“Nothing-NOT a conversation, NOT a handshake or even a hug establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together!”

Jonathan Safran Foer

Creative Food, Great Drinks, Live Music Daily: Magnolia Motor Lounge

Good Day,

From Scratch Menu!

Some years back before the Fort Worth 7th Street area started rocking and popping, a little place opened up for business in the southwest corner called Magnolia Motor Lounge. We they opened I thought to my self this is going to be a great place.

Magnolia Motor Lounge, or for the frequent the 7th street area comers, then you’re aware they go by the name “MAGS” for short.

MAGS offers a wide range of national and local artists nightly. This means on any given night there is awesome tunes being played at Magnolia Motor Lounge. They have a wide VARIETY of music from rock, blues, Texas blues, Texas red dirt, and any & all types of music. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be fantastic and the sounds are always great.

The stage is set in the middle of the building so you can see the artist performing from any angle in the club. The servers, bar tenders, and employees are all very nice. They are all so helpful and friendly. The club is open, spacious and has a great patio. So for the folks who want to grab some fresh air, or you just like being outside to socialize in the wonderful Texas air the patio at MAGS is always ready.

Trey, Garett, and Stewart Mann with Chad.

It’s also the perfect place to stop in and hear some great live music During the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. You won’t want to go home!

The have a great “from scratch” chef drive menu. You can eat brunch, lunch, dinner or snacks of any kind. The food is always farm fresh and on point. Just to let you know, Magnolia Motor Lounge has some of the best burgers in town too.

They have a great selection of foods to choose from, but here’s a list of some signature items from Magnolia Motor Lounge:

Garage Queso – Beer Braised Pork, Pico de Gallo, Queso, Grilled Onions, Grilled Jalapeños, add some Avocado on it!

Melt with tenderloin.

Magnolia Custom Burger – Burger topped with Ham, Grilled Mushrooms, Breaded Fried Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, and a soft fried egg.

Mag Melt Burger – Burger topped with Grilled Onions, Spicy Magnolia Sauce, Provolone Cheese, Bacon, on Jalapeño Cornbread.

Junk Yard – Hand Battered Deep Fried All Beef Frank, Chili, Queso, Grilled Onions, and Jalapeños, Mustard

“Magnolia used the freshest ingredients, handmade daily, cooking only the best for our guests. HECK, we don’t even own a microwave!”

See y’all at Magnolia Motor Lounge   soon! Holler let’s do a shot and take some photos.

Trey Chapman

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Upscale Southeast Asian Cuisine!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

Eva doing her thing!

Quite some time ago, I was told about Malai Kitchen in Southlake. At first I thought, oh yes another Southeast Asian cuisine place. I’ll get over there when I can. I love Asian culture, the food and the great flavors it provides. Everyone knows how much I love food because… well… It’s my job and my life mission to pursue with a deep passion. I get leads on new places daily and while I do try to never prejudge a restaurant, a chef, or a menu, I sometimes put places on the back burner.

Malai Kitchen has other locations in the DFW metropex so when I heard Malai Kitchen was coming to Fort Worth I told myself, I’ll just wait and try Malai when they open here. I made a colossal mistake not trying Malai in Southlake when I heard about it the first time.

I drove up to the NEW location and saw the big bright colors, the beautiful patio, and the fantastic vivid interior… I was in love. If you know me at all, you know I love BIG BOLD THINGS! It can be flavors, colors, cuisine, clothes and more. My first impression will always be good if it’s bright and bold.

OPEN Thanksgiving Day To Eat, Drink & Be Thankful In The DFW!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

Years ago when I was younger, the holidays were truly meant for families. Everyone came together at home and cooked. There was so much food and all you could do was eat, stumble to a chair and take a nap. After waking from a good food slumber you got up and went back to eating some more. It was an all day family chow down fest.

BLKEYE Vodka Cocktails

Sometimes we work too much, sometimes flights get missed and sometimes…just sometimes we don’t wanna do anything but relax on the holidays. Whatever it is, times have changed and so have our values. Today we have a lot of places open for you to dine during Thanksgiving. You can take your family, friends, or just eat a great Thanksgiving meal all by yourself. You can also hit the town with the family after a great Thanksgiving meal. Drink With Trey always has the 411 for drinking, partying, and all your cocktail needs.

A Wish With Wings In Cowtown!

My cell phone rings it’s Clay Brants, “Trey are you coming to a Wish For Wings again this year? ” I answered “Heck Yes Clay Baby!”

Some Of The Wish For Wings Crew!

So I had the opportunity to attend a great event. The 2017 Kitchens Tour in Fort Worth, Texas! The finest chefs. The Finest homes. The cutest Wish Kids! This was an AWESOME event benefiting A Wish with Wings.

