30 Must Try Restaurants & Food in Dallas & Fort Worth for 2022 (Best Thing I Ate)

Best Thing I Ate On Fox 4 Good Day.

Hello Food and Drink Lovers!

Have you ever taken a bite of something so delicious that you thought to yourself, “I have to tell someone about this!” I’m sure you have because we all feel that way sometimes. It doesn’t matter if it’s savory, sweet, or both, we just want to tell someone about how perfect a dish was. After traveling around in 2021, eating and visiting with chefs and restaurant folks, I had an idea. I wanted to spread a little deliciousness among my friends; I wanted to share with everyone the BEST DISHES I ATE in 2021.

2021 was our most successful year at locating creative chefs and delicious dishes. We traveled through 10 different states, logging our most miles ever and visiting a record number of chefs and restaurants. I wanted to highlight some of the most unique and delicious dishes you should try in 2022.  These are my top restaurants with dishes, and there’s a big variety so there’s something for everyone!

I enjoyed visiting and eating with some of the best chefs and restaurant folks in the business. Each dish has been carefully chosen and is a chef-driven dish prepared by the best! They only use fresh ingredients, vegetables, and spices to create some bold, modern flavor profiles that everyone will love. Most of the eats are simple dishes that are prepared with passion, love, and creativity.  Remember, a simple dish is sometimes the most difficult to facilitate because all parts must be complete perfection. I believe that in most cases simple is better because it gives each ingredient that culinary jingle to create deliciousness.

Knife Dallas Photo: Robert Jacoblerma

After the last 2 years I think it’s safe to say that we all need to save a little money in 2022. This is not only a list of deliciousness, but most of the dishes are also affordable so that everyone can enjoy them. I’ve listed a few that are a little pricey, but every now and then we can splurge to treat ourselves and our families. We all deserve to be treated like KINGS and QUEENS occasionally!

I truly hope that you’ll take some time and visit at least a few of these restaurants. As we know, restaurants have been suffering and playing catch up this last year, so any help you can give them would be greatly appreciated. If you have friends and family over for the holidays, now is the time to visit these unique restaurants and chow down on something special! Remember, nothing – NOT a conversation, NOT a handshake, or even a hug establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together with laughs and smiles!

Disclaimer: My Must Try list for 2022 DOES NOT include my BEST BBQ 2021 or BEST BURGERS 2021. You will have to visit my Best Burger List and my Best BBQ List to see those dishes. 

Are you ready for your tour of deliciousness? Here we go!

Knife Dallas   

Dallas & Plano, Texas

Chef John Tesar

Dry Age Steak /Bacon Sampler

Chef John Tesar has done a masterful job at creating a steakhouse that exceeds all expectations of what a steak dinner experience should be. He offers a Texas-sized variety of meats and cuts where a true steak connoisseur will feel like a kid in a candy store. His “Bacon Sampler” appetizer melts in your mouth with each bite. They have custom-crafted desserts, cocktails, and appetizers that will make your mouth water and your pallet dance. One of the BEST offerings at Knife is a dry-aged steak from John’s mesmerizing dry-age cooler. You can stand at the window, slobbering while you stare at the meats dry-aging second by second.  John’s dry-aged beef has a different flavor profile compared to what I’ve tasted in the past. Their process makes for a very intense flavor, creating hints of blue cheese, truffle, and popcorn butter. In my opinion, John’s flavor profile created at Knife is different and pure meaty perfection and it’s very addicting. Knife Dallas, Knife Plano and NOW John’s restaurant Knife & Spoon in Orlando, Florida is a MUST TRY in 2022. Watch Chef John Tesar on Trey’s Chow Down: https://watch.tcncountry.net/home

Wild Acre Camp Bowie  

Birria Grilled Cheese (Wild Acre Camp Bowie)

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef David Hollister

Birria Grilled Cheese /Meat Ball

I met Chef Hollister years ago and I’ve always enjoyed his food. I’ve hosted him on my TV show and podcast several times and have always enjoy his insight into the culinary world. He’s helped create some very successful restaurant concepts and has become a celebrity chef through his hard work and dedication to his culinary passion. He is an extremely creative chef and loves slinging deliciousness. His dishes are always beautiful, colorful, and loaded with flavor. His newest creation, a fresh-prepared “Birria Grilled Cheese”, is truly a culinary masterpiece. While it may sound simple by name, the way it’s prepared is anything but. ONE bite and you will be hooked for life! Its savory, cheesy, meaty deliciousness with a unique and unforgettable flavor profile. Wild Acre is a must visit in 2022! While you are there, add a Skillet Meat Ball if they’re available, and grab one of Wild Acres tasty CRAFT BEERS!

 Hawkers Dallas   

Deep Ellum, Texas

Chef  Jorge Da Rocha

Roti Canai / Pad Thai  (Cover Photo)

Hawkers Dallas opened in late 2021 in Deep Ellum. We took a ride over and spent some time with the staff and enjoyed a fabulous meal. They are an Asian street food concept specializing in creative, fresh, chef-driven eats as well as colorful, exotic craft cocktails, all wrapped up in a vibrant atmosphere. They have unique dishes that are loaded with deliciousness and quite addicting. We fell in foodie love with two dishes in particular. The “Roti Canai”, which is fresh-prepared Malaysian flatbread, served with Hawkers signature curry sauce.  You pick them up, rip them, dip them, and enjoy the unforgettable flavor. It truly has the WOW factor of savory deliciousness immediately when you take the first BITE! They also offer a “Pad Thai” dish that is a Hawkers Staple. If you’ve enjoyed Pad Thai before, I can promise you it’s not like this one. Prepared fresh with shrimp, chicken, red chili pepper sauce, eggs, veggies, and wok-fired to perfection, this dish has a variety of fresh and simple ingredients that when combined offer a true kaleidoscope of flavors that you will love! #StupidDelicious – Hawkers is a must visit in 2022!

B&B Butchers   

Fort Worth & Houston, Texas

Chef John Piccolino

Chef Tommy’s Bacon / Steak

Chef Tommy’s Bacon (B&B Butchers)

B&B Butchers & Restaurant in Fort Worth and Houston offer a cozy but vibrant atmosphere with incredible service. The menu is loaded with delicious, chef-driven eats, but I want to focus on a bacon appetizer that I’m in LOVE with. It can also be eaten as a main dish for lunch or dinner. It’s called “Chef Tommy’s Bacon”, and you need to try it! Tommy’s Bacon is prepared fresh bacon, house Roquefort blue cheese, and truffle infused honey. This dish will send your taste buds to the FLAVOR RODEO and fill your belly with delight. I truly wish I could convey through words how delicious this dish tastes, but the words don’t exist. I guess you’ll have to head that way to experience it for yourself! Saddle up for the flavor rodeo with each bite, because B&B Butchers is a must visit in 2022!

