Unique Texas-Size Shareable Dishes

Wow, what a year 2020 was for the restaurant and service industry, and not in a good way. Thank goodness it’s over and we can move on down the road.

If you follow me then you know I’m extremely passionate about food, drink, creative chefs, awesome service folks, and the restaurants and grub pubs that host us. Last July I started pondering on what I could do to help support local restaurants, chefs, and the service industry. Something that was different, exciting and fun!  I wanted to create something special that hadn’t been tried before. After tossing a few ideas around, the big light in the oven came on, and there it was, swirling around in my brain like berries in a blender. A fantastic and outrageous idea!

I created an outrageous, Texas-sized over-the-top menu full of unique, creative, colorful, delicious, and some massive dishes. These dishes would have to be Chef-driven, very large, creative, and delicious. A few are just simply unique but also delicious. True foodies and couples will love these dishes. They can be shared, used as food challenges, or just eaten because you love food. Whatever the reason, this menu sparks your foodie senses and will make you want to take a trip straight to Delicious-Ville. #Deliciousville

I got together with ten North Texas chefs to discuss my ideas, and some of those chefs even created new and special dishes just for the new Trey’s Chow Down Menu. I also located dishes that had already been created but would fit with the new menu. We have everything from breakfast to dinner;  Burgers, BBQ, Seafood, Steaks, and more!

I made trips all over North Texas and tried every single dish myself. I watched the dishes being created and then I chowed down like a pig at the trough. What I ended up with was some unbelievably amazing dishes that are not only delicious and creative, but they are memorable as well. Dishes you can’t and won’t forget!

When you see these dishes, they are visually R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S! Every single person will say something like, “OMG, WTH Is That!” Believe me – I know because that’s all I’ve heard for the last eight months while working on this new menu.

I’m asking each of you to please enjoy one or more of these dishes and reshare this article to help support local restaurants and chefs. I want you to have fun and enjoy these Texas-size eats and your trip straight to delicious-Ville. 

Time to saddle up and chow down my chowhounds!

K POP Burgers 

The Colony Texas

Chef Kevin Lee  

I’m going to tell you right now: if you don’t want to eat massive burgers, DO NOT go to K POP. Every burger they offer is a massive stack of meaty, savory deliciousness. Once you get one of these burgers you will be slinging sauce ear to ear. I tried the 3.5 Pound “Bang Tan Burger”, which was loaded with: Eight (1/2 Lbs) fresh Angus beef patties (x5), grilled pineapple (x2), grilled jalapenos, grilled spam patties (x2), American cheese (x6), pepper jack cheese (x4), and fresh house-prepared K3 Sauce that will have you licking your lips in a food coma.

Ol South Pancake House  

Fort Worth & Burleson

Chef Rex Benson

Breakfast Dish: “The Texas Chow Down” – Prepared with four eggs, two ham steaks, six slices of bacon, a 1/2 pound of golden brown hashbrowns, loads of American and Cheddar cheese All stacked between two texas shaped Belgium waffles. The breakfast Gods are smiling on this NEW special created breakfast dish!

Local Yocal BBQ  

McKinney, Texas

Chef Adam West aka Batman 

Anytime Burger: “The Hamilton” – It’s prepared with 1/3 lb. House-ground wagyu beef, house-smoked prime brisket, smoked jalapeño cheddar sausage, three slices of bacon, loads of cheddar cheese, farm-fresh grilled onions and jalapeños, with some creamy mayo. It weighs over one pound! Loaded with meaty deliciousness. You wouldn’t think all of those different proteins would work to combine the perfectly flavored massive burger, but IT DOES!

Jonathon’s Diner  

Oak Cliff,  Dallas

Chef Jonathon  

Brunch Dish: “Chicken Bang Bang” – Prepared with Chef Jon’s special Fresh Chicken Fried Chicken, then tossed and smothered in a house prepared Citrus-Ghost Pepper Glaze. Served atop a mound of house prepared Cheesy Grits with two Eggs and a simple fresh house Cilantro Slaw. Holy Brunchness Weighing over a pound this was unbelievable and I couldn’t even finish it. It was served HF&D #HotFreshandDelicious.


