The BEST BBQ in Savannah and the GREAT STATE of Georgia! (Highly Sought-After)

Team Slow Fire BBQ

Howdy BBQ lovers! We struck BBQ deliciousness in Savannah.

I just had to start off STRONG because FACTS are FACTS. I travel coast to coast hunting down deliciousness and I was excited to make the trip to Savannah to meet the SLOW FIRE BBQ team. I’ve heard so much about them through the BBQ world. Their craft BBQ, house prepared sides, fresh sandwiches and CHEERWINE are being talked about coast to coast and for good reason… It’s FREAKING DELICIOUSNESS ON THE NEXT LEVEL! 

When I was walking up to the Starland Yard food truck park, I could smell the BBQ aromas wafting over the gate like a big cloud of deliciousness. I thought for a second, “Am I in Texas or Georgia?” That’s when I knew I was in for treat.

I walked up to the old converted school bus to meet the Slow Fire BBQ team, who were busy slang’n deliciousness out the windows for all the waiting BBQ lovers. It was hot… real hot, and the humidity was on full tilt. Everyone was hot and sweaty, but nobody cared because everyone was in full BBQ Boogie mode, waiting to chow down on Slow Fire perfection. As I always say: that’s the difference between BBQ perfection and just plain old BBQ. If folks are willing to wait, stand, and sweat waiting for their BBQ you know it’s pure perfection. I’ve seen it and I can guarantee that’s a FACT!

Pitmaster Terren Williams has paid his dues. Make no mistake about it, Slow Fire wasn’t an overnight success – it took years of grinding and learning to understand the BBQ game so he could create a legendary BBQ spot everyone would love. He grew up in Savannah, moved to Atlanta, and went to culinary school. Next, he moved to Dallas, Texas where he figured out real quick what real BBQ was. After visiting Lockhart at Smitty’s Market, he was immediately hooked. His passion hit overdrive and the gears started turning.

After staying in Texas for 10 years, learning and honing his craft, he moved back to Savannah and went to work as the chef de cuisine over The Grey for James Beard winner chef Mashama Bailey. When Covid hit, that came to an end and provided the perfect opportunity for him to start Slow Fire BBQ. He sources as much as possible from local farms to use the freshest meats, vegetables and ingredients to create flavor profiles are always HF&D: Hot, Fresh and Delicious. They believe in perfection with everything they serve or they won’t serve it.

As always, we tried a big variety of BBQ and sides. Every bite I took had that perfect culinary jingle I like to call BBQ deliciousness. The sides were so savory and delicious they’re unforgettable. I was blown away by the offerings, service and the pure BBQ perfection they offer. I can say they have the BEST BBQ in Savannah and the GREAT STATE of Georgia!

Fried Mac-N-Cheese Squares (OMG)

If you’re looking for something so delicious that you want to wear it has meat cologne so you never forget it I would HIGHLY SUGGEST you take a ride over to SLOW FIRE BBQ and CHOW DOWN!

Features we enjoyed:  

Fried Brisket Mac and Cheese Squares: Chopped brisket and Mac and cheese breaded and fried, topped with comeback sauce and side of house made hot honey made with local honey

Slow Fire BLT: Fried green tomatoes (locally grown), house pork belly brisket (pork belly seasoned and smoked like brisket), lettuce, comeback sauce, sliced fresh brioche

The Trey’s Chow Down – Slow Fire Platter: 

Heritage breed duroc pulled pork, sliced Texas style turkey (dipped in butter), and succulent pork belly brisket.

House made sausages:  One was pimiento cheese and the other is a low country boil sausage (made with all the ingredients of a low country boil stuffed in the sausage including locally caught ga shrimp!

Sides were smoked Mac and cheese topped with crunchies, fried Brussel sprouts topped with our house made Asian bbq sauce, coke slaw topped with chili crisp, burnt end baked beans and Savannah street corn (cut corn seasoned with harissa and topped with preserved lemon Mayo, cotija cheese and parsley.

Slow Fire Dino beef Rib. Pretty self-explanatory.  Big PHAT meaty beef slowly smoked to perfection.

