“Nothing-NOT a conversation, NOT a handshake or even a hug establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together!”

Jonathan Safran Foer

Lip Smacking Unique and Creative BBQ Dishes!

Good day to all the BBQ lovers,

When I was a boy, I remember riding in the backseat and driving by Angelo’s BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas. You could smell BBQ two blocks up the road before even getting there. That was over forty-five years ago, back when the DFW area had only a few barbeque joints. The usual order was limited to ribs, brisket, or chopped beef. There wasn’t nearly as much selection of BBQ as we have today.

Boy… have times changed. Change is good, and delicious. The BBQ market has gone crazy with all kinds of creative dishes and innovative ideas. We have old ol’ fashion BBQ, craft BBQ and some BBQ that I’m not even sure how to classify it. Pitmasters and chefs will stop at nothing to create mouth-watering deliciousness to send our foodie senses into overdrive. Everyone is competing for the next incredible dish and smoking up Texas with the best BBQ chow downs.

The competitiveness for the best barbeque has resulted in techniques that perfectly yield insanely good flavors on the finest meats. Foodies around the world have fallen in LOVE with Texas BBQ time after time. Chefs are replicating and doing it up Texas style. The bigger the better, just like everything in Texas. The best restaurants have chef driven menus, farm fresh house prepared sauces, and create bold BBQ flavors. Trust me, I’ll show you the best of the best places to chow down on barbecue.

“Johns Turkey Sandwich” BBQ On The Brazos.

Texas “barbeque, bar-b-que” is defined as a dressed steer, lamb, pig, goat or other animal, roasted or fired over an open hearth or pit. It’s usually a meal, in the open air and often as a family, political, or social gathering. It has become so much more than this definition. Texas BBQ in today’s world is a part of every foodies dream. We can get BBQ in all kinds of creative dishes with various types of toppings, sauces, vegetables, breads, and so much more. I’ve eaten a bunch of BBQ all over the state and these are some of my favorite unusual unique and creative BBQ dishes.

Please visit our Texas BBQ & Sides page for more BBQ locations and ideas in DFW and Texas.

BBQ on the Brazos
Cresson, Texas

Talk about deliciousness! It’s hard to describe the incredible flavors you get from John and Kathryn Sanford at their little BBQ shack in Cresson, Texas. Their BBQ tells a story, and we all know a good story makes food taste better. They’ve won awards, presented their foods on television, and are in the Texas Monthly “BBQ Top 50 Winners”. I admire their dedication to creating amazing flavor profiles. They truly aim to make the BEST of each item on the menu. I love every single dish they make. But what I really LOVE is “John’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich”. It’s smoked turkey on a jalapeño-cheese sourdough bun, with melted mozzarella cheese, French fried onion rings, and topped with chipotle mayo. I can promise you this sandwich is life changing. It is absolutely worth the drive. Make sure to take a camera to capture the “Wow. I’m in love.” face you’ll make when you eat this.

Billy Oak Acres BBQ
Fort Worth, Texas

What can I say about big chef and pitmaster Billy Woodrich that hasn’t already been said at least 1000 times? This man and his team can make dreams come true with their BBQ, sides, and his signature “Billy Burger”. He has one of the BEST brisket dishes in Texas. I love his brisket, heck I even did a segment about it on Trey’s Chow Down T.V. episodes. Billy has been on multiple television shows, food shows, and in chef competitions. But what I want to discuss today is his “Billy’s Brisket Tacos”… O.M.G. you will visit the flavor gods at Billy’s and these tacos have it all. Also a forewarning… his old fashion hamburger is so good it will make you want to slap your mama.

“The Hot Mess” Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge
Dallas-Deep Ellum, Texas

Every single time I enter Deep Ellum, I roll my windows down because I know I’m fixing to smell greatness in the Dallas air. True story: One day, I was taking some friends out for a Sunday funday in Dallas. I got about four blocks away from Pecan Lodge and I rolled the windows down. The first person said, “Trey, what is that delicious smell?!, Goodness man”. The other one said, “What is that? OMG, it smells so good I want to take a bite out of your seat”. I laughed and said, “Welcome to Pecan Lodge folks. You’re BBQ dreams are about to come true.” Chef Justin and Diane say, “The secret to our success has been all smoke, no mirrors”. Everything they’re slinging out of their barbecue pits and kitchen is simply amazing. Everything is packed with insane flavor profiles. They’ve been on many television show segments and are also in the Texas Monthly “BBQ Top 50 Winners”. Now that you know the BBQ is incredibly delicious, I want to discuss two specific dishes I love. The “Hot Mess” and the “Pit Master Sandwich” both are just stupid delicious. Let me show you the menu description so you understand why; THE“HOT MESS” is a Jumbo sea salt-crusted sweet potato, South Texas barbacoa (shredded brisket with southwestern seasoning), chipotle cream, cheese, butter & green onions. THE “PITMASTER” has Brisket+Pulled pork+ Sausage, topped with slaw, bbq sauce & fresh sliced jalapeños. Make plans to visit the LODGE (but be prepared to wait in line, because it is that good).

