An Unforgettable Texas BBQ Experience! (Leroy & Lewis)

Texas BBQ Perfectio

Leroy & Lewis

Austin, Texas
🌟 If you LOVE Texas BBQ and MORE, then you need to visit and chow down. They’re offering succulent and flavorful smoked meats, sides, smoke vegetables, and so much more.
👉 Leroy & Lewis
They carefully source all their meats from ranches in Texas that focus on quality of life and respect for the animal. The menu reflects the historic culture of Texas barbecue for a modern South Austin neighborhood packed with MEATY DELICIOUSNESS.
Trey’s Take:
They offer an unforgettable Texas BBQ experience that’s packed with perfection in every bite you take. I don’t care what you order it’s all going to be truly unforgettable and worth the drive from anywhere. If you love Texas BBQ, then LEROY AND LEWIS is a MUST VISIT.
They’re an officially approved Trey’s Chow Down Delicious destination for all food lovers to enjoy. Bring your friends, bring your family heck, bring your grandma because everyone will love it.
Dishes Featured.
🍽 Pitmaster Platter (Feeds 3 to 5)
🍽 Cauliflower Burnt Ends
🍽 Peace Pork – Pork
🍽 L&L Burger
🍽 House Onion Rings
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The World’s BEST Bagels are in North Texas!

Howdy Bagel Lovers!

Tasty Fresh Bagels

We have discovered that the WORLD’S BEST bagels are right here in North Texas! They were voted the WORLD’S BEST at the NEW YORK BAGEL FESTIVAL 2023, and after we heard that we headed over to chow down!

Today we’re at Starship Bagel for some seriously fresh and delicious bagels. If you follow me, you know we’ve been on a bagel quest across the USA. In the last four years we’ve enjoyed bagels from California to Florida, and everywhere in between. We’ve made it to 29 states thus far, and have enjoyed hundreds of bagels. When we heard about STARSHIP BAGEL, we had to make the trip to chow down.


Yes, we now have the BEST BAGELS in the world right here in North Texas at the NOW world-famous Starship Bagel. Their bagels are simply #Stupiddelicious! Each variation we tried was loaded with flavor and perfect textures. You can get them with HOUSE-PREPARED SCHMEARS that are so flavorful you’re going to have bagel dreams after you try them the first time.

They don’t just give you a little SCHMEAR, they give a SCHHHHHHHHMEAR!!!! Each bagel is slathered in the house SCHMEAR of your choice, and its F@$@$@$ AWESOMENESS. You know it’s a BIG SCHMEAR when it gets all over your face with each bite you take. If it’s not all over your face, then you’re in the wrong place!

Starship Bagel offers a small batch, artisan bagels. Creating and preparing authentic New York style bagels from scratch made dough, in-house prepared specialty schmears, and smoked fish flown in from the East Coast. The bagel formerly known as Oren’s Bagels. The offerings are plentiful and everyone should make the trip to chow down.

Starship is a NEW OFFICIALLY APPROVED TREY’S CHOW DOWN DELICIOUS DESTINATION for all Bagel Chow Hounds to enjoy. A Trey’s Chow Down FAVORITE!

Locations Dallas and Lewisville HERE:

1. 1108 West Main Street Lewisville, TX 75067

(214) 629-6685 (TEXT THEM!)

2. 1520 Elm Street #107 Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 629-6685 (TEXT THEM!)

3. 6859 Arapaho Rd Suite 603 Dallas, TX

” I’m telling you to MAKE THE TRIP and CHOW DOWN, because they offer pure Bagel Perfection! Tell’em Trey sent ya!” 

Thanks, and follow us for more delicious discoveries, and unique travel destinations around the USA.

Trey, Jana and TEAM

DFW Staycation Relaxation Station!

Hobby Travel Fans

Omni Lobby relaxation

Trey’s Chow Down Travel has discovered another DFW Staycation hotspot right in the middle of the DFW area. It has everything you need to enjoy and indulge in the perfect relaxation staycation and not have to travel far from home. It offers beautiful rooms and suites with a gorgeous lobby to enjoy some cocktails and socialize. The outdoor areas are something like you would find in Las Vegas from an incredible pool area with private cabanas to delicious chef driven eats all centered around Lake Carolyn and an unforgettable outdoor play area.

