National Taco Day 2019: Trey’s Best Tacos!

National Taco Day is October 4, 2019.

Taqueria LA VENTANA-One of My Favorites. Mexican dish consisting of a fried tortilla, typically folded, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

I say so much more-filled with deliciousness!

Some say the “Taco,” a staple of traditional Mexican cuisine, dates back to the 18th or 19th century and in the silver mines in Mexico. While tacos do not have a very long history, I don’t think anyone truly knows their origins. If I were a betting man, I most definitely would say the taco has Hispanic roots, lol.

If you say, “Hey Trey, describe a taco to me in your words.” I would say without hesitation, “A taco is an unbelievable treat of tasty, creative goodness wrapped up in a corn or flour tortilla!”

I really can’t explain the flavor of a taco, but each of you know that when you see the word “taco” anywhere, the mind goes into what I call the “Full Tilt Boggy!” The word “taco” sends our thoughts running amuck with visions of delicious toppings, meats, and cheeses. Truth be told I never get sick of tacos, and I can never get enough of them ever. They are addicting! One is not sufficient, three for sure isn’t, and ten might be just right. I am in LOVE with tacos.

There are all kinds of taco variations in today’s times, but here are some of the most popular names;

Adobada = Marinated pork,   Barbacoa = Shredded Beef,   Buche = Pig Stomach,   Cabeza = Cow Head,   Carne Asada = Roasted Beef,   Carnitas = Roasted Pork,   Cecina = Beef JerkyChicarrón = Fried Pork Rinds

What you will find on the list below is some of the best tacos I’ve eaten, and I urge you to try them all and post the photos on Trey’s Chow Down!

Have fun and enjoy eating some of the best tacos in Texas!

Taco Revolver Lounge, Dallas; Any Taco.

Salsa Limon, Fort Worth; Tacos al Pastor.

La Ventana, Dallas/Addison; Carnitas.

Guajardo’s, Fort Worth; Tacos al Pastor.

H3 Hunters Brothers Steak House; H3 Ranch Tacos 

Chile Pepper Grill, Fort Worth; Barbacoa.

Melis Taqueria, Fort Worth; Old School Chicharrones.

Taco Heads, Fort Worth, Dallas; Any Taco.

Wild Salsa, Fort Worth/Dallas; Shrimp Taco.

BBQ On Brazos, Cresson; Brisket Taco.

Del Norte Tacos, Goodley; Smoked Taco.

TacoStop, Dallas; Any Taco.

Taco Revolver Lounge, Fort Worth/Dallas; Any Taco.

Bartaco Fort Worth, Fort Worth Any Taco.

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