Day.

When Trey’s Chow Down saw there was an International Bacon Day and it was a real thing my mouth started salivating and all I could think about was how delicious bacon truly is.

Have you ever eaten a bad piece of bacon? I think not! No matter how it’s cooked, (soft, crispy, medium, or rock hard) bacon is always perfectly delightful.

Ever since 1500 B.C. folks have been eating and enjoying bacon. That’s a long time ago, but it just goes to show you how much everyone loves bacon.

Bacon’s history dates back thousands of years to 1500 B.C. The Chinese were curing pork bellies with salt. Basically, they were creating an early form of what we know today as bacon.

I’m shocked about how long ago bacon was being eaten and was created. I wonder how the first bacon fry went down. Here piggy piggy! Come here piggy piggy! Come over here let’s see if we can fry some of your body parts up? Seems legit to me lol!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I bet they could smell bacon frying a mile away and come strolling by to see what that delicious aroma was. I’m sure smelling that bacon for the first time set their foodie senses into overdrive. Well, of course, they didn’t call it bacon at that time but we will play along as if they did.

The first bacon fry must have not only been a mess, but also an exploration to try and figure out how to eat these creatures we call pigs. You know it smelled delicious and they were like, “YES that smells soooooo good”!

Today we have all kinds of various bacon flavors, thickness, bacon dishes, and bacon farmers who create some of the world’s best bacon right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

When I spoke with the Fox producers about Bacon Day, it was clear that everyone loved bacon and we need to locate some of the best bacon dishes in the DFW area.

I sought out to locate some of the best bacon dishes for all my fellow food lovers to enjoy and boy… Did I find some great dishes to eat. If you love bacon you will love this article and my choices.

B&B Butchers

( The Cover Photo)

Fort Worth & Houston, Texas

Knife Steakhouse Bacon Sampler

B&B has this amazing bacon dish named after Chef Tommy. Let me tell you, “Chef Tommy’s Bacon Dish” is loaded with flavors. When I read about this dish, I had to visit B&B so I could Chow Down and enjoy it for myself. It’s prepared with fresh blue cheese, truffle infused honey, and thick house bacon. This dish meets all the requirements for an award winning dish. The taste has an amazing flavor profile, tenderness, cooked perfectly, great texture, and fantastic eye appeal. One of the best bacon dishes anywhere, period! You need to try this dish, and it’s only 20 bucks.

Knife Steakhouse

Dallas & Plano, Texas

Chef John Tesar always has his creative side in forward motion. I haven’t had one dish, or food item, from John that’s not totally amazing. He’s crazy about using fresh ingredients, having perfect execution, pallet busting flavor profiles, fantastic restaurant atmospheres, and amazing customer service. The Knife bacon appetizer, simply put, is deliciousness with every single bite. The succulent variety of bacon is so flavorful you will order an extra one. I know it because we did it. The dish is simplistic. A tasting of five varieties of bacon and it’s served on a beautiful wood cutting board. It is truly life-changing and you need this dish in your life.

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen

McKinney, Texas

Del Frisco’s Bacon Dish

Oh, I love me some Sugarbacon! You’re probably saying to yourself, what the heck is Sugarbacon? Well, it’s two things really; A fantastic restaurant and a delicious lip-smacking bacon dish. The team over at Sugarbacon in McKinney have come up with a flavor-packed bacon dish that will send your taste buds to the flavor town. It’s truly an opportunity to try something new and exciting. The “Sugarbacon Appetizer” is prepared with house-smoked pork belly, ancho chili bbq sauce, B and B pickles, and served on thick bacon square bites. I’m telling you right now it has a fantastic flavor profile and is downright delicious. Folks, it is absolutely worth a trip to Chow Down and see what Sugarbacon is all about.

Cowtown Brewing Company

Fort Worth, Texas

I drove by this place at least 25 times before I stopped into Chow Down. I had heard all about their flavor-packed barbecue treats, but I kept waiting to see some photos and reviews before I made the journey because I’ve been extremely busy. That was a mistake!  We stopped in and had a variety of delicious BBQ treats but what really caught my eye was the “Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños.” I eat these all the time but Cowtown’s were different. They were wrapped tightly and the bacon was glazed just enough. Damn, they were delicious so flavorful that I ate 5 out of the 6 and we ordered some more for the whole table. They really were amazing. When you get a chance, head over to Cowtown for little bacon throw down. Tell’em Trey sent you!

