55 BEST Eateries & Eats in DFW 2019

Trey on ABC 8 DAYBREAK w/Kara Swell. Trey’s Chow Down Best Burgers DFW ON Victory Plaza Party.

I’m proud to write about the very BEST PLACES and DISHES I’ve eaten in the last twelve months and I’ve enjoyed my research time. I am passionate about what we do at Trey’s Chow Down and bringing the very best to you!  The named restaurants and chefs I have listed continually change the culinary landscape in DFW area. 

Food is an event itself and the chefs who prepare it are now celebrities themselves. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you’re talking about, whether it be a $1 dollar taco or a $250 steak dinner, it’s all taken the center stage in the last decade.

Any and all food can be prepared with a creative and colorful flair that’s packed with delicious flavors. Chefs have no boundaries in what they can create and deliver to anyone’s table. It can be at a food festival, a food truck, a taco shack, standing by a smoker in the middle of now where, in a restaurant with a white table cloth, or a food hall, it just doesn’t matter!

Great food creates bonds from friendships to business partnerships. We are being brought together over great meals more than ever. It is true, nothing brings us closer than a good meal. We have more fun, relax, and socialize when you have some food and drinks. It’s just a proven fact!

If you look back over the course of history, there are many photos of folks enjoying meals with big parties. Have you heard of the little thing called the Last Supper? I’m sure you’ve seen that photo. Also, kings and queens had big tables with extravagant parties for dinners. In the late 1800s to the early 1970s families would all sit down and eat dinner, breakfast and sometimes lunch.

Trey On Fox 4 Good Day Best BBQ Episode for the DFW area.

Why would they do this? It was a way to form a place for communication. An event where you could discuss your day, work, family, and any issues one might have. Somehow for three or four decades we lost that. Food became a necessity. We just ate in most cases to stay alive and keep moving so we could make more of the oh mighty dollar. I guess one might say for a lack of a better term it was GREED that halted the family and friendly food gatherings. We just didn’t have time.

Not any more! It’s back in our life’s and society has said, “Bring it on, let’s eat! We LOVE a great dining experience with family and friends it’s all about the food and drink NOW!”

There’s been a progression in competition in the food and chef wars, and I’m in happy about it. I’m in love with food and always have been. I love all that food offers us from and friendships and bonds it creates. I’m passionate about the chefs that create it and the restaurants that house it. This is why I wanted to give my fellow foodies my award-winning restaurant picks for 2019.

I spent all of 2018 chowing down, visiting with chefs, and locating some of the best food creations you will ever eat. I’ve eaten at some amazing places and I’ve listed them all.

These are my top places to CHOW DOWN for great experiences with some incredibly creative and delicious foods. From trailers to restaurants, nothing is off limits when it comes to eating deliciousness. Let’s sit back,  relax, and enjoy some incredible eats and eateries.

I’ve hosted a few of these restaurants and dishes on Fox Television Fox 4 GOOD DAY and ABC Channel 8 DAYBREAK. Please click on the restaurant or chefs name for more information or videos. 

#1 Knife

Dallas / Plano, Texas

Chef John Tesar video

Knife Dallas/Plano ?: @matthews_meals

Knife is much more than a steakhouse because John Tesar is incredibly passionate about his customer’s experiences. It’s a place where you can dine, drink, and socialize. Its a guarantee you’ll be having a fantastic time with friends and family here. It’s not stuffy but it is a classy place with a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere. Knife has some of the best flavor profiles in Texas. The steaks are award winning 44 Farms cuts of beef. You can get amazing dry aged beef from Chef John’s cooler. The choices are endless! John desserts, simply put, are just ridiculously delicious. I’m also in love with his Blue Cheese Wedge salad.  The lettuce was chilled to the perfect temperature and the dressing was so good I wanted to drink it. Knife is an all-time favorite for me and I’ve chowed down all over the world. They offer brunch at the new Plano location too. #FlavorRodeo

#2 Clay Pigeon Food and Drink

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Marcus Paslay video

Chef Bri Downey

Clay Pigeon could possibly be one of those places where you could eat and drink every night. Chef Marcus is passionate about his restaurants and everything that is created in his kitchens. They change the menu four to six times a year and they only use farm fresh vegetables and ingredients sourced locally where available. I’ve loved everything at Clay Pigeon. At most occasions, I have even licked my plate clean. They change the menu so much I’m not going to list any particular dish. I’ll just let you know, everything I’ve had has been riddled with flavor and is so delicious you can’t stop eating until it’s gone. #FlavorCentral

#3 Grace Restaurant & Bar

Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Blaine Staniford video

Grace has been on my radar and in my food directory since the first time I dined there. Chef Blaine changes his menu seasonally and always has some of the most creative dishes in Texas. His creativity has no bounds and his flavor profiles are always on point. Since the menu changes regularly I’m not going to give you any one dish, I just want you to dine at Grace and try anything. I do love Blaine’s Steaks and unique creations like his one-of-kind escargot dish. The snails for this dish are only fed fresh basil. They also have a seven-course tasting dinner option that is truly amazing!  If you’re looking for an incredible dining experience prepared by one of the most creative chefs in Texas then head over to Grace and try the Seven Course Tasting Dinner. #WorthIt

#4 Petra and the Beast

Dallas, Texas

Chef Misti Norris

I’ve eaten Chef Misiti’s dishes and they’re incredibly colorful, creative, and just beautiful to the eyes. Misiti is so passionate about her cooking, being a chef and most of all taking her creativity to the next level. She’s always trying to stay one step ahead of everyone in the culinary world by consistently creating new flavorful creations that amaze food lovers and chefs. Petra and The Beast is a must visit for any food lover in Texas. I can promise you, it’s worth the drive and trip from anywhere in Texas to dine with Chef Misiti and enjoy her culinary delights. Check her website for hours of operations and menu details.