Seven Doors Kitchen & Craft Cocktails  

Grandscape The Colony, Texas

Chef Jacob “Smiling” Quintana

Candied Bacon / Old Fashion

I’ve enjoyed my culinary conversations with Chef Jacob because he’s loaded with culinary passion. Seven Doors opened during the pandemic and have been setting North Texas on fire with their creative fresh cocktails and delicious dishes. They have a colorful interior based on seven different old doors from around the world. They are simply a chef-driven, from-scratch concept that believes in creative eats featuring layered flavors, tasty craft cocktails, and plenty of deliciousness. Chef Jacob and his culinary team believe in only using fresh ingredients to achieve some bold flavor profiles. The first time I tasted his candied bacon, I went nuts and had to put in two orders because I couldn’t stop eating it. It has a candy apple-like texture, with a slightly chewy crunch, but not overly sweet. It’s lick-your-fingers delicious. Seven Doors is a must visit in 2022! Watch Chef Jacob on Trey’s Chow Down LIVE: https://watch.tcncountry.net/home

Brick & Bones   

Deep Ellum, Texas

Mexican Fried Chicken / Mac N Cheese

I like this chicken so much that I featured it on my BEST Chicken Dishes special on ABC Channel 8 AND my BEST Chicken for 2021. They are located in Deep Ellum in the heart of the arts district. I love the name Brick and Bones, kinda catchy! Classified as Mexican Fried Chicken, it’s something you’ve never tasted before. They will tell you it’s a throwback bar in Deep Ellum, focused on craft Mexican fried chicken, great cocktails, and curated spirits. They started in the kitchen, where they cooped up and built a menu centering around Mexican-inspired fried chicken, which is their specialty! Prepared with fresh chicken and over 15 different fresh Mexican spices, it’s crispy ridiculousness! The first time I put this chicken in my mouth I said, ”S!@#$%^& W.T.F.” because it was so damn delicious! I ordered a second helping because one just wasn’t enough. If you love lip-smacking savory chicken – some of the BEST in North Texas, then head over to see them at B&B. Oh and don’t forget the Habanero Mac-N-Cheese with your fried chicken. Brink & Bones is a must visit in 2022!

El Relleno (Nico’s Pizza)

Nico’s MX Pizzeria   

North Dallas, Texas

Restauranter Nico Ponce

Executive Chef Juan Manny Reyes

El Relleno Pizza / Short Corn Ribs

I was excited to be invited to Nico’s when it opened in North Dallas in late 2021. They brought Mexican street food to Dallas and combined it with pizza. Chef Juan is from Mexico, so the dishes are authentic, creative, and extremely colorful! We tried several delicious dishes, but the one that won our hearts was the “El Relleno Pizza”. When they set the pizza down in front of us and I saw the Chili Rellenos and fresh flowers layered on top, I went into full tilt pizza boogie. You read that correctly: the pizza is layered with edible Marigolds – I couldn’t wait to try a slice! It’s prepared with Nico’s deep dish pizza crust, farm-fresh chili relents, fresh salsa verde, a Mexican cheese blend (Oaxaca, Chihuahua, Asadero, Mozzarella), and poblano sauce, topped with farm-fresh diced tomatoes and fresh picked edible Marigolds. The presentation is unforgettable, and the flavor is savory, cheesy deliciousness with floral notes that you will savor forever. Don’t forget an order of “Short Corn Ribs”! Nico’s is a must visit in 2022!

Provender Hall   

Fort Worth Stock Yards, Texas

Chef Marcus Paslay

Wedge Salad / Pimento Cheese Dip

I’ve known Chef Marcus for years, and every concept he creates is unique and loaded with fresh chef-driven eats. Provender Hall is located in an old mule barn that has been restored with a colorful chic western vibe with a casual atmosphere. Chef Marcus believes in offering fresh, colorful, and creative dishes loaded with unforgettable flavors. They have a variety of tasty dishes and daily specials that everyone will enjoy, but I want to highlight what I consider to be the BEST Wedge Salad in North Texas. I’ve eaten a bunch of wedge salads this year on the hunt for the BEST! Marcus and his culinary team are slinging a wedge salad with a favor profile all its own. It’s prepared with farm-fresh lettuce that’s chilled to perfection, a house-made dressing that’s savory, a bit creamy with notes of dill and loaded with deliciousness. If you love wedge salads, you must try this one. Don’t forget the house Pimento Cheese Dip. Provender Hall is a must visit in 2022!

Parlor Donuts 

Lake Worth, Texas

Family Owned

Layered Donuts

When I first heard about Parlor Donuts and how they are layered, I couldn’t wrap my head around it as I’ve known how donuts have been made for decades. Parlor uses a unique technique to create their signature donuts. It’s the layers in their doughnuts that make them so special. PARLOR dough is layered in butter, making it flaky and sweet. Beyond their amazing dough, they work hard to offer an incredible selection of over 20 flavors. For this reason, they believe you will leave their shop saying, “This is the best doughnut I have ever had.” I can honestly tell you without hesitation that it’s the BEST DONUT I’VE EVER EATEN! Parlor Donut is a must try in 2022!

Vaqueros Texas Barbeque 

Grapevine, Texas

Pitmaster Trey Sanchez

Birria Tacos / Nanner Puddin

Mini Taco Flight (Tejas Bishop Arts)

Pitmaster Trey Sanchez has been around World Class Bar-B-Q and the Bar-B-Q business since he was a kid. His dad was in the food business and passed on that spark for creating deliciousness to Trey. Located in Grapevine at Hop and Sting Brewery, he has award-winning smoked meat Birria Tacos that have been featured on numerous national TV shows and social media.  His Birria Tacos are so dam tasty they’re actually famous, FAMOUSLY DELICIOUS that is! I want you to think about taking a grilled taco and dipping into fresh consommé sauce which I call taco gravy. That’s Birria Tacos! His brisket is flavor-loaded, bold, and he offers house-prepared sides that are always on point and loaded with deliciousness. Don’t forget his NANNER PUDDIN! It’s savory sweet deliciousness to die for! Watch Pitmaster Trey on Trey’s Chow Down LIVE: https://watch.tcncountry.net/home

Tejas Bishop Arts  

Dallas, Texas

Chef Nick Hurry

Mini Taco Flight

We discovered this little hidden jewel which is in Dallas in the Bishop Arts District. Tejas is a trendy TEX-MEX spot slinging chef-driven eats and craft cocktails with agave-forward spirits and includes some colorful signature drinks. Chef says, ” It’s the BEST of Mexico and Texas combined.” Tejas was transformed during the pandemic from a counter-service only to a full-service restaurant. It offers a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere with a creative menu loaded with deliciousness. The Chef’s Mini Taco Flight is savory, unique, taco deliciousness that I fell in love with.  You can choose from SIX or TWELVE TACOS with your choice of picadillo beef or poblano chicken. Each bite is a flavor explosion in your mouth, so buckle up and get ready for a taco surprise! Tejas is a must visit in 2022.

