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If you’ve been in the Fort Worth area for a while, then I’m sure you’ve heard of a place called “Kincaid’s Hamburgers”. What a lot of you might not know is that Kincaid’s started out as a grocery store on Camp Bowie.

Mr. Kincaid opened the store in 1946 and would make deliveries out of an old pickup to his customers. When he started cooking and preparing Hamburgers, he wanted to create an amazing burger that would not only look fantastic and smell amazing, but he wanted to make sure the taste was incredible too! They would hand grind their own hamburger meat every day using an old hand grinder with a wooden handle. They would use only fresh meat-never frozen, to give their burger an original one of kind flavor. After they ground the meat and added the seasonings, they would hand shape it and sling the patty on a flat top grill. Mr. Kincaid figure out that by using the flat grill, the burger patty cooks in its own juice and seals in the flavor, thus making it an amazingly tasty burger. They would use only the freshest vegetables, which are crisp and crunchy, adding the perfect texture when you bite into your burger.


Today in 2023, they still use the same principles set forth by Mr. Kincaid, who has now passed on. They grind the meat fresh at each location and cook it to perfection. Kincaid’s burgers are one of kind. Over the years they have won more awards than they give out at the Olympics. Each burger is prepared with love, and cooked to exactly your specifications. I still love how they write your name and what you ordered on your bag. Every time I reach into my Kincaid’s bag and pull out my burger, my mouth starts watering just a little. When I unwrap my order and smell the aroma of a traditional flavorful hamburger, I can’t help, but start the burger full tilt boogie! I take that first bite, I know I’m in Burger Deliciousness! If you want to add some great sides, you can order the fries or the onion rings. They are always crisp and taste like perfection.


To say I’ve loved Kincaid’s Hamburgers for almost 50 years would be an understatement, I never get tired of a great Texas burger.
Try this for me; If you want an authentic, delicious, TEXAS burger, hop in your car, truck, SUV, hot rod, or sports car and drive down the original brick road of Camp Bowie. While you’re driving, take in all the sites of old Fort Worth, take a moment to appreciate the hand-laid, old brick road below you. Then pull up to Kincaid’s, get out, and enter the old Kincaid’s Grocery store. Order the burger of your choice and look around while you wait. Check out the old tables, pictures, articles, and awards hanging around everywhere on the walls. When they call your name, grab your burger, sit down or stand up at one of the tables over the shelves. Open the bag, stick your hand in and grab your burger. While you’re reaching in the bag, take in everything you see around you-what you’re smelling from the bag and the drive you just took down the old brick road. When you take the first bite I can promise you it will be an unforgettable experience! You will feel as if you’re eating one of the best original Texas burgers, just the way Mr. Kincaid planned when he cooked his first burger, full of love for the very first Fort Worth customer

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As always thanks for your dedication and support God Bless.

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

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