Grilled Cheese Heaven In TEXAS!


The History of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, posted by “How Stuff Works”, will tell you some three-quarters of people who buy sliced cheese make at least one grilled cheese a month. Similar grilled cheese recipes are even mentioned Ancient Roman texts—and, let’s face it, the French have been making their famous croquet-monsieurs since the early 1900s. TODAY’S common notion of the grilled cheese is traced back to the 1920s. During this time, an Iowa man now considered “the father of sliced bread”, invented a bread slicer that made distributing white bread easy and affordable. Shortly before that, James L. Kraft had patented processed cheese — you recognize the name, of course! Kraft’s entrepreneurship pursuit revolutionized the pasteurizing process and ensured that cheese wouldn’t spoil, even when transported long distances. By 1914, J.L. Kraft & Bros. Company (the precursor to Kraft Foods) opened its first plant in Illinois. Factory cheese was disparagingly termed “rattrap cheese” or “rat cheese” by the fiercely proud English folks who were proud of their cheddars. It was not considered a delicacy. To them, it was simply a cheap, nutritious, and scalable product.

Gas Monkey Grilled Cheese Photo/ Chef Hollister

you’re reading this article on “”Grilled Cheese Heaven”, then I’m guessing you love grilled cheese sandwiches just as much as I do… or more. I’ll be honest; I’ve been eating grilled cheese sandwiches since I could walk! In the summer months of my childhood, I always loved to seek out a delicious grill cheese for lunch. I remember going to the old time drug store, sitting at the bar and ordering a grilled cheese. I would ask for extra cheese because the cheesier, the better. I mean, dripping with cheese. The way to go is with thick buttered bread toasted to a golden brown perfection, over a flat grill or cast iron skillet. Now that… Is a grilled cheese.

Today, I’m still the same. Possibly worse! When I order a grilled cheese, I ask how many cheeses they have in the kitchen, and/or how many types they offer. Depending on the server’s answer, I ask for ALL of it. Sometimes it’s three cheese, sometimes it’s four, and maybe even five! There can never been too much cheese. In my opinion (on the amount of cheese in a sandwich), the more the merrier. The perfection also lies in the toasted and soaked-in-butter bread. I love butter! What is a grilled cheese without the buttery toast and loads of melted cheese running down?

Many chefs have gotten extremely creative in the art of grilled cheese making. Basically, they are taking the traditional sandwich to a whole new level. I like to call this “CRAFT grilled cheeses”. There is a variety of choices to add in from the type bread, house-made bacons, meats, tomatoes, house sauces, etc. The modernized grilled cheese is unbelievably delicious and wonderful to look at.

I have been searching for the best places that serve mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches. So now, I can bring the fans of Trey’s Chow Down a list of my leading choices based on the criteria of a grilled cheese expert; it must be delicious, beautifully put together, and go beyond the traditional sandwich!

Here ya go!

The Press Cafe

Edwards Ranch, Fort Worth

I love the Press Cafe at Edwards Ranch in Fort Worth on the Trinity River. The atmosphere inside is vibrant and cozy and the outside is truly one of the very BEST in DFW area to socialize, dine, and drink. The grill cheese and tomato soup combo are prepared fresh and packed big bold flavors to create deliciousness any time of day. I’ve eaten this dish at lunch and midday it’s one of my favorites! Head over to The Press Cafe and enjoy some Grilled Cheese greatness.

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill


This big venue (also super cool), is located in Dallas. There is always something going on at Gas Monkey! Celebrity chef, David Hollister, is guaranteed to be servin’ deliciousness. They have a “Smoked Brisket Grilled Cheese” made with sourdough break, Tillamook cheddar, bourbon onions, and house smoked brisket. It doesn’t get much better than right here. This sandwich will blow your mind! Chef David is always creating awesome dishes that look amazing! (Special THANKS to Chef David Hollister for Grilled Cheese photo)

The Bird Cafe

Sundance Square, Fort Worth 

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

Located on Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. The overall atmosphere is great, and has a wonderful view of Sundance Square.  Kyle Baker  and his team are always slinging deliciousness and creativity from the Bird kitchen. Their patio is big! It is the perfect place to socialize with friends and eat. They have a Farm Fresh chef driven menu and awesome “CRAFT grilled cheeses.”

Texas Spice / Restaurants On Lamar

Cover Photo From Texas Spice Dallas

When I ordered this grilled cheese I wasn’t sure what to expect? When they sat the sandwich down in front of me all I could say is, WOW! At first glance the presentation was mouth watering and the aroma in the air was so good I was mesmerized. When I bit into the sandwich I knew it was worth the drive and the wait. Delicious with every single bite! Check out Texas Spice they have creative chef driven menu prepared with locally sourced farm fresh products and ingredients.

