Ridiculously Delicious Texas Barbecue and Burgers!

Dayne and Ashley Weaver

Howdy Texas BBQ Lovers!

When you talk about Texas BBQ and all it offers then you have to mention Dayne’s Craft BBQ. They’ve won so many awards and accolades that it’s impossible to list them all. I’ve been following them since they began and I’ve watched them as they’ve climb their way to the TOP of the Texas BBQ peak. The success they’ve enjoyed has come from blood, sweat, tears, hard work and dedication to their craft. All the smoked meats, pork, sausages, sides, sweets, and burgers are simply RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS. They’ve even prepared AND SMOKED WHOLE HOGS where ever bite was PORK-O-LICIOUS.

Let’s talk burgers! They won the Cowtown Burger Showdown in Fort Worth at RIVER RANCH two years in a row. Dayne’s OG SMASH BURGER has got a flavor profile so delicious that everyone wants it. It’s cheesy smash burger deliciousness that’s truly unforgettable. It’s become a TEXAS BURGER LEGEND running through Texas like a run away freight train.

Their story is great one: Dayne Weaver started his journey in Texas barbecue as a backyard smoker enthusiast. His father-in-law left a small kettle grill in his backyard in 2017, which he converted into a mini-smoker. He threw a brisket on and was immediately hooked. He began smoking meat every weekend; however, barbecuing is an expensive hobby. Dayne’s wife, Ashley, told him that if he was going to continue to cook regularly, he needed to find someone to buy it. That’s how “Dayne’s Underground Barbecue” was born.

The BEST BBQ in Savannah and the GREAT STATE of Georgia! (Highly Sought-After)

Team Slow Fire BBQ

Howdy BBQ lovers! We struck BBQ deliciousness in Savannah.

I just had to start off STRONG because FACTS are FACTS. I travel coast to coast hunting down deliciousness and I was excited to make the trip to Savannah to meet the SLOW FIRE BBQ team. I’ve heard so much about them through the BBQ world. Their craft BBQ, house prepared sides, fresh sandwiches and CHEERWINE are being talked about coast to coast and for good reason… It’s FREAKING DELICIOUSNESS ON THE NEXT LEVEL! 

When I was walking up to the Starland Yard food truck park, I could smell the BBQ aromas wafting over the gate like a big cloud of deliciousness. I thought for a second, “Am I in Texas or Georgia?” That’s when I knew I was in for treat.

I walked up to the old converted school bus to meet the Slow Fire BBQ team, who were busy slang’n deliciousness out the windows for all the waiting BBQ lovers. It was hot… real hot, and the humidity was on full tilt. Everyone was hot and sweaty, but nobody cared because everyone was in full BBQ Boogie mode, waiting to chow down on Slow Fire perfection. As I always say: that’s the difference between BBQ perfection and just plain old BBQ. If folks are willing to wait, stand, and sweat waiting for their BBQ you know it’s pure perfection. I’ve seen it and I can guarantee that’s a FACT!

Pitmaster Terren Williams has paid his dues. Make no mistake about it, Slow Fire wasn’t an overnight success – it took years of grinding and learning to understand the BBQ game so he could create a legendary BBQ spot everyone would love. He grew up in Savannah, moved to Atlanta, and went to culinary school. Next, he moved to Dallas, Texas where he figured out real quick what real BBQ was. After visiting Lockhart at Smitty’s Market, he was immediately hooked. His passion hit overdrive and the gears started turning.

After staying in Texas for 10 years, learning and honing his craft, he moved back to Savannah and went to work as the chef de cuisine over The Grey for James Beard winner chef Mashama Bailey. When Covid hit, that came to an end and provided the perfect opportunity for him to start Slow Fire BBQ. He sources as much as possible from local farms to use the freshest meats, vegetables and ingredients to create flavor profiles are always HF&D: Hot, Fresh and Delicious. They believe in perfection with everything they serve or they won’t serve it.

As always, we tried a big variety of BBQ and sides. Every bite I took had that perfect culinary jingle I like to call BBQ deliciousness. The sides were so savory and delicious they’re unforgettable. I was blown away by the offerings, service and the pure BBQ perfection they offer. I can say they have the BEST BBQ in Savannah and the GREAT STATE of Georgia!

Fried Mac-N-Cheese Squares (OMG)

If you’re looking for something so delicious that you want to wear it has meat cologne so you never forget it I would HIGHLY SUGGEST you take a ride over to SLOW FIRE BBQ and CHOW DOWN!

Features we enjoyed:  

Fried Brisket Mac and Cheese Squares: Chopped brisket and Mac and cheese breaded and fried, topped with comeback sauce and side of house made hot honey made with local honey

Slow Fire BLT: Fried green tomatoes (locally grown), house pork belly brisket (pork belly seasoned and smoked like brisket), lettuce, comeback sauce, sliced fresh brioche

The Trey’s Chow Down – Slow Fire Platter: 

Heritage breed duroc pulled pork, sliced Texas style turkey (dipped in butter), and succulent pork belly brisket.

House made sausages:  One was pimiento cheese and the other is a low country boil sausage (made with all the ingredients of a low country boil stuffed in the sausage including locally caught ga shrimp!