#5 Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen

Downtown McKinney, Texas

Sugarbacon Rib Video 

Asian Mint Dallas Locations

Located in an old historic building in downtown McKinney, Texas, Sugarbacon has some amazing and creative items that are worth the drive from anywhere in the DFW area. I’ve tried five different items in 2018 and this place has never let me down. I love the pork belly dish. The desserts are stupid delicious too! After research and discussions, we discovered everything is farm fresh and sourced locally when possible from the McKinney-Dallas area. They offer  “Tender Belly Farms ” Pork, “ Morgan Ranch” Beef, and “ Lewellen Farms” greens. Seriously, it is local and farms fresh vegetables and ingredients ONLY. What more do you need? #Worthit

#6 Asian Mint

Dallas, Texas

Chef Nikki Phinyawatana

The flavor profiles and creativeness that chef Nikki is slinging from her kitchens is just ridiculous! It’s billed as Asian Fushion but all I can say is it’s like you own little “Flavor Land” with every single bite you take. Everything I eat is just riddled with goodness that will make your head snap back in disbelief. It will leave you saying, “I just can’t get enough”. Just last week I tried something as simplistic as “bacon fried rice” and I went back three more times. I couldn’t stop eating it! If you haven’t tried the MINT then I would suggest you do, and soon! #Delish

#7 BBQ On The Brazos

Cresson, Texas

Chef/Pit Master John Sanford

This place is a cozy little Texas hang out. The menu is loaded with items that will send your taste buds to the flavor rodeo. I don’t care what you eat, whether it be the brisket with thick delicious bark, chili, the gobble gobble sandwich, it’s all just packed with deliciousness. Everything is cooked, smoked, or prepared by the creative BBQ team at BBQ on the Brazos. No wonder they made the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints on Texas! #SmokyGoodnessAlways

#8 Buttons Restaurant 

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Keith Button Hicks video 

My man and soul food legend Chef Keith Button Hicks… When I think about soul food of any type, Chef Hicks is always the first to pop in my head. I’ve known him for over a decade now and everything his kitchen is slinging is purely delicious. I will tell you, Chef Hicks has a “Chicken and Waffle” dish that is truly amazing. Anyone who eats this dish will fall victim to Chef Keith’s cooking spell. There are rumors that folks start babbling all kinds of soul food phrases after they eat his chicken and waffles like, “That was the best I’ve ever had”, “Man, that cat can really cook”, “That food was groovy baby”, “I found my soul food happy place with Chef Hicks”! Buttons’ Famous Chicken & Waffles is prepared with special seasoned fried chicken and a homemade Belgium waffle with blueberry infused butter. Served with sweet potato pommel frites and their signature collard greens. Oh man, you need this in your life (and it’s only 15 bucks). Get to Buttons and enjoy the comfort soul food. Life is groovy, baby.

#9 Little Red Wasp

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Blaine Saniford  Video

J2 Steakhouse Lunch Sandwich Deliciousness.

The Wasp, as locals call it, has something for everyone. It’s the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Blaine Saniford of GRACE who has created a little world full of magic bites for everyone. The service is incredible, the staff is friendly, and the drinks are strong. I love so many items from this place I’m just going to list a few. The Rebun and Chicken sandwiches, the amazing fresh Chili Dog, the Cheddar Cheese Fried Chicken Biscuit, and of course the pot stickers. Jet head over to Wasp and enjoy some delicious creations from Chef Blaines culinary team! #TasteLikeMore

#10 J2 Steakhouse

Lewisville, Texas

Chef Jonathan Pauley

J2 Steakhouse has one of the most amazing atmospheres to me. It was built and created in an 1880 grist mill. They used the old equipment, furnishings, and antique items found in the construction and restoration project inside and outside the restaurant. I can’t begin to explain the creativeness and atmosphere J2 has except to say it’s wonderful. Chef Pauley has done an amazing job with his menu items. They have dry age cooler, a pasta room, dessert room, and a cold preparation room. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating one of his delicious pattie melts, a dry aged steak, or house prepared Mac-N-Cheese because everything is stupid delicious, period! Make the drive to J2 in Lewisville. #WorthTheDrive