They make the pickles, pickled onions and BBQ sauce in house. The bread on our trays is a bread made locally in Savannah.

Slow Fire BBQ is a NEW officially approved Trey’s Chow Down USA delicious destination for all food lovers to enjoy.  

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Trey (Chow Down) Chapman



Texas Craft BBQ Perfection with a Dash of Southern Deliciousness – A Must Visit!

Pitmaster & Chef Marcus

Howdy Chow Hounds!

We discovered something quite special and unique, so we had to share it with the world. This is a restaurant offering multiple delicious features from one location in Arlington, Texas. That’s right – multiple features! Everything is prepared in-house using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, beef, and fish to create some tasty dishes that are unforgettable.

Welcome to M’Jay’s House of Smoke and TJ’S Catfish and Wings in Arlington, Texas. Located in the middle of the Fort Worth and Dallas metroplex, they’re offering amazing TEXAS CRAFT BBQ, TACOS, CATFISH, CORNBREAD, TEXAS-SIZE STUFFED TATORS, FROZEN COCKTAILS, and MORE. It’s a real treasure for food lovers because there is something for everyone and it’s all simply SCRUMPTIOUS. 

Owned and operated by the Johnsons, a local Arlington, Texas family. Pit-master and Chef Marcus Campbell, Gwen Johnson, and Travis Johnson formed a partnership after Mr. Johnson (Dad) passed away unexpectedly. They wanted to honor his heritage and the restaurant he left behind. They spent some time remodeling and reopened after about four months for expansion and renovation. The rest, they say, is history because they’ve skyrocketed the restaurant to stardom, offering incredible customer service and deliciousness.

The TEXAS BBQ was succulent and loaded with flavor. The brisket was crusted and covered with BARK-O-LICIOUS BARK. The sausage was pure perfection, and the tacos tasted like MORE, because more is all we wanted. An absolutely incredible meal!

Now let’s talk catfish! It was slightly crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside; cooked to GBD #GoldenBrownandDelicious. Oh, and how about the house-prepared HUSH PUPPIES and corn bread? Perfect.

I know you’re already on your way, but if that’s not enough, how about a TEXAS sized baked potato? Two pounds of tater deliciousness. If you don’t desire a tater, then maybe you would love some Brisket Mac-N-Cheese? They also offer wings and you can choose your favorite flavors. They were cooked just the way I like, FLAVORFUL and DELICIOUS.

If you love to eat and you love big portions loaded with deliciousness, you need to head over to TJ’s and M’ Jay’s and Chow Down. They are a new official Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food lovers to enjoy. You will Thank me later!

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Trey ( Chow Down ) Chapman

Fresh, Phat, Three Headed Monster Two Pound Tater.
Side View – Fresh, Phat, Three Headed Monster Two Pound Tater.
Cheesy, Phat Packed Cheese Steak Sandwich – Dangerously Delicious!
Fresh Fried Catfish with House Made Hushpuppies and Tasty Wings.

Island Charm & Deliciousness – The Waterfront Restaurant AMI

Hello Food and Travel Lovers!

Trey’s Coastal Chow Down took a ride over to enjoy with some FRESH chef driven seasonally inspired dishes that are served in a beautiful atmosphere with island charm and views so beautiful they’re unforgettable. THE WATERFRONT RESTAURANT in Anna Maria Island is one of this magical places you will fall in love with and find it hard to leave even after your meal is finished.

Built in 1922, the cottage was one of the original homes on Anna Maria Island. At that time, and for many years after, it was referred to as “Lorraine Cottage”, Lorraine being the name of the builders’ daughter. The main room of the cottage had wood panel walls recovered from the inside of an old ship and a fireplace made of stone and brick, just as you see it today. Most interestingly, a wagon wheel was used as the masonry support in building the fireplace, giving it its unusual circular pattern. The cottage remained a seasonal home for many decades, with several additions being made as ownership changed hands. In the 1970’s the cottage got its first commercial use as an art gallery. The next decade, it was reimagined as an ice cream parlor known as Candy Cane’s, well-known for its player-piano. The cottage then became Ato’s, a family-owned Polynesian style restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. In 1999, an English couple took ownership and rebranded the restaurant under the name you know as today, The Waterfront. The Suzor family purchased The Waterfront Restaurant in 2002, and they continue to proudly own and operate it today. Tragically, in the early hours of March 18th, 2004, most of the original cottage was destroyed by a fire. Only the original fireplace and back building could be salvaged. These remaining fixtures played an important role in the new construction, as the restaurant was designed with Lorraine Cottage in mind. Nineteen months later, in October of 2005, The Waterfront Restaurant reopened with much of the original staff and management.

