KAAB00 TEXAS May 10-12, 2019 A Culinary, Music, & Comedy Fest for EVERYONE!

Trey’s Chow Down alone with KAABOO Texas are excited to introduce you to the complete culinary lineup for KAABOO Texas May 10-12 2019 at ATT Stadium, Jerry World. We’ve been waiting all year for these amazing culinary and music experiences to began.

The Maker’s Mark PALATE Stage will feature demonstrations by world-famous chefs, including features Michelin star honorees, James Beard Award winners, Iron ChefTop Chef, and Chef’s Table contestants + judges, and creators of some of the tastiest dishes around.

Want some variety in your dining options? PALATE is KAABOO’s upscale culinary experience. With local and regional delicacies and small-batch specialties from a variety of culinary masters, we’re fixin’ to satisfy any and all food-related cravings. Pair your favorites with limited production wines, craft libations or craft beers.

Get your taste buds in on the action and come hungry! Click the link https://kaabootexas.com/lineups/culinary?6_route=/client-embeds/kaaboo-texas-2019/1/6/__/&


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