Welcome to Omni Las Colinas Hotel where they merge city energy with tranquility. The waterfront location overlooking Lake Carolyn invites guests to a peaceful oasis amid the bustling business district. Guest accommodations at the hotel in Irving, TX are bold and spacious—a place to relax and unwind after a day of play, leisure, or business. All the hotel rooms offer charming views of Lake Carolyn and Las Colinas. You can dine in one of three indoor or alfresco restaurants committed to the finest chef driven local fare. You can relax and enjoy a gondola ride along the Mandalay Canal. Take a swim or go stand-up paddle-boarding, then enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa located within our hotel in Las Colinas.

Cozy Relaxing Evening

My favorite is to unwind around the resort still pool and enjoy some fresh craft cocktails and eats from the Lakehouse Waterfront Lounge. You can lounge the day away poolside in ca chaise lounge chair, day beds, or luxury cabana. The resort-style pool is heated for year-round enjoyment and the have a Live DJ from 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Saturdays only) You can Book a day pass and private cabana by visiting ResortPass. The poolscape features a resort-style pool with over 160 chaise lounge chairs, sweeping views of Lake Carolyn, daybeds, multiple yard games and more. At Omni Las Colinas Hotel, the ultimate DFW staycation daycation awaits.

Do you love to CHOW DOWN like we do? OMNI has that covered too with multiple options for your cravings of deliciousness. you can experience some of the finest chef driven local dining in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at Omni Las Colinas Hotel. Whether you’re in the mood for local cuisine for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or want a gourmet coffee and fresh breakfast pastry on your way to relax by the pool. They offer unique tastes and superior service anywhere on the property. You never have to leave to enjoy food in Las Colinas because they offer all the options and the perfect way to refuel during your trip to DFW.

This is a TRULY unique property offering everything you need to unwind and enjoy a VEGAS like weekend and not travel far from home. It’s a NEW officially approved Trey’s Chow Down Travel relaxation destination. You’re going to thank about this will be you NEW Staycation Relaxation Headquarters in the DFW.

Please see the Omni Longer Days Longer Stays options here. 

Thank you

Trey & Jana ( Follow us for travel, eats, chefs, and savory sweet treats )

Bacon Dishes that Make Me Bacon Crazy!

Happy BACON! Because everything is better with BACON! 

Everyone dreams about bacon and millions enjoy bacon every day.

Trey’s Chow Down LIVE on Fox 4 Good Day.

When Trey’s Chow Down saw that 275 million Americans enjoyed BACON in 2023 I decided to highlight bacon. From the first sentence I wrote about bacon my mouth started salivating and all I could think about was how delicious bacon truly is.

Have you ever eaten a bad piece of bacon? I think not! No matter how it’s cooked, (soft, crispy, medium, or rock hard) bacon is always perfectly delightful.

Ever since 1500 B.C. folks have been eating and enjoying bacon. That’s a long time ago, but it just goes to show you how much everyone loves bacon.

Bacon’s history dates back thousands of years to 1500 B.C. The Chinese were curing pork bellies with salt. Basically, they were creating an early form of what we know today as bacon.

I’m shocked about how long ago bacon was being eaten and was created. I wonder how the first bacon fry went down. Here piggy piggy! Come here piggy piggy! Come over here let’s see if we can fry some of your body parts up? Seems legit to me lol!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I bet they could smell bacon frying a mile away and come strolling by to see what that delicious aroma was. I’m sure smelling that bacon for the first time set their foodie senses into overdrive. Well, of course, they didn’t call it bacon at that time but we will play along as if they did.

The first bacon fry must have not only been a mess, but also an exploration to try and figure out how to eat these creatures we call pigs. You know it smelled delicious and they were like, “YES that smells soooooo good”!

Today we have all kinds of various bacon flavors, thickness, bacon dishes, and bacon farmers who create some of the world’s best bacon right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

When I spoke with the Fox Network producers about a bacon story, it was clear that everyone loved bacon and we needed to locate some of the best bacon dishes in the DFW area.

I sought out to locate some of the best bacon dishes for all my fellow food lovers to enjoy and boy… Did I find some great dishes to eat. If you love bacon you will love this article and my choices.

B&B Butchers

( The Cover Photo)

Fort Worth & Houston, Texas

Chef Tommy’s Bacon Dish

Knife Steakhouse Bacon Sampler

B&B has this amazing bacon dish named after Chef Tommy. Let me tell you, “Chef Tommy’s Bacon Dish” is loaded with flavors. When I read about this dish, I had to visit B&B so I could Chow Down and enjoy it for myself. It’s prepared with fresh blue cheese, truffle infused honey, and thick house bacon. This dish meets all the requirements for an award winning dish. The taste has an amazing flavor profile, tenderness, cooked perfectly, great texture, and fantastic eye appeal. One of the best bacon dishes anywhere, period! You need to try this dish, and it’s only 20 bucks.