Bankhead Brewing  

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Driven Eats

Lobster Mac-N-Cheese

Located in Fort Worth in the West 7th Street area, Bankhead Brewing is a craft brewpub offering fresh, chef-driven eats and tasty craft beers. They opened during the pandemic and have been a driving force in the vibrant west 7th street area slinging deliciousness and fun. Their craft beers have won awards including 2018 Silver Medal Winners at the Great American Beer Festival for their Southern German-style Hefeweizen (Hoofer’s Hef). When we heard about the fresh Lobster Mac-N-Cheese I couldn’t resist the culinary tug to try this dish. Prepared with various cheeses, fresh lobster, and pasta, each bite is a karate chop of savory cheesy deliciousness. A must try in 2022. Don’t forget an award-winning craft beer!

Connecticut Lobster Roll (E.H.S.C.)

East Hampton Sandwich Shop  

Dallas / Fort Worth Texas

Chef Driven Sandwiches

Connecticut Lobster Roll (Warm)

 The story goes: Their first location opened the doors in 2012 after founder Hunter Pond realized his penchant for flavorful, perfectly prepared sandwiches outweighed his commitment to the law degree he was pursuing. When I first visited East Hampton, I was impressed with their fresh-prepared sandwiches. In a world that is saturated with sandwich shops they stand alone in the pursuit of creative deliciousness. The Connecticut Lobster Roll is served warm and offers a unique flavor profile that is savory, buttery deliciousness you can’t forget. Each bite I took was better than the last, truly an unforgettable sandwich. Prepared with a hot butter-grilled N.E. Atlantic lobster knuckle + claw meat and Old Bay seasoning, then stacked inside a fresh toasted bread roll that is light, airy and flavorful. You also get your own little container of fresh, melted, clarified butter to pour over the sandwich. WOW! This sandwich is so good it would make a Pit Bull break it’s chain! A must try in 2022 if you’re looking for true sandwich perfection!

Jose On Lovers  

Dallas, Texas

Chef A.Q. Pittman

Any Dish Offered (On Cover)

Jose On Lovers is one of those rare restaurants offering perfection with every dish prepared. They have a creative, fresh take on contemporary Mexican cuisine. Chef A.Q. Pittman and her culinary team create some of the most beautiful, colorful, and vibrant dishes in the Texas dining scene. Her team plates every dish to the finest detail, creating deliciousness that is unforgettable. They only source and use authentic, fresh ingredients and vegetables to achieve the best possible flavor profiles, offering a kaleidoscope of flavors with every bite. Jose is truly an unforgettable dining experience for Mexican food lovers, art lovers, and Craft Tequila Lovers alike. I was lucky enough to host Chef AQ on Trey’s Chow Down LIVE and it was a culinary education and the life of a passionate chef in the pursuit of perfection. Jose is a must visit in 2022 and is one of favorite Mexican restaurants in the USA! Watch Chef AQ Pitman on Trey’s Chow Down LIVE: https://watch.tcncountry.net/home


Texas Locations

Sizzling Family Platter #2

I was in disbelief when I learned about the new BIG FAMILY MEATY Platter they’re offering at PAPPASITO’S location across Texas. When someone in Texas talks about barbeque, beef, or steaks, they tend to exaggerate. This is the reason I didn’t believe the size of the Family Platter until I saw it for myself. I heard the meat and vegetables sizzling as the platter approached, and my mouth started watering. WOW! My mind went into full tilt Foodie Boogie because it smelled like meaty deliciousness and looked like heaven on a platter. I was truly SHOCKED by the number of proteins and vegetables we received. They said it would feed 4 people but truly it’s more like 6 or 7.

Sizzling Family Platter (PAPPASTIO’S CANTINA)


The platter includes Fresh Quail, Fresh Beef Fajita meat, Fresh Grilled Chicken meat, Fresh Jalapeño Cheese Sausage, Mexican rice, house beans, fresh cut jalapeños, fresh prepared quac, and we added extra sour cream and shredded cheese. We enjoyed the fresh chicharrones with house queso and chili Con-Queso. Talk about a FULL MEAL DEAL! It’s truly a meal for meat lovers to enjoy! A must try in 2022.

K POP Burgers  

The Colony Texas

Chef Kevin Lee

Asian Infused Burgers

I’m going to tell you right now: if you don’t want to eat massive burgers, DO NOT go to K POP. Every burger they offer is a massive stack of meaty, savory deliciousness. Once your burger arrives at your table you will be slinging sauce ear to ear. I tried the 3.5 Pound “Bang Tan Burger”, which was loaded with eight (1/2 Lbs) fresh Angus beef patties (x5), grilled pineapple (x2), grilled jalapenos, grilled spam patties (x2), American cheese (x6), pepper jack cheese (x4), and fresh house prepared K3 Sauce that will have you licking your lips in a food coma. All the burgers on their menu are loaded with flavor explosions, you can’t go wrong! If you’re a burger lover head over to K Pop. They are a must visit in 2022.