#11 Billy Can Can

Victory Park Lane in Dallas, Texas

Billed as a vibrant saloon extraordinaire!  Billy’s Tale as stated by the restaurant: “Being that he was confident and enigmatic, Billy Can Can is an artful sensationalist a brooding bon vivant. Host, master of ceremonies, guru and social conductor, he keeps his distance from the action, while slyly orchestrating every happening”. The place simply put is freaking awesome! it’s everything they claim it to be and more. The staff is lively and the atmosphere is upbeat and wide open. It’s a saloon, it’s a restaurant, it’s a bar with creative cocktails, and a fun palace with creative delicious chow and creative drinks. I’ve tried several dishes but the best ones “SMOKED FISH DIP” and the “HOT FRIED QUAIL” both are packed with flavor and the presentation is awesome. If you want to have a great time at fun place head over to Billy Can Can because you CAN CAN! #SensationallyDeliciouness

#12 Fred’s Texas Cafe’s

3 locations in Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Terry Chandler

Fred’s and Chef Terry Chandler a.k.a. the Original Outlaw Chef has been slinging deliciousness for THREE decades now and is still going strong. Terry’s menu items keep things fresh and new. He has some of the best comfort food you will ever eat. If you love live music, Fred’s has that covered too. They have a “Chicken Fried Steak – Queso” that is amazing. They have so many dishes I love at Fred’s, but the chili, hamburgers, and fried pickles are superb. If you’re looking for some comfort food, great music, and cold ass beer then head to Fred’s.

#13 Michaels Cuisine

Upper West 7th in Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Michael S. Thomson Video

Michael’s Cuisine has been around for so long that I consider it to be a Fort Worth staple. Chef M.T. aka Michael Thomson works hard to keep his menu offering different dishes depending on the season, and he gives back to the community in so many ways. This cozy restaurant is located on upper West 7th. It has fireplaces, Texas décor, and an old-school Fort Worth feel. I truly love everything Chef M.T. creates and slings out the kitchen. I especially adore his appetizer “Texas Quail Pops”, and for my favorite cut of meat… It would have to be the “Cowboy rib eye” because it is so delicious, tender and juicy. I always want to order an extra to take home with me! When you have time to check out Michael’s, tell’em Trey sent you! See video here: Chef M.T. Quail Pops 

#14 The Biscuit Bar

The Granite Boardwalk

The Biscuit Bar Plano/Dallas Loaded Tots

Hwy 121 Plano, Texas

Yep, you read that correctly. A Biscuit Bar! I waited six months for this place to open last year and it was worth the wait. Nestled right off Hwy 121 in Plano, on a little man-made lake and a Board Walk, complete with water fountains and birds chirping. Boy, the atmosphere is perfect. Everything is prepared in-house from fresh ingredients to create big bold flavors of deliciousness. The El Jefe, The Fancy Chicken, and The Monte Cristo, all taste amazing. I’m in love with the fresh “Fully Loaded Tator Tots”. Just DAMN Delicious! They say everything tastes better on a biscuit and I completely agree. Check out The Biscuit Bar! #Yummy

#15 Cattleack BBQ

Dallas, Texas

Pit Master Todd David

Only open on Thursday, Friday, and every third Saturday! Cattle BBQ is a must visit! They have some of the best BBQ you will ever put in your mouth. Listed in the “Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas”,  you will be hard pressed to find a more fun place to eat BBQ. Standing in line is just part of it and it’s a real experience that you won’t forget. Chef Todd has a whole hog class you must attend and you have to try the burnt ends and big fat succulent beef ribs. The bark is amazing on those ribs! #BBQGreatness!

#16 Taco Heads

Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas

Chef/Owner Sara

Taco Heads… all I can say is YES, YES, YES! I never get tired of tacos and I love Taco Heads and everything they offer. It doesn’t matter if you dine at their locations, eat out of their food truck, or grab a taco at a DFW event, they’re always delicious and fresh. They proudly prepare each dish with farm fresh ingredients to achieve flavor profiles that will keep you coming back time and time again. Taco Heads: IT AINT YOUR MAMA’S TACOS! #TacoHeadsDeliciousness

#17 Abacus Restaurant

Dallas, Texas

Chef Chris Patrick video 

Creative deliciousness at it’s finest is on display at Abacus in Dallas. You can have an ordinary dining experience anywhere, just not at Abacus. For eighteen years they’ve been slinging deliciousness in Dallas and it hasn’t stopped yet. Chef Patrick and his team create delicious flavor profiles that will make your pallet dance with joy. They only use the freshest and finest ingredients sourced locally to create bold flavors that will leave you wanting more with each bite. There’s a reason they have kept a 5-star status for eighteen years. One thing I must tell you is the cooking class is incredible. The “Dirty Dozen Cooking School” at Abacus is a must-attend event for everyone and I consider it one of the best events in Dallas! I suggest you make plans to chow down at Abacus for lunch, dinner, or the cooking school TODAY! #AbacusIsTheBomb

#18 The “NEW” Joe Riscky’s BBQ

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef/Pit Master Joe Riscky’s

Chef and Pit Master Joe Riscky and his family have been slinging BBQ in Texas for decades. Joe’s new place is located at Wild Acre Brewery in Fort Worth on El Paso Street. Joe truly has some of the BEST BBQ and sides you will find in Texas or any place else for that matter. I love his Pork, his Pitmaster-Mac-N-Cheese, and his delicious flavor packed brisket. I’m a BARK man and the bark on Joe’s Brisket is truly amazing. The only way to actually describe the flavor profile is to tell you it’s like a slice of heaven in your mouth! That bark is the things naughty dreams are made of! #DeliciousCraftBBQ

#19 Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro

Preston Hollow

Dallas, Texas

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen Meat Ball.

