Nashville Chicken in Texas, Say Whaaat?

When you think of Nashville hot chicken, all kinds of delicious thoughts come to find. Just think of crispy fried hot chicken dripping with delicious savory flavors that make you foodie senses run wild.

Choose YOUR Heat ( Texas Hot )

Nashville hot chicken has skyrocketed in popularity in the last two decades. I use the term “skyrocketed”, but really I think it’s been more like a supersonic ride.

If you don’t know what Nashville hot chicken consists of, then you must be a vegan or vegetarian, because these days it’s everywhere!

The origins of Nashville hot chicken are simple; it was created in the south Nashville back around 1930. In the 1970s, the new addition was created by using a different array of peppers and served with slices of white bread.

If you research the definition it’s a pretty basic explanation;

“Hot chicken, or Nashville hot chicken, is a type of fried chicken that is a local specialty of Nashville, Tennessee, in its typical preparation, it is a portion of breast, thigh, or wing that has been marinated in a water-based blend of seasoning, floured, fried, and finally sauced using a paste that has been spiced with cayenne pepper. It is served atop slices of white bread with pickle chips. It is both the application of a spicy paste and the presentation that differentiates it from similar dishes, such as Buffalo wings. It can be viewed in similar context to other foods that have been tweaked to be unique in a regional way, such as the slugburger or the Mississippi Delta tamale.”

All that being said, we have a new exciting and vibrant concept opening Monday, August 26, in Fort Worth! It’s located on University right smack in the middle of the largest *NEW* development area in the West 7th region. The West 7th region runs from White Settlement Road South to Will Roger’s, the museum district, and east the Trinity river.

The new concept named the COOKSHACK. It is the brainchild of three partners that have years of experience in the food and culinary industry with family ties to Cheddar’s From Scratch Kitchen.

Trey’s Chow Down  was honored to be invited to the family VIP tasting today.

I absolutely fell in love quickly as I walked in the door.

Being in the restaurant business all my life, helping create and operate new concepts from conception to reality, I always have a great feeling about a new concept. The new COOKSHACK is colorful, bright, airy, inviting, roomy, classy, and vibrant.

They did a masterful job of creating a winning concept with delicious flavor profiles. They use fresh ingredients to create bold Texas flavors derived from Nashville HOT ideas.

The menu is limited, and easy to read (which makes ordering easier), and efficient. The flow of service is fast and effective at moving people forward to their tables. The service was fantastic!!!

I placed my order and got some chicken tenders, ribs, a chicken sandwich, and some dragon fries.

Something IMPORTANT to remember when ordering all of the COOKSHACK chicken is NATURAL and ANTIBIOTIC free.

They have a heat scale that goes from mild to burn the house down. I ordered everything with Texas Heat. It was perfect for me but I heard some over talk that is was a little warm for others. You choose your heat because only you know you!

My ribs literally fell off the bone. I picked my rack up by the bone and the bone fell out of the meat. I was left with just the bone in my hand! LOL now that’s tender! They were packed with flavor I got those with Texas heat too. I’m a spicy kinda guy, ya know. 😉

The chicken sandwich was loaded with flavor, house prepared slaw, and the bun was fresh and soft.

The chicken tenders… Oh My God, the Baby T-Rex chicken tenders. Yea, I said it, BABY T-REX! Those tenders are the biggest damn things I’ve ever seen. It almost took two hands to pick them up to eat one. I’m not kidding now. Big, phat, fried chicken deliciousness. The biggest I’ve truly ever seen or witnessed seeing.

I ask one of the partners, Bryan, “Where in the hell did you get those tenders”?

He comes over with a big smile and said, “You like those”?

To which I said, “No… I LOVE THOSE BABY T-REX TENDERS, now where did you get them”?

We both laughed!

Bryan proceeded to enlighten me stating that they wanted the biggest and the best, so they have them specially created and shipped in from California from a partner in the food business. I just said, “Well I love them and they taste like MORE because more is all I wanted”. I couldn’t stop eating them.

You won’t find them any where else in the world that size!

Fall Off The Bone Ribs ( Texas Hot )

They where hot, flavorful, delicious, and addicting. I kept telling myself Trey, you little piggy stop eating them. Put them down and back away from the T-Rex tenders, Trey.

Then after I finally stopped and sat them down. I made the mistake of trying a dragon french fry. Yea I said: A Dragon Fry. If you’ve never had a dragon fry I’m telling you now… DO NOT START FOLKS.

After one bite you will be so addicted you will be looking for a How Do I Get Off Dragon Fries Meeting, instead of A.A. meetings, you will be attending Dragon Fry Meetings and how to stop them.

I’m in LOVE with everything they offer. Amazing creative flavor profiles served up with great service and some amazing Texas heat.

Get over to COOKSHACK and CHOW DOWN on some deliciousness.Tell’em Trey sent you!!!

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