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner with plenty of creative and fresh chef prepared dishes that anyone would love. You just can’t go wrong with anything on the menu or from the craft bar because it’s all fantastic. Not to mention, it’s all served in a stunning and magical island atmosphere. ✨️

If you love to eat, drink, and enjoy seasonally inspired dishes, then you need to make a visit to The Waterfront Restaurant and chow down. It’s an officially approved Trey’s Coastal Chow Down delicious destination for all island lovers to enjoy. 😋

“It’s truly an unforgettable and magical experience everyone needs to enjoy.”

We hope to meet you at a table soon.

Trey & Jana

South Carolina’s NEW Barbecue Addiction – Fork Grove Barbecue

Howdy BBQ Lovers!

Trey, Dylan, and Big Dave Eats

 Are you looking for a truly unique barbecue experience in South Carolina that offers a Karate Chop of flavor with each bite? Well we found it!

Trey’s Chow Down is road trip’in the USA for deliciousness and today we’re in Anderson, South Carolina to meet with chef and pitmaster Dylan Cooke, the mastermind behind the amazing Fork Grove barbecue venture. We made the trip because we heard he had some of the BEST BBQ in South Carolina, and we just had to find out!

As we pulled in the front gates and headed down the tree lined drive I had a feeling this was going to be an incredible experience. The beautifully manicured property and stunning views of Fork Grove Barbecue and the amazing pitroom were blissful. I could smell the aromas of smoke, barbecue and deliciousness lofting in the air. As we started walking towards the front door my barbecue senses went into full tilt boogie. I was ready to CHOW DOWN!

The story goes something like this. Dylan was Born and raised in South Carolina and his journey to barbecue perfection started at the age of 15. He worked at a restaurant owned by a buddy and they only worked on Saturdays, because barbecue was typically a Saturday only or weekend thang. Dylan was consumed by his love of barbecue and his passion went crazy from there.

It didn’t take us long to fall in love with Dylan’s amazing BBQ and soulful sides. From the first bite to the last it was a trip straight to Deliciousville. In case you need directions, DELICIOUSVILLE is one stop past FLAVORTOWN because it’s simply CAN NOT GET ANY BETTER. Dylan’s passion and precise culinary execution has achieved a full, and well-rounded menu. We were not only impressed by the food, but also Dylan’s passion and love for the culinary arts.

Featured Fork Grove Deliciousness we enjoyed and I highly recommend that you try every one of these!

Fresh Soulful Fixins:  

Barbecue Beans – Tasty and Flavorful!

Cheesy bacon hashbrowns – Sinfully Delicious! 

Mexican Street corn salad – Layered Favors! 

Sweet/tangy slaw – Slaw Perfection! 

Sweet Potato Crunch – Savory Crunchy Deliciousness! 

Gouda Mac&Cheese – Cheesy Flavor Explosion! 

Fresh Wood-Fired BBQ Deliciousness: 

Brisket – Bark-O-Licious Perfection! 

Pulled pork – Succulent & flavorful! 

Pork Ribs – Tender Pork Deliciousness! 

Turkey – Juicy & flavorful! 

Bacon Burnt Ends – A Karate Chop of flavor! 

Jalapeno Cheddar Links – Cheesy, Heat Spicy!

They way I see it, Fork Grove Barbecue is the NEW HOT SPOT in South Carolina for your barbecue ADDICTION. They’re a new officially approved Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination for any food lover to enjoy. A MUST VISIT! 