Rufus Bar & Grill  

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Billy Woodrich  

Anytime Burger: “Trey’s Big Burger” – prepared with three 1/4 patties, three slices of American cheese, four slices of bacon, loads of pulled pork, all stacked between 2 grilled buttery buns. Top with fresh onion rings and fresh pour-over Queso. Boom! That’s all you need… Over a pound of meaty, cheesy deliciousness.

Shell Shack Locations  

North Texas Area

Restauranture Dallas Hale  

All-day seafood: “THE HEAVYWEIGHT” – prepared with two lbs. of SNOW CRAB, two lbs of SHRIMP, one lb. Of KING CRAB, two fried FRIED CATFISH FILETS, eight FRIED SHRIMP, eight CORN, twelve POTATOES, twelve SAUSAGE,  fresh FRIES, and loads of HUSHPUPPIES. Wow, a seafood experience like no other! Seven pounds of smack you in the face seafood deliciousness. Feeds five to six PEOPLE and is market priced.

Knife Dallas Knife Plano  

Dallas Texas

Chef John Tesar  

Dry-Aged Steak: A 240 Day Dry-Aged 103 Niman Ranch Rib Eye. This steak is massive and loaded with deliciousness. I’ve eaten it and featured it on my Fox network TV special. You won’t find a better steak. The numbers break down: it’s thirty-two ounces, or two pounds, of meat heaven. If you love steak you need this in your life.

Jonathon’s Oak Cliff 

Oak Cliff, Dallas

Chef Jonathon  

Lunch Burger: “The Trey’ Double Down” – Two 1/2 pound burger patties, slices of succulent Bacon,  a mountain of mushrooms and grilled onions, loads of cheddar and Provolone cheese, slices of Avocado, and house-prepared Chipotle Mayo, all stacked between a fresh grilled Kaiser Bun. Served with Jonathon’s house custom French Fries. With this dish weighing over one pound you better pack those bags this was a trip straight to Burger delicious-Ville.


Jackie’s Eggs & Ham  

Lewisville Texas

Jackie’s Culinary Team  

Breakfast Dish: “One Pound Biscuit and Gravy” – Wow! Prepared with a one-pound house biscuit, house sausage gravy and served with butter and extra gravy. It is savory, creamy, lip-smacking, party-in-your-mouth delicious. You ever had a one-pound biscuit? They also have pancakes the size of your head!

Maple Leaf Diner  

Dallas Texas

Chef Mike 

Breakfast or Brunch Dish: ”Chicken, Bacon, and Waffles ” – Prepared with a freshly fried chicken breast and loads of crispy bacon, served on stacked house-prepared Belgium waffles, then topped with fresh strawberries and house prepared cream puffs. A Texas staple combined with a Canadian staple and BAM! Just downright ridiculous.

The Rim Craft Eat Drink 

Burleson Texas

Chef Keith Button Hicks  

Brunch Dish: “Texas Bloody Mary” – Chef Keith Button Hicks is slinging deliciousness with his one of a kind chef-driven bloody Mary that is loaded with southern eats. Prepared with two chicken wings, two bacon-wrapped shrimp, a house-prepared stuffed pretzel, asparagus, house prepared Chunk of Andouille Sausage, Various Peppers, vodka, farm-fresh celery, olives, and house-prepared mix. This has that culinary jingle you’re looking for in a brunch dish. Check it out and sling it back.

Panther City BBQ  

Fort Worth Texas

Pitmasters Chris and Ernie 

When you think of Texas BBQ, MEATY SUCCULENTNESS always comes to mind. Low and slow smoked meats that are prepared with passion. Chris and Ernie have come up with an outrageous sandwich that has all the Texas BBQ you need. The “South Side Slammer” – prepared with house-smoked bologna, thick house-smoked brisket, tangy pulled pork, and stuffed jalapeno peppers. This sandwich embodies the word “EXCESSIVE “, and I love that word. The more meat the better!


Mary’s Cafe 

Strawn Texas

Owner Chef Mary  

Boys and Girls, ladies and gentlemen, now hear this: If you love big, thick, flavor-loaded homemade chicken fried steaks with mashed tators then head to Mary’s in Strawn, Texas. You won’t find a better, bigger, gravy-loaded chicken fried steak than at Mary’s. I swear this steak and tators with gravy must weigh over 2 pounds! It’s prepared fresh when you order it and served HF&D #HotFreshandDelicious. Make the drive and arrive at deliciousness! I KNOW YOU CAN ‘T FINISH IT. I DARE YOU! I choose to use the ( Texas Country Report Video because it was so GOOD!)

