Best Chicken Dishes In North Texas

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I bet everyone is tired of turkey and ham at this point right after the holidays.

After we spoke with the producer at ABC DAYBREAK about a new BEST food segment we decided to locate and try some of the most savory and delicious chicken dishes in the North Texas area. I’ve eaten chicken from East Texas Sulphur Springs area all the way west to Weatherford trying to locate the most unique savory dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Although this is Texas, and Texans love beef, these days creative chicken dishes grace almost every menu in Texas.

Beef still rings king in Texas but chicken has to be number two without question.

I love telling food stories and I truly believe food always tastes better with a story and a little food history never hurts either.

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve been passionate about food, but I’ve LOVED me some chicken. I like it fried, roasted, baked, grilled, dry roasted, rotisserie-cooked, and even cooked on a trash can lid. Yes, you read that correctly, cooked on a trash can lid. Let me explain!

Rapscallion Dallas Massive Rotisserie

I was traveling through Jamaica just chowing down on everything I could find (like I’ve done many times before). I was riding in a van and we passed this guy cooking right off the other side of the road. I couldn’t see what he was cooking, but I could smell it. Man… did it smell delicious. Now you have to understand he was cooking roadside in a hut style that was anything but normal looking. It was basically falling down! The food was on top of two trash cans cooking. I could smell and see the smoke. I yelled at the driver, “Hey man what’s that dude cooking and why is he roadside?” The driver yelled back, “Man, that’s authentic Jamaican jerk chicken he’s cooking and he’s selling it”! I told the driver I want to stop when we come back and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. The driver yelled back, “Yea man, gotcha!” We did make our stop and I’ll never forget how incredibly delicious that authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken tasted coming off that trash can lid. I’ve never tasted that flavor profile again. I purchased three more of those farm-fresh trash can chicken dishes for the road, and off we went.

I don’t care what it’s called I love me some cluck cluck. You just can’t go wrong with a savory delicious chicken dish. Especially when it’s prepared fresh by a creative chef even on a trash can lid.

Here is a little chicken history for everyone;

The History of the Chicken is simple. Domestication of the chicken dates back to at least 2000 B.C. and their ancestry can be traced back to four species of wild jungle fowl from Southeast Asia. … The chicken belongs to the genus Gallus of the family Phasianidae. Domestic chickens are simply classified as Gallus Domesticus. I bet you weren’t aware of that. That where all eating Gallus Domesticus! To tell you the truth I didn’t either until I did a little food research.

I truly don’t care what we call it but I know is delicious!

A talented chef can create so many options for a savory chicken dish using any part of the chicken. There truly are no limits to the deliciousness of chicken. Please enjoy our best chicken dishes choices.

Michael’s Cuisine Restaurant

Upper West 7th Street

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef M.T.

“Pecan Crusted Goat Cheese Chicken” The MC Classic

Chef M.T. is one of the original celebrity chefs in the DFW area. He’s been slinging deliciousness for decades in Texas and always uses farm-fresh products to create big bold flavors that everyone loves. His restaurant is located on Upper West 7th and is very cozy with a classy and friendly atmosphere. His creative ” Pecan Crusted Goat Cheese Chicken Dish ” is no exception. It is loaded with savory deliciousness. It’s hard to put your fork down until it’s all gone. The “Pecan Crusted Goat Cheese Chicken” is prepared with fresh a Boneless-Skinless Chicken Breast, stuffed with Ranch Goat Cheese, Coated In MC’s Texas Ancho-Pecans, and is severed with a Basil Cream Sauce. It is slap yo mama delicious! If you’ve haven’t visited Chef M.T. on Upper West 7th Street then you need to be sure and make that trip.