I discovered Matchbox by accident driving by (which is always the best way to discover the unknown). So off we went! I must say we were impressed and really enjoyed the atmosphere, service, staff, and creative menu items. They have a big open space with glass doors that open out to bring the inside outside. I truly love it. I could smell deliciousness when we walked in and sat down. We chowed down on “Pepperoni 3-cheese fritters, ” and the Texas-sized ginormous meatball served in a seasoned cast iron skillet. Those fritters were so cheesy, I was pulling them apart like I was stretching a rubber band, super delish. All I can say is MATCHBOX is the bomb! #MatchboxIsTheBomb

#20 Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen & Bar

Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas

Meat Ball Video

Doc B’s has fresh, open spaces, with great patios, awesome service, and great chow. I love the colorful wide open spaces and bold flavor combinations on the menu. The “BIG Meat Ball” is my favorite and is served in a cast iron skillet. What an amazing presentation and awesome flavor profile. It’s knee slapping delish! The Meat Ball and Doc B’s Hamburger is a must try if you love food and friendly places.

#21 Cardona Foods

Old North Side of Fort Worth, Texas

Cardona Family

I love authentic Old School Mexican food and brother let me tell ya, Cardona’s is the place. Located in the front of a tortilla factor, it will have you scratching your head when you drive by or pull-up. You’re not sure at first if it’s a factor or a restaurant but when you step out and smell the amazing aromas in the air your foodie senses will hit overdrive. When you walk in the front door and are greeted with a “Hello!”, you will feel at home. The fresh Chips, Salsa, and tortillas will be waiting for you when you sit down to chow down. Anything is fantastic to eat but I love the F.A.A. platter check them out and tell’em Big Trey sent you over.

#22 Tillman’s Road House

Bishops Arts District in Dallas, Texas

Chef Jeffrey Kollinger

Tillman’s has a cozy little atmosphere that will make you feel right at home when you walk in the door. They have two dishes I love. One is an amazing dish called the “Goat Fried Cheese Tater Tots”. They are crispy, cheesy, and packed with deliciousness. These tater tots will make your tongue slap your brains out telling you it wants more, so damn good! The “Dr. Pepper Chicken” is also incredibly flavorful and is one of my favorite chickens in the DFW area. #GoatTatorTotDeliciousness

#23 Brick House Burgers

Skillman Dallas, Texas

Brick House Burger Video

Horseshoe Hill Chicken Fried Steak.

I’m going to tell you this honestly, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this new little burger joint in Dallas. We drove 50 minutes to try the burgers, sides, onion rings, and their amazing shakes. They make all of their sauces fresh in-house daily. The ranch dressing was so good we requested four to take home with us. The burgers were packed with flavor. The fries were hand cut fresh, and the onion rings were just stupid delicious! I’m a big burger and onion ring guy if you can’t tell already. I was so impressed with the texture and the breading, so we ordered two. The don’t crumble when you bite them and the flavor is TEXAS size. The shakes are made with real candy and flavors and are very colorful. This place is truly a hidden little gem and they are passionate about serving the customer something special. Brickhouse has some STUPID DELICIOUS chow, period! #StupidDelicious

#24 Horseshoe Hill

Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas

Chef Grady Spears

Horseshoe Hill is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Grady Spears and has a lot of fantastic flavorful dishes. He’s famous for his cowboy cooking and comfort food that is riddled with flavor. I love his house prepared “Texas-sized Onion Rings” with his dipping sauce. Yes,  dipping sauce for onion rings! His chicken fried steak is one the best in the USA and he has plenty of them to chose from. I love the “The Cowboy Way” and “The Vaquero Way” chicken fried steaks they are so delicious you will have a flavor-gasum, I can guarantee that! #Flavorgasum

#25 The Latin Pig

Colony, Texas off Hwy 121

The Latin Pig has a fantastic colorful Latin vibe and I LOVE it! I’ve always loved other cultures and Latin culture especially. The Latin Pig menu has a treasure chest of delicious creative cuisines. When you walk in the front door you will be transported to Latin-ville. The colors, the music, and the cozy and friendly vibrant atmosphere will grab you!  My favorite sandwich is the “ROPA VIEJA”, made with tender shredded Latin-flavored brisket. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! #SucculentBlitz

#26 Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya

Fort Worth, Carrollton, and Denton, Texas

Chef Ito Takao

Oh yes, take me to HANABI TODAY! There are several key elements that make the perfect ramen dish. First is a quality noodle and the second is the ramen flavors. I’ve never tasted a better ramen dish than the ramen from Chef Ito Takao at Hanabi. I’ve eaten ramen all over the USA from California to Florida and Hanabi takes the prize every time for this foodie cowboy. They prepare the ramen favors with only farm fresh ingredients and use farm fresh vegetables for the dishes. You can try any flavor of ramen you wish. No matter which one you taste you will notice the dynamic contrast between Hanabi and the other ramen dishes you’ve tried. You will say, “GIVE ME SOME MORE”, with every bite! #MOREPLEASE

#27 Los Asaderos

Main Street Northside

Fort Worth, Texas

Mancuso’s Old School Italian.