Shell Shack Restaurants  

DFW Locations

Fresh Chef Driven

The Heavy Weight / Crab Tator Tots

Seafood Deliciousness (Shell Shack restaurants)

Shell Shack specializes in fresh, chef-driven seafood dishes, sides and desserts. I love the BIG bags of fresh seafood and the amazing Crab Tater Tots. All-day seafood, “THE HEAVYWEIGHT” – prepared with two lbs. of SNOW CRAB, two lbs. of SHRIMP, one lb. Of KING CRAB, two fried FRIED CATFISH FILETS, eight FRIED SHRIMP, eight CORN, twelve POTATOES, twelve SAUSAGE, fresh FRIES, and loads of HUSHPUPPIES. Wow, a seafood experience like no other! Seven pounds of smack you in the face seafood deliciousness. Feeds five to six people and is market priced. Don’t forget the fresh crab tater tots, they are always GBD Golden Brown and Delicious. Shell Shack a must try in 2022.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses  

DFW Locations

Fresh Steaks & Seafood

Chef Driven

Baked Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

I’ve been telling food lovers about this chicken dish for a decade. Now before you say, “What? Isnt Ruth’s Chris known for fancy steaks?” Yes, they are, but I can promise you the chicken is the sleeper on their menu. I’ve been eating this chicken dish for years and I can honestly say it’s at the top of any chicken dish I’ve ever eaten anywhere in the world. I say with confidence that you will be blown away. It’s presented hot, crackling, and bubbling with butter and a beautiful golden brown crisp skin. The aroma of this dish as they set it down in front of you is head-turning. I swear, when I order this dish, folks around me will ask, “What in the world is that?” I always say with a grin, “Why, it’s STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST!” It’s prepared with a double-breasted chicken that’s been oven-roasted, stuffed with garlic herb cheese, and topped with lemon butter. Trust me and go try this succulent, cheesy, flavor-layered dish at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It’s a must try in 2022 and one of the BEST THINGS I’VE EVER EATEN!

Bushi Bushi Dum Sum Palace 

Addison, Texas

Chef Driven

Soup Pan Fried Dumplings

Crab Truffle Mac-N-Cheese (Drake’s Hollywood)

They opened about six months ago in Addison and specialize in fresh appetizers, soup, Dimsum, entrees, desserts, and craft cocktails. When I heard about a place called DUM SUM Palace I wasted no time at making my way to chow down on some of their award-winning dumplings. They prepare the dumplings fresh daily using locally sourced ingredients and vegetables to create dumpling love affairs. The Soup Dumplings are my favorite because when you bite into them, they release a river of flavors running through your mouth that are unforgettable. Bushi Bushi is a must visit in 2022 for an unforgettable dumpling love affair.

Drake’s Hollywood  

Dallas, Texas

Chef Driven

Snow Crab & Black Truffle Mac N Cheese

Drake’s a dark, cozy, old-fashion Hollywood style eater that is loaded with charm and coziness. Old painted Hollywood actors line the walls of the dining room and bar area. Drake’s offers plenty of chef-driven deliciousness like pizzas, steaks, and crazy desserts. I want to discuss the mega cheesy “Snow Crab & Black Truffle Mac ‘N’ Cheese”. You just can’t go wrong with this savory, gooey, cheesy, flavorful, and delicious seafood Mac-N-Cheese. It’s always served HF&D Hot, Fresh and Delicious! A must try in 2022.

Doc B’s Restaurant & Bar

Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas

Chef Driven

1lb Angry Meat Ball

I don’t know the story behind Doc B’s, but I do know they’re slinging creative deliciousness all day. They have open spaces for dining rooms and wonderful outdoor patio areas. Eating outdoors in Texas with a pound of meat sitting in front of you is what food dreams are made of. The 1 Ib. Angry Meat Ball is served in a big cast iron skillet, topped with a spicy house tomato sauce, fresh ricotta cheese, and house garlic bread. When you take the first big bite it’s a karate chop of flavor in your mouth… K POW! If you love meat balls, it’s a must try in 2022.

Malai Kitchen  

Fort Worth, Southlake, Dallas Texas

Chef Driven

Drunken Noodles

Fresh Lobster Ravioli (Saint Rocco’s)

I like to call Malai Kitchen the “Flavor Palace” because every dish I eat here is loaded with tastiness. Every single bite I take of anything here puts a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. All the dishes are colorful, fresh, and creative! The service is always perfect, and the staff is happy to help you. The atmosphere is upbeat, open, and very bright. I just can’t get enough of Malai Kitchen and my favorite dish is the Drunken Noodles. I can smell it before they set it down in front of me. They are the BEST drunken noodles I’VE EVER EATEN. I’ve even had delicious dreams about this dish! You need to head over to Malai Kitchen and for some noodle deliciousness. They are a must try in 2022.

Saint Rocco’s New York Italian  

Trinity Groves, Dallas

Chef Jay Valley

Lobster Ravioli

If you love to be entertained, drink, and CHOW DOWN, then Saint Rocco’s is a spot you need to check out. They have a vast array of different fresh prepared dishes and tasty craft cocktails. The atmosphere is colorful, old-school Italian with some fantastic views of downtown Dallas. Trinity Groves is one of my favorite spots and chef Jay Valley and his culinary team are one of the best in the Dallas food scene. The “Lobster Ravioli” is prepared fresh by hand daily using only the freshest ingredients, and Jay’s grandma’s old Italian cooking technique. When the dish arrives, you can see the fresh ravioli floating on a bed of the house prepared lobster truffle cream sauce. When you take your first bite its savory, creamy, a little cheesy and a load of deliciousness. It’s so dam good that I’ll do things to that dish that’s probably illegal in most states. YES! It’s that good! A must try in 2022!

Pho District  

7th Street Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Kenzo Tran

Sizzling Beef & Chicken Platters

Pho District has been open since 2018 and I’ve been eating there since the first day the doors slung open. It has a hip vibe and open spaces featuring modern takes on Vietnamese street food. They use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create some street food deliciousness. I’m in food love with the sizzling platters! You can hear and smell them as they approach the table with the platters. The dish is served in a cast iron skillet in the shape of cow and is hot, sizzling and meaty goodness. If you love sizzling meat, you need to try this dish because it’s worth it and you need it in your life!  Must try dish in 2022!

Jonathon’s Diner  

Dallas, Texas

Chef Jonathon

Danger Dogs / Fried Chicken & Waffles

CoCo Shrimp Sampler (CoCo Shrimp)

One of my favorite little places in Texas, or anywhere for that matter! I stumbled on this place by accident four years ago, and I loved it from the first time I laid my eyes on it. It’s located right off Beckley Ave. in a little neighborhood in Dallas. There is just something to be said for a cozy little laid-back diner that is full of charm and energy. I can’t truly describe the feeling when you walk in, but it just feels friendly and comfortable like you’re supposed to be there. This is the cozy type of place my mom, grandad and grandma would have loved. I sit at the bar and order this dish called “Danger Dogs.” Yeaaaahh, you read that correctly, Danger Dogs! I love creative menu options and I just had to order these. After they sat them down in front of me and I took my first bite I was HOOKED like a fish on a pole. I’ve been back four times to chow down on Danger Dogs and chicken and waffles, and you should too. They have a variety of tasty, creative options for you to enjoy with craft cocktails too. Don’t forget the brunch items… WOW! Make plans to visit Jonathan’s and find out why I love them so much. It’s just cozy, delicious perfection! A must visit in 2022