Knife Steakhouse

Dallas & Plano, Texas

Knife Bacon Sampler 

Chef John Tesar always has his creative side in forward motion. I haven’t had one dish, or food item, from John that’s not totally amazing. He’s crazy about using fresh ingredients, having perfect execution, pallet busting flavor profiles, fantastic restaurant atmospheres, and amazing customer service. The Knife bacon appetizer, simply put, is deliciousness with every single bite. The succulent variety of bacon is so flavorful you will order an extra one. I know it because we did it. The dish is simplistic. A tasting of five varieties of bacon and it’s served on a beautiful wood cutting board. It is truly life-changing and you need this dish in your life.

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen

McKinney, Texas

Sugar Bacon Porkbelly

Del Frisco’s Bacon Dish

Oh, I love me some Sugarbacon! You’re probably saying to yourself, what the heck is Sugarbacon? Well, it’s two things really; A fantastic restaurant and a delicious lip-smacking bacon dish. The team over at Sugarbacon in McKinney have come up with a flavor-packed bacon dish that will send your taste buds to the flavor town. It’s truly an opportunity to try something new and exciting. The “Sugarbacon Appetizer” is prepared with house-smoked, pork belly chicharron, peach sambal, BBQ braised pork belly and served on thick bacon square bites. I’m telling you right now it has a fantastic flavor profile and is downright delicious. Folks, it is absolutely worth a trip to Chow Down and see what Sugarbacon is all about.

Streets Fine Chicken

Dallas, Texas (2 Locations)

Chicken Fried Bacon 

I discovered this dish by accident brunching one Sunday in Dallas. Welcome to Street’s Fine Chicken. It all started with Gene Street decades ago and the Street Family continues slang’n delicious secret family recipes to this day. They have two locations to enjoy this delicious bacon dish. They feature brined and fried birds, sides, starters and craft cocktails that are served in stylish atmosphere. But, the “Chicken Fried Bacon” is simply bacon ridiculousness. It’s the perfect combination of soft baked bacon that’s fried with a tasty Streets batter to be GBD, golden brown and delicious.  It’s truly unforgettable bacause it’s simply BACON RIDICULOUSNESS

Cowtown Brewing Company

Fort Worth, Texas

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños 

I drove by this place at least 25 times before I stopped into Chow Down. I had heard all about their flavor-packed barbecue treats, but I kept waiting to see some photos and reviews before I made the journey because I’ve been extremely busy. That was a mistake!  We stopped in and had a variety of delicious BBQ treats but what really caught my eye was the “Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños.” I eat these all the time but Cowtown’s were different. They were wrapped tightly and the bacon was glazed just enough. Damn, they were delicious so flavorful that I ate 5 out of the 6 and we ordered some more for the whole table. They really were amazing. When you get a chance, head over to Cowtown for little bacon throw down. Tell’em Trey sent you!

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Locations All Over U.S.A.


I have to confess something to each of you. I’ve had dreams about the bacon dish at Del’s. Oh man, there’s nothing like naughty bacon dreams folks. It’s the THICK-CUT NUESKE’S BACON AU POIVR served with a Bourbon Molasses Glaze and a side of deliciousness. Oh, the food gods are shining down on Del Frisco’s for this bacon dish! By all means, this is so good it should be illegal. The succulent bacon flavor just rolls across your tongue and sends your taste buds into full mode overload. Don’t be surprised if you have to wipe your chin after each juicy bite. A true trend sitter and it’s only 16 bucks, ladies and gentlemen.

Logan’s Roadhouse

Multiple Texas Locations

Bacon On A Stick

I know you’re thinking… What did he just say? Logan’s Roadhouse? Am I reading this correct? Yes, you are! This is all about bacon and Logan’s Roadhouse locations has some great bacon. They have a little appetizer that goes by the name “Bacon On A Stick” and it’s in a bucket too. I’ve had this twice and both times the bacon was perfectly cooked, loaded with flavor, and easy to eat right off the stick. This is a great little bacon treat you will love. It’s prepared from 12-hour smoked bacon seasoned and grilled in a brown sugar glaze with a kick of spice. Served with crispy fried onions and your choice of original BBQ or Bourbon BBQ. Just damn delicious if you ask me. Your taste buds with take a trip to the “bacon flavor rodeo” and it’s only 10 bucks. Check it out!