Fork Grove Barbecue – 1721 SC-187, Anderson, South Carolina 29626 

Stay hungry my friends and follow our social media for deliciousness coast to coast.

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

Austin’s NEW Paradise for Relaxation – Renaissance Austin

Howdy Travel Partners!

As we travel the USA coast to coast in search of comfortable and unique destenations we’re sometimes extremely surprised but what we discover. That’s exactly what happened when we checked into the NEW Renaissance Austin located in North Austin. We discovered a world of bliss and beauty so perfect that it took us by total surprise. From the time we entered the front doors our weekend was filled with plush accommodations, tasty craft cocktails, delicious chef driven eats, beautiful views of the Texas Hill Country, and an outdoor entraining mecca complete with two pools.

The hotel went through a BIG and COMPLETE restoration, modernizing the guest rooms and suites. All of the accommodations are simply stunning, colorful and vibrant, featuring stylish décor, local artwork, and thoughtful amenities. Everything is TEXAS chic, and represents Texas music, fun and an active life style. From the hanging guitars to the cattle and livestock artwork, it’s TEXAS BEAUTIFUL, but also extremely inviting and very comfortable to enjoy a long weekend.


You can enjoy all-day dining with chef driven farm-to-table cuisine and craft cocktails at the Knotty Deck and Bar. There is dining available in the beautiful dinning area, at the bar or outdoors on one of the multiple decks. Oh, and you can’t forget the LUCKY PONY for poolside Texas inspired craft cocktails or fresh snacks. We found the dining and snacking options to be truly unlimited and always fresh and delicious.

Let’s talk about all of the incredible outdoor entertainment areas. They have four different patio areas on different levels, complete with fire pits, lounging areas, swinging chairs, games… all shaded with trees and landscape. A great feature was the mist machines in the trees, keeping you cool when you’re not enjoying the NEW pool area.  Speaking of which, they have two pools. Yes, two pools! One is located inside with a hot tub and the new pool is outside, offering a sundeck, hot tub and plenty of lounging areas to enjoy the outdoor life. They’ve added a fantastic music system to enjoy some good tunes with fresh craft cocktails so you can chill and get lost in time. When you spend time outside it’s like your miles away from the big city, even though it’s right there. The outdoor area is made for relaxation and good times, which allow you to recharge and enjoy life and that’s exactly what we did!

There is so much to discover at the NEW Renaissance Austin because it’s close to many venues and surrounded by Hill Country scenery. It offers North Austin charm and it celebrates the local character of Austin and the state of TEXAS. You can enjoy Savor Texas-inspired American fare at Knotty Deck & Bar, or lift your spirits with coffee, tacos and tequila from Choza. Enjoy the fitness center with the state-of-the-art Peloton room, 24-hour fitness room or one of our two sparkling pools. The scenic outdoor spaces are ideal for large or small events. You can easily explore North Austin from the hotel, just minutes from the Domain, the Austin Greenbelt and downtown Austin. A refreshing and unforgettable hotel experience awaits you at this four-star Renaissance hotel in North Austin, Texas. 

They’re a NEW officially approved Trey’s Chow Down Travel destination and a MUST Visit for anyone looking for a overnight, weekend, or a staycation with family and friends. It’s Austin’s NEW paradise for relaxation, fun or entertaining. Hope to see you poolside soon enjoying North Austin’s beautiful Hill Country.

Travel well and stay hungry!

Trey & Jana (Travel Hounds)

Kennedy Manor Bed & Breakfast (A little Slice of Heaven)


Kennedy Manor, located in the heart of historic Jefferson, offers bed & breakfast accommodations with a gourmet breakfast. Six guest rooms feature antique furnishings, private baths with showers and modern amenities, individual climate control, flat-screen TVs with satellite, and complimentary WiFi.

Follow Website here …..Kennedy Manor Bed & breakfast 

In addition to the 6 guest rooms, Kennedy Manor offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the entire house. Guests can read a good book in the Library or spend time in the Music Parlor playing on the Grand Piano or spinning an old vinyl on the Victrola.