CoCo Shrimp  

Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Driven Shrimp Concept

Shrimp Sampler

I first visited CoCo Shrimp two years ago, and that started love affair in Texas. They story goes: The Coco Shrimp dream began while they were attending BYU-Hawaii. Over four, adventure-filled years, they fell in love with the laid-back lifestyle of the North Shore of Oahu. They became enamored with the way food played such an important role in the Polynesian culture.  They moved back to Fort Worth, their hometown, and opened CoCo Shrimp specializing in fresh shrimp dishes and tacos. People have fallen in love with CoCo Shrimp and everything they are slinging out of the kitchen. The first time I walked through the doors, I could smell the strong hints of sweet garlic, onions and herbs. My foodie barometer was on full tilt. I ordered the Shrimp Sampler, and the rest is history. It was a bath of Polynesian, shrimp flavored deliciousness! They are a must visit in 2022. Throw that door open and Tell’em you’re diving in for a shrimp platter.

Little Red Wasp 

Sundance Square Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Blaine Staniford

“Fried Chicken & Biscuit” Parker House Rolls

Cheddar Cheese Fried Chicken Biscuit (L.R.W.)

Little Red Wasp Kitchen and Bar is nestled in downtown Fort Worth between two steak houses. This restaurant is a chef-driven, knife and fork sandwich concept by Chef Blaine Staniford and Adam Jones. They are slinging deliciousness with every dish on their menu. I’ve featured them so much, one would think they are paying me, but one would be wrong! I just love the cozy atmosphere, great service, and creative dishes. But I’m in love the Wasp “Fried Chicken and Cheddar Cheese Biscuit.” It’s prepared with a fresh house cheddar cheese biscuit, house prepared black pepper gravy, and an awesome big fat n’ juicy fried chicken breast. You must have a knife and fork to eat this beast of a dish. It’s packed with flavor, and you will be sopping up the gravy with your little fingers and licking them all up, I promise you that! Get to the WASP because It’s a must visit in 2022!

Chabelo’s Food Truck  

Paris Texas

Chef Driven

Cheesy Birria Pizza

Located in Paris, Texas just north of Dallas, they offer the best Birria Pizza I have eaten in Texas to date. When I walked up to place my order, I was greeted by some extremely friendly people with big smiles. It was difficult to stand there because the delicious smell was pouring out from the trailer. I could see and hear the Birria Tacos sizzling on the grill! I placed a big order, but I’m going to highlight and feature the Birria Pizza because it was truly unbelievable. When I grabbed the pizza box it was very heavy, and I knew that meant only one thing – It was going to be loaded with tons of cheese ?and plenty of deliciousness.

What I discovered was one of the BEST BIRRIA PIZZAS in Texas, and I’ve eaten quite a few this year as I’ve been on a mission to discover the BEST. The Pizza was prepared fresh to order, so it takes about 20 to 25 minutes, but it’s so worth the wait! It had loads of cheese, fresh house-prepared sauces, farm-fresh onions, and cilantro chopped and bagged separately. It also came with fresh grilled onions that were caramelized to perfection on the grill. Every single bite you take from the first to the last will have you saying OMG, OMG, OMG because it’s loaded with deliciousness and each bite is sinful! I promise you will be praying to the flavor gods for more! A must visit and worth the drive to Paris, Texas in 2022. Make a day of it because Paris is a beautiful old East Texas town full of charm.

 Jazzy’s Tacos  

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Chef Driven Mobile Concept

Fresh Birria Tacos

I met Chef Jose and Chef Jazmin just a few short months ago in Deep Ellum. They were slinging taco deliciousness, and when I say slinging, I mean deliciousness was flying everywhere! Everything I tried from their grill was stupid delicious. The fresh prepared tacos, Birria Tacos and Birria Taco Pizza and desserts… all amazing! I’m going to focus on the Birria Tacos because they were taco perfection. The Birria Tacos were served Golden Brown and HF&D – hot fresh and delicious. Loaded with succulent and flavorful meat, cheese, farm-fresh onions and cilantro.

New Hops & Hens (Restaurants On Lamar)

If you’re looking for some Taco Deliciousness you need some Jazzy’s Tacos and Jazzy’s Sweets in your DIET. They are a must try in 2022!

Hops & Hens  

Restaurants On Lamar

Dallas, Texas

Chef Driven

Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Tenders & Sides

The NEW concept Hen & Hops is open at the Omni Dallas Hotel and is located on Restaurants on Lamar across from the Omni Hotels & Resorts. Created by the Omni and their award-winning culinary team, it’s a new concept specializing in fresh farm to table chicken dishes, sides, desserts, and craft beers. They really did a fantastic job of creating the concept, menu, fresh dishes, and the vibrant atmosphere.

The only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and vegetables to create some bold modern American flavor profiles that are flavor loaded and delicious. I love their signature batter because it’s light, flavorful and turns a perfect golden brown. After cooking, the fried chicken is light, savory, and cooked GBD #GoldenBrownandDelicious. They offer plenty of sides and salads that are served fresh. All the dressings and flavorful sauces are also prepared in house by the culinary team. The chicken and sides are a kaleidoscope of flavors with each bite. If you love chicken HOPS & HENS is a must visit restaurant!

Bisous  Bisous Patisserie  

Uptown Dallas, Texas

Chef Andrea Myer

An intimate French Chef-driven bakery known for its unbelievable macarons & other French pastries, with a coffee bar & cozy patio seating. If you follow me, you know I LOVE my sweets! I love the creative, colorful, and delicious, sweet treats that come from Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie in Uptown. They are truly some of the BEST I’ve ever eaten in the WORLD. That’s a big and bold statement, but it’s TRUE. Chef Andrea Myer and her culinary team are slinging some colorful and beautiful pastries that are prepared fresh in house. They only use the finest ingredients sourced locally to create some unforgettable sweet and savory flavor profiles you will love.

If you love sweets and pastries like I do, head over to Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie. I promise it’s worth the drive from anywhere in the DFW area. They are a must visit in 2022.

Thank You I hope you enjoy the deliciousness!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman



The BRUNCH KING Is Back In Cowtown Slinging Deliciousness!

Award Winning Bloody!

Hello, food and drink lovers!

It’s going to be a fantastic 2020 for the food and drink scene in Texas.

I have some exciting news for everyone that loves to eat savory, sweet, delicious brunch in cowtown.

