Texas Best Chili for Chilly Weather!

It’s getting cold so that means it’s chili time in Texas, my friends. Who doesn’t love a bowl of delicious warm tasty chili layered with your favorite cheese and fixings? EVERYONE DOES.

I love chili. All my life being from Texas, I’ve tried so many bowls of chili, they have to number in thousands. Every year I judge at least 10 to 15 chili contests, and boy is that always a shocker. Just when I think I’ve tried every combination known to man, a new chili cook creates something crazy new. As a seasoned chili expert, it always surprises me. On the positive side, it’s fantastic that we have all these chefs and home cooks wanting to create some new delicious chili recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Quick Story! About two years ago I was judging a contest (I’m not going to state any names because I want to protect the integrity of the food-judging scene). At this contest, one of my good buddies was sitting next to me. I could tell by looking at his facial expressions if something was bad, good, and really tasty. Everyone started passing the chili around and we were about 7 chili bowls deep into the 20-something chili contest. I hear this gaging sound and little snicker. I look up and it’s my buddy looking like he’s about to puke all over the table. You know that look, lol! After a second he passed it to me and shook his head as if to say DO TRY THAT CHILI, DUDE. I figured he was acting or at best just exaggerating to get one over on me. When I put that big spoon full of chili in my mouth it didn’t take two seconds before I almost spit it out. It tasted like someone had put an entire container of salt and hot sauce and nothing else in this chili. That was just crazy. After the contest was over we tried to figure out what happened but we just assumed they screwed up on the mix. One would think they would try the chili before they serve it? Who knows? That’s just part of judging and one contest I’ll never forget.

On a good note, I’ve eaten lots of great chili this year and I wanted to share my great chili picks with each of you. That way you can enjoy some delicious chili in the chilly Texas weather.

My number one pick for 2019 has been around a while and knows a thing or two about some delicious Texas cooking.

#1) Fred’s Texas Cafe

Fort Worth, Texas (3 locations)

Fred’s TCU, Fred’s Texas North, and Fred’s West 7th Street

What can I say about Cowboy Chef Terry Chandler and his wonderful Texas flavor creations? Terry is a true outdoor cowboy chuck wagon cook that brings those wonderful western flavors to life in his Fred’s Texas Cafe’s creations. The chili at Fred’s is awesome! It will send your taste buds to the FLAVOR Rodeo and everyone needs to try some while the weather is chili-right.

#2) BBQ On The Brazos

BBQ On The Brazos Chili

Cresson, Texas on Hwy 377

BBQ On The Brazos or as I like to call them, “The Smoke Flavor Rodeo Kings” has an amazing flavorful chili. Pit Master John Sanford has been working on his chili recipe since man was created. Probably not, but it sounds good anyway. Their chili is flavor-packed, delicious, slap yo mama, and leg twitching awesome. When you get a chance head out and try some of John’s chili in Cresson, Texas!

#3) Billy Oak Acres BBQ

Fort Worth, Texas on Camp Bowie West

Oh yea, my boy blue Chef and Pit Master Billy Woodrich has been slinging deliciousness for a while now at his place in west Fort Worth. His chili is always fresh, hot, and full of bold western flavors. It’s so good you might pray to the chili Gods, thanking them for great chili deliciousness at Billy Oak Acres BBQ. You need to head over and try that chili today.

#4) 407 BBQ

Argyle, Texas

Yee haw and giddy up is what I say about the chili goodness from 407 BBQ. Pit master Bryan takes no prisoners when he creates his little chili bowl greatness. The chili is prepared fresh and is served until they run out. Bryan’s chili has a western flavor that is unique to him and his 407 BBQ. Last year when I tried his chili the first time we were at a festival. I returned two times to refill my little chili bowl because it was so damn good. Check out 407 BBQ today!

#5) The Barn Cafe

Paris, Texas on Hwy 82

Drive one hour and a half East from Dallas and you will find The Barn Cafe located in the sale barn in Paris, Texas. Chef Zane has all kinds of farm-fresh house prepared dishes in a cozy western setting. Her chili is amazing and tastes like more be because that’s all you want is more chili after each bite. Her chili is lip-licking delicious. Make the drive and try her chili!

Texas Spice Dallas

#6) Texas Spice

Dallas, Texas at Restaurants On Lamar

Texas Spice has lots of fantastic flavorful dishes made from scratch every day. They have an innovative approach to chili. They serve the bean/chili medley in a small hot cast iron bowl and it’s some kind of delicious. It’s fresh, colorful, and flavor-packed for all to enjoy. When you get a chance head over to Texas Spice to try it out!

Remember: ” Food is an exploration of the pallet try something new you might it! “

Much love,

Trey Chapman

Trey Chapman is the Creator of Trey's Chow Down, Drink With Trey, and Trey's Chow Down T.V.. Always searching for the best chow, drink, chef's and good times for our fans and followers!