The large dining room can accommodate a full house of guests. Refreshments are available in 2 coffee bar areas in the home. The house has large hallways and spacious 13-foot ceilings, and a large wraparound porch.  The backyard area features an enclosed sunporch, custom brick patio with seating and a fire pit, and a beautiful goldfish pond for your enjoyment.

Kennedy Manor Bed and Breakfast is truly a little slice of heaven. They are a TEN out of TEN for Trey’s Chow Down Travel and a must visit if you love Bed & Breakfast places.

Thanks So Much,


Kornbread Deliciousness from Kitt’s Kornbread (A Flavor Explosion!)

Howdy Food Lovers!

Kitt’s Homemade Kornbread & Fresh Chili

“What you’re about to read is truly one of the most unique southern inspired dishes that’s a flavor explosion in your mouth with each bite.”

You know that I believe everything tastes better with a story. Today I have something special for you that was created in Texas out of necessity… simply because she was hungry. Most great inventions have been created out of a need, and KITT’S delicious invention has now become world-famous.

A few months ago, we made our way to Jefferson, Texas to visit with Kitt Williams, the inventor of the KORNBREAD SANDWICH, and the owner of “Kitt’s Kornbread Sandwich and Pie Bar for the most flavorful and delicious kornbread sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.

Kitt was a hungry eight-year-old sitting in her living room. She looked for bread, but there wasn’t any. She saw the kornbread sitting on the counter from the night before, and a light went off. She could just make a sandwich using the kornbread! She did just that, and it was DELICIOUS. The rest, they say, is HISTORY! Kitt’s famous kornbread sandwich was born.

Fast forward some years, and now we have Kitt’s Kornbread Sandwich and Pie Bar, where they’re creating and slang’n the most delicious sandwiches, pies, salads, wraps, soups and desserts. Although everything is wonderful, the famous kornbread sandwiches remain the star of the show.

Kitt went through a rigorous process of figuring out how to make the kornbread work for sandwiches. She has a secret recipe for the kornbread, uses special square pans, and even has a special way of stirring the kornbread mix. It’s all thanks to Kitt’s creative process that she invented these now world-famous sandwiches.

I was excited to try her sandwiches because we heard so much about them. As soon as they sat the kornbread sandwiches in front of us I could smell that down home, southern scent of kornbread. That first bite was nothing but deliciousness. Kornbread like I’ve never tasted! They were moist, flavorful and so delicious that it was easy to understand why folks are driving from miles away to enjoy a Kitt’s Kornbread sandwich. It’s what I like to call a little kornbread deliciousness in every bite!

If you’re looking to try something NEW and truly unique, I would highly recommend you make a trip to Kitt’s Kornbread Sandwich & Pie Bar to chow down. They’re a new officially approved Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination and a MUST TRY for food lovers.  I can PROMISE you’re going to fall in LOVE with kornbread all over again. I hope to see you at a table soon!

Kitt’s Kornbread – Sandwich and Pie Bar is located at 125 N Polk St, Jefferson, TX 75657

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

The New BRIX Barbecue is Dripp’in with DELICIOUSNESS. A MUST TRY!

Howdy Barbecue Lovers!

I took a ride over to the NEW BRIX Barbecue located on South Main Street in Fort Worth, Texas. I was very impressed with the new operations. All I can say is: ” Pitmaster and owner Trevor Sales has taken the old BRIX Barbecue “From A SMOKESTEAM to a COWTOWN DREAM,” and he’s slang’n meaty deliciousness that everyone will love.

Brix Barbecue Full Video and photos of deliciousness. 

The new building is open with plenty of room and seating. It has a big pitroom, a beautiful dining room, a bar area, outdoor seating, and a stunning patio upstairs overlooking South Main Street that will also have a bar during cooler months of the year. There is a BIG VARIETY of fresh prepared Texas BBQ, creative sides, unique BBQ items, and of course the FAMOUS BRIX FRIED CHICKEN SAMMY with DANK SAUCE. Whatever BBQ you’re dreaming of, Trevor and his culinary team are going to be slang’n it with style and deliciousness.