Greenville Ave., Dallas, Texas

Chef Nathan

“Long Walk To Nashville Chicken”

They say that details are always important and they’re all about the details at Nathan Tates Rapscallion. When I first heard the name Rapscallion I smiled because the definition of Rapscallion is a mischievous person, lol! I had to go meet this Chef. I was eager to meet him and try the Long Walk To Nashville Hot Chicken. Let me tell you after the first bite I’m not sure If I took any breaths of air while I inhaled this delicious dish. It is one of those dishes you will tell everyone about! I finally met Nathan and have loved everything they are is slinging out of the Rapscallion kitchen. ( If you haven’t tried his new Hillside Tavern in Dallas you need to make that trip! )

Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis

Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis

Gilmer St., Sulphur Springs, Texas

Pit-master/Chef David

“Smoked Jalapeno Chicken Popper”

When you drive down Gilmer Street in Sulphur Springs you won’t see Slaughter’s right away, or at least I didn’t. It’s located in a very unassuming place. The middle of a parking lot. Yes, a parking lot! Pit-master David Slaughter pop-up restaurant is located in a parking lot right in front the Fix & Feed Farm and Ranch store. He has carved out a little oasis that is cozy, colorful, and inviting. They are slinging some of the most delicious BBQ and creative eats in Texas. The “Smoked Jalapeño Chicken Popper” is a seasoned chicken stuffed with a cream cheese filled with a bacon-wrapped jalapeño. It’s served with a fresh house prepared blue cheese horseradish sauce. This chicken simply put is “stupid delicious”! It is literally life-changing! I ate two of them and brought one home. The forty-five-minute drive east from Dallas is well worth it just to eat this creative dish.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House:

DFW Metroplex & Austin, Texas

Chef-Driven Concept

“Stuffed Chicken Breast “

Now before you say, “What? Ruth’s Chris is known for fancy steaks”? Yes, they are, but I can promise you the chicken is the sleeper on Ruth’s Menu. I’ve been eating this chicken dish for years and I can honestly say it’s at the top of any chicken dish I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world. I say with confidence, you will be blown away, by the way, it’s presented; hot, crackling, and bubbling with butter and a beautiful golden brown crisp skin. The aroma of this dish as they set it down in front of you is head-turning. I swear, when I order this dish, folks around me will ask, “What in the world is that”? I always say with a grin, “Why, it’s STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST. It’s prepared with a double-breasted chicken that’s been oven-roasted, stuffed with garlic herb cheese and topped with lemon butter”. Trust me and go try this succulent, cheesy, layered with flavor dish at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Magnolia Ave. Fort Worth, Texas

“Spicy Fried Hot Chicken “

Roots Chicken Shak

They say it’s simply the best-fried chicken on the planet…but you won’t know what we mean until you try a piece or two yourself! I’m telling you, this spicy crispy fried chicken will make you have chicken dreams when you sleep. I have them and that’s when I head to Gus’s in Fort Worth. The chicken is light, crispy, and has some heat and a flavor profile that you will fall in love with. The legend goes someone asks Gus Vanderbilt of Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken for his fried chicken recipe and he simply replied, “I ain’t telling”. They marinate it overnight, put a little of this on it, with a dash of that, and then toss it in the fryer. By the time we get the finished cluck cluck, it’s fresh, hot, a little spicy, with a delicious crunchy skin. I can’t ever stop eating the stuff. All I know is Ol’ Gus knows what the hell he’s doing. I’m sure he won’t ever turn loose of his legendary chicken recipe. Fortunately for us, you can eat as much as you can buy. You better take a bib, some wipes, and get some chicken to go while you’re at it.

Roots Chicken Shak

Legacy Food Hall Plano, Texas

Chef Tiffany Derry

“Roots Spicy Bird”

Don’t tempt me with a name like “Roots Chicken Shak”, because that’s got down-home southern food written all over it folks. The fact is Chef Tiffany Derry loves her southern roots and loves to cook southern deliciousness like her mama. Chef Tiffany is a master at creating delicious flavor profiles. When I heard about this dish I ran over to chow down faster than Emmitt Smith would have carried the football on a touchdown run. Ok, maybe not that fast… but I’m going to tell you it was FAST. Her chicken sandwich which goes by the name of the Roots fried “Spicy Bird” amazed me. It’s prepared with a farm-fresh Kale salad, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, kimchi, and pickle mayo served on a fresh sweet potato bun. It was insanely good. The texture was perfect, the chicken had a slight crispy crunch, the kale was flavorful and fresh, and the bun was so soft! I’m also in love with the kimchi and pickle mayo. What a simply awesome sandwich. Everyone NEEDS, to try the “Spicy Bird”. You better get ready it will take your taste buds to the flavor rodeo, yee haw chowhounds!