Old School deliciousness! Just look for the BIG painted orange wall on the building located on North Main Street in Fort Worth. I love this little old school family run operation that is serving up house-made chips, salsa, and delicious fajitas. The salsa is some of the best you will ever taste if you like it HOT! I’m in LOVE with the salsa it is spicy and flavorful but you better love it spicy. The chips are always warm and oh so crispy perfect! The meat fajitas are served with grilled onions and warm delicious tortillas. If you’re chasing the flavor dragons you will find them at Los Asaderos front and center. #BestMexicanFood

#28 Mancuso’s Italian Restaurant

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Michael Mancuso video 

Mancuso’s has been around for decades in West Fort Worth. The keep slinging old school delicious Italian food that everyone loves. Chef Mancuso will tell you their gourmet meals come from family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. They offer pasta dishes, pizza, and so many flavorful dishes it’s hard to choose. I do love the house prepared Stuffed Cheese Ravioli, Italian Style Fish, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and the delicious garlic bread with cheese. Just simply put, OLD SCHOOL DELICIOUSNESS served with a smile that will send your taste buds to a heavenly place and fill your tummy with joy! ” #OldSchoolDeliciousness

#29 Malai Kitchen

Fort Worth / Southlake Texas

The Shops At Clearfork

I like to call Malai Kitchen the “Flavor Palace” because every dish I eat here is loaded with tastiness. Every single bite I take of anything here puts a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. All the dishes are colorful, fresh, and creative! The service is always perfect and the staff is happy to help you. The atmosphere is upbeat, open, and very bright. I just can’t get enough of Malai Kitchen and my favorite dishes the “Vietnamese “Meatballs”, “Thai Tacos”, “Thai Coconut Soup”, and  “Drunken Noodles”. The coconut soup is just ridiculously flavorful I can smell it before they sat it down in front of me. The drunken noodles are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’ve even had delicious dreams about this dish! You need to head over to Malai Kitchen and for some deliciousness. #FlavorPalace

#30 H3 Steakhouse

The Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas

Tortilla Soup Video

If you’re looking for an amazing place to get authentic Texas cuisine in a Texas atmosphere, then H3 Steakhouse is where you need to be. They have very unique flavor profiles that are always full of deliciousness and have a wide variety of choices on their menu. I enjoy everything they offer, but my favorite dishes are the “Tortilla Soup,”  “Pulled Pork Tacos”, the “Fried Catfish”,  and “Chicken Fried Steak”. My mouth is watering while I write this article. Everything is prepared fresh in house with Texas in mind. I just love H3! I can eat some of the H3 dishes with my hands and what food-loving Texas boy doesn’t like to eat with his hands? #TexasDeliciousness

#31 Salsa Limon

Fort Worth / Dallas, Texas

Farm fresh authentic tacos and Spanish cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Salsa Limon just has some bad azz tacos and breakfast food. I’ve loved these guys since I took my very first bite. Everything is prepared in-house with passion and love. The team also creates and prepares all of their sauces and salsa in their kitchens. When you can create deliciousness there is no reason to ask for outside help and when you dine at Salsa Limon you’re getting what they prepare and it’s just damn delicious. #DamnDelicious

#32 Pink Magnolia

Bishops Art District in Dallas, Texas

Chef Blythe Beck

Tricky Fish Deliciousness.

Pink Magnolia is a cozy fun dining experience that feels like home. The staff is super friendly and Chef Blythe is passionate about her guest having an amazing experience. They serve delicious creative dishes that are prepared in-house only using the freshest ingredients. I love her “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Bacon Meat Loaf”. She also has a killer “Chicken Fried Ribeye” on her brunch menu. This bad boy will send your pallet into deliciousville! Check out Pink Magnolia you will fall in love. #Deliciousville

#33 Tricky Fish

Fort Worth / Dallas, Texas

Tricky Fish was a total surprise to me. I was like, “Tricky Fish we will see about this place”. When we walked in the door we were greeted with a big smile and hellos. We ordered several items and then ordered a few more. We tried “Kitchen Sink Gumbo”, “Blue Cheese Chips”, “Fish & Chips” and the “Shrimp Mac-N-Cheese”. Everything was stupid delicious and prepared with fresh ingredients in-house. They get fresh seafood deliveries daily to ensure perfect quality. Get to Tricky Fish and you will fall in love. #FlavorLove

#34 Piattello Italian Restaurant

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Marcus Paslay

It’s a bright, cheery spot for seasonal, housemade pastas and pizzas. Also, espresso drinks and cocktails. Every single dish at Piattello will take your pallet to the flavor carnival. Chef Marcus and his culinary team use only fresh ingredients to create big bold flavors that will rock your pallet. The “Calimari” is the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere. It is just insanely flavorful. The service is always amazing and first class all the way. If you want an amazing experience and something different you need to Chow down at Piatello. #FlavorCarnival

#35 Cafe Herrera

Restaurants On Lamar in Dallas, Texas

In 1971, Momma Herrera opened her first restaurant with the familiar recipes she grew up within Mexico. The Herrera family continuing to showcase the authentic, upscale Mexican cuisine including classic enchiladas, street tacos, and signature margaritas. The cuisine’s authentic flavors make it hard for me to put my fork down. I’m in love with the Herrera’s brunch on the weekends. They have a Bloody Mary Bar that is out of this world, it even has four different kinds of bacon on the bloody Mary bar. Cafe Herra is a must try if you love authentic Mexican cuisine. #RiddledWithFlavors

#36 The Cork & Pig Tavern

Fort Worth and Los Colinas, Texas

Ol South French Toast Buddy Burger, OMG!