Celebrity Chef Stefon Rishel who won Top Chef a few years back has opened his new award-winning Wishbone and Flynt speakeasy and restaurant concept.

That’s correct, Chef Stefon is back and he is slinging deliciousness for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner.

The restaurant is located about a mile south of downtown Fort Worth off Main Street at 334 Bryan Ave 76104.

The Wishbone and Flynt concept was created by Chef Stefon and his partners. They have a colorful menu loaded with a variety of creative, savory, sweet, and delicious dishes.

Top Chef Stefon Rishel!

The interior of the restaurant is cozy. It’s decorated with eclectic furnishings with old world charm that make it the perfect spot for a dinner date, doing business, or just chowing down on one of Chef Stefon’s award-winning dishes. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming. The award-winning Amber Room is the attached speakeasy. It’s full of cozy little spots to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, a creative craft cocktail, or some Texas vodka and whiskey.

It is one of the coziest little spots in Texas to have some fun and enjoy some delicious bites. It is perfect for socializing with that special someone, a group of friends, or just for having fun.

We tried a few dishes off the BRUNCH menu and they blew me away. Of course, I knew they would be extremely creative and delicious.

I’ve loved and respected Chef Stefon for years. He is truly one of the most creative culinary geniuses of his generation. A self-taught chef that literally can create some of the most amazing sweet and savory dishes that are mouth-watering, colorful, picture-perfect, and just “Stupid Delicious”!

Stefon’s creativity knows no bounds and he will stop at nothing in the pursuit of the best and most creative culinary delights.

The brunch menu is fantastic and is loaded with dishes like;

Tiramisu French Toast, Wild Rice & Blueberry Pancakes, Enchilada Stack, Stefon’s Special Chilaquiles, Roasted Chili Relleno, and so much more.

I have to tell you that the Tiramisu French Toast was just “Stupid Delicious”! Yes, I said STUPID DELICIOUS because it is so insanely flavorful. It’s simply addicting.

It’s prepared with vanilla brioche, espresso custard, whipped mascarpone, espresso syrup, fresh berries, and a little bit of freaking deliciousness.

The Stefon Burger was prepared with a custom burger blend; Brisket, chuck, short rib, & belly. Seared in duck fat, topped with Vermont white cheddar, on a soft custom brioche bun. Yeah, I said seared in duck fat, baby! Talk about a succulent hamburger. His burger will be winning hearts and stomachs all over Texas.

If you follow me then you know I believe food always tastes better with a story so here you go.

When they sat the Tiramisu French Toast in front of Jana, the aromatics lofted in the air with deliciousness.

Jana hasn’t tasted one of Chef Stefon’s dishes so when she picked up her fork I was watching her close. I was watching her for one reason because I wanted to see her expression after she took her first bite. I’ve been eating Stefon’s food for years and I always love to see the expressions on people’s faces when they taste it for the first time.

She had a big smile on her face and said, “OMG. Trey, this is one of the best dishes I’ve had in a year! I can’t believe how flavorful this dish is.”

I responded, “That’s my boy Stefon, the culinary genius that knows no bounds to create sweet and savory dishes. His food will dance around on your pallet like a bunch of professional ballerinas dancing across the stage at a fine broadway production. His food will make you smile. It will warm your heart and soul. It’ll have you so hooked you can never put your fork down. He is, simply put, a culinary self-taught genius”!

Do yourself a favor and head over to Wishbone and Flynt and grab you a big ol’ plate of Stefon deliciousness.

Wishbone and Flynt is a Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for 2020. It is not to be missed!

Remember what I said, “STUPID DELICIOUS”!

Please watch Chef Stefon’s Interview on Trey’s Chow Down Live below.

The Ultra-swanky Clover Club in Dallas

Grilled Atlantic Salmon: granny smith apples, bitter greens, lobster caramel

Back in the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, long before there was any social media platforms, entertainment facilities, and organized bar events we had luxurious dinner clubs.

These clubs had first-class service where the staff catered to every customer’s need. No matter what they needed, the staff and the dinner club would make it happen.

I know this because my family-owned restaurants and two meat companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at that timeframe. My granddad, along with his sales staff, would make sales calls on dinner clubs and gambling halls offering all kinds of meat products. I heard all the stories about how vibrant, interesting, and classy those clubs were back in the day.

My granddad and grandma would visit these places in the evening time, socializing with clients and their customers. It was a different time and place back then, and at times I wish as a society we still had some of those values.

Lobster Potstickers: soy-ginger dipping sauce

If you’re one of the three million or so folks we reach every month then you how much I love to socialize, listen to great music, and slingback some cocktails. They say the apple doesn’t far from the tree and my case that is true.

I’m passionate about locating the very best food and drink experiences in Texas for everyone to enjoy. That means when I get a call, or I hear about a new place, I always make time to visit and see what it’s all about.

When I heard there was a new dinner club in Dallas I wondered if it would be a true dinner club or one of those places that just called themselves a dinner club.

As we were riding up the elevator to the dinner club I was getting excited about the possibility of certifying this place as one of the only true dinner clubs in DFW for our followers.

I’m happy to say I was extremely excited by the time the doors opened on the elevator.

Roof Top Bar and lounge area

The Clover Club is everything you could imagine and more. It’s a vibrant club with fantastic music, delicious chef-driven, flavor-packed menu, with a classy retro feel. I’m in love with the 1950’s vibe and the 2019 sound.

Chef Anthony believes in using only farm fresh vegetables and ingredients to achieve bold flavor profiles in every dish.

Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, who also owns the Parliament and the Standard Pour, partnered with Chef Anthony Van Camp to create dinner club magic in Dallas.

Season of Summer: Citrus infused vodka, lemon verbena, watermelon, yuzu, sea salt, soda…

They have an entertainment director onboard as well. They organize the big band entertainment to ensure they keep the first-class standards that makes the Clover Club truly an original in Dallas.

After you eat and listen to some amazing music, or if you just want to take a little break, you can head upstairs to the rooftop bar and lounge area.

I truly enjoyed the rooftop it has amazing views of the Dallas area. You can grab some cocktails and take a seat on some comfortable patio furniture. If you like the bar area you can sit there too, or stand and gaze over the city of Dallas while you enjoy the beautiful evening in Texas.

I’m excited and thrilled to say I’m in love with The Clover Club. The offer real dinner and music experiences for everyone who walks through their doors. All I can say is: ” Clover Club is a place where one can eat, drink, and listen to some amazing music in a vibrant atmosphere. It’s truly a Dallas original and I’m glad they decided to create this beautiful place for everyone to enjoy.”