Shady Oak BBQ & Grill

North Fort Worth, Texas

Bacon Burnt Ends

My favorite Bacon “TENDER BELLY”

I took a trip over the Shady Oak to try some barbecue. As I sat down and was reviewing the menu when the server said, “Hey, do you want to try some of our bacon burnt ends“? My head snapped up and said, “Do tell? Why yes I will”! Those bacon burnt ends were saucy and mouth-watering delicious. The flavor really pops in your mouth as they roll across your tongue. This is a dish you must try and price right too!

There are a lot more bacon dishes I have tried, but these are truly some of the best you will find in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. All of these truly stand on their own with fantastic flavor profiles that will leave you wanting more. As a chef once told me, “Trey, if I can leave you wanting more then I’ve done my job. I know you will come back and dine with us again”.

Please visit these local restaurants because eating and buying local is extremely important to our chefs and restaurants.

If you LOVE cooking bacon at home then I would try my favorite Tender Belly Bacon. You can locate Tender Belly at

Don’t forget to listen or watch our worldwide podcast Trey’s Chow Down Live every Friday on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Dash Radio or tune and watch us LIVE.

Remember, I’m passionate about bringing each of you the very food and drink experiences I can find.

Much love,

Trey Chapman Follow me for deliciousness and fun



Texas BBQ – World Famous KREUZ MARKET


Old Kreuz Market (Lockhart, Texas)

Welcome BBQ lovers! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the WORLD FAMOUS Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas. We made the trip to this historic market to chow down and learn about their amazing lengthly history in TEXAS.

Their METHOD of preparing BBQ smoked meats is simple and they’ve followed it for over a century.

Top Quality Meat: Our entire operation begins and ends with prized Texas cuts — done and done.

Simply Seasoned: Nothin’ fancy — we dry rub our meats with the only two things that matter, salt and pepper.

Smoked To Perfection: We smoke ‘em over post oak wood in our signature pits — then we stop there.

They make it sound simple! In reality I’ve learned over my five decades in the food business you have to be perfect, have passion, experience and be consistent every single day with your cook. The KRUEZ FAMILY does just that! They BRING THE SMOKE to create TEXAS BBQ deliciousness every day and that’s what made them a LOCKHART LEGACY and WORLD FAMOUS.

FAMILY HISTORY  how it all began. In 1875, Jesse Swearingen opened the first meat market in Lockhart, Texas — selling barbecued pork and beef. In 1900, Charles Kreuz Sr. purchased the store from Swearingen and renamed it Kreuz Market.

Old KREUZ Menu look at those prices.

1911-1948 In 1911, Charles Kreuz sold the market to his sons Theodore, Will and Alvin. Will sold his shares to brother-in-law, Hugo Prove, husband of Amelia Kreuz. In 1925, the original metal building at 208 S. Commerce Street in downtown Lockhart was torn down and replaced with a brick building.

1848 1990 In 1948, the Kreuz family sold the market to long time employee and butcher, Edgar Schmidt. In 1984, Edgar Schmidt retired and sold the market to sons Rick and Don Schmidt.

1990 – 1999, In 1990, Edgar Schmidt passes away in Lockhart, Texas. Edgar leaves the original Kreuz building to his daughter Nina Sells, and his sons Rick and Don continue to own the business. In 1997, Don Schmidt retired leaving his brother Rick as the sole owner.

1999 – 2011, Kreuz Market resided at 208 S. Commerce Street in downtown Lockhart for 99 years. In 1999, owner Rick Schmidt moved Kreuz into the new location on 619 N. Colorado Street. Pit Master Roy Perez transports the original hot coals from the old pits to the new ones. Rick’s sister, Nina Sells, continued ownership of the original building and reopened as Smitty’s Market.

2011 – To Present, In 2011, Rick Schmidt retired and sold the restaurant to his son Keith. Rick could often be found at Kreuz Market where Keith set him up with his own table. In 2012, Keith Schmidt partnered with family members to open Schmidt Family Barbecue and Lockhart Smokehouse restaurants around Texas. In 2019, 4th generation owner Rick Schmidt, passed away at age 73. Rick was the elder statesman of Lockhart barbecue and one of the city’s most respected businessmen.

All of this was history in the making and why they are now WORLD FAMOUS. If you love BBQ I would highly recommend you to a trip to LOCKHART, TEXAS and chow down on some delicious TEXAS BBQ and enjoy the family history.

KREUX MARKET is an OFFICIALLY approved Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination for all to enjoy. You’re going to love it and THANK ME LATER!

Trey (CHOW DOWN) Chapman





Epic – Cowtown Burger Showdown 2024 River Ranch StockYards

It’s Burger Time in Texas!