Heim BBQ
Fort Worth, Texas

Heim BBQ has won many awards, been on TV, and you can find them at numerous BBQ events. Travis and Emma Heim started out cooking in a back yard. They expanded to selling meats out of parking lots and some of the best festivals in Texas. Then they moved to a food trailer, where their business began to gain a lot of traction. They moved forward and opened an incredible brick and mortar location on Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth. Chef and pitmaster Travis and Emma will tell you their barbecue is a combination of great effort and perfected techniques. THIS is what creates an amazing flavor profile. They have some of the most heavenly BBQ in the world today. I love the smoked meats, sausage, and now on Sunday’s special “Travis’s Corn Dogs”. The creativity and dedication at Heim has no end. I have to tell you about the unbelievably flavorful burnt ends. The “Burnt Ends” are so good I can’t stop eating them. I swear, I would shove them in my mouth until I was so full that I can’t talk… then I will shove a few more in there like squirrel trying to hide his nuts. I’m telling you, visit Heim BBQ but make sure you’re on an empty stomach. Don’t you dare blame me when you eat half your weight in burnt ends.

Cattleack Barbecue
Dallas, Texas

“Pastrami Burnt Ends” Cattlelak BBQ

I stumbled on to Cattleack BBQ about two years ago. They have fantastic BBQ, great staff and a dedication to creating the best in the BBQ world for all to enjoy. Todd and Misty David work hard at creating masterfully delicious flavorful dishes. This is why they’re #3 on the Texas Monthly “Top 50 BBQ Joints” in Texas and #1 in Dallas for delicious BBQ. I admire their back story and how pit master David wants his place to feel like a back yard BBQ. I will show you an excerpt from their website. Please, check it out!

“In 2010, after selling the disaster restoration company he’d owned for 30 years, Todd David decided to turn his life-long BBQ hobby into a profession and founded Cattleack Barbeque, a North Dallas BBQ catering company. Just like Cadillac®‚ is known for its high-quality automobiles, Cattleack Barbeque is known for its top-notch, fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth smoked meats. That’s why we’re “Branded the Best.” Owner and head pitmaster Todd David doesn’t take that tagline lightly. He pours his heart, soul and Special Reserve BBQ sauce into making sure that every single item on the menu leaves you thinking, “Wow. This is the best darn BBQ I’ve ever had.”” (read more here: http://www.cattleackbbq.com/about/)

Let me tell y’all, they have something incredible, and very unique when their on the menu, “ Akaushi Pastrami Burnt Ends”. OMG these little bite size things will send your mouth to the flavor carnival. They are for sure amazing; I went back three times to get more. Even then I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to steal the whole pan of these delicious bites like a thief in the night!

Jambo’s BBQ Shack
Arlington, Texas    (cover photo from Jambo’s BBQ)

Let me tell you about Jambo’s and chef Ashton Stauffer… Man, does she have some pride in her work and what they sling out of Jambo’s kitchen. Ashton Stauffer is the sole owner of all three Jambo’s BBQ Shack locations. She was born in Arlington, Texas and has dedicated much of her time and effort advocating for small business. She has two BBQ dishes I absolutely adore. The “Jambo Texan” and “The Sadie”. These two creative dishes are eye popping and packed with flavors. Directly from Jambo’s BBQ Shack menu, the “Jambo Texan” has two pork ribs, sliced sausage, pulled pork, chopped and slice brisket, and a slice of bologna piled between two pieces of Texas toast and held together with a skewer. “Not for the faint of heart. No pun intended”. “The Sadie” It is a large baked potato stuffed with butter and sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped brisket, minced sausage and chopped onions topped with beans. “This ain’t your granny’s baked potato!”

Hope you enjoy Trey’s Chow Down BBQ picks. Please try them all, and let me know by posting on our social media. Happy chow down to all!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

Biscuit Lovers Galore & More!

Good day biscuit lovers,

Biscuit Bar Photo C: B.B.

Sometimes, you just stumble into a truly fantastic place. Maybe you even had dreams about the perfect place and wished someone would just create it. Then…all the sudden…out of the clear blue you hear about someone opening your dream concept.