Let’s get fancy; The Quintessential TEXAS Dish!

If you live in Texas, or have spent any time roaming around here, then you know what the most quintessential dish that Texans love to eat.

It’s big, tasty, light brown color, has a little crunch with each bite. In most cases it is smothered in creamy gravy. Yep! The delicious chicken fried steak! Born in Texas, and it is truly the quintessential state dish.

Texans love it so much we even declared an official day to celebrate it!

Chicken, Biscuits, & Gravy! Oh my!

Good day Chow Fans!

Fixture Chicken & Waffles!

I grew up in Texas in the ranching/beef/restaurant business. One would think I would be a beef man! A person who only consumes beef! That is far from the truth. My family history in the ranching business has given me all the opportunity in the world of beef from raising it to selling it for private sale. I grew up in the family restaurant business and even handled the moving, cutting, packaging of the beef, and making our custom chili in the meat company. It was a lot of work, but gave me great insight and knowledge in the food business.

I do enjoy all kinds of food. I love chicken! Especially LOVE fried chicken. There is just something about rolling that chicken in a delicious batter, setting it into a fryer, and ending up with a beautifully crisp chicken. It comes out of the fryer all hot, crispy and crackling… Your senses seem to go into what I like to call, “Full Tilt Chicken Boogie”. OMG the crispy skin and the soft delicious meat can make anyone go crazy. I find it hard to control myself!

A lot has changed in the last 20 years within the culinary world. Chefs have gotten more creative with fried chicken dishes and flavor profiles. This combination of creativity and fried chicken has made the business better than ever. I set out to find the most delicious fried chicken. I’m talking all types of fried chicken. Fried chicken on biscuits, fried chicken and waffles, spicy fried chicken, and regular old fried crispy fried chicken. You name it!

Please enjoy the best Fried Chicken Trey’s Chow Down has ever eaten in the Fort Worth and Dallas area.

The Fixture Restaurant & Social Lounge

Grilled Cheese Heaven In TEXAS!


The History of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, posted by “How Stuff Works”, will tell you some three-quarters of people who buy sliced cheese make at least one grilled cheese a month. Similar grilled cheese recipes are even mentioned Ancient Roman texts—and, let’s face it, the French have been making their famous croquet-monsieurs since the early 1900s. TODAY’S common notion of the grilled cheese is traced back to the 1920s. During this time, an Iowa man now considered “the father of sliced bread”, invented a bread slicer that made distributing white bread easy and affordable. Shortly before that, James L. Kraft had patented processed cheese — you recognize the name, of course! Kraft’s entrepreneurship pursuit revolutionized the pasteurizing process and ensured that cheese wouldn’t spoil, even when transported long distances. By 1914, J.L. Kraft & Bros. Company (the precursor to Kraft Foods) opened its first plant in Illinois. Factory cheese was disparagingly termed “rattrap cheese” or “rat cheese” by the fiercely proud English folks who were proud of their cheddars. It was not considered a delicacy. To them, it was simply a cheap, nutritious, and scalable product.

Truffles Anyone? Are You Kidding?

Good Day,

Chef Marcus & Trey

This is a story written by Chef Marcus Paslay of the world famous Clay Pigeon and Piattello Italian Kitchen in Fort Worth. What a night it was!!

Truffles Anyone?

Winter white truffles are in season so I purchased some ($1200/pound FYI). I have been selling them at Clay Pigeon for $25/gram. That’s right we’re using metric, as you do when using a product as valuable as truffle. When acclaimed food columnist Trey Chapman of Trey’s Chow Down came in for dinner tonight I thought he would get a kick out of being able to smell such a rare product in its whole form. So like a generous restauranteur I took a WHOLE truffle to Trey and said “put your SNIFFER on this” what happened next is siamotainously the craziest, funniest and most gut reaching thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Trey-effing-Champman bit into that SOB as though it were an apple. As I watched him chew what amounted to $220 (my cost) worth of France’s finest foraged product I was in shock. I learned a very valuable lesson today which I feel obligated to share with everyone. DON’T put anything in front of Trey Chapman unless you want him to eat it!!


Marcus Paslay 

R Taco Opening 3 Locations!

April 27, 2017 (Dallas, TX) – Greenbriar Restaurant Holdings is pleased to announce that Rusty Taco (also known as R Taco) will officially open its doors in three new locations, two in Fort Worth and one in Hurst. Rusty Taco’s much anticipated Fort Worth and Hurst locations will offer dine-in, carry out and catering options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rusty Taco locations in Fort Worth and Hurst will be open seven days a week from 6am – 10pm. Robust menu, including breakfast tacos, served all day. The Hurst location is at 775 Grapevine Hwy, Suite 400 and will open at 6am on Monday May 1, 2017. The Fort Worth location at Bluebonnet Circle/TCU is at 3516 Bluebonnet Cr. and has an anticipated opening date of May 15, 2017. The Camp Bowie location in Fort Worth is at 3206 Winthrop Ave. in Ridglea Village and is expected to open late May/early June.

