“Alcohol isn’t in my vodkabulary. However, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink to much of it, it’s likely to tequilya!”


Hangover Kitchen & Chef Scott Is The Cure!

Chef Scott (Salsa King)

Good Day,

If you drive west up Exchange Avenue in the fun Fort Worth Stock Yards you will find lots of great places to have fun and plenty of indulgences. When you need to grab a quick bite it’s always great to have good chow out in the Stock Yards. You will see The Basement Bar, The Longhorn Saloon, McNasty’s Saloon, and the Thirsty Armadillo. Located inside Thirty’s is the famous Old School “Hangover Kitchen.” When you walk into the Thirsty Armadillo you can smell what Chef Scott is cooking!

Brisket Tacos

The “Hangover Kitchen” offers all kinds of deliciousness to fill that hunger gap. It’s also the perfect place for that late night craving of a house made tacos, pizzadilla, or fresh salsa and chips. Chef Scott is slinging some delicious dishes in the “Hangover Kitchen” in the afternoons, evenings and late night!

I’ve tried several dishes from Hangover and I loved each dish. He also makes great house made salsa you can take home with you. Salsa with names like: Cilantro, Maple Bacon, Melon, Inferno and many more. If you eat salsa and chips at Hangover you will be in love.  I’ve tried the several of his salsa creations, and they where all layered with flavors.


“Dilla Gang Bang”

I chowed down Chef Scotts house made brisket tacos they were deliciously yummy totally unforgettable. I also tried the house made “Dilla Gang Bang” Oh man that was awesome! If you love “Fried Pickles” grab some of them, delish. I did manage to also sneak in a sausage-on-a-stick that is charred all over, giving it an awesome flavor. “Hangover Kitchen” and Lounge has an awesome menu with amazing dishes.

Maybe you’re in the Stockyards, maybe you need something catered to your work place, or maybe party food. Wherever you are, give chef Scott a call and drop him note! He will be happy to see you.

“Hangover Kitchen” is located at 120 W Exchange Ave Fort Worth inside the Thirsty Armadillo. Phone # (817)-504-1126

Between The Buns! (Dallas Observer)

Join the Dallas Observer on Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 4PM– 7PM at Dallas Farmers Market as we celebrate the Inaugural Between The Buns, A Dallas Observer Slider Event presented by Whole Foods Market.

Between The Buns is an outdoor slider-sampling festival that will feature over 20 of the best sliders that Dallas has to offer, from fried chicken, to pulled pork, burgers and more! It will also include music, cash bars with beer and cocktails. Get your fill of sliders, one of the best finger foods, only at Between the Buns!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW at http://ticketf.ly/2mnUY2y

Unlimited Samples From:
Arepa TX
Asador Restaurant
Barnes & Noble Kitchen
Dallas Chop House
City Council Restaurant & Bar
Cook Hall – Dallas
Cuban Bakery
Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
Easy Slider
Fresh Art Foodie
Full Circle Tavern
Harlowe MXM
Haystack Burgers & Barley
Henry’s Majestic
House of Blues Dallas
Hutchins BBQ McKinney
Isabelly’s Chocolates & Sweet Treats
Knife Dallas
Mi Habana
Old Town Creamery
Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar
Texas Spice on Lamar
The Dapper Doughnut – Central Dallas
Unrefined Bakery
Village Burger Bar
Whole Foods Market

VIP Admission Ticket Includes:
Entry into the event 1 hour earlier than general admission (entry at 3pm). Included in the price is unlimited food samples from Between the Buns vendors, entertainment, access to VIP lounge with exclusive VIP only samples, 4 Drink Tickets at VIP Private Bar (Private Cash Bar available after tickets are used), as well as VIP restrooms.

All Tickets Include:
Entry into the event at 4pm. Included in the price is unlimited samples from Between the Buns vendors, entertainment and beer & cocktails available to purchase.

All guests must be 21+ with a Valid I.D. Rain or Shine
More information at betweenthebunsdallas.com

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/2z9VVlP

Big Texas Beer Fest Is Back!

Good Day Drink With Trey Fans,

It’s back for another year beer buddies, Big Texas Beer Fest in Dallas. All the information from Big Texas Beer Fest and the Dallas Observer is listed below.