Well my friends, I can’t tell you how many times my dad, and others, have discussed a place that serves great biscuits with lots of fixings. Growing up in four generations of family restaurant business, you learn to love all kinds of concepts. Gatherings have us sitting around discussing great foodie ideas.

A while back I heard about 2 biscuit bar concepts, but it was still in the works. They were going to open one in Plano and call it “The Biscuit Bar”. I thought to myself, sure they are we will see about that. I figured it was probably all talk.

Original ChopShop (Now Open Los Colinas)

Good Day Fellow Foodies,

Protein Bowls Photo Credit: ChopShop

I stopped by the NEW ChopShop in Los Colinas last week for the grand opening and it was fantastic. I loved the open floor plan concept and all the colors that are displayed for all to see. I tried several items but loved the “Grilled Protein Bowl” with chicken. Everything I tired including the “Nitro Cold Brew” was farm fresh and delicious.

The Original ChopShop is a neighborhood eatery crafting ‘Just Feel Good Food’ from whole ingredients. Since the first restaurant opened in Old Town Scottsdale, Ariz. in 2013, Original ChopShop has provided a warm, welcoming place where guests can come as they are and fuel their well-being with wholesome, flavorful food. Protein bowls are a core focus of the menu, providing guests with three key essentials: greens, grains and proteins. The menu also offers salads, sandwiches, acai and pitaya superfruit bowls, fresh-squeezed juices, and protein shakes, all made from scratch on-site with real, quality ingredients. The team at Original ChopShop is proud to offer customizable food for

Good Ol’ Texas Biscuits – Best in DFW 2018

Good day folks,

Little Red Wasp “Chicken and Biscuit”

One of my favorite things in this world is eating biscuits. Any type of biscuits, in any dish, in any form! I’ve been pondering on the idea of writing a story on biscuits because they are so delicious. After TWO whole years of research, I finally decided to let all my fellow foodies know where the best biscuits are located. I waited for TWO years because new eateries kept opening. Here we go everyone hop on the biscuit train!

Dictionary.com defines biscuits as…Any of various hard or crisp dry baked products: such as
(1) British : cracker (2) British : cookie
b : a small quick bread made from dough that has been rolled out and cut or dropped from a spoon. They’re just so much more than this.

When I read this, I laughed and thought we need to have a good ol’ Texas version of a definition for what biscuit means. So here it is…

Trey’s Chow Down defines biscuit as: a delicious lil flour-based treat cooked until golden brown perfection. It is fluffy, flaky, soft and should be covered with gravy or slathered in butter and jelly. It can be used for a sandwich, breakfast, or brunch treat.

I’ve been looking all over DFW for the best of the best biscuits. I’ve found some really delicious ones along with spreads to top them with. I hope you enjoy these lil bites of goodness as much as I enjoyed eating them. Head over to any of these places and let me know what you think! Be sure and tell ’em who sent you!

It’s Rockin and Rollin’ at The Bronson Rock!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

“Buffalo Chicken Wrap”

The rock rolls again folks! Some years back in Keller, Texas, a place opened for business named Bronson Rock. Over the years they’ve added space, live full band performance shows, and good food. They’ve seen some hard times with a business partnership, but not any more. Those times are LONG GONE!

The new owner Sam Dalton is no stranger to the restaurant and bar business he’s been very successful with other ventures. Sam and the new Operations Director  Dan Carr are excited about the new management, new staff, new delicious menu, and new operations. I’ve visited several times since the new owners took over and the rock is rolling full steam ahead.

“Romaine Caesar Salad”

Dan Carr prides him self on excellent customer service and strives to make each experience perfect at Bronson Rock. In a recent interview with VoyageDallas.com, Dann said this about his career choice in the restaurant business.

“One day ten years ago, I was honest with myself and acknowledged that although I never planned to make a career in the restaurant industry, there was no denying it; I loved it. As of now I have been in the service industry 25 years. I have worked almost every position that this industry has to offer. Through that I feel it has given me a great understanding and respect for this business. I have a genuine love for guest satisfaction. Nothing pleases me more than hearing about what a wonderful experience someone has in my establishment. When I was a bartender, I always strove to be the best, fastest, and friendliest bartender each customer had ever met. As a manager and now co-owner of an establishment, I love the fact that I carry on my shoulders the responsibility for the entire customer experience.”

The rustic-chic Smoky Rose in Dallas

Hello Y’all,

Chef Spoons Deviled Eggs

One could say that being smoky would be a bad thing, but one could also say being smoky is an excellent thing! I’m telling you right now in this case… smoky is an awesome thing.