El Rincon Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Carrollton & Frisco, Texas

Chef-Driven Authentic Concept

“Pollo en champinones”

I met the El Rincon folks two years ago and I’ve been in love with their creative and delicious dishes ever since then. Both locations have colorful and vibrant atmospheres that are extremely inviting. The service is always first class and the flavor profiles are authentic. I’ve eaten various dishes created by the chef but the “Pollo En Champions” is lip-smacking and toe-tapping delish! It’s prepared with a Grilled chicken breast topped with a fresh house prepared mushroom cream sauce over cilantro rice and farm-fresh spinach. Take a ride over to El Rincon and chow down on some savory deliciousness.

Little Red Wasp

Sundance Square Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Blaine Staniford

“Fried Chicken & Biscuit” (Cover Photo)

Little Red Wasp Kitchen and Bar is nestled in downtown Fort Worth between two steak houses. When I first heard about the Wasp years ago I asked myself, what is this place called the WASP??? I thought, this better be good. Let me tell you, it is better than good… it’s amazing. This restaurant is a chef-driven, knife and fork sandwich concept by Chef Blaine Staniford and Adam Jones. I love the Wasp “Nashville Fried Chicken”. It’s so dang delicious. But today we will focus on Chef Blaine’s “Fried Chicken and Biscuit” is prepared with a cheddar cheese biscuit, house prepared black pepper gravy, and an awesome big fat n’ juicy fried chicken breast. You have to have a knife and fork to eat this beast of a dish. It’s packed with flavor and you will be sopping up the gravy with your little fingers and licking them all up. I promise you that! Get to the WASP!

Hanabi Ramen DFW “Karikara Chicken”

Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya

Fort Worth, Carrollton, and Denton, Texas

Chef Ito Takao

“Karikara Chicken”

Oh yes, take me to HANABI TODAY! Chef Ito believes It’s important to prepare dishes using only fresh ingredients and only prepare them to order. The Karikara Chicken dish is a fried chicken dish that is prepared to order for each customer. It’s not only creative but it’s “ridiculously delicious” and loaded with flavor. You will notice the dynamic flavor contrast between Chef Ito’s fresh creation and the other chicken dishes you’ve tried. You will say, “GIVE ME SOME MORE”, with every bite! Check out Hanabi today and tell’em Trey sent you over.

Brick & Bones 

Deep Ellum, Dallas

Chef-Driven Concept

“Hand Prepared Mexican Fried Chicken”

I love that name Brick and Bones, kinda catchy! They will tell you it is throwback bar in Deep Ellum focused on craft Mexican fried chicken, great cocktails, and curated spirits. They started in the kitchen, where they cooped up and built a menu centering around Mexican-inspired fried chicken. It’s there specialty! The first time I put this chicken in my mouth I said, ” S!@#$%^& W.T.F.” because it was so dam delicious! I ordered a second order because one wasn’t enough. If you love lip-smacking savoy chicken some of the BEST in Dallas then head over to see them at B & B. Tell’em big Trey sent you! Please, don’t drink all my whiskey and eat all my chicken.

Multiple DFW Locations

Chef-Driven Concept

“Coconut Chicken”

Hand Prepared Craft Mexican Fried Chicken

You may know Blue Sake as a fresh sushi driven concept but that’s not all they offer. They have a variety of creative dishes prepared fresh at each location. The “Coconut Chicken” is no exception. It’s prepared fresh to order and served with a side of “TASTE LIKE MORE” because more is all you will want with each delicious bite. It’s presented with a half coconut shell and that picture-perfect chicken. I would differently add this to my list of things to try.