Dallas’ original and award-winning beer festival, Big Texas Beer Fest, returns to Fair Park for two separate sessions, Friday and Saturday, March 30-31. Sample from 500+ beers from over 100 breweries. Saturday VIP is already sold out, and we have ALWAYS sold out the last 5 years running, so grab your tickets now.

General admission tickets start at $35 and VIP from $60. Admission covers your first (12) 2oz samples; additional 12-sample cards are available at the event for only $2. Ride the DART rail for a quick drop off at our front door.

Jam out to live music in our outdoor food and music pavilion! We’ll have 10 local food trucks to choose from, and local music from other local favorites throughout the weekend.

We’ll also have a vintage mini-arcade co-sponsored by the folks from Free Play Arcade! Come out to meet all the folks who make your favorite beers. A portion of the proceeds benefit the North Texas Food Bank!

Big Texas Beer Fest and Dallas Observer. Please sees link below!



Supporting Local! Frustrated!

After seeing the Governments RESPONSE to help the restaurant, service industry and small business I’m truly lost for words! 

I still don’t think society and the government understands what supporting LOCAL restaurants really means to our local economies. Restaurants, Taverns, Pubs, and Bars drive our local economy in financial ways that we cannot see on a daily basis. More than 10,000 Texas restaurants have already closed – some temporarily, many permanently, and with business conditions worsening, 30% percent of Texas operators say it’s unlikely their restaurant will still be in business six months from now without additional federal help. Out of those thousands, far too many of them are from right here locally in the DFW area. Remember while for us as customers it may just seem like one less place to grab delicious taco or burger, families are depending on these establishments for their livelihood. Unfortunately, we only notice when it’s too late and the doors are forever locked, and the CLOSED sign is placed in the window.

Restaurants help and drive city infrastructure with the tax money brought in. They create jobs for first-time workers, college students, young people, old people, single moms and dads, and so many others. They support local farmers, ranchers, breweries, distilleries, markets, butcher shops, tradesmen, plumbers, handymen, window companies, cleaning companies, delivery folks, computer folks, marketing, and P.R. firms. Most of these businesses are suffering or even closing, and it’s creating a devastating chain reaction that WILL NOT be corrected anytime soon and its extremely heartbreaking for so many families.

Creative Food, Great Drinks, Live Music Daily: Magnolia Motor Lounge

Good Day,

From Scratch Menu!

Some years back before the Fort Worth 7th Street area started rocking and popping, a little place opened up for business in the southwest corner called Magnolia Motor Lounge. We they opened I thought to my self this is going to be a great place.

Magnolia Motor Lounge, or for the frequent the 7th street area comers, then you’re aware they go by the name “MAGS” for short.

MAGS offers a wide range of national and local artists nightly. This means on any given night there is awesome tunes being played at Magnolia Motor Lounge. They have a wide VARIETY of music from rock, blues, Texas blues, Texas red dirt, and any & all types of music. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be fantastic and the sounds are always great.

Texas Debauchery & More!

Good Day Drink With Trey buddies,

Just when you think the Fort Worth West 7th area can’t get any better… BAM! A new fantastic business opens up. Not only is the new place big, bright and rocking, it’s named after Texas. WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me?

A new place to drink, party, watch sports, eat great food, listen to awesome music and socialize with friends into the wee hours of the night. What would you call a place with a tasty from scratch chef driven menu, strong drinks, big open space, friendly folks and Texas music? I’ll tell you what they call it.


Or if you’re a West 7th Street local, TXR will do!

That’s right folks, TEXAS REPUBLIC.

OPEN Thanksgiving Day To Eat, Drink & Be Thankful In The DFW!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

Years ago when I was younger, the holidays were truly meant for families. Everyone came together at home and cooked. There was so much food and all you could do was eat, stumble to a chair and take a nap. After waking from a good food slumber you got up and went back to eating some more. It was an all day family chow down fest.

BLKEYE Vodka Cocktails

Sometimes we work too much, sometimes flights get missed and sometimes…just sometimes we don’t wanna do anything but relax on the holidays. Whatever it is, times have changed and so have our values. Today we have a lot of places open for you to dine during Thanksgiving. You can take your family, friends, or just eat a great Thanksgiving meal all by yourself. You can also hit the town with the family after a great Thanksgiving meal. Drink With Trey always has the 411 for drinking, partying, and all your cocktail needs.

