Ridiculously Delicious Texas Barbecue and Burgers!

Dayne and Ashley Weaver

Howdy Texas BBQ Lovers!

When you talk about Texas BBQ and all it offers then you have to mention Dayne’s Craft BBQ. They’ve won so many awards and accolades that it’s impossible to list them all. I’ve been following them since they began and I’ve watched them as they’ve climb their way to the TOP of the Texas BBQ peak. The success they’ve enjoyed has come from blood, sweat, tears, hard work and dedication to their craft. All the smoked meats, pork, sausages, sides, sweets, and burgers are simply RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS. They’ve even prepared AND SMOKED WHOLE HOGS where ever bite was PORK-O-LICIOUS.

Let’s talk burgers! They won the Cowtown Burger Showdown in Fort Worth at RIVER RANCH two years in a row. Dayne’s OG SMASH BURGER has got a flavor profile so delicious that everyone wants it. It’s cheesy smash burger deliciousness that’s truly unforgettable. It’s become a TEXAS BURGER LEGEND running through Texas like a run away freight train.

Their story is great one: Dayne Weaver started his journey in Texas barbecue as a backyard smoker enthusiast. His father-in-law left a small kettle grill in his backyard in 2017, which he converted into a mini-smoker. He threw a brisket on and was immediately hooked. He began smoking meat every weekend; however, barbecuing is an expensive hobby. Dayne’s wife, Ashley, told him that if he was going to continue to cook regularly, he needed to find someone to buy it. That’s how “Dayne’s Underground Barbecue” was born.

Award Winning Smash Burgers

Dayne posted on social media that he would be selling meats and sides from his front yard, and the response was overwhelming- he sold out in less than an hour. The couple decided to hold an underground barbecue sale the last Sunday of every month. The crowd continued to grow and bring people from all over the state of Texas who wanted great barbecue- including a reporter and photographer from the Dallas Observer. Once an article was released singing their praises, Ashley knew that they had to register their business. Encouraged by his wife, he named the brand Dayne’s Craft Barbecue. The duo held pop-ups all over D/FW, which led them to becoming a staple at Lola’s Trailer Park & Saloon (a former music venue in the heart of Fort Worth) for two years as they continued establishing their brand.

The REST they say is history! Now in 2024, they have officially opened their first and only brick-and-mortar restaurant in downtown Aledo, Texas. 

If you’re a BBQ or Burger LOVER then you need to make a trip to enjoy some RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS BBQ from the DAYNE’S CRAFT BBQ Team. You’re going to LOVE IT! The only problem you will have is those dirty, nasty bbq dreams you’re going to have wanting more.

Dayne’s is an Officially APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down delicious BBQ destination that everyone will love.

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