The Cook Shack

University Street, Fort Worth, Texas

Fast Casual Concept

“Spicy Chicken Strips”

This is a new creative Texas chicken concept that opened in 2019. They offer various creative fresh chicken dishes where you can add the spice level of heat/spice that you so desire. I was invited to the opening and I fell in love with this concept. When I ordered the chicken strips I had an idea how big, phat, and delicious they would be. They have a company specially prepare their Texas-size chicken strips. They are proprietary to their menu and they are TEXAS size the biggest I’ve ever seen. All of their hot spices are also fresh and proprietary. You can choose your heat but I like the “Texas Hot” and the “AMF.” I urge you to visit and try this new concept and their chicken. You will love it.

Whiskey & Rye

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

Omni Hotel Lobby

Chef-Driven Concept

“Funky Town Sliders”

I’m constantly trying to locate delicious foods. Two years ago I went to visit a friend at the Omni Hotel Fort Worth. I smelled something delicious and I followed my nose to Whiskey and Rye. A beautiful inviting restaurant and bar with a cozy Texas atmosphere. I tried several dishes and as they say, the rest is history. They have an amazing chicken dish named “Funky Town Chicken Sliders” There prepared with fresh phat chicken that is battered and fried then stacked a fresh soft slider bun. You will love this dish. Valet Parking is free with ticket validation from the restaurant.

Biscuit Bar

Plano, Dallas, & Deep Ellum, Texas

Chef-Driven Biscuit Concept

“Fancy Chicken Biscuit”

Whiskey & Rye Omni Fort Worth

Yes, you read that correctly THE BISCUIT BAR. When I saw this sign the first time driving down the highway in Plano I exited the freeway and made a U-turn on the access road. I made my way over to the BoardWalk in Plano but it wasn’t open yet. This was about two years ago. Ever since then I’ve returned at least ten times chowing down on various delicious fresh biscuit dishes. I’m in love with the Fancy Chicken Biscuit. It’s prepared with southern fried chicken, dill pickles, house-made fancy sauce, on a fresh house prepared tasty phat biscuit. Each bite will have you in delicious disbelief because it has so much flavor. I think the flavor Gods have blessed each biscuit.

Rule the Roost Nashville Hot Chicken

Westworth Blvd, Westworth Village, Texas

Fast Casual Concept

“The Simply Country Sandwich”

They just opened in West Fort Worth and I was extremely impressed with the menu and the fantastic customer service. They specialize in Nashville Hot chicken dishes that are loaded with flavor. I’ve only visited on two occasions because they are new, but I can tell you that you will love the The Simply Country or Nashville Hot fried chicken sandwiches either dressed up or down, Nashville or extreme heat! They are great sandwiches and you can also order it grilled. All I can say is yee haw and giddy up over for some deliciousness.

Press Box Grill

Downtown Dallas, Texas

Fast Casual & Sports Bar Concept

“Fried Chicken Sandwich”

If you’re in downtown Dallas and are looking for a place that has fantastic service, lots of T’V’s and delicious fresh food then you need to visit Press Box Grill. I met Lauren and her team a year ago and I’ve been a big fan ever since. I stopped in a few months ago to try their Fried Chicken Sandwich. It’s a simple fried chicken breast that is served with a side of DELICIOUSNESS. You will love Press Box and the chicken sandwich. When you get a chance to head over, sling that front door open and tell’em Trey sent you.

If you follow me you know I love food of all types and I’m passionate about locating the most creative dishes, prepared by the most talented chefs. I don’t PROMOTE internet dishes, I travel around Texas and chow down on them to discovery the best delicious destinations for everyone to enjoy. Please follow us on social media and watch our weekly live food shows.

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Fort Worth Omni Hotels! 


Rapscallion Dallas Chef Nathan Tate Dallas.


Little Red Wasp Chef Blaine Staniford Fort Worth.


Michael’s Cuisine Chef M.T. Fort Worth. 

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