Round Rock Donuts  

Round Rock Texas

Donut Culinary Team  

I left early one morning around 4:30 am to make the drive to Round Rock, Texas for some sweet, savory, flavor-loaded, and the biggest donuts in Texas. One donut is the size of a dozen. Yeah, that’s what I said. Twelve donuts in one! Now that is Texas-size. You can get them glazed, or chocolate frosting or you can get 1/2 and 1/2. This donut is just STUPID BIG and Stupid Delicious. Make the drive and have some fun – you will enjoy it. I loved it!

Fat Burger  

North Richland Hills Texas

Burger Makers  

Woo-Hoo BURGER TOWN here we come! I tried the “Triple XXXL Triple King Burger” – it weighs 1.5 pounds and is 2000 calories. It’s prepared with three 1/2 pound patties, three slices of cheese, and fixings all stacked on a fresh, tasty bun. I added extra cheese and bacon to construct a monster burger. If you can finish this monster burger you can go on their wall of fame. It is flavorful, delicious, and will send you to Burger Town. GET YOU SOME.

Juan’s Burrito Express  

Fort Worth Texas

Chef Juan  

Let’s talk burrito perfection. Who wants a TWELVE INCH breakfast or lunch burrito? That’s what I said: a foot-long, one-pound Burrito. Chef Juan is slinging fresh and delicious burritos that are prepared fresh to order. I ordered a twelve-inch burrito which was prepared with fresh barbacoa with all the fixings and hand prepared tortillas. It was absolute burrito perfection – be sure and grab some hot sauce too.

Terry Black’s BBQ  

Dallas Deep Ellum Texas

Working Pitmasters  

The NEW Terry Black’s BBQ in Deep Ellum has an amazing dining room, an incredible outdoor patio, and a second upstairs outdoor patio dining area. They offer fresh prepared Texas BBQ that is delicious. The BIG T-REX looking BEEF Rib is what I want to talk about. Over 1.5 pounds of Texas BBQ MEATY SUCCULENTNESS. If you love Texas BBQ YOU CAN’T go wrong with this Beef Rib. You will have a flavor rodeo in your mouth and a smile on your face when you finish this dish. Just #StupidDelicious.


Sammies Bar-B-Q 

Fort Worth, Texas

Restaurateur Sammie & Sammie Jr. 

Pork Chop Craziness lives at Sammies on Belknap in Fort Worth. They call it Pork Chop Fridays. I just call it a massive pork chop coma, because after you eat this deliciousness it’s nap time, baby – lights out! They start with a 1.5 to 2-pound pork chop, season it, and low smoke it to pork chop perfection. It’s succulent, meaty, deliciousness that is bursting with flavor and I know this because I couldn’t stop shoving it in my mouth. Check it out at Sammies and don’t forget the house prepared Sammie’s sauce!


Jake’s Burgers  

Dallas / Fort Worth Texas

Culinary Burger Team  

Jake’s is a locally owned Hamburger joint that has multiple locations in the DFW metroplex. They have a massive burger they offer for their big burger challenge called the El LOCO OCHA BURGER, which is eight Patties, eight Slices of Cheese, eight Slices of Bacon, fried Jalapeno peppers, and vegetables. This BURGER was R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S and it is SPICY! if you’re looking for a REAL BURGER challenge head over to Jake’s Burger and check out the El Loco! I bet you can’t finish it!

Blackship Little Katana 

Dallas Texas Omni Hotel

Restaurants on Lamar

Sushi Culinary Team  

Although it is temporarily closed due to CoV-19, I wanted to still highlight this dish because they will reopen soon. The Black Ship Little Katana Fresh Sushi Boat. The boat is filled with various sushi options of your choice, and it has plenty of choices. My best judgment is it weighed over two pounds when I picked it up. Everything in the sushi boat was so tasty and fresh. We really enjoyed each piece of sushi offered in the boat; it was massive and two of us couldn’t finish it. A seaside boat of sushi deliciousness!