See you at the table, or maybe the bar!

Trey Chapman

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Poster for brunch from Clover Club Social Media

Saturday BRUNCH Deliciousness Button’s Restaurant

Button’s Soul Food is now a Fort Worth tradition and everyone should visit this soul food and music heaven!

Chef Keith Hicks is always slinging deliciousness and good times at Button’s. Trey’s Chow Down always loves a visit to Button’s it fills you full of energy, good times, and great food! Chef Hicks explains, Buttons is built around the idea the love of great food and music are universal, the idea that diversity is beautiful and that all people have much in common.

The Morning After Brunch A Real Chow Down!

Doc B’s Candy Bacon DFW

A few years ago I heard about this brunch event. After my diligent research, I found that it was centered on brunching. I was like, “One price for a bunch of chef-driven brunch dishes AND it includes cocktails too? Sign me up folks. I’m there.”

This event was forreal a fantastic brunch event filled with incredibly delicious brunch cuisine like powdered donuts, candied bacon, biscuits and gravy, maple and chocolate pancakes. I can go on forever. It is areal foodies dream come true.

Just A Brunch’in!

The events name is the “Dallas Observer – Morning After Brunch”, and it’s truly a Texas sized brunch that doesn’t compare to anything you’ve ever seen before. I’ve never seen so many mouth-watering, knee-slapping, chef-driven brunch dishes in one spot! There are so many, you couldn’t get to all of them. We only made about eighteen, or twenty, before we had to jump in a wheel barrel to roll ourselves out of the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

We had a bit of trouble trying to jump in the wheel barrel to make our exit with empty cocktail glasses in both hands, powered donuts in our jacket pockets, and four or five strips of Doc B’s delicious candied bacon stuffed in our shirts, but we managed to make it work. I felt like a food thief piglet at an all-you-can-eat late night buffet in Las Vegas. I was on a brunch high like no other!

When I tell you they had cocktails, I’m talking about serious cocktails. They didn’t just have a few selections of beer and wine they had it all; Deep Ellum Distillery Vodka, KORBEL Champagne, Wine, Jack Daniels whiskey, Bloody Mary’s, Creative cocktail mixes, much more. They offered custom Bloody Mary’s too! Oh it was a cocktail lovers dream. If you would have seen me with all that food and trying to hold cocktails in both hands, you might think I had a serious partying issue.


Trey’s Chow Down T.V. Best Burgers of 2018 Fox 4 Good Day with Lauren

This years list was crazy! We chowed down on 120 burgers and visited over a 100 different burger joints and restaurants to complete our list.

For the past five years at Trey’s Chow Down.Com we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best burgers I’ve eaten that year. The first year it started at Fort Worth Magazine with what I thought was the best burger I ate. As time went on, more and more folks would ask me what I thought about this burger or that burger. In 2017, I increased my dedication to research and the number of burgers for the list. I had to increase the list to the TOP 15 BURGERS in DFW because there are many places promoting and selling delicious burgers. I needed to be fair, accurate, and credible. Our “Best Burger List” has become so popular (251,000 views in 2017) that I’ve decided to make some changes for 2018 and for the future of our Trey’s Chow Down Best Burger Contest. I’ve created TWO NEW burger categories and a BEST ALL AROUND WINNER for 2018 and beyond.

The NEW categories will be as follows:


–    BEST CRAFT Burger


I truly love a delicious burger but the beef industry has changed so much in the last five decades. I felt I needed to make the decision to create the NEW categories for fair judging and a TRUE BEST BURGER LIST.

To me, a CRAFT burger is completely different in creation and flavor profile. They can be prepared with delicious creative toppings, a variety of expensive fresh meats, premium aged cheese, with a fancy bakery fresh bun. A craft burger can get expensive depending on how it is created. When it comes to craft burgers my flavor profile has a wide range. I will try anything to see what kind of burger deliciousness a chef has created to achieve the number one tasting burger in the burger wars. There are lots of crazy flavor profiles for craft burgers. Plenty of the craft burger creations have the ability to send your taste buds to the flavor rodeo and have you screaming giddy up with each bite.

I found Foodie Heaven 8 Delicious Destinations, One Street!

 Hello fellow foodies and chowhounds,

Every once in a while folks will say, “You should see this place it’s amazing”. They sometimes say anything to get your attention about something new they’ve tired. Folks just want to share their happiness! This was exactly what I was told about Restaurants On Lamar and I just had to see it!

Last month I was invited to tour the NEW Restaurants On Lamar at the Omni hotel in Dallas. I thought to myself, it must be some restaurants inside the Omni Hotel? If I’ve learned anything in my five decades on this earth in the food and drink business is that one should NEVER EVER have preconceived notions about anything. Especially when it comes to restaurants nowadays.  Making assumptions can sometimes lead ya to be wrong.

That’s exactly what happened to me when it came to Restaurants On Lamar. What I thought about it before seeing it was nothing like it actually was… not even close!

When I pulled up to the Omni I drove past a cluster of restaurants across from the Omni on Lamar Street. It was at this point I started to grasp what was happening. Restaurants On Lamar is an amazing new concept at the Omni Dallas. They have eight different restaurants, three different bars, each with beer, drinks, or creative cocktails. Each location falls under one blanket drinking permit so you can walk around with your drinks while you dine and socialize. It also includes one of the largest sports bars I’ve ever visited with private booths and VIP areas available. These restaurants are eight separate concepts complete with skilled chefs with creative farm-fresh chef-driven menus at each one. They have award-winning cuisine with impeccable customer service. They have creative and colorful cocktails that number in the hundreds tasting like heaven. To make this new concept even better they have FREE parking for customers. I’m talking about over 400 spaces plenty of parking NOT like you normally find in the DFW area these days where you’re hunting for a parking space or walking a mile after parking. FREE parking in downtown Dallas, WHAT? Well now! Free parking, eight different restaurant concepts, three bars, a sports bar, four patios one with a big outdoor fireplace, and a roof top patio and bar all in the same location? Boy, now you have my attention!

Think about the holidays, birthdays, parties, events, and anniversaries that can be celebrated at Restaurants in Lamar. I want you to stop and think just consider this fact for a minute… You have family in town, but it’s hard because so many folks like different cuisine and they just can’t decide where to dine. Well, at Restaurants on Lamar that is not an issue. You can visit several locations and enjoy different food cultures and food groups. Maybe you want to have a special anniversary you can eat in one spot, have dessert at another spot, and then have a few cocktails after that. You never have to leave Restaurants On Lamar.