Fresh BRIX Barbecue Items Featured: Burnt Ends, Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Fresh House Porchetta, Fresh Barbacoa Taco, Fresh Barbacoa, Brisket Rags, Tallow Beans, and Fried Chicken SAMMY with DANK SAUCE.

Trey’s Favorites: Today, I want to talk about my THREE favorites. The amazing PORKCHETTA that is packed with flavor. It has that magical culinary jungle that everyone is trying to achieve. That little jingle, I like to call “PORK-O-LICIOUSNESS” with every bite. They also have some incredibly flavorful burnt ends that are DRIPP’IN with MEATY deliciousness. If you like sides, the BEANS and the FRESH BRISKET RAGU is simply #StupidDelicious.

If you’re looking for a NEW favorite BBQ joint to visit, that’s a BBQ dreamland. I would highly recommend you check out the NEW BRIX BARBECUE and chow down. It’s a NEW OFFICIALLY APPROVED TREY’S CHOW DOWN DELICIOUS DESTINATION for all BBQ lovers to enjoy.  A Trey’s Chow Down FAVORITE! 😋

The rest of the story:

Homemade smoker, rescued dog, man with a crazy passion for texas style smoked meats = brix barbecue

In 2017, Big Trevor got his first smoker as a birthday gift from his parents after moving to Texas from the Chicago region and falling in love with real Texas Barbecue. He would stay up overnight to barbecue and stumble into work with samples for friends and colleagues. After a few months gone, and a bigger waistline – they convinced him he has what is takes to compete with the ‘big dogs’ in Texas Barbecue. Fast forward to early 2018, when he rescued a Boxer-Terrier mix, Brix, that had such influence on his life, he rebranded and named his barbecue business after him.

Big Trevor is a transplant that has fused his love for food with Central Texas Style Barbecue. Most of the recipes are simple and let the meat shine. There’s nothing to hide, and he’ll share all of his secrets, because the one thing no one can match is his passion for smoking meats to perfection. His love of food comes from his mother, Mama Sales, where her first two ingredients are always butter and love. Big Trevor doesn’t use much butter on his barbecue (the sides are another story), but that first bite of brisket will unveil a great deal of love. Just don’t forget to save the bones for Brix.

Thanks so much and stay hungry my friends!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

2023 Big Tex Choice Awards Finalists (Fair Deliciousness)

2023 State Fair Deliciousness (UPDATE)

DALLAS – August 9, 2023 – The final countdown to three of the most coveted food titles in all of Texas begins. The State Fair of Texas is proud to present the 19th Annual Big Tex® Choice Awards finalists.

On Sunday, August 27, three winners will be crowned in the categories of: “Best Taste – Savory,” “Best Taste – Sweet,” and “Most Creative.” The competition began in early July with an impressive 57 entries represented by 37 concessionaires. Of those entries, 36 were selected as semi-finalists. Each entry was evaluated on four Fair-food elements: uniqueness, creativity, presentation, and taste. After some tasty tests and delicious dishes, votes were cast, and the results are finally in! Now the top 10 finalists must present themselves to a prestigious panel of celebrity judges in hopes of securing one of the top spots. If your favorite entry did not make the final cut, fret not, concessionaires may still choose to introduce their creation at their stand as a new food during this year’s Fair.Without delay, the State Fair of Texas is happy to announce the 10 finalists that will be competing for the titles of “Best Taste – Savory,” “Best Taste – Sweet,” and “Most Creative,” in the 2023 Big Tex Choice Awards competition.





Austin’s NEW Paradise – Renaissance of Austin!

Howdy Travel Fans – Welcome to the Renaissance of Austin!

If you’re like us and you travel a lot, sometimes when you reach your destination you get a very pleasant surprise. That’s what we got when we rolled into the NEWLY RENOVATED Renaissance of Austin, located in North Austin, Texas. We were just blown away from the front door to the outdoor entertainment paradise.

The hotel went through a BIG and COMPLETE restoration, modernizing the guest rooms and suites. All of the accommodations are simply stunning, colorful and vibrant, featuring stylish décor, local artwork, and thoughtful amenities. Everything is TEXAS chic, and represents Texas music, fun and an active life style. From the hanging guitars to the cattle and livestock artwork, it’s TEXAS BEAUTIFUL, but also extremely inviting and very comfortable to enjoy a long weekend.