I heard about this place in Dallas a few months ago called the Smoky Rose. Some chef that goes by the name of Chef Spoon was slinging smoky deliciousness and creating good vibes with his flavorful chefy sides. So I headed over to check it out, and stake my claim.

The Bacon Jam Burger

I knew I would enjoy this place as soon as I pulled up and saw the overall coziness, the incredible outdoor patio, the fire pits and large couches. If you follow my food adventures then you know I’m a sucker for cozy friendly atmospheres where one can eat, drink, laugh and socialize for hours.

Top 10 Easter Weekend Brunch Choices DFW

Good Day,

The Easter weekend is close so Trey’s Chow Down” andDrink With Trey” wanted to give everyone some suggestions for Easter weekend brunch. Our suggestions are some of the best in the DFW area. The suggestions are below, so please enjoy. We’ve visited each of these restaurants and love everything they have to offer. Just click on the name and it will send you to the restaurant site. Happy Easter everyone~!

Souk at Trinity Groves

Souk at Trinity Groves:

Oh my! Trey’s Chow Down can’t say enough about how much we enjoy this fabulous restaurant. Souk is a Mediterranean Restaurant · Lebanese Restaurant · Moroccan Restaurant serving deliciousness. Souk explains, At “Souk” we’ve transported a Mediterranean Bistro and Bar directly from the Atlas Mountains to Dallas’ newest dining and entertainment destination, Trinity Groves. The famous street food flavors of Morocco evolved over centuries with cultural influences from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Western Europe and we are so excited to weave them into the fabric of Dallas vibrant dining scene! Join us for Easter Brunch this Sunday April 1st! Enjoy a specially prepared seafood 4 course brunch for $35. Call (469) 458-2233 to book your table!

Del Frisco’s Grill Fort Worth & Dallas:

Del Frisco’s Grill DFW

Treat yourself to brunch this Easter weekend and enjoy favorites like our Kale & Brussels Sprout Salad and Red Velvet Belgian Waffles. Oneof the best downtown restaurants, Del Frisco’s Grille is the perfect spot to enjoy a fantastic night in one Texas’ finest cities. Nestled in Sundance Square, this restaurant is next to amazing entertainment, nightlife and luxury hotels, making for a night out you won’t soon forget. Enjoy new American fare and plenty of southern hospitality at this bustling Fort Worth watering hole. Reservations are accepted for indoor dining only. Patio seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thai-Asian Cuisine. A Hidden Gem!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

“Street Noodles” with chicken.

I’ve had a love for food since I was a young buck…maybe a buckling. I love many different types of foods, but one of my favorite types involves Asian cuisine. When you throw “street prepared foods” into the mix, my senses really go into full tilt boogie.

Wikipedia’s definition of street foods is, “food that brings together various offerings of ready-to-eat meals, snacks, fruits and drinks sold by hawkers or vendors at food stalls or food carts on the street side.”

Street food is always fresh and prepared by local cooks and prepared with their own flare and flavor profiles. They always remain true to their culture and put a  twist in most cases. That’s exactly what I found at this new hidden jewel in Euless, Texas.

I had a follower of Trey’s Chow Down send me tip about this wonderful place in Euless. Immediately, I knew I needed to try it. I receive a lot of tips and it’s hard to visit to each and every location or recommendation. BUT when the name says “street food”… well then that goes to top of my list ASAP.

When I was trying to find the location of “Trinty Street Foods” I was shocked at how hidden the location was. It reminded me of an old spy movie where they tell someone to travel down the back streets, turn at the water fall, turn at the big statue, then look for the gold eye in the dragon and go around back, lol!

Hangover Kitchen & Chef Scott Is The Cure!

Chef Scott (Salsa King)

Good Day,

If you drive west up Exchange Avenue in the fun Fort Worth Stock Yards you will find lots of great places to have fun and plenty of indulgences. When you need to grab a quick bite it’s always great to have good chow out in the Stock Yards. You will see The Basement Bar, The Longhorn Saloon, McNasty’s Saloon, and the Thirsty Armadillo. Located inside Thirty’s is the famous Old School “Hangover Kitchen.” When you walk into the Thirsty Armadillo you can smell what Chef Scott is cooking!

Brisket Tacos

The “Hangover Kitchen” offers all kinds of deliciousness to fill that hunger gap. It’s also the perfect place for that late night craving of a house made tacos, pizzadilla, or fresh salsa and chips. Chef Scott is slinging some delicious dishes in the “Hangover Kitchen” in the afternoons, evenings and late night!