Loaf’n Dog  

Cleburne, Texas

Culinary Hot Dog Team   

All-day dogs and sides: “BIG BAD 2 FOOT POPPY DOG” – prepared with one lb. of hot dog fixings, soft tasty buns, loads of cheese, sport peppers, two 12” Vienna Beef Franks and comes with chips and a drink. This dog is not only delicious it’s fun to eat and always prepared fresh to order. It can feed one to three people.

Zalat Pizza

DFW Metroplex Locations

Pizza Zealots  

Reaper Roulette Pizza Challenge: Order any LARGE pizza and you’re ready to take Zalat’s spicy pizza challenge? Zalat has sourced some of the hottest sauces to put this insane challenge together. They’re talking Scoville units eons beyond sriracha, even hotter than that last Tinder swipe, you get the picture. Here is how it works?
1. Order any pizza for delivery or pick-up on their website, our app or a 3rd party delivery app.
2. Add on “Reaper Roulette” to the pizza for only $2.50
3. We add a few drops of hot sauce to only ONE secret slice.
4. You and your shelter-in-place roomies or family can get to play a little game of pizza roulette to see who picks the slice.
It’s one of the BEST foodie games worth playing. We played LIVE on our T.V. show and it was fun. I DARE YOU!


DFW Metroplex Locations

Biscuit Bar Culinary Team 

Anytime Biscuit: A Texas size biscuit that goes by the name of “The Rough Night.” This thang is crazy it’s prepared with all the goods. A big fresh southern fried chicken breast, a juicy burger patty, slice of ham, slice of smoked turkey, some pulled pork, few slices of crispy bacon, tater tots, plenty of cheddar cheese, and house-made sausage gravy to pour over the top. It’s crazy biscuit that will send you to the flavor rodeo. I dare you!

Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya

Fort Worth, Dallas & Denton, Texas

Chef Ito Takao Culinary Team

Unique isn’t the world for this dish from Chef Ito Takao. I love this place and have been chowing down here since they opened. They offer ramen & other traditional Japanese dishes on the menu at this modern izakaya-style restaurant. They prepare everything from scratch only using farm fresh Ingredients and vegetables. The GODZILLA challenge is RIDICULOUS extremely spicy. I dare you to try this challenge! Just watch the video from Chef Ito Takao Hanabi.


Downtown Grapevine, Texas

Pitmaster Trey and Pitmaster Team

Pitmaster Trey and his Vaqueros Texas Bar-B-Q team or slinging the unique “BBQ BIRRA TACOS.” These tacos are stuffed with their house smoked succulent bbq beef and loaded with flavor. Served with their famous ” Beef Concome’ Sauce ” which takes hours to create They are truly “Stupid Delicious! ” I like to call them JUICY TACOS because when you dip them in the beef sauce they become extremely juicy. Located at Hop and Sting Brewery in Grapevine Texas you can also enjoy some flavorful and unique craft beers with your tacos.


As you can see folks, these dishes are absolutely some of the most UNIQUE and BIGGEST dishes you will find in North Texas. Nearly every restaurant needs support right now and I’m asking each of you to get in your vehicle, on your horse, on a bus, on a bike, or whatever it takes to try some of these delicious dishes.

Be sure and post some photos and tag us @Trey’s Chow Down and Hashtag us @ #TreysBigChowDownDishes for a chance to win cash prizes and food. To win you must Hashtag us in a photo – we will have several drawings. 


Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

BBQ, Whiskey, and Sweets OH My!

Tasty Craft Cocktails!

I got invited to a V.I.P. barbecue and whiskey dinner last Thursday night at Barrel and Bones in Fort Worth, just off of West 7th Street.

When I answered the phone, all I heard was two words; Bar-be-que and Whis-key!

You never have to ask me twice when there is beef and whiskey involved. Especially when it’s craft Texas whiskeys and cocktails served up with big phat slabs of beef, smoked turkey, smoked wings, fried deviled eggs, and fried poblano corn Fritters. Yea I bet I have your attention now, don’t I?

So there I was sitting in Barrel and Bones in Fort Worth salivating over smoked meats, tasty whiskey, and fried deliciousness.

The aromas coming from the kitchen were almost too much for this cowboy to handle. I was ready to pounce on some deliciousness and start slinging back some whiskey.

The barbecue and kitchen team at Barrel and Bones has done a great job at creating some amazing flavor profiles for all to enjoy.

Nashville Chicken in Texas, Say Whaaat?