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Locations All Over U.S.A.

I have to confess something to each of you. I’ve had dreams about the bacon dish at Del’s. Oh man, there’s nothing like naughty bacon dreams folks. It’s the THICK-CUT NUESKE’S BACON AU POIVR served with a Bourbon Molasses Glaze and a side of deliciousness. Oh, the food gods are shining down on Del Frisco’s for this bacon dish! By all means, this is so good it should be illegal. The succulent bacon flavor just rolls across your tongue and sends your taste buds into full mode overload. Don’t be surprised if you have to wipe your chin after each juicy bite. A true trend sitter and it’s only 16 bucks, ladies and gentlemen.

Logan’s Roadhouse

Multiple Texas Locations

I know you’re thinking… What did he just say? Logan’s Roadhouse? Am I reading this correct? Yes, you are! This is all about bacon and Logan’s Roadhouse locations has some great bacon. They have a little appetizer that goes by the name “Bacon On A Stick” and it’s in a bucket too. I’ve had this twice and both times the bacon was perfectly cooked, loaded with flavor, and easy to eat right off the stick. This is a great little bacon treat you will love. It’s prepared from 12-hour smoked bacon seasoned and grilled in a brown sugar glaze with a kick of spice. Served with crispy fried onions and your choice of original BBQ or Bourbon BBQ. Just damn delicious if you ask me. Your taste buds with take a trip to the “bacon flavor rodeo” and it’s only 10 bucks. Check it out!

Shady Oak BBQ & Grill

North Fort Worth, Texas

My favorite Bacon “TENDER BELLY”

I took a trip over the Shady Oak to try some barbecue. As I sat down and was reviewing the menu when the server said, “Hey, do you want to try some of our bacon burnt ends“? My head snapped up and said, “Do tell? Why yes I will”! Those bacon burnt ends were saucy and mouth-watering delicious. The flavor really pops in your mouth as they roll across your tongue. This is a dish you must try and price right too!

There are a lot more bacon dishes I have tried, but these are truly some of the best you will find in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. All of these truly stand on their own with fantastic flavor profiles that will leave you wanting more. As a chef once told me, “Trey, if I can leave you wanting more then I’ve done my job. I know you will come back and dine with us again”.

Please visit these local restaurants because eating and buying local is extremely important to our chefs and restaurants.

If you LOVE cooking bacon at home then I would try my favorite Tender Belly Bacon. You can locate Tender Belly at

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Remember, I’m passionate about bringing each of you the very food and drink experiences I can find.

Much love,

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The BEST Hot Diggy Dogs You Will Eat!

Cover Photo – Little Red Wasp Craft Chili Dog

In 1805, the creation of the hot dog is said to be created by the people of Vienna, Austria. The term “wiener” is name after the birthplace Vienna (Wien). As the story is told, the first master sausage chef received his early training in Frankfurt, Germany. He called the sausage the “ wiener- frankfurter.”

Hot dogs didn’t make its way into the USA until 1871 when, Charles Feltman, a German baker opened up the first Coney Island hot dog stand. He sold more than three thousand sausages in a milk roll during his first year in business. I would call that, a HIT dog, right?!

Who doesn’t love a big phat succulent hot dog with all the fixings?

I sure do, I don’t just like them – I LOVE them.

I don’t care where the dog came from, all I know is I’ve loved hot dogs since I was a child. Not just regular hot dogs but all kinds of different dogs with ALL the fixings; mustard, chili, cheese, relish, red or white onion, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, brisket, even bacon.

Chefs nowadays days have taken hot dogs to the next level. That’s why I call some of them Craft Dogs. The most creative hot dogs are created to achieve that special flavor profile a chef is striving to achieve.

They’re using custom created buns, meats, sauces, special cheeses, delicious chilis, smoked Texas meats, and of course, fresh creative relishes. The flavor profiles are amazing and these dogs look beautifully picture perfect!

It’s hard for anyone to resist the temptation of a mesmerizing hot dog. Especially one that looks incredibly delicious, colorful, and carries a celebrity chef name.  I know I can’t resist one! I’m always all in on chowing down on a hot dog. I’m always like, Hot Diggy Dog let’s GO!

After eating hot dogs all over Texas, I decided to create a list of some of the best and delicious hot dogs everyone can enjoy. I want y’all to enjoy some of the deliciousness that I fell in love with.

Trey’s Chow Down LIVE w/John Tesar #115