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Bedford, Arlington, and Coppell 

Is located in several cities like Euless, Plano, and Addison! The interior is beautiful and you can bring along your dog to this restaurant. The patio is fantastic. Their grilled cheese sandwiches are made with thick bread and loads of cheese. Add a big bag of house cut fries on the side to make it the perfect meal!

Fred’s Texas Cafe

West 7th Area, TCU Area, and North Fort Worth 

There are a handful of locations; one off of 7th Street, another on Blue Bonnet Circle TCU area, and one North Fort Worth. Go here for fun times, great music, and cold drinks. Fred’s grilled cheese is made on thick Texas toast, buttered and grilled to a golden brown. The cheese is melted to perfection. Love me some Chef Terry Chandler and his Fred’s!

Big State Fountain Grill

Grand Prairie 

Located in Grand Prairie. This is a colorful old school soda fountain shop inspired by the 1950s. They have three different types of grilled cheese, cooked on a flat grill until toasted golden brown. These are delicious and will leave you wanting more! They have names like the, “Steve MCQueen Grilled Cheese,”” John Lennon Grilled Cheese,” and the “Hank Williams,” fact is, they are SO good you might order one to take home with you. Check them out, and tell’em Trey sent you!

Whitehall Exchange

Bishops Art District Dallas 

Is located in Bishops Art District in Dallas. This old school style pub gives off a urban atmosphere. The doors open up in the front so customers can sit at the inside and have a view of the outdoors. They have live music, brunch, and a everyday menu with a variety of choices and delicious flavor profiles. The Grilled Cheese is farm fresh and delicious! Check them out! Tell’em Big Trey sent you!

Dallas Grilled Cheese Company

Bishops Arts District and Mocking Bird Station, Dallas 

Is located in the Bishops Arts District in Dallas. This pub has an inviting atmosphere with friendly folks! They specialize in grilled cheese, so you really can’t go wrong with Dallas Grilled Cheese Company. There is a bar with awesome craft cocktails. So bring your friends, socialize, meet business clients, and relax. Enjoy your time here while sippin’ on some delicious cocktails and a munching on a delicious grilled cheese!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman 

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Texas Best Chili for Chilly Weather!

It’s getting cold so that means it’s chili time in Texas, my friends. Who doesn’t love a bowl of delicious warm tasty chili layered with your favorite cheese and fixings? EVERYONE DOES.

I love chili. All my life being from Texas, I’ve tried so many bowls of chili, they have to number in thousands. Every year I judge at least 10 to 15 chili contests, and boy is that always a shocker. Just when I think I’ve tried every combination known to man, a new chili cook creates something crazy new. As a seasoned chili expert, it always surprises me. On the positive side, it’s fantastic that we have all these chefs and home cooks wanting to create some new delicious chili recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Quick Story! About two years ago I was judging a contest (I’m not going to state any names because I want to protect the integrity of the food-judging scene). At this contest, one of my good buddies was sitting next to me. I could tell by looking at his facial expressions if something was bad, good, and really tasty. Everyone started passing the chili around and we were about 7 chili bowls deep into the 20-something chili contest. I hear this gaging sound and little snicker. I look up and it’s my buddy looking like he’s about to puke all over the table. You know that look, lol! After a second he passed it to me and shook his head as if to say DO TRY THAT CHILI, DUDE. I figured he was acting or at best just exaggerating to get one over on me. When I put that big spoon full of chili in my mouth it didn’t take two seconds before I almost spit it out. It tasted like someone had put an entire container of salt and hot sauce and nothing else in this chili. That was just crazy. After the contest was over we tried to figure out what happened but we just assumed they screwed up on the mix. One would think they would try the chili before they serve it? Who knows? That’s just part of judging and one contest I’ll never forget.

On a good note, I’ve eaten lots of great chili this year and I wanted to share my great chili picks with each of you. That way you can enjoy some delicious chili in the chilly Texas weather.

My number one pick for 2019 has been around a while and knows a thing or two about some delicious Texas cooking.


Trey’s Chow Down T.V. Best Burgers of 2018 Fox 4 Good Day with Lauren

This years list was crazy! We chowed down on 120 burgers and visited over a 100 different burger joints and restaurants to complete our list.