Getting Lazy On Magnolia!

Good Day,
When I was a teenager, you didn’t want to be anywhere near Magnolia Ave. in Fort Worth. Magnolia Ave. was full of all kinds of surprises. Surprises you wanted no part of, for any reason. But that was then, and this is now! Magnolia Ave. is one of the hottest places to be in the Fort Worth-Dallas area these days. It has changed so much with all the new construction, remodeling, and updates that it’s only getting better by the day. Magnolia is full of restaurants, bars, art galleries, shops, retail spaces, and they’re building two new hotels called, “Boutique Hotels.” It’s just a fantastic place to dine, drink, socialize, shop, and get your art fix on
A friend of mine called me a month ago and said, “Trey, have you been to the ‘Lazy Moose’ on Magnolia Ave.? You would love it!”

To which I replied, “‘Can’t say I have!” After I had received that phone call, I started thinking, “‘Lazy Moose,’ that’s a cool name.” I kept picturing a moose, just strolling down Magnolia taking his time- slow and steady! I couldn’t take it; I immediately headed for the Lazy Moose. When I opened the door and heard, “Hello, come on in!” I knew I was going to like it. If you follow me at all, you know I love it when folks make an effort to acknowledge you after entering, it lets you know they care.

I started looking around, and I saw a big fireplace, some leather couches, and chairs. I saw beautiful tables, comfortable bar stools, and noticed animal mounts hanging on the walls. I took in the dark, rich colors around me and the bar area. They have the furniture set up in the shape of a small living room so you can socialize and well, get lazy at the Lazy Moose. Once you sit in the comfortable chairs or those fluffy couches, you won’t wanna get up.
The staff is super friendly, helpful, and enjoyable to be around. The Lazy Moose offers craft cocktails, beer, wine and all kinds of reasons for you to relax and unwind. One of the many great things about this establishment is the incredible chef-driven menu featuring some tasty, creative cuisine. I’ve tried just about everything on the menu, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the deliciousness they offer in each and every dish. I love the “polenta fries,” “moose wings,” and “sweet potato fries!”
I see newless, places open every day in the Fort Worth-Dallas area, but the Lazy Moose is definitely a great treasure. You can stop in for a glass of wine or a snack and unwind for a bit. You can meet friends and socialize all night, or you can even stop by solo, get cozy, have a cold one, and feel right at home. Whichever you choose, I would get to the Lazy Moose ASAP to get L-A-Z-Y. I’ve been back five times now and can promise you; you will fall in love with the moose- I sure did! Be sure and tell Jason and the team hello!

Love Y’all and God B

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

Lazy Moose is located at 1404 W Magnolia Ave. Fort Worth Texas

Heavenly Play Ground Off 7th!

Good Day Everyone,
About six months ago or so I was walking around the 7th street area, as I do very often. I saw these guys working like Trojans on this place. I thought, “My, what have we here? A new place to play?” Time passed, and I went by one night and saw these bright lights that said “2909.” It was looking inviting and cozy! I went by again, and I saw colors and heard music, then I noticed it was a new bar. Oh, yea baby! My heart started racing, a new place to hang off 7th called, “Bar 2909.”

Thompson’s Downtown Heaven

If you travel to downtown, Fort Worth and head south on Houston Street, you will find a fantastic historic building on the west-side of the road called “Thompson’s”.

When you open the big door and walk inside, you are met with a nostalgic, literary feel. You see, Thompson’s used to be a book store and pharmacy back in the day-way back in the day. The first floor is reminiscent of an old book store, complete with book shelfs, big comfortable chairs, and couches set up to emulate a small living room. It has a remarkable, cozy feeling and is perfect for socializing. You might enjoy a wonderful, craft cocktail, a glass of wine-maybe even sip on some smooth whiskey bourbon, or a nice classic vodka.

Time To Tiki In Texas!

Five months ago, I was in Dallas at the Tipsy Alchemist visiting with master mixologist, Aaron Wang about a new project that has a tiki island vibe and would go by the name of “Pilikia”, which means trouble. The idea behind Club Pilikia comes from the minds behind The Tipsy Alchemist, ILL Minster Pub, and Truth & Alibi. I said, “Oh heck, it’s on now!” “Drink With Trey” is all over tiki-ness and island vibes.