Thompson’s Downtown Heaven

If you travel to downtown, Fort Worth and head south on Houston Street, you will find a fantastic historic building on the west-side of the road called “Thompson’s”.

When you open the big door and walk inside, you are met with a nostalgic, literary feel. You see, Thompson’s used to be a book store and pharmacy back in the day-way back in the day. The first floor is reminiscent of an old book store, complete with book shelfs, big comfortable chairs, and couches set up to emulate a small living room. It has a remarkable, cozy feeling and is perfect for socializing. You might enjoy a wonderful, craft cocktail, a glass of wine-maybe even sip on some smooth whiskey bourbon, or a nice classic vodka.



Down the stairs is a secret door that appears to be a bookcase. When you enter and proceed downstairs, you get the feeling of being in an authentic, hidden “speak-easy”-type atmosphere from the days gone by. When you reach the bottom floor, you’ll see fantastic “speak-easy” decor and wonderful furnishings that send you back in time. You can enjoy all kinds of craft cocktails and tasty spirits while you’re socializing to great tunes.

If you make it upstairs-which would be the third floor from the bottom, you will find three different rooms set up like living-rooms, one even had a fire place. This space is fantastic for small groups to enjoy one another company, swap stories and tell tales.


Overall, Thompson’s has to be one of my favorite nostalgic bars. You get wonderful service, awesome drinks, and a feeling of grand opulence. Check out Thompson’s today and be sure to tell ‘em you “Drink With Trey”!

Thank You and GodBless,
Trey Chapman

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