Trey and Ali Talking Burgers (Fun Times)

It was an epic burger battle on a stormy and rainy day for our third year of the COWTOWN BURGER SHOWDOWN at River Ranch Stockyards. We had over 1,100 burger lovers show up to see who had the best burgers in North Texas! You could smell the smash burgers, classic and craft burgers cooking as the meaty deliciousness lofted in the air.  There were burger slang’ers from Tarrant County, Parker County, Dallas County and more. In total we had twenty-five chefs, pitmasters, restaurants, and food trucks that showed up and showed out to create tasty burgers trying to win some of the 10,000.00 in cash and prizes. The creativity was flowing as they created some beautiful and amazing burgers that where truly unforgettable.

Folks attended the event to taste burgers and have some fun before they VOTED for the best TRADITIONAL BURGER, NON-TRADITIONAL BURGER, and THE FAN FAVORITE PEOPLE’S CHOICE. We had live music rocking in the hizzy, cocktails were flowing, and cold beer was pouring. The unlimited French Fry and Tater Tot Bar stayed packed with hungry burger lovers. It was our BIGGEST showdown yet, and we CANNOT wait for 2025! We will be adding additional burger slang’ers and prize money for even higher stakes.

This year was special because we added a GOLDEN TICKET from the World Food Championships for the TOP two of the winners. We were a qualifying event for The World Food Championships. What is the WFC? It’s the largest competition in food sports, where winners of previous qualifying events compete for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and their share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The World Food Championships is also the springboard for many up-and-coming culinary stars and home cooks as they seek TV fame through many well-known food shows and acting opportunities. We’re excited to see the two competitors who won their golden tickets and will registered to compete at the 2024 World Food Championships. CONGRATULATIONS to our 2024 winners!

Folks have asked us how we judge the winners, and let me tell you it’s NOT an easy task and one we take extremely seriously because being fair is what counts. We use a three-tier judging process to choose a winner, with over thirty-two judges involved in the process. The final winners are chosen by our panel of MASTER Judges, who are Celebrity Food Professionals from around Texas, Food Network, and FOX Master Chef contestants.

We are excited for 2025 so stay tuned and will see you at the GRILLS for another EPIC burger showdown at River Ranch Stockyards.

Trey’s Celebrity Judges:

1. Fox Master Chef 2 X Contestant – Chef Cowboy Chef Newton

2. Celebrity Chef & Pitmaster- Chef Randy White

3. Food Network T.V. Host, Writer, Blogger – Ali Khan Eats

4. Food Expert & Blogger – Luis The Foodie Munster

5. Social Media Star and Chef – Kyle Istook

6. Food Expert, Writer, Blogger – Anthony Ant Macias

7. FTW City Councilman Food Lover – Carlos Flores

8. FTW Celebrity Food and Burger LOVER – Jordan Johnson

Ali Khan Food Show Host, Writer, Blogger and Burger Expert Slang’n some WISDOM

Grand Winners Cowtown Burger Showdown 2024 (3rd Annual)

1. Traditional Burger – Smashville Burgers and Tots Northlake, Texas 


2. Non – Traditional Burger – Dayne’s Craft Barbecue Aledo, Texas 


3. FAN Favorite Peoples’s ChoiceSmoke & Bone BBQ Fort Worth, Texas










10 Best Mac-N-Cheese Destinations in Fort Worth & Dallas 2024!

Howdy Mac-N-Cheese Lovers!

Drake’s Buffalo Mac-N-Cheese.

I always enjoy a little history with my food because I think it’s important to discuss the history of food. The first modern recipe for macaroni and cheese was included in Elizabeth Raffald’s 1769 book, The Experienced English Housekeeper. Raffald’s recipe is for a Béchamel sauce with cheddar cheese—a Mornay sauce in French cooking—which is mixed with macaroni, sprinkled with Parmesan, and baked until bubbly and golden brown. WOW! If that doesn’t sound delicious and straight from 1769.

I don’t know how someone COULDN’T be in LOVE with a bowl of fresh, savory, cheesy Mac-N-Cheese. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed Mac-N-Cheese. It’s always had that fresh culinary jingle that I love. There are so many creative variations of this classic dish that you can enjoy from chef’s menus these days. They offer it with multiple fresh cheeses, crab, lobster, bacon, smoked brisket, garlic, onions, chives, and even fresh truffles. No matter how you enjoy Mac-N-Cheese, there is a dish for you to chow down on in the North Texas area.

I enjoy the savory, buttery, seriously cheesy Mac-N-Cheese so all of my winners on this year’s list will be loaded with cheesy deliciousness. I just can’t see Mac-N-Cheese being served any other way! I spent all year hunting for the best Mac-N-Cheese that North Texas has to offer, and we found some great ones. Are you ready for your tour of baked, savory, cheesy deliciousness?