Here is my favorite situation of all, the family trap. Honey our house isn’t big enough to have all your family members; I don’t want them all over here at the same time! What do we do? Well, Trey’s Chow Down just saved the day, your relationship, and your families combined over all happiness. Invite them all to meet you at Restaurants On Lamar for an evening or daytime packed with family fun and deliciousness. Heck, have them meet you at the Biergarten On Lamar first get them all to lighten up before you head out on your restaurant tour. If they’re coming from out of town they can book a room at Omni and BAM you meet them at Restaurants On Lamar a.k.a. a Trey’s Chow Down delicious destination.

Now that I have your attention I want to discuss each restaurant concept so you understand what we are talking about at this delicious destination.


East and West collided in 1852, when Matthew Perry of the USA Steam Navy was assigned to open ports to the west trade. Saltwater stained his metal ships black as he made his way to Japan and therefore, the Japanese referred to them as ‘black ships’. The story is brought to life in traditional Japanese, Korean and American dishes.


Bob’s Steak & Chop House is a nationally renowned steak house specializing in the finest corn-fed, Midwestern prime beef. The menu formula at this Dallas culinary landmark is simple: incredible meat, gigantic shrimp, fabulous salads and decadent desserts. Classic steak house food prepared and presented in a manner that Bon Appétit calls “the kind of fare you’ll want to go back for again and again.”

Quality and service are two of the main ingredients that make up the culture, along with a quintessential Dallas dining experience. Because of the caliber of the product, servers exude a friendly confidence that charges the atmosphere and restaurant with vitality. Award-winning food, educated service, and warm, classic décor make dining at Bob’s Steak & Chop House an outstanding experience.


In 1971, Momma Herrera opened her first restaurant with the familiar recipes she grew up within Mexico. Fast forward to 2015 and the family tradition is carried to Omni Dallas’s Restaurants on Lamar with the Herrera family continuing to showcase the authentic, upscale Mexican cuisine including classic enchiladas, street tacos, and signature margaritas. Vibrant colors and fixtures complement the textures of Mexico the Herrera family grew up in and give guests a lively backdrop to a fun foodie adventure.

A cocktail from Pegasus Bar


Texas Spice, serving three meals daily, captures the true flavor of Texas with an emphasis on local ingredients and southern style offering a twist on hometown classics. The innovative farm-to-market concept incorporates the freshest ingredients to create great food and a casual dining experience. The rustic interior was designed with repurposed materials that include red brick walls, garage-door-style doors, and wood details. Whether dining in the main dining room, a private dining room or on the spacious outdoor patio, every guest is sure to feel connected to the history of Dallas while enjoying the comfort of a home-cooked meal.

Texas Spice “Recently named a Diners’ Choice Winner by OpenTable.com.”


The Owners Box at Omni Dallas Hotel is a sports lover’s dream with state-of-the-art features and the latest technology including a 16-foot screen for viewing the game. The full-service bar and authentic menu is just the start to an amazing sports bar. Never miss the game again with private game-watching tables that include sound isolating technology and interactive scheduling to fit your needs. Enjoy the big game from every angle on multiple LCD HDTVs, patio dining and oversized seating areas.

After 9:00 p.m., guests must be 21+ to enter The Owners Box. This time is subject to change due to special events; please contact the hotel with any questions.

Pegasus Bar Omni Hotel

Pegasus Bar is overlooking restaurants on Lamar and is Texas chic. Great drinks, cocktails, trendy décor and good vibes. You can see the big restored neon Pegasus Bar from the windows. They also have a big outdoor patio to enjoy with a big floor space if you so desire to move about.

See you at the table!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman


Good Ol’ Texas Biscuits – Best in DFW 2018

Good day folks,

Little Red Wasp “Chicken and Biscuit”

One of my favorite things in this world is eating biscuits. Any type of biscuits, in any dish, in any form! I’ve been pondering on the idea of writing a story on biscuits because they are so delicious. After TWO whole years of research, I finally decided to let all my fellow foodies know where the best biscuits are located. I waited for TWO years because new eateries kept opening. Here we go everyone hop on the biscuit train!

Dictionary.com defines biscuits as…Any of various hard or crisp dry baked products: such as
(1) British : cracker (2) British : cookie
b : a small quick bread made from dough that has been rolled out and cut or dropped from a spoon. They’re just so much more than this.

When I read this, I laughed and thought we need to have a good ol’ Texas version of a definition for what biscuit means. So here it is…

Trey’s Chow Down defines biscuit as: a delicious lil flour-based treat cooked until golden brown perfection. It is fluffy, flaky, soft and should be covered with gravy or slathered in butter and jelly. It can be used for a sandwich, breakfast, or brunch treat.

I’ve been looking all over DFW for the best of the best biscuits. I’ve found some really delicious ones along with spreads to top them with. I hope you enjoy these lil bites of goodness as much as I enjoyed eating them. Head over to any of these places and let me know what you think! Be sure and tell ’em who sent you!

Chicken, Biscuits, & Gravy! Oh my!

Good day Chow Fans!

Fixture Chicken & Waffles!

I grew up in Texas in the ranching/beef/restaurant business. One would think I would be a beef man! A person who only consumes beef! That is far from the truth. My family history in the ranching business has given me all the opportunity in the world of beef from raising it to selling it for private sale. I grew up in the family restaurant business and even handled the moving, cutting, packaging of the beef, and making our custom chili in the meat company. It was a lot of work, but gave me great insight and knowledge in the food business.

I do enjoy all kinds of food. I love chicken! Especially LOVE fried chicken. There is just something about rolling that chicken in a delicious batter, setting it into a fryer, and ending up with a beautifully crisp chicken. It comes out of the fryer all hot, crispy and crackling… Your senses seem to go into what I like to call, “Full Tilt Chicken Boogie”. OMG the crispy skin and the soft delicious meat can make anyone go crazy. I find it hard to control myself!

A lot has changed in the last 20 years within the culinary world. Chefs have gotten more creative with fried chicken dishes and flavor profiles. This combination of creativity and fried chicken has made the business better than ever. I set out to find the most delicious fried chicken. I’m talking all types of fried chicken. Fried chicken on biscuits, fried chicken and waffles, spicy fried chicken, and regular old fried crispy fried chicken. You name it!

Please enjoy the best Fried Chicken Trey’s Chow Down has ever eaten in the Fort Worth and Dallas area.

The Fixture Restaurant & Social Lounge