Cork & Pig originated in west Texas, and then moved to the West 7th area in Fort Worth. They recently added a third location in Los Colinas. They have a sandwich that I’ve been in love with since the first bite. The “French Dip” is the VERY BEST I’ve ever eaten. I grab it, dip it in the house prepared au jus, take a bite, and let the sauce drip down my chin. You won’t find a better one, in my opinion, period! Be sure and add an order of house prepared French fries too. #Sandwichgreatness

#37 Ol’ South Pancake House 

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Owner Rex Benson

If you love a flavor packed old school delicious breakfast then Ol’ South is for you! Rex and his team at Ol’ South have been slinging delicious eats for decades from the old school wood paneled restaurant. Founded by late restaurateur David Benson, along with his sister Bette, Ol’ South Pancake House is where the entire family can enjoy southern home-style cooking at any time of the day or night. Signature dishes have kept their  guests coming back for more, with their most popular World Famous German Pancakes being served over 40 thousand times each year to our loyal customers. I love the German Pancakes but they have so many other fantastic favor packed creations. They’re open 24 hours so head over to chow down any time of day. Look for the NEW Ol’ South to open in Burleson, Texas end of this year.

  #38 407 BBQ

I-35 at exit 407 in Argyle, Texas

Chef/Pit Master Bryan Mclarty video

Pit Master Bryan and his team are slinging delicious craft BBQ and sides that anyone will love. They have a NEW beautiful big  building and parking lot that makes them easy to find. They take extensive care in the preparation of their award winning BBQ. I love the flavor profile of their brisket and the bark in that brisket. Last summer I tried the 407 chili, OMG! I’m in love with the “407 Chili and the “Brisket Burger ” both of these are on point and amazing. They also have a fantastic “Keto Nacho” dish that replaces tortilla chips with freshly fried pork rinds. Chef Bryan and his team are passionate about you having an amazing experience each time you chow down at 407! #YUMMY

#39 Billy Oak Acres

Camp Bowie West, Fort Worth, Texas

Chef/Pit Master Billy Woodrich video

What can I say about big chef and pitmaster Billy Woodrich that hasn’t already been said at least 1000 times? This man and his team can make dreams come true with their BBQ, sides, and his signature “Billy Burger”. He has one of the BEST brisket dishes in Texas. I love his brisket, heck I even did a segment about it on Trey’s Chow Down T.V. episodes. Billy has been on multiple television shows, food shows, and in chef competitions. But what I want to discuss today is his “Billy’s Brisket Tacos”… O.M.G. you will visit the flavor gods at Billy’s and these tacos have it all. Also a forewarning… his old fashion hamburger is so good it will make you want to slap your mama. #SlapYoMamaBBQ

#40 Rollin-Stone Food Truck

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Kevin Stone

Rollin-Stone has some creative and delicious dishes that are prepared fresh when you order them. I smile every time I see the truck rolling down the road because that means nothing but ROLLING-DELICIOUSNESS! I LOVE the ‘Truck Tacos” and the “Street Corn” they offer. Sometimes they have some amazing nachos you can order and I try and get those when they’re offered. Kevin and his truck team work hard to sling out some delicious chef driven creations that are priced right. #Rollingdeliciousness

#41 Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Magnolia Ave. in the Arts District of Fort Worth, Texas

B&B Butchers Tommy’s Bacon, YUMMY!

They say it’s simply the best fried chicken on the planet…but you won’t know what we mean until you try a piece or two yourself! I’m telling you, this spicy crispy fried chicken will make you have chicken DREAMS when you sleep. I have those dreams and when that happens I head to Gus’s in Fort Worth. The chicken is light, crispy, and has some heat to it and a flavor profile that you will fall in love with. The legend goes someone asks Gus Vanderbilt of Gus’s World Fried Chicken for his fried chicken recipe and he simply replied: “I ain’t telling”. They marinate it overnight, put a little of this on it, with a dash of that, and then toss it in the fryer. By the time we get the finished cluck cluck, it’s fresh, hot, a little spicy, with a delicious crunchy skin. I can’t ever stop eating the stuff. All I know Ol’ Gus knows what the hell he’s doing. I’m sure he won’t ever turn loose of his legendary chicken recipe. Fortunate for us, you can eat as much as you can buy. You better take a bib, some wipes, and get some chicken to go while you’re at it. #Chickendreams

