East Texas Barbecue Oasis & Deliciousville

Slaughter’s BBQ a little paradise in East Texas.

There is always something to be said for spur of the moment gut feeling. You know what I’m talking about, right? I always trust my gut, and in 95% of the situations, my gut feeling is correct.

The last two months I’ve been seeing barbecue pictures of this place in east Texas. Being a true food expert, critic, and reviewer, I literally spend 8 to 10 hours a day, three to four days a week, researching online.

I search for new restaurants, chefs, dishes, events, and of course everything barbecue. I kept seeing these photos over and over. They kept popping up in my searches.

Don’t be fooled. The social media platforms know what you’re looking for and they send it to directly to your feed.

After seeing these pictures repeatedly, plus looking at reviews, my gut said “TREY let’s ride!” I decided to make the three-hour trip to see if they where slinging Barbecue deliciousness or just great photos.

My trusty side kick Maverick and I took off and headed East to Sulphur Springs, Texas!

Barbeque Deliciousness

I missed the joint three times when I pulled up, driving back and forth, basically passed it like a NASCAR driver. Even my German Shepherd sidekick Maverick sat up and as if to say, “Trey, what the hell are you doing going in circles”? I looked at her and told her it was Google’s fault there was no barbecue joint around here… just a big feed store. About that time she looked out her window suddenly, and when I looked there it was right in front of the feed store. I just laughed and laughed. Pretty sure my dog was laughing too!

I was looking the entire time for a restaurant building or a bigger location. After I found it, I loved the cozy vibes. Before I even walked in to order I figured this place should be awesome.

I walked into the Slaughter’s Barbecue Oasis in Sulphur Springs, Texas and I saw a little BBQ oasis. They had fake palm trees, beach chairs, wood beach style tables. They even had beach style signs. The place was so clean and organized. I absolutely loved it.

When I walked up to the counter, everyone made sure to give a friendly hello. Not just a “hello”, but a loud good Texas passionate HELLO! They were serious about customer service and they wanted me to know it.

Give me the ribs-baby!

I ordered brisket, sausage, smoked turkey, and ribs. The presentation was awesome everything was perfectly placed even the slices of bread were evenly spaced. I had all three of their house prepared sauces and some side fixings. One thing I ¬†noticed because I’m a details guy who owned restaurants for five decades. Every single bottle of sauce and hot sauces where super clean. Even the lids and the spouts where shining! That speaks volumes about the cleanliness of the restaurant and their attention to detail for operations.

Everything looked perfect, but did it taste delicious? That was the question…

Everything was loaded with flavors and very fresh. I loved the turkey and sausage, it was just perfection on the tray. The brisket was succulent, flavorful, and tasted like MORE because that’s what I wanted was more! But let me tell you, the ribs were the rock star this day. They tasted like I would be coming back for more ribs soon! Hell, they were so good I considered taking two racks with me. Unfortunately, I had visit two more restaurants, so I said nope… BUT I’ll be back!

The Slaughter’s Barbecue Oasis was 10 out 10 Cowboy Hats for this barbecue cowboy. A perfect score! Also, worth the drive to East Texas deliciousville.

When you get a chance head over to Chow Down in Sulphur Springs, Texas. If you’re passing through, make sure to stop at Slaughter’s Barbecue Oasis and say howdy! You will be glad you did.

Tell’em Chow Down Trey sent you!

Every year I visit over 100 barbecue joints and review them for my BEST Barbecue list for the year. This year in 2019, I’m on track to visit 125 or so. If you know of one I need to visit send me email at Trey@TreysChowDown.com¬†

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