Let’s Go To Arpeggio!

Hello Foodie Fans,

Arpeggio Grill.

A good friend invited me out to lunch for Mediterranean cuisine by his job one afternoon, but considering the twenty minute or so drive out there, I wasn’t exactly sold. That is until he started to describe the place to me. He talked of low stained glass hanging lights, the mural painted walls and even the option to sit on the floor with cushions and enjoy your meal, it was called Arpeggio Grill.

He then dropped the bomb, they had a $7.99 lunch special.

Obviously, I met him up there and was happy to rediscover the location to one of my favorite hookah lounges was right next door. The inside was definitely warm and cozy. The upbeat, casual greetings of the staff member behind the line of food instantly put a smile on my face. He happily answered any and all of my questions I had about the food and I confidently filled my plate with items I could barely pronounce.

Donut Fear, Gourdough’s Here!

The night air was cold in Austin and with no groceries in the fridge, my brand spankin’ new roommate and I decided to skip out on an H.E.B. trip so we could try out an apparent “Austinite” favorite for dinner, Gourdough’s Public House, the South Lamar location. We were celebrating surviving our first month in Austin and getting our rent paid on time. I honestly can’t name a better occasion for a “donut burger” than that. Oh yeah, you totally read that right, a donut burger. Gourdough’s-with its laid-back, dim, cozy cabin vibe, is all about donuts. From various burgers with donut buns to donut-battered and fried entrees to belly busting dessert donuts. You name it, they got it here.

Can’t Get the Blues at Blue Sushi

There’s something light and fun about going out for happy hour. Usually places are a little less busy and it’s definitely relaxing knowing you have nothing to do in the middle of the day. It’s the perfect feeling-no obligations, total relaxation. So when my friend and I found ourselves with nothing to do one Saturday afternoon we headed down toward 7th street to test out Blue Sushi Sake Grill’s happy hour.

An Early Day at Vickery Cafe!

There’s nothing that gives me the warm, mushy feels of content and comfort quite like a homemade, country-style meal. Being born and raised in the South, I find it a bit funny that the traditional southern ideals didn’t stick with me into adulthood-yet the shared common love of a hot plateful of country food is what truly makes me feel home in Fort Worth. That being said, I’ve tried quite a few “mom and pop” cafés around and Vickery Cafe is definitely one to talk about.

The Scoop on Gypsy Scoops!

I found out about this place through random Instagram clicking. My Mom and I were having a mother-daughter day and the impending joy of eating ice-cream left us nothing less than ecstatic as we parked across the street from a soft, yellow ice-cream parlor. A cute ice-cream figurine stuck out from the building and served as a sign for passerbys. It really looked quite out of place surrounded by all the concrete roads. We joked the building seemed to belong on a beach front somewhere, and as we walked up the porch and opened the aqua door, it was hard to not feel instantly relaxed-beach or not.