Chef and Pitmaster Mac-N-Cheese creations:  

1.Drake’s Hollywood   

Dallas, Texas

Chef Driven (Cover Photo)

Le Deluxe Mac and Cheese. Lobster, crab, and Ossetra Caviar

Baked Snow Crab & Black Truffle Mac N Cheese (Cover)

Baked Buffalo Mac-N-Cheese

Panther City Mind BLOWN Mac!

Drake’s is a dark, cozy, old-fashion Hollywood style eatery that is loaded with charm and coziness. Old painted Hollywood actors line the walls of the dining room and bar area. Drake’s offers plenty of chef-driven deliciousness like pizzas, steaks, and crazy desserts, but I want to discuss the mega cheesy options and I’ve tired them all. “Le Deluxe Mac and Cheese. Lobster, Crab, and Ossetra Caviar.” You better have a BIB and be ready for cheesy goodness to drip down your chin with each bite because this MAC is DRIP’N with deliciousness. They’ve also offered tow others I’ve enjoyed.  “Snow Crab & Black Truffle Mac ‘N’ Cheese” and the “Buffalo Mac-N-Cheese”. You just can’t go wrong with this savory, gooey, cheesy, flavorful, and delicious Mac-N-Cheese. It’s always served HF&D Hot, Fresh and Delicious! Better make reservations before you head out!

2. Panther City BBQ 

Fort Worth, Texas

Pitmaster Driven

Spicy Smoked Mac-N-Cheese (K-BOOM)

Knife Dallas Johnny’s Mac.

Panther City BBQ specializes in award winning BBQ and smoke meaty deliciousness. They offer big variety of fresh prepared meats and Texas BBQ that will set your taste buds at attention and make a bull dog break his chain. They keep racking up the awards for meaty perfection and upping the ante in the BBQ game. Their fresh prepared Spicy Mac-N-Cheese is no different. it’s simply PERFECT in every way being slightly smokey, savory and very cheesy because they use six different cheeses. Yes, six different cheeses! That’s what you call Mac-N-Cheese perfection. Their Mac-N-Cheese will smack your taste buds so hard you might cry for ya mama. Just sayin!

3 Knife Dallas    

Dallas & Plano, Texas

Chef John Tesar

Johnny’s Mac-N-Cheese & Bacon Bread Crumbs

Chef John Tesar has done a masterful job at creating a steakhouse that exceeds all expectations of what a steak dinner experience should be. He offers a Texas-sized variety of dry aged meats and cuts where a true steak connoisseur will feel like a kid in a candy store. I want to discuss Johnny’s Mac and Cheese & Bacon Bread Crumbs appetizer that melts in your mouth with each bite. It’s served with fresh mac, a slightly crispy baked top that is loaded with savory, bacon, cheesy, bread crumb deliciousness. You better saddle up boyz and girls because you’re going to the FLAVOR RODEO with this Mac-N-Cheese. Check out Knife in Dallas or Plano for some cheesy perfection. Better make reservations before you head out!

4. Bankhead Brewing   

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Driven Eats

Lobster Mac-N-Cheese

Bankhead Brewing Lobster Mac.

Located in Fort Worth in the West 7th Street area, Bankhead Brewing is a craft brewpub offering fresh, chef-driven eats and tasty craft beers. They opened during the pandemic and have been a driving force in the vibrant west 7th street area slinging deliciousness and fun. Their craft beers have won awards including 2018 Silver Medal Winners at the Great American Beer Festival for their Southern German-style Hefeweizen (Hoofer’s Hef). When we heard about the fresh Lobster Mac-N-Cheese I couldn’t resist the culinary tug to try this dish. Prepared with various cheeses, fresh lobster, and pasta, each bite is a karate chop of savory cheesy deliciousness. A must try in 2024. Don’t forget an award-winning craft beer!

5.Brick & Bones    

Deep Ellum, Texas

Habanero Mac N Cheese

Brick & Bones is a cozy little food and drink joint located in Deep Ellum arts district of Dallas. I discovered Brick and Bones a few years ago and fell in love with the fresh-prepared menu items. They offer some of the BEST Mac-N-Cheese in North Texas. The Habanero Mac-N-Cheese is served baked, savory, and cheesy. Topped with fresh chopped bacon, each bite offers a little heat but is loaded with flavor. If you love Mac-N-Cheese, you need to check out Brick and Bones. You can also order it TOGO! Your choice, should you make the trip.