For the past five years at Trey’s Chow Down.Com we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best burgers I’ve eaten that year. The first year it started at Fort Worth Magazine with what I thought was the best burger I ate. As time went on, more and more folks would ask me what I thought about this burger or that burger. In 2017, I increased my dedication to research and the number of burgers for the list. I had to increase the list to the TOP 15 BURGERS in DFW because there are many places promoting and selling delicious burgers. I needed to be fair, accurate, and credible. Our “Best Burger List” has become so popular (251,000 views in 2017) that I’ve decided to make some changes for 2018 and for the future of our Trey’s Chow Down Best Burger Contest. I’ve created TWO NEW burger categories and a BEST ALL AROUND WINNER for 2018 and beyond.

The NEW categories will be as follows:


–    BEST CRAFT Burger


I truly love a delicious burger but the beef industry has changed so much in the last five decades. I felt I needed to make the decision to create the NEW categories for fair judging and a TRUE BEST BURGER LIST.

To me, a CRAFT burger is completely different in creation and flavor profile. They can be prepared with delicious creative toppings, a variety of expensive fresh meats, premium aged cheese, with a fancy bakery fresh bun. A craft burger can get expensive depending on how it is created. When it comes to craft burgers my flavor profile has a wide range. I will try anything to see what kind of burger deliciousness a chef has created to achieve the number one tasting burger in the burger wars. There are lots of crazy flavor profiles for craft burgers. Plenty of the craft burger creations have the ability to send your taste buds to the flavor rodeo and have you screaming giddy up with each bite.

Good Ol’ Texas Biscuits – Best in DFW 2018

Good day folks,

Little Red Wasp “Chicken and Biscuit”

One of my favorite things in this world is eating biscuits. Any type of biscuits, in any dish, in any form! I’ve been pondering on the idea of writing a story on biscuits because they are so delicious. After TWO whole years of research, I finally decided to let all my fellow foodies know where the best biscuits are located. I waited for TWO years because new eateries kept opening. Here we go everyone hop on the biscuit train! defines biscuits as…Any of various hard or crisp dry baked products: such as
(1) British : cracker (2) British : cookie
b : a small quick bread made from dough that has been rolled out and cut or dropped from a spoon. They’re just so much more than this.

When I read this, I laughed and thought we need to have a good ol’ Texas version of a definition for what biscuit means. So here it is…

Trey’s Chow Down defines biscuit as: a delicious lil flour-based treat cooked until golden brown perfection. It is fluffy, flaky, soft and should be covered with gravy or slathered in butter and jelly. It can be used for a sandwich, breakfast, or brunch treat.

I’ve been looking all over DFW for the best of the best biscuits. I’ve found some really delicious ones along with spreads to top them with. I hope you enjoy these lil bites of goodness as much as I enjoyed eating them. Head over to any of these places and let me know what you think! Be sure and tell ’em who sent you!

Chicken, Biscuits, & Gravy! Oh my!

Good day Chow Fans!

Fixture Chicken & Waffles!

I grew up in Texas in the ranching/beef/restaurant business. One would think I would be a beef man! A person who only consumes beef! That is far from the truth. My family history in the ranching business has given me all the opportunity in the world of beef from raising it to selling it for private sale. I grew up in the family restaurant business and even handled the moving, cutting, packaging of the beef, and making our custom chili in the meat company. It was a lot of work, but gave me great insight and knowledge in the food business.

I do enjoy all kinds of food. I love chicken! Especially LOVE fried chicken. There is just something about rolling that chicken in a delicious batter, setting it into a fryer, and ending up with a beautifully crisp chicken. It comes out of the fryer all hot, crispy and crackling… Your senses seem to go into what I like to call, “Full Tilt Chicken Boogie”. OMG the crispy skin and the soft delicious meat can make anyone go crazy. I find it hard to control myself!

A lot has changed in the last 20 years within the culinary world. Chefs have gotten more creative with fried chicken dishes and flavor profiles. This combination of creativity and fried chicken has made the business better than ever. I set out to find the most delicious fried chicken. I’m talking all types of fried chicken. Fried chicken on biscuits, fried chicken and waffles, spicy fried chicken, and regular old fried crispy fried chicken. You name it!

Please enjoy the best Fried Chicken Trey’s Chow Down has ever eaten in the Fort Worth and Dallas area.

The Fixture Restaurant & Social Lounge

Blaze Is A Blazing!

“Meat Eater” from Blaze

Good Day,
I always say, if someone doesn’t like pizza or bacon then keep one eye on them all the time, because they have got to be a bit SHIFTY!
I was told about “Blaze Pizza” some time back, but being in the restaurant business all my life it is unfair to do a review when a place first opens. You need a couple of visits, and you need to socialize with some people at the restaurant to get a better feeling for a place.