BBQ, Whiskey, and Sweets OH My!

Tasty Craft Cocktails!

I got invited to a V.I.P. barbecue and whiskey dinner last Thursday night at Barrel and Bones in Fort Worth, just off of West 7th Street.

When I answered the phone, all I heard was two words; Bar-be-que and Whis-key!

You never have to ask me twice when there is beef and whiskey involved. Especially when it’s craft Texas whiskeys and cocktails served up with big phat slabs of beef, smoked turkey, smoked wings, fried deviled eggs, and fried poblano corn Fritters. Yea I bet I have your attention now, don’t I?

So there I was sitting in Barrel and Bones in Fort Worth salivating over smoked meats, tasty whiskey, and fried deliciousness.

The aromas coming from the kitchen were almost too much for this cowboy to handle. I was ready to pounce on some deliciousness and start slinging back some whiskey.

The barbecue and kitchen team at Barrel and Bones has done a great job at creating some amazing flavor profiles for all to enjoy.

They use fresh meats, ingredients, and vegetables to create some lip-smacking dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Wings, Fried Poblano Pepper & Fried Deviled Egg

The brisket was #smoky tender and loaded with flavor. The smoked turkey was tender and juicy, I couldn’t put it down until it was all gone.

The fried deviled eggs where stupid delicious and the fried poblano peppers were so tasty they would make you wanna slap your mama!

The smoked chicken wings are big and phat. Not sure where they got those unless they are breeding baby pterodactyls again. They were crispy and perfect.

We had Rebecca Creek Whiskey and bread pudding for dessert. Oh my, was it delicious? Whiskey and bread pudding. SO GOOD. I told Jana if she even looks at my pudding she was in trouble, lol!

The food was absolutely delicious and all served up with a smile and an exciting wait staff.

Trey and Adam with Barrel & Bones

The craft cocktails were Texas Ranger Whiskey, Rebecca Creek Small Batch, and another craft cocktail served with Rebecca Creek.

The dinner was amazing we really loved it.

Barrel and Bones has a creative menu with great service and an amazing whiskey bar with over 400 selections of Texas and around the world whiskeys for you to enjoy.

Every Monday you can get the entire menu at 1/2 price.

Yes, everything all the food is 1/2 price every Monday.

If you haven’t tried B&B you need to and sign up for one of their V.I.P. Whiskey dinners too!


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