With all of Trey’s Chow Down BEST OF lists getting so much attention, and thousands of re-shares, we just had to seek out the BEST SANDWICHES for our fellow Texas foodies!

One of my favorite things to do is eat a delicious farm fresh flavor-packed sandwich!  They are delicious at any time of day, or night, when prepared with farm fresh vegetables and ingredients, stacked between two bakery fresh buns.

The story of how the sandwiches were created is a funny one. I laugh every time I read it or discuss it with someone. A man, for no other reason than convenience, created it. LOL. Sounds just about right.

The bread-enclosed convenient food known as the “sandwich” is attributed to John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), a British statesman and notorious gambler. He invented the sandwich so he could sit and gamble without getting up to eat. All I can say is… Men haven’t changed much at all in 300-something years. Most still don’t want to get up when gambling, watching sports, movies, or one of the many social media sites we visit daily. I don’t really care who invented it, where they invented it, or what the reason was! I’m just happy that we have them and I can CHOW DOWN on them when I feel like it.

I’ve been chowing down on sandwiches the last 12 months and now it’s time to let everyone know where the best sandwiches in DFW are located. It wasn’t easy making these picks, but someone has to do it!

So here we go, Giddy up folks!

#1 Carshon’s Delicatessen

Fort Worth, Texas

Carshon’s Deli Old School

Carshon’s is an old school deli that makes some of the best sandwiches you will ever eat. It’s been around since 1928 and is the oldest deli in Fort Worth. I feel at home every time I walk in the doors. They just have that old school deli magic.  I love the “Rufferford” and the “Rebecca” sandwiches. They’re both so delicious and they just can’t be duplicated. Packed with flavors and always fresh, they will leave you mumbling hashtag flavor rodeo. #YouKnowWhatImSayin

#2 Melted

Dallas, Texas

Melted is pretty new to the Dallas scene, but has made big waves in the foodie world. Great atmosphere and upbeat vibes while serving deliciousness with everything you order. You will say, “How did I miss this deliciousness?”, with every bite you take. For some fantastic lip-smacking deliciousness, I recommend ordering “The Beach” and “Mozzarella Melts “. Those Mozzarella Melts will put a smile on your face and happiness in your hearts. #Delish

# 3 Cork & Pig Tavern

Fort Worth and Los Colinas, Texas

Cork & Pig originated in west Texas, and then moved to the West 7th area in Fort Worth. They recently added a third location in Los Colinas. They have a sandwich that I’ve been in love with since the first bite. The “French Dip” is the VERY BEST I’ve ever eaten. I grab it, dip it in the house prepared au jus, take a bite, and let the sauce drip down my chin. You won’t find a better one, in my opinion, period! #Flavorgasm  

Little Red Wasp #smackyomamagood

# 4 Little Red Wasp

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

Little Red Wasp has been in Fort Worth for about four years and they are opening a new one in Southlake soon. The Wasp, as locals call it, has amazing bites and sandwiches that will make your taste buds sing. If you really want to try something that will blow your mind try the “Reuben.” That is a Chef Blaine special sandwich that has a four-day preparation time marinating the meat. They only use freshly baked bread. It is just stupid delicious. #SmackYaMommaGood

#5 The Latin Pig

The Colony, Texas

The Latin Pig has a fantastic colorful Latin vibe. I’ve always loved other cultures and the Latin culture especially. The Latin Pig menu has a treasure chest of delicious creative cuisines. My favorite sandwich is the “ROPA VIEJA”, made with tender shredded Latin-flavored brisket. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! #SucculentBlitz

#6 Local Foods Kitchen

Fort Worth, Texas

Neiman Marcus #GiveMeSomeMore

The Local Foods Kitchen is a fantastic little joint I like to call a little slice of heaven. Everything they sling out of the kitchen is packed with fresh flavors. They only use farm fresh vegetables and ingredients to prepare daily deliciousness. I’m in love with the “Jalapeno Turkey Crunch “ served on warm cheese bread. Yes, I said warm cheese bread! The sandwich Gods live at Local Foods Kitchen. #HeavenSentSandwich

#7 Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

Dallas, Texas in Bishops Arts & Mocking Bird Station

Dallas Grilled Cheese Company has two locations in Dallas now. I couldn’t believe how delicious a grilled cheese or any sandwich was from these folks. I have had three different sandwiches from D.G.C.C. and each one is super delicious. But if you want to have a #Flavorgasm then try the “Grilled Cheese Cheese Burger. ” Yes the Grill Cheese Cheese Burger, WHAT? But seriously I’ve liked them all, so any sandwich will have you saying #SuperCheesySandwichDeliciousness  

#8 Neiman Marcus

Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

I love the cafes at Neiman Marcus. They have some delicious bites. Of course, I love the N.M. broth you can sip on before your meal. Let me tell you how in love I am with the “Grilled Cheese” and of course, I add the French fries on the side. The grilled cheese is always cheesy and delicious. The fries are always crispy perfection. Don’t forget a delicious turnover either! You will be saying #GiveMeSomeMore

#9 Americano Italian Restaurant

Downtown Dallas, Texas            

Americano Dallas #GitTiHaveIt

I love the downtown vibe at the Americano in the Joule Hotel lobby. I fell in love the minute I walked in and saw the big open space with all the windows looking outside. I also liked the long bar and the neon signs. The place just screams let’s have some fun! I enjoyed two items when I chowed down. I loved the “Fried Olives”, stuffed with Cambrian chili sausage. They were amazing and really popped in my mouth. I Also tried the “Roasted Chicken Panini”, which was loaded with delicious melted mozzarella cheese. The Panini was cooked to perfection and the bread was perfect. You will love Americano #GotToHaveIt

#10 Jason’s Deli

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

I’ve been eating and chowing down at Jason’s Deli since 1976. My dad and I used to visit Jason’s Deli for weekly lunches back when we owned our restaurants. I truly enjoy everything Jason’s offers, but I especially cherish the “Beef Eater” and the “California Club”. Both of these may be very different but are incredibly delicious. Packed with flavors and always prepared fresh! They’re hard to beat. Jason’s Deli will leave you saying #INeedMorePlease

BBQ ON The Brazos

Cresson, Texas

Gobble Gobble on Good Day Fox 4

If you drive south of Fort Worth on Hwy 377 you will hit Cresson Texas. Cresson is home of BBQ On The Brazos and some award winning BBQ. Not only are they a Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Winner they also have other fresh and creative menu options. One of my favorite is the “Gobble Gobble” a delicious Turkey sandwich like you’ve never eaten before. It’s packed with Chef John’s slow smoked Turkey and fresh bakery bread. I like it this sandwich so much I featured it on Fox 4 Good Day during my BEST OF BBQ list episode. When you have time make the drive and EAT THIS! you will be saying Gobble Gobble all day long! #GobbleGobble

Thanks for reading our article and trusting us for your chow down needs! I really appreciate the dedication and local support. We are passionate about food, drinks, the chefs that create it, and the restaurants that host everyone.

Remember, “Food is an exploration of the pallet try something new you might like it!”

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