When you think of Nashville hot chicken, all kinds of delicious thoughts come to find. Just think of crispy fried hot chicken dripping with delicious savory flavors that make you foodie senses run wild.

Choose YOUR Heat ( Texas Hot )

Nashville hot chicken has skyrocketed in popularity in the last two decades. I use the term “skyrocketed”, but really I think it’s been more like a supersonic ride.

If you don’t know what Nashville hot chicken consists of, then you must be a vegan or vegetarian, because these days it’s everywhere!

The origins of Nashville hot chicken are simple; it was created in the south Nashville back around 1930. In the 1970s, the new addition was created by using a different array of peppers and served with slices of white bread.

If you research the definition it’s a pretty basic explanation;

“Hot chicken, or Nashville hot chicken, is a type of fried chicken that is a local specialty of Nashville, Tennessee, in its typical preparation, it is a portion of breast, thigh, or wing that has been marinated in a water-based blend of seasoning, floured, fried, and finally sauced using a paste that has been spiced with cayenne pepper. It is served atop slices of white bread with pickle chips. It is both the application of a spicy paste and the presentation that differentiates it from similar dishes, such as Buffalo wings. It can be viewed in similar context to other foods that have been tweaked to be unique in a regional way, such as the slugburger or the Mississippi Delta tamale.”

Bacon Dishes that Make Me Bacon Crazy!

Saturday, August 31, is International Bacon Day 2019.

Everyone dreams about bacon!

Trey’s Chow Down LIVE on Fox 4 Good Day.

When Trey’s Chow Down saw there was an International Bacon Day and it was a real thing my mouth started salivating and all I could think about was how delicious bacon truly is.

Have you ever eaten a bad piece of bacon? I think not! No matter how it’s cooked, (soft, crispy, medium, or rock hard) bacon is always perfectly delightful.

Ever since 1500 B.C. folks have been eating and enjoying bacon. That’s a long time ago, but it just goes to show you how much everyone loves bacon.

Bacon’s history dates back thousands of years to 1500 B.C. The Chinese were curing pork bellies with salt. Basically, they were creating an early form of what we know today as bacon.

I’m shocked about how long ago bacon was being eaten and was created. I wonder how the first bacon fry went down. Here piggy piggy! Come here piggy piggy! Come over here let’s see if we can fry some of your body parts up? Seems legit to me lol!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I bet they could smell bacon frying a mile away and come strolling by to see what that delicious aroma was. I’m sure smelling that bacon for the first time set their foodie senses into overdrive. Well, of course, they didn’t call it bacon at that time but we will play along as if they did.

The first bacon fry must have not only been a mess, but also an exploration to try and figure out how to eat these creatures we call pigs. You know it smelled delicious and they were like, “YES that smells soooooo good”!

Today we have all kinds of various bacon flavors, thickness, bacon dishes, and bacon farmers who create some of the world’s best bacon right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

When I spoke with the Fox producers about Bacon Day, it was clear that everyone loved bacon and we need to locate some of the best bacon dishes in the DFW area.

I sought out to locate some of the best bacon dishes for all my fellow food lovers to enjoy and boy… Did I find some great dishes to eat. If you love bacon you will love this article and my choices.

B&B Butchers

( The Cover Photo)

Fort Worth & Houston, Texas

Knife Steakhouse Bacon Sampler

B&B has this amazing bacon dish named after Chef Tommy. Let me tell you, “Chef Tommy’s Bacon Dish” is loaded with flavors. When I read about this dish, I had to visit B&B so I could Chow Down and enjoy it for myself. It’s prepared with fresh blue cheese, truffle infused honey, and thick house bacon. This dish meets all the requirements for an award winning dish. The taste has an amazing flavor profile, tenderness, cooked perfectly, great texture, and fantastic eye appeal. One of the best bacon dishes anywhere, period! You need to try this dish, and it’s only 20 bucks.

Knife Steakhouse

Dallas & Plano, Texas

Chef John Tesar always has his creative side in forward motion. I haven’t had one dish, or food item, from John that’s not totally amazing. He’s crazy about using fresh ingredients, having perfect execution, pallet busting flavor profiles, fantastic restaurant atmospheres, and amazing customer service. The Knife bacon appetizer, simply put, is deliciousness with every single bite. The succulent variety of bacon is so flavorful you will order an extra one. I know it because we did it. The dish is simplistic. A tasting of five varieties of bacon and it’s served on a beautiful wood cutting board. It is truly life-changing and you need this dish in your life.