Rusty Taco’s menu includes a wide variety of authentic, street-style tacos and traditional side items, made to order from the freshest ingredients and served in warm corn or flour tortillas. Every taco is $2.50 and under, whether it’s one of Rusty’s famous breakfast tacos or one of the many delicious lunch and dinner options. Both Fort Worth locations and the Hurst location will also feature patio areas where guests can sip a signature margarita proudly made with “cheap tequila and fresh lime juice,” enjoy an ice-cold beer with friends or relax with family. All locations will continue with their popular “Loco Hour” Monday through Friday from 3pm until 7pm, where guests can enjoy half-price specials on all drinks and sides.

“We are thrilled to bring Rusty Taco to Tarrant County. It has been a long time coming,” says Greenbriar Restaurant Holdings CEO Conner Cupit. “This outstanding brand has become well-known and embraced throughout Texas and beyond for its fresh, authentic menu, comfortable atmosphere and extremely affordable prices. We have stayed true to the laid-back atmosphere and straightforward approach to outstanding food and service that was the vision of founder Rusty Fenton, and we are confident that this will be a fantastic fit for the Fort Worth and Hurst communities.”

Trey’s Chow Down & Drink With Trey

Trey Chapman

Crockett Row at West 7th (Growing Again)

                 Trey’s Chow Down and Drink With Trey is proud to announce                 
                         El Bolero, Pakpao to open at Crockett Row at West 7th
        Apheleia Restaurant Group to help enhance property’s food & beverage offerings
JULY 17, 2017 –– FORT WORTH, TEXAS –– Crockett Row at West 7th has announced
that local restaurants El Bolero Cocina Mexicana and Pakpao Thai will open in the property later this year. This news follows the announcement in May that Crockett Row rebranded from its former name as West 7th.
The new restaurants come from Dallas-based Apheleia Restaurant Group, owned by Tiffanee and Richard Ellman. In addition to opening the restaurants, the Ellmans have partnered with the team at Crockett Row to help curate and maintain the property’s engaging food and beverage offerings.
“We knew right from the start there was a big opportunity to partner with Richard and Tiffanee,” said Peter Jacobsen of The Woodmont Company, which oversees leasing. “The Ellmans’ restaurant industry expertise – from concept to execution – will add tremendous value to our team’s efforts to further establish Crockett Row as a destination for truly special dining and entertainment experiences in Fort Worth.”
El Bolero Interior on Crockett Row~

El Bolero is a chic, yet casual Mexican restaurant that uses fresh ingredients to create made-from-scratch dishes inspired by recipes found across the country of Mexico. The menu includes tacos al pastor, shrimp ceviche, chile relleno and a lavender-rosemary margarita. The restaurant will seat 120 people, offer additional seating on an outdoor patio, and feature an open kitchen that will evoke the energy of the streets of Mexico. El Bolero has been featured in D Magazine, Thrillist and USA Today’s 10 Best. The new restaurant will open at 2933 Crockett St. in a 4,200-square-foot space in late fall.

Pakpao has an authentic menu influenced by the street food of Bangkok and the diverse regions of Thailand. The mix of distinctive and classic dishes from Executive Chef Jet Tila include the green papaya salad, crispy fried chicken curry, grilled black sea bass, and a selection of gluten free and vegan offerings. Executive Chef Tila is the judge of Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”

Pakpao Interior on Crockett Row~

and has been featured on “Chopped”, “Iron Chef America”, “The Early Show” on CBS, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”, and “The Best Thai I Ever Ate”. Additionally, he is a culinary ambassador to Thailand. Pakpao will offer an energetic atmosphere with sizzle from an open kitchen and creative cocktails shaken at the bar. Pakpao will open in a 3,000-square-foot space at 2932 Crockett St. in late fall.

“El Bolero and Pakpao are a perfect fit with Crockett Row and the neighborhood’s selection of dining and nightlife establishments, said Jacobsen. “We are thrilled to offer these two distinctive, chef-driven restaurants to the community.”
In addition to its new name and branding, Crockett Row will soon debut new architectural enhancements to offer a more pedestrian-friendly experience. Updates include individually-designed tenant storefronts, additional shading and landscaping, public art, and a text-to-retrieve valet system with a central pick-up and drop-off location.
Retail and restaurant leasing