6. The Londoner Pub 

Colleyville & Addsion, Texas

Chef Driven

Fresh Mac-N-Cheese

Located in Colleyville and Addison, the Londoner is slinging some fresh-prepared, authentic English deliciousness. I fell in LOVE with the simple Mac-N-Cheese because it was served extra cheesy. Prepared with long holey pasta, loads of cheese, chopped bacon, fresh parsley and served in a Texas-size bowl. Each bite is extra cheesy and crates a flavor explosion in your mouth because the cheese gets trapped inside the long holey pasta. If you love Mac-N-Cheese head over to the Londoner and don’t forget to crab an order of the fresh Fish-N-Chips!

7. Smoke City Proz 

Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

Pitmaster Driven

Smoke City Proz – Smoked Turkey Leg Mac-N-Cheese

Cajun Style Mac-N-Cheese, Brisket Style Mac-N-Cheese, Turkey Leg Mac-N-Cheese

Combining Kanas City BBQ with Texas BBQ Smoke City Proz is slang’n some an award-winning Mac-N-Cheese options. They also offer a variety of fresh pit master-prepared deliciousness daily. The Mac-N-Cheese options are so savory, cheesy and delicious you will want to try each of them. the good thing is you can order however much your heart desires. That’s what we did ordered all three of them.  Each Mac-N-Cheese combination we tried with was served HF&D Hot Fresh and Delicious. Each bite is savory, cheesy deliciousness in your mouth. Don’t forget some smoked fresh Texas Craft Brisket with your fresh Mac-N-Cheese because brisket makes everything better.

8. Doc B’s Restaurant & Bar  

Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas

Chef Driven

Cast Iron Skillet Mac-N-Cheese

I don’t know the story behind Doc B’s, but I do know they’re slinging creative deliciousness all day. They have open spaces for dining rooms and wonderful outdoor patio areas. The fresh prepared cast iron skillet mac-n-cheese is served with a baked, slightly crispy outside shell with a soft savory cheesy inside. It’s always served GBD Golden Brown and delicious. Don’t forget a Big TEXAS Angry Meatball.

9. Cane Rosso  

DFW Locations

Chef Driven Pizza Concept

Fresh Skillet Mac-N-Cheese

Cane Rosso Mac. (Photo Cane Rosso)

Cane Rosso offers wide open spaces slinging fresh-prepared craft Neapolitan style pizzas. They only use fresh ingredients to create deliciousness and the fresh-prepared Mac-N-Cheese is no exception. It’s cheesy goodness is unforgettable. Prepared and baked in a skillet with fresh fontina cream, provolone, mozzarella, parsley, crispy garlic breadcrumbs, and you can add bacon marmalade & white truffle oil to create savory cheesy perfection. If you haven’t this dish you should probably head over and chow down. Don’t forget one of these Neapolitan style pizzas.

10. Palmer’s Hot Chicken  

Dallas, Texas

Chef Driven Concept


Palmer’s offers award-winning hot chicken, sides, and craft cocktails. They have a big wide-open dining room and a great patio if you love the fresh Texas outdoor air. Their Mac-N-Cheese is considered a side item, but it’s loaded with savory, cheesy deliciousness with each bite. You can always add some chunks of famous Palmer’s Fried Hot Chicken to create Mac-N-Cheese perfection.

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Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

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Pizza and Garlic Bread Perfection from Chef Ryan Westover – Birmingham, AL

Howdy Chow Hounds!

Pizza Grace Pepperoni

I’m asking yu to share this article with your family and friends who LOVE unforgettable garlic bread and pizzas. We discovered the most incredible GARLIC BREAD I’ve ever enjoyed. Chef Ryans Garlic bread is so flavorful and delicious that we feel it deserves its own feature and highlight. the PIZZAS are very delicious too but that GARLIC BREAD is DANGEROUS. Dangerously Delicious!

Trey’s Chow Down discovered some of the most incredibly delicious GARLIC BREAD 🍞 that I’ve ever enjoyed. The process to prepare his amazing bread is detailed, painstaking, and tedious. When you combine the painstaking process and Chef Ryans’ culinary talent and passion for perfection, you get some of the most unforgettable garlic bread you’re ever going to enjoy.

The first bite you take is warm, buttery, and loaded with hints of garlic. It’s one of those bites that’s so delicious that you can’t believe you’re sitting in a pizza joint. But then again, what I discovered is that anything you order from Chef Ryan and his fabulous PIZZA GRACE is going to be unforgettable. I know this because I haven’t quit thinking about his bread and pizza since I walked out a few months ago. I’ve been researching and watching Chef Ryans dishes and his approach to culinary perfection since late 2023 before I made my first visit.