I’ve tried several dishes from Hangover and I loved each dish. He also makes great house made salsa you can take home with you. Salsa with names like: Cilantro, Maple Bacon, Melon, Inferno and many more. If you eat salsa and chips at Hangover you will be in love.  I’ve tried the several of his salsa creations, and they where all layered with flavors.


“Dilla Gang Bang”

I chowed down Chef Scotts house made brisket tacos they were deliciously yummy totally unforgettable. I also tried the house made “Dilla Gang Bang” Oh man that was awesome! If you love “Fried Pickles” grab some of them, delish. I did manage to also sneak in a sausage-on-a-stick that is charred all over, giving it an awesome flavor. “Hangover Kitchen” and Lounge has an awesome menu with amazing dishes.

Maybe you’re in the Stockyards, maybe you need something catered to your work place, or maybe party food. Wherever you are, give chef Scott a call and drop him note! He will be happy to see you.

“Hangover Kitchen” is located at 120 W Exchange Ave Fort Worth inside the Thirsty Armadillo. Phone # (817)-504-1126


Ruth’s Chris Pairing Dinner

Complex, daring and flavorful. It’s not every day you get the chance to experience unique expressions of Pinot Noir from central California, Russian River Valley and Rogue Valley, alongside five incredible courses. Limited seats are available on select dates in April for our Pinot Noir TasteMaker dinner, featuring Belle Glos. Reserve yours today.

For this TasteMaker Dinner, we’re pouring wines from the Pinot Noir grape, from
renowned winemaker Joe Wagner, including the award-winning Belle Glos. Join us for a rare chance to
taste the grape’s unique expressions from different appellations in California and Oregon, all alongside five incredible courses.

Make your reservations at the link below. Have fun chowing down!


Between The Buns! (Dallas Observer)

Join the Dallas Observer on Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 4PM– 7PM at Dallas Farmers Market as we celebrate the Inaugural Between The Buns, A Dallas Observer Slider Event presented by Whole Foods Market.

Between The Buns is an outdoor slider-sampling festival that will feature over 20 of the best sliders that Dallas has to offer, from fried chicken, to pulled pork, burgers and more! It will also include music, cash bars with beer and cocktails. Get your fill of sliders, one of the best finger foods, only at Between the Buns!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW at http://ticketf.ly/2mnUY2y

Unlimited Samples From:
Arepa TX
Asador Restaurant
Barnes & Noble Kitchen
Dallas Chop House
City Council Restaurant & Bar
Cook Hall – Dallas
Cuban Bakery
Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
Easy Slider
Fresh Art Foodie
Full Circle Tavern
Harlowe MXM
Haystack Burgers & Barley
Henry’s Majestic
House of Blues Dallas
Hutchins BBQ McKinney
Isabelly’s Chocolates & Sweet Treats
Knife Dallas
Mi Habana
Old Town Creamery
Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar
Texas Spice on Lamar
The Dapper Doughnut – Central Dallas
Unrefined Bakery
Village Burger Bar
Whole Foods Market

VIP Admission Ticket Includes:
Entry into the event 1 hour earlier than general admission (entry at 3pm). Included in the price is unlimited food samples from Between the Buns vendors, entertainment, access to VIP lounge with exclusive VIP only samples, 4 Drink Tickets at VIP Private Bar (Private Cash Bar available after tickets are used), as well as VIP restrooms.

All Tickets Include:
Entry into the event at 4pm. Included in the price is unlimited samples from Between the Buns vendors, entertainment and beer & cocktails available to purchase.

All guests must be 21+ with a Valid I.D. Rain or Shine
More information at betweenthebunsdallas.com

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/2z9VVlP

Fresh out of the oven: MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company!

The delicious “Meat Balls”

Good Day Chowhounds,

About five months ago I was driving around West 7th area and surveying the local landscape. During most drives I catch new businesses building out their spaces or working on their new locations before they start advertising WHO they are, and WHEN they are opening.

Such is the case with the NEW MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company Fort Worth(West 7th Area). I saw them working on this space and went to investigate. When I found out what it was and what they served I got excited. I enjoy new restaurant concepts just as much as I love pizza. Boy… do I love pizza!

After researching MidiCi’s company history I realized it was going to be an innovative new concept for Fort Worth. In DFW today, new concepts are fresh and welcomed.

They have great lil catch phrases like;

We dream of food coming only from nature.

We dream of high quality food accessible to all!

We dream of memorable meals with friends!

We dream of service that is kind, mindful and in the moment!