Let’s talk about all of the incredible outdoor entertainment areas. They have four different patio areas on different levels, complete with fire pits, lounging areas, swinging chairs, games… all shaded with trees and landscape. A great feature was the mist machines in the trees, keeping you cool when you’re not enjoying the NEW pool area.  Speaking of which, they have two pools. Yes, two pools! One is located inside with a hot tub and the new pool is outside, offering a sundeck, hot tub and plenty of lounging areas to enjoy the outdoor life. They’ve added a fantastic music system to enjoy some good tunes with fresh craft cocktails so you can chill and get lost in time. When you spend time outside it’s like your miles away from the big city, even though it’s right there. The outdoor area is made for relaxation and good times, which allow you to recharge and enjoy life and that’s exactly what we did!

When you get hungry you can enjoy some fresh poolside snacks, or some chef-driven chow from the KNOTTY DECK & BAR. Lunch, brunch, dinner, and snacks are all very delicious and the offerings always served #HF&D hot, fresh and delicious. The fresh craft cocktails are prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients to create some creative and tasty cocktails. All the food we tried was great, and the service was first class.

If you’re traveling to the Austin area, I would HIGHLY recommend booking a room and staying at the NEW RENAISSANCE of AUSTIN. You’re going to fall in love with this amazing property. They’re a NEW, officially APPROVED, Trey’s Chow Down Travel destination for all travelers to enjoy.

Click link below for photos, rooms, information and reservations

Thanks, and please follow our social media platforms as we travel the USA in search of creative chefs, tasty eats, savory sweet treats, and unique travel destinations everyone can enjoy.

Trey & Jana

The Best Place to stay in the French Quarter.

Hello New Orleans lovers,

At the Omni Royal a registered Historic Hotels of America.

Trey’s Chow Down Travel spends a lot of time in New Orleans. For over a decade we’ve been staying at the beautiful Omni Royal Orleans Hotel, located right in the middle of the French Quarter. It’s a historic hotel filled with fantastic New Orleans stories and folklore. The interior is beautifully decorated in a southern style, with stunning ornate marble and artwork.

It’s simply a fantastic place to stay and the central location makes it perfect for enjoying the historic French Quarter. From the world-famous Rib Room for the weekend brunches and dinners with live music, to the early morning room service, awesome rooftop pool with stunning views, and wonderful New Orleans style room choices. The hotel staff is always extremely nice and very helpful with local hot spots, events and happenings.

Live music, chef driven eats and world famous brunches at the Rib Room: The Rib Room Omni Royal At the

Everything is better with a GREAT story!

Very much like the City of New Orleans, the history of Omni Royal Orleans Hotel is one marked by a triumphant struggle to overcome life’s many tribulations. The hotel itself harkens back to the early 19th century, when New Orleans was rapidly becoming one of the nation’s most important ports. Thousands of merchants moved their products into the city, given its relative location at the mouth of the Mississippi River. All sorts of steamboats and sailing ships docked in New Orleans’ bustling wharfs, delivering such goods like sugarcane and cotton. In the 1830’s aspiring hotelier James Hewlett decided to use the location for the site of a grand hotel.

Hewlett, a Creole descended from the city’s black and French populations, had long yearned to own a magnificent holiday destination that would rival the St. Charles Hotel in its eloquence. He hoped that this facility would provide a meeting place for people of all backgrounds to congregate and relax. Hewlett broke ground on the project in 1838, recruiting architect Jacques Nicholas Bussiere De Poilly to oversee the project. De Poilly had been specifically tasked with recreating the sophisticated aura of Paris’ Rue de Rivoli inside the building. Called the “St. Louis Hotel,” it took the two men five years to complete. Part of the delay was the result of a massive fire that compromised the entire layout of the building. Crestfallen, Hewlett and De Poilly had to start rebuilding the structure nearly from scratch. But when the hotel finally opened in 1843, it stood as one of the most glorious buildings in downtown New Orleans. Its opening ceremony was attended by some 600 guests who quickly scattered throughout the hotel’s three luxurious floors.