Some of Chef Ryan’s Bread

If you ask me to describe Chef 👨‍🍳 Ryan with one word, it’s easy “PERFECTION.” 👌 I know this because his passion to create elevated dishes and delicious flavor profiles are unwavering. You don’t have to believe me! Just make a visit to Pizza Grace and see for yourself. You’re going to THANK ME LATER! 🙏

🚗 2212 Morris Ave Suite 105, Birmingham, AL 35203

Now let’s talk about his amazing, fresh, chef driven pizzas. Each bite is truly an incredible experience of deliciousness. Something every pizza and food lover should experience is a meal from Chef Ryan and his culinary team.👨‍🍳 They only have one rule for everything they create, “PERFECTION” and it shows with every bite you will take.

The rest of the story: 👇
Grace” has many meanings.  pizza GRACE was created in order to bring those meanings to life. Grace, simple elegance and refinement of movement, this is our approach to cooking and baking. Grace, courteous goodwill, this is our approach to hospitality. Grace, a divinely given blessing, this is our view of pizza, bread, and our local farms and producers. Grace, a short prayer of thanks said before a meal, this is the spirit of pizza GRACE, gratitude.

Pizza Grace is an officially APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination for all food lovers to enjoy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. I just don’t feel words to his flavor profiles and dishes justice. You need to enjoy it for yourself. I love PIZZA GRACE.❤️ BUT, truth be told, anything Ryan creates is going to be loaded with deliciousness.

Pizza Grace is must visit and worth a drive from anywhere in the USA to enjoy chef Ryan’s delicious.

Trey ( Chow Down) Chapman

Watch Ryan explain his passion!

Mississippi has it ALL and we LOVE IT!

Mississippi here we come!

That should be the NEW tag line because they have it all in Mississippi and we love it. Soon as you cross the state line you’re met with those beautiful Mississippi views that are unforgettable. Yes, it’s where BLUES started and people who know music know that what we know as blues music started right outside of Cleveland at Dockery Farms. Back in the day, Mr. Dockery was one of the few plantation owners that allowed music to be played on the weekends and so blues music began to be refined and sprung up around the gin. Who doesn’t love the BLUES and if you LOVE the BLUES then you have to love history because HISTORY defines the BLUES. In fact without history we have no BLUES at all. Cleveland Mississippi is where it all began! 

Ridiculously Delicious Texas Barbecue and Burgers!

Dayne and Ashley Weaver

Howdy Texas BBQ Lovers!

When you talk about Texas BBQ and all it offers then you have to mention Dayne’s Craft BBQ. They’ve won so many awards and accolades that it’s impossible to list them all. I’ve been following them since they began and I’ve watched them as they’ve climb their way to the TOP of the Texas BBQ peak. The success they’ve enjoyed has come from blood, sweat, tears, hard work and dedication to their craft. All the smoked meats, pork, sausages, sides, sweets, and burgers are simply RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS. They’ve even prepared AND SMOKED WHOLE HOGS where ever bite was PORK-O-LICIOUS.

Let’s talk burgers! They won the Cowtown Burger Showdown in Fort Worth at RIVER RANCH two years in a row. Dayne’s OG SMASH BURGER has got a flavor profile so delicious that everyone wants it. It’s cheesy smash burger deliciousness that’s truly unforgettable. It’s become a TEXAS BURGER LEGEND running through Texas like a run away freight train.

Their story is great one: Dayne Weaver started his journey in Texas barbecue as a backyard smoker enthusiast. His father-in-law left a small kettle grill in his backyard in 2017, which he converted into a mini-smoker. He threw a brisket on and was immediately hooked. He began smoking meat every weekend; however, barbecuing is an expensive hobby. Dayne’s wife, Ashley, told him that if he was going to continue to cook regularly, he needed to find someone to buy it. That’s how “Dayne’s Underground Barbecue” was born.

Texas BBQ Perfection that’s unforgettable! (Interstellar)

Texas BBQ Perfection (Award Winning )
Interstellar BBQNorthwest Austin, Texas

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🏆 John’s “PEACH TEA GLAZED PORK BELLY” is some of my favorite PORK BELLY I’ve tasted and enjoyed in the USA. 🇺🇸 Coast to coast we’ve visited 26 states and John’s “PEACH TEA GLAZED PORK BELLY” is absolute perfection. The texture is perfect, and the flavors are balanced to create PORK BELLY DELICIOUSNESS that’s truly unforgettable.