Sides were smoked Mac and cheese topped with crunchies, fried Brussel sprouts topped with our house made Asian bbq sauce, coke slaw topped with chili crisp, burnt end baked beans and Savannah street corn (cut corn seasoned with harissa and topped with preserved lemon Mayo, cotija cheese and parsley.

Slow Fire Dino beef Rib. Pretty self-explanatory.  Big PHAT meaty beef slowly smoked to perfection.

They make the pickles, pickled onions and BBQ sauce in house. The bread on our trays is a bread made locally in Savannah.

Slow Fire BBQ is a NEW officially approved Trey’s Chow Down USA delicious destination for all food lovers to enjoy.  

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Trey (Chow Down) Chapman



South Carolina’s NEW Barbecue Addiction – Fork Grove Barbecue

Howdy BBQ Lovers!

Trey, Dylan, and Big Dave Eats

 Are you looking for a truly unique barbecue experience in South Carolina that offers a Karate Chop of flavor with each bite? Well we found it!

Trey’s Chow Down is road trip’in the USA for deliciousness and today we’re in Anderson, South Carolina to meet with chef and pitmaster Dylan Cooke, the mastermind behind the amazing Fork Grove barbecue venture. We made the trip because we heard he had some of the BEST BBQ in South Carolina, and we just had to find out!

As we pulled in the front gates and headed down the tree lined drive I had a feeling this was going to be an incredible experience. The beautifully manicured property and stunning views of Fork Grove Barbecue and the amazing pitroom were blissful. I could smell the aromas of smoke, barbecue and deliciousness lofting in the air. As we started walking towards the front door my barbecue senses went into full tilt boogie. I was ready to CHOW DOWN!

The story goes something like this. Dylan was Born and raised in South Carolina and his journey to barbecue perfection started at the age of 15. He worked at a restaurant owned by a buddy and they only worked on Saturdays, because barbecue was typically a Saturday only or weekend thang. Dylan was consumed by his love of barbecue and his passion went crazy from there.

It didn’t take us long to fall in love with Dylan’s amazing BBQ and soulful sides. From the first bite to the last it was a trip straight to Deliciousville. In case you need directions, DELICIOUSVILLE is one stop past FLAVORTOWN because it’s simply CAN NOT GET ANY BETTER. Dylan’s passion and precise culinary execution has achieved a full, and well-rounded menu. We were not only impressed by the food, but also Dylan’s passion and love for the culinary arts.

Featured Fork Grove Deliciousness we enjoyed and I highly recommend that you try every one of these!

Fresh Soulful Fixins:  

Barbecue Beans – Tasty and Flavorful!

Cheesy bacon hashbrowns – Sinfully Delicious! 

Mexican Street corn salad – Layered Favors! 

Sweet/tangy slaw – Slaw Perfection! 

Sweet Potato Crunch – Savory Crunchy Deliciousness! 

Gouda Mac&Cheese – Cheesy Flavor Explosion! 

Fresh Wood-Fired BBQ Deliciousness: 

Brisket – Bark-O-Licious Perfection! 

Pulled pork – Succulent & flavorful! 

Pork Ribs – Tender Pork Deliciousness! 

Turkey – Juicy & flavorful! 

Bacon Burnt Ends – A Karate Chop of flavor! 

Jalapeno Cheddar Links – Cheesy, Heat Spicy!

They way I see it, Fork Grove Barbecue is the NEW HOT SPOT in South Carolina for your barbecue ADDICTION. They’re a new officially approved Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination for any food lover to enjoy. A MUST VISIT! 

Fork Grove Barbecue – 1721 SC-187, Anderson, South Carolina 29626 

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Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

Addictive Bark-O-lious Texas Style BBQ in California

Succulent Pull Pork, Meaty Burnt Ends, Flavorful Sausage and Sides.

Howdy, BBQ Lovers!

If you’re a barbecue lover like me, then no city, state, or country is out of reach – especially when it’s a barbecue joint that’s slinging succulent Texas-style, award-winning, and Bark-O-Licious barbecue.

As we continue on our MEETS, EATS & SWEETS Tour 2022, we headed to the small community of San Juan Capistrano, California. This is an extremely cozy and beautiful town located in Orange County, California, along the Orange Coast. San Juan Capistrano was founded by the Spanish in 1776 when St. Junípero Serra established Mission San Juan Capistrano. It’s a beautiful place with friendly folks and now offers some of the BEST BARBECUE in the state of California.

One of Four Big Beautiful Pits.

I could smell the aromas lofting in the air a block away, and my mouth started watering as we approached. When we pulled up, we saw the beautiful surroundings with the palm trees and landscape dancing with the wind. What an amazing atmosphere to enjoy some delicious barbecue.

Heritage Barbecue is a Texas-style barbecue joint offering a rotating menu of home-made sides, succulent smoked brisket, beef ribs, and pulled pork. They also offer juicy, flavor-loaded tri-tip, smoked chicken, turkey, K.C-style burnt-ends, and a variety of other proteins, even house-prepared sausages.

They have the ordering process down to a science. It’s easy and organized, and the line moves like a finely tuned Swiss watch. We ordered and then enjoyed the fresh air in the unique and cozy outdoor atmosphere. They have four massive barbecue pits on display that are constantly billowing smoke in the California sun while you sit and enjoy your barbecue. The pits are beautiful, offering a variety of colorful patinas that happen naturally in the barbecue smoking process.