Blaze Is A Blazing!

“Meat Eater” from Blaze

Good Day,
I always say, if someone doesn’t like pizza or bacon then keep one eye on them all the time, because they have got to be a bit SHIFTY!
I was told about “Blaze Pizza” some time back, but being in the restaurant business all my life it is unfair to do a review when a place first opens. You need a couple of visits, and you need to socialize with some people at the restaurant to get a better feeling for a place.
So, I jumped in the Autobahn Jaguar, threw on my American Hat and headed to “Blaze Pizza” at Waterside last weekend. When I arrived, I noticed there were about 18 people still there at about 8 pm on a Sunday evening. I could tell they had a big day and the staff looked whooped. I walked up to the counter, and all the employees spoke to me and were super friendly. I always say, in the words of Keith Mundee and Keith Maddox from American Hat Company, “it’s the cowboy hat factor.” One employee said, “Great hat Sir,” To which I replied, “Oh, stop trying to butter me up, kid!” We both laughed. I said, “I’m flying blind here kid, can you help me? I don’t know what I am doing. I’ve never been here before.” This young man stopped what he was doing and explained every single thing about Blaze, in detail. People were stacking up in a line behind me like ducks in a row. I tried to order, and he was so patient and helpful. I finally got ordered and moved on down the line. I ordered the “Meat Eater” with extra cheese and a side arugula salad with balsamic dressing.
I made my way outside, picked a table and sat down. I started eating the salad and noticed the dressing was amazing. The salad was awesome, fresh, and the dressing-I kind of wanted to rub it all over my body. Yes, it was that tasty.

Blaze Pizza Store Front!

A few minutes went by, and an employee brought my pizza out and sat it down. The presentation was perfect; toppings spread evenly and the cheese allocation was perfect. I took my first bite, and I realized why everyone loves “Blaze Pizza”. The flavor profile was excellent and on point! The meats were fresh and tasty, and the applewood bacon was delicious. I loved the texture on the crust, it wasn’t hard, it was nice and firm, but you could bite and chew it easily.
I loved that you could see the big oven with the fire rolling when you walk in.  Tasty perception of a product always makes it better. The atmosphere was cozy, friendly, and comfortable. All in all, I loved “Blaze Pizza”. Things are a-Blazing at Blaze. I give this pizza spot ten cowboy hats out of ten- a perfect score!

Check out Blaze today in the Fort Worth  Dallas areas and tell ’em you chow with Trey!

Love Y’all and God Bless!
Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

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