#42 B & B Butchers

The Shops at Clearfork

Fort Worth and Houston, Texas

This place is awesome! B & B Butchers is a fantastic cozy little Steakhouse that’s hidden inside The Shops at Clearfork in Fort Worth. It’s billed as a butcher shop, steakhouse, and socializing mecca. They are a chef-driven concept that has creative dishes prepared with farm fresh ingredients. You can pick the cuts of beef you like and stare at a Texas-size section of beef in the operational on-site butcher shop. They also have a fantastic brunch and plan a lot of events centered around B & B and they’re creativeness. They have several dishes I really enjoy but I’m in LOVE with Chef Tommy’s Bacon | crumbled blue cheese w/ truffle-infused honey dish. I’ve had dreams about this delicious dish and thick cut bacon. I’ve also tried the Butcher’s Butter, Snake River Farms Wagyu steak cut and it was packed with flavor. When you have a chance head over to B & B and enjoy some of Chef Tommy’s bacon. #NaughtyFoodDreams

#43 Water’s Seafood Restaurant

Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas

Dish- Crab Cake B.L.T. Video 

When you open the door to Waters on Sundance Square you see it’s a classy and cozy place to be. You can relax while you enjoy some wonderful creative seafood dishes. They have four crab dishes I’m in love with but my favorite is the Crab Cake B.L.T. This sandwich (AKA burger dish) is really creative and pops with flavor. It has eye appeal that screams EAT ME and a flavor profile that will make your taste buds dance the jig with every bite. The fresh house crab cake is amazing. The house-cured bacon is off the hook. The bun and vegetables are so fresh you’ll think you’re sitting on a farm with a kitchen on one side and the ocean on the other. It is truly an amazing dish. #CrabcakeDreams

#44 Montgomery Street Cafe

Fort Worth, Texas

Claudette Finley video

It is a Fort Worth staple and has been around for decades. They have won all kinds of awards and have been recognized by Star-Telegram, Fort Worth Magazine, and many others. “Trey’s Chow Down” did a T.V. episode there, and it was a big hit. It has a pleasant, cozy atmosphere with fantastic service and excellent biscuits and gravy. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu. Not only are they known for their fresh piping hot biscuits and gravy, but they have awesome chicken fried steaks too! I love the old school bar seating and vintage refrigerators they have. Take a friend because you will need someone to verify just how good the biscuits and gravy are when people ask you. #Oldschoolgreatness

#45 Blackship Little Katana

Restaurants On Lamar

Dallas, Texas

Blackship Video 

It’s billed as a Japanese, Korean & American food meets Asian-inspired cocktails. The restaurant is a warm wood-lined space. I love chowing down here because they have so many delicious items. It’s hidden in downtown Dallas, just outside the Omni hotel. I was so surprised the first time I dined at Blackship. Everything tastes better with a story and the Blackship story behind the name is an amazing one. It’s so cozy, friendly, and inviting that you will fall in love with this place. The staff is super friendly and the dishes are creative. I love the “Wagyu Beef Hot Rock Appetizer” and any sushi they prepare fresh. If you love cozy little joints then you will enjoy Blackship and all it offers. #MustHaveWagyu

#46 Pecan Lodge

Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas

Pecan Lodge Host Mess Video 

Every single time I enter Deep Ellum, I roll my windows down because I know I’m fixing to smell greatness in the Dallas air. True story: One day, I was taking some friends out for a Sunday funday in Dallas. I got about four blocks away from Pecan Lodge and I rolled the windows down. The first person said, “Trey, what is that delicious smell?!, Goodness man”. The other one said, “What is that? OMG, it smells so good I want to take a bite out of your seat”. I laughed and said, “Welcome to Pecan Lodge folks. Your BBQ dreams are about to come true.” Chef Justin and Diane say, “The secret to our success has been all smoke, no mirrors”. Everything they’re slinging out of their barbecue pits and kitchen is simply amazing. Everything is packed with insane flavor profiles. They’ve been on many television show segments and are also in the Texas Monthly “BBQ Top 50 Winners”. Now that you know the BBQ is incredibly delicious, I want to discuss two specific dishes I love. The “Hot Mess” and the “Pit Master Sandwich” both are just stupid delicious. Let me show you the menu description so you understand why; THE“HOT MESS” is a Jumbo sea salt-crusted sweet potato, South Texas barbacoa (shredded brisket with southwestern seasoning), chipotle cream, cheese, butter & green onions. THE “PITMASTER” has Brisket+Pulled pork+ Sausage, topped with slaw, bbq sauce & fresh sliced jalapeños. Make plans to visit the LODGE (but be prepared to wait in line, because it is that good).#bbqdeepellumdreams

#47 Deep Ellum Funkytown Fermatorium

West 7th Entertainment District

Fort Worth, Texas

Deep Ellum Food Video 

Just opened but already a favorite place for us to stop in and visit. The Deep Ellum Brewery Team did a great job remodeling and creating the NEW Funkytown Fermatorium. The brewery is always hopping and the food is creative and delicious and a chef-driven menu. I love the “Deep Ellum Raspberry Beer”, the “Meat Balls”, the “Brussel Sprouts”, and the ” Classic Pizza” The food was super delicious and the service is awesome. If you love home town brews that serve up great food with friendly service, then head over to the new Funkytown Fermatorium. Tell’em big Trey sent you! #Hometownbrews

#48 Muddbones Restaurant

East, Texas area

Hwy 121, Bonham, Texas

Bourbon Street Baked Oysters, BAM!

