Epic – Cowtown Burger Showdown 2024 River Ranch StockYards

It’s Burger Time in Texas!

Trey and Ali Talking Burgers (Fun Times)

It was an epic burger battle on a stormy and rainy day for our third year of the COWTOWN BURGER SHOWDOWN at River Ranch Stockyards. We had over 1,100 burger lovers show up to see who had the best burgers in North Texas! You could smell the smash burgers, classic and craft burgers cooking as the meaty deliciousness lofted in the air.  There were burger slang’ers from Tarrant County, Parker County, Dallas County and more. In total we had twenty-five chefs, pitmasters, restaurants, and food trucks that showed up and showed out to create tasty burgers trying to win some of the 10,000.00 in cash and prizes. The creativity was flowing as they created some beautiful and amazing burgers that where truly unforgettable.

Folks attended the event to taste burgers and have some fun before they VOTED for the best TRADITIONAL BURGER, NON-TRADITIONAL BURGER, and THE FAN FAVORITE PEOPLE’S CHOICE. We had live music rocking in the hizzy, cocktails were flowing, and cold beer was pouring. The unlimited French Fry and Tater Tot Bar stayed packed with hungry burger lovers. It was our BIGGEST showdown yet, and we CANNOT wait for 2025! We will be adding additional burger slang’ers and prize money for even higher stakes.

This year was special because we added a GOLDEN TICKET from the World Food Championships for the TOP two of the winners. We were a qualifying event for The World Food Championships. What is the WFC? It’s the largest competition in food sports, where winners of previous qualifying events compete for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and their share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The World Food Championships is also the springboard for many up-and-coming culinary stars and home cooks as they seek TV fame through many well-known food shows and acting opportunities. We’re excited to see the two competitors who won their golden tickets and will registered to compete at the 2024 World Food Championships. CONGRATULATIONS to our 2024 winners!

Folks have asked us how we judge the winners, and let me tell you it’s NOT an easy task and one we take extremely seriously because being fair is what counts. We use a three-tier judging process to choose a winner, with over thirty-two judges involved in the process. The final winners are chosen by our panel of MASTER Judges, who are Celebrity Food Professionals from around Texas, Food Network, and FOX Master Chef contestants.

We are excited for 2025 so stay tuned and will see you at the GRILLS for another EPIC burger showdown at River Ranch Stockyards.

Trey’s Celebrity Judges:

1. Fox Master Chef 2 X Contestant – Chef Cowboy Chef Newton

2. Celebrity Chef & Pitmaster- Chef Randy White

3. Food Network T.V. Host, Writer, Blogger – Ali Khan Eats

4. Food Expert & Blogger – Luis The Foodie Munster

5. Social Media Star and Chef – Kyle Istook

6. Food Expert, Writer, Blogger – Anthony Ant Macias

7. FTW City Councilman Food Lover – Carlos Flores

8. FTW Celebrity Food and Burger LOVER – Jordan Johnson

Ali Khan Food Show Host, Writer, Blogger and Burger Expert Slang’n some WISDOM

Grand Winners Cowtown Burger Showdown 2024 (3rd Annual)

1. Traditional Burger – Smashville Burgers and Tots Northlake, Texas 


2. Non – Traditional Burger – Dayne’s Craft Barbecue Aledo, Texas 


3. FAN Favorite Peoples’s ChoiceSmoke & Bone BBQ Fort Worth, Texas










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