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen

McKinney, Texas

Del Frisco’s Bacon Dish

Oh, I love me some Sugarbacon! You’re probably saying to yourself, what the heck is Sugarbacon? Well, it’s two things really; A fantastic restaurant and a delicious lip-smacking bacon dish. The team over at Sugarbacon in McKinney have come up with a flavor-packed bacon dish that will send your taste buds to the flavor town. It’s truly an opportunity to try something new and exciting. The “Sugarbacon Appetizer” is prepared with house-smoked pork belly, ancho chili bbq sauce, B and B pickles, and served on thick bacon square bites. I’m telling you right now it has a fantastic flavor profile and is downright delicious. Folks, it is absolutely worth a trip to Chow Down and see what Sugarbacon is all about.

Cowtown Brewing Company

Fort Worth, Texas

I drove by this place at least 25 times before I stopped into Chow Down. I had heard all about their flavor-packed barbecue treats, but I kept waiting to see some photos and reviews before I made the journey because I’ve been extremely busy. That was a mistake!  We stopped in and had a variety of delicious BBQ treats but what really caught my eye was the “Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños.” I eat these all the time but Cowtown’s were different. They were wrapped tightly and the bacon was glazed just enough. Damn, they were delicious so flavorful that I ate 5 out of the 6 and we ordered some more for the whole table. They really were amazing. When you get a chance, head over to Cowtown for little bacon throw down. Tell’em Trey sent you!

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Locations All Over U.S.A.

I have to confess something to each of you. I’ve had dreams about the bacon dish at Del’s. Oh man, there’s nothing like naughty bacon dreams folks. It’s the THICK-CUT NUESKE’S BACON AU POIVR served with a Bourbon Molasses Glaze and a side of deliciousness. Oh, the food gods are shining down on Del Frisco’s for this bacon dish! By all means, this is so good it should be illegal. The succulent bacon flavor just rolls across your tongue and sends your taste buds into full mode overload. Don’t be surprised if you have to wipe your chin after each juicy bite. A true trend sitter and it’s only 16 bucks, ladies and gentlemen.

Logan’s Roadhouse

Multiple Texas Locations

I know you’re thinking… What did he just say? Logan’s Roadhouse? Am I reading this correct? Yes, you are! This is all about bacon and Logan’s Roadhouse locations has some great bacon. They have a little appetizer that goes by the name “Bacon On A Stick” and it’s in a bucket too. I’ve had this twice and both times the bacon was perfectly cooked, loaded with flavor, and easy to eat right off the stick. This is a great little bacon treat you will love. It’s prepared from 12-hour smoked bacon seasoned and grilled in a brown sugar glaze with a kick of spice. Served with crispy fried onions and your choice of original BBQ or Bourbon BBQ. Just damn delicious if you ask me. Your taste buds with take a trip to the “bacon flavor rodeo” and it’s only 10 bucks. Check it out!

Shady Oak BBQ & Grill

North Fort Worth, Texas

My favorite Bacon “TENDER BELLY”

I took a trip over the Shady Oak to try some barbecue. As I sat down and was reviewing the menu when the server said, “Hey, do you want to try some of our bacon burnt ends“? My head snapped up and said, “Do tell? Why yes I will”! Those bacon burnt ends were saucy and mouth-watering delicious. The flavor really pops in your mouth as they roll across your tongue. This is a dish you must try and price right too!

There are a lot more bacon dishes I have tried, but these are truly some of the best you will find in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. All of these truly stand on their own with fantastic flavor profiles that will leave you wanting more. As a chef once told me, “Trey, if I can leave you wanting more then I’ve done my job. I know you will come back and dine with us again”.

Please visit these local restaurants because eating and buying local is extremely important to our chefs and restaurants.

If you LOVE cooking bacon at home then I would try my favorite Tender Belly Bacon. You can locate Tender Belly at https://www.tenderbelly.com

Don’t forget to listen or watch our worldwide podcast Trey’s Chow Down Live every Friday on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Dash Radio or tune and watch us LIVE.

Remember, I’m passionate about bringing each of you the very food and drink experiences I can find.

Much love,

Trey Chapman Follow me for deliciousness and fun