The Incredible Roof Top Pool Area.

After World War II, a group of individuals led by Edith and Edgar Stern started to discuss the prospect of renovating the St. Louis Hotel as part of a large push to revitalize the entire French Quarter. After nearly a decade of deliberations, the Sterns and their allies were finally ready to finance the construction project. They hired architects Arthur Davis and Samuel Wilson Jr., to fully rehabilitate both the interior and exterior layout of the St. Louis Hotel. What Davis and Wilson managed to achieve was nothing short of miraculous, as they fully recreated the building’s grand Renaissance Revival-style architecture. Debuting once again in 1960, the hotel quickly resumed its place as one of the city’s great Grand Dames. It attracted many famous celebrities and politicians, including Muhammad Ali, Paul Newman, and even Lassie, the dog. The Stern family eventually sold the location to Aetna in 1980, which in turn, transferred it to the Sonesta Corporation.

Omni Hotels then acquired the lease in 1986, operating it as the “Omni Royal Orleans Hotel.” Today, Omni Royal Orleans Hotel is owned and operated by Omni Hotels & Resorts. A member of Historic Hotels of America since 2010, Omni Royal Orleans Hotel is still a place to see and be seen in downtown New Orleans.

Book a stay or view website below.

The Omni Royal New Orleans, Louisiana 

We love the Omni Royal and If you’re traveling to New Orleans, I would highly recommend you stay at the Omni Royal and enjoy all it has to offer. I promise you’re going to fall in love with this incredible property and the Omni Staff.

They’re an officially approved Trey’s Chow Down Travel Destination to be enjoyed by all New Orleans LOVERS!

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Trey & Jana

The BIGGEST Chicken Fried Steak in TEXAS!

Pizza Platter Chicken Fried Steak. A Monster!

Howdy Y’all!

As we travel the USA in search of creative chefs, tasty eats, savory sweet treats and unique travel destinations I’m still shocked at what we discovery sometimes. What we discovered last month in EAGLEPASS, Texas was something so big and so delicious it set a record for us. Texas is full of crazy and delicious eats and I know this so I shouldn’t be shocked at my unusual discoveries. But I still am because I’m passionate about discovering delicious destinations.

THE WAGON WHEEL GANG in Eaglepass, Texas is slang’n the BIGGEST, most authentic Chicken Fried Steak in TEXAS! It’s also one of the BIGGEST I’ve discovered in 26 states in the USA.

Let me explain were Eaglepass is located. We’re deep in South Texas, all the way to the TEXAS-MEXICO BORDER. It’s the county seat of Maverick County in the state of Texas. Its population was 28,130 as of the 2020 census. Eagle Pass borders the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, which is to the southwest and across the Rio Grande.

Here is where you will find the BIGGEST chicken fried steak I’ve ever seen. You won’t believe how big it is until it’s sitting in front of you. It takes up an entire large pizza platter! In fact, it’s so big that it’s SERVED on a pizza platter. WOW! Weighing in at five pounds It’s truly Texas-sized.

Creative savory, succulent peach cobbler. OMG!

When you take your first bite, you’ll realize what CHICKEN FRIED STEAK HEAVEN really is. The outside shell is slightly crunchy, and the inside is tender, juicy, and flavorful. When that cream gravy hits, the deliciousness slaps you so hard it’s unforgettable. Fresh mashed taters, farm-fresh green beans, and Texas toast. It’s simply Stupid Delicious! 

They also offer incredibly savory sweet desserts including an unbelievable and creative take on PEACH COBBLER. The cobbler is so delicious I had NAUGHTY COBBLER DREAMS for a week after I left the WAGON WHEEL!

If you’re looking for something truly TEXAS SIZE and UNIQUE, you need to head down to EAGLEPASS for some Wagon Wheel deliciousness.  They’re a NEW, officially approved, Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination for all food lovers to enjoy.


SPECIAL THANKS to David Elder of Elder Eats for the incredibly delicious discovery. I really appreciate it.

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Trey (CHOW DOWN) Chapman