They are an awesome back road discovery. If you love burgers in a cozy little side road burger joint you will love MUDDBONES. We tried the “Smokey DeLux Burger”. It was prepared with juicy beef patties, cheese, grilled onions, jalapeños, and smoky Jalapeño sauce. This burger was packed with smoky Texas flavor and juicy deliciousness. We also tried the “Rattle Snake Eggs” prepared with ground beef, onions, jalapeño peppers, cheddar cheese, spices, all wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and deep fried! YES DEEP FRIED! Oh my goodness it was amazing. Just a short drive from the DFW area in Bonham Texas Muddbones was featured on the TEXAS BUCKET LIST TV SHOW. #BurgerJointDeliciuos

#49 Bourbon Street Oyster Bar

Fort Worth, Texas & Opening at Austin Ranch Colony, Texas

I love the colors, the staff, and the vibrant New Orleans atmosphere. They say: ” We have brought the taste and fun of New Orleans here to Texas. And no one does it bigger than Texas.” This pretty much says it all about the fantastic little joint.  The menu is NOLA creative, farm fresh, and they have LIVE music on the patio some times. The baked oysters are packed with flavor and deliciousness I could eat 100 of those baked beauties but you have to stop some where, lol!  I can never get enough! #ICantEverGetEnough

#50 Jonathon’s Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

I was driving by one day full speed and saw this colorful little building out of the corner of my eye. It said Jonathon’s Oakcliff so I just had to go see what this cozy little joint was all about. I went for a delicious creative breakfast. I found something that most chowhounds will love. They call them “Devil Dogs”, and I also ordered the “Biscuits and Gravy”. I choose the pork sausage for the devil dogs but they also offer Turkey Sausage too. The biscuits and gravy was delicious but those deviled dogs were just stupid delicious. Check out Jonathan’s in Oak Cliff for breakfast or brunch and tell’em Big Trey sent you. #DevilDogDeliciousness

BONUS Places:

#51 Texas Spice

Restaurants On Lamar in Dallas, Texas

Texas Spice, serving three meals daily, captures the true flavor of Texas with an emphasis on local ingredients and southern style offering a twist on hometown classics. The innovative farm-to-market concept incorporates the freshest ingredients to create great food and casual dining experience. The rustic interior was designed with repurposed materials that include red brick walls, garage-door-style doors, and wood details. I’ve eaten here seven times in the last twelve months and each time has been wonderful. I LOVE the “Texas Spice Hot Dog” dish, sliders, the chili beans, and the brunch menu is fantastic. Texas Spice “Recently named a Diners’ Choice Winner by OpenTable.com.”

#52 Trinity Groves

Dallas, Texas

If you love to be entertained, drink, and CHOW DOWN then Trinity Groves is a spot you need to check out. They have a vast array of different cuisine including BBQ, Italian, Mexican Food, Sweets, Cakes, Cocktails this place is awesome. Trinity Groves is one of my favorite spots. Particularly, Luck At Trinity Groves and their Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Saint Rocco’s Italian Restaurant both have some fantastic incredibly delicious dishes. Saint Rocco’s has the “Lobster Ravioli”.  OMG, both these dishes are stupid delicious. If you like one-stop shops and you love experiences them head to the Grove for a fun time. #SocializingAwesomeness

#53 Melis Taqueria

West Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth, Texas

When I heard about this place everyone said, “It’s a shack, a taco shack you have to go”! When I pulled up and saw it really was a shack with no seating and tables under trees I was in love before I even got out of my truck. It’s changed a little now they’ve added a little indoor area and some concrete but it’s still an extremely cozy authentic taco shack. Their menu is pretty so simple it’s spray painted with stencils but ever taco I’ve tried has been packed with flavors. I’ve chowed down on a barbacoa, carnitas, and milaneza, tacos. Be sure you order a real COKE in the glass bottle it enhances the meal experience. This is the place, everyone! You get to eat tacos under the tree out front for a real authentic meal. #ExtremelyAuthentic

#54 Rapscallion Neighborhood Bistro

Greenville Ave Dallas, Texas

Chef Nathan Tate 

The name says it all folks. Rapscallion is defined as “a mischievous person”. All I can say is the first time I saw the name I told myself, this place better be good, it can’t be average, it has to be at the top, and on point. After my first visit to eat with Chef Tate at Rapscallion, I fell in love with everything he’s slinging out of his kitchen. The restaurant is cozy, has a creative cuisine selection with changing menus, farm fresh vegetables and ingredients. He has a chicken dish I live to eat. It goes by the name “Spicy Chicken Biscuit” and is prepared with a house made buttermilk biscuit, a crispy chicken thigh, honey Mala sauce, and a shaved pickle.  Perfect texture. An amazing flavor profile. Deliciousness with capital D! This chicken biscuit will have you hooked from the first bite as you fall in love with Rapscallion.

#55 Restaurants On Lamar

Downtown Dallas, Texas

I love this restaurant village concept. Everything you want in one location. Enjoy the ambiance of Downtown Dallas and the Dallas sky line while you’re able to dine on cuisine from eight different restaurants prepared with farm FRESH ingredients daily. The creative and talented chefs prepare authentic delectable cuisine from eight different cultures that will send you on a foodie experience like no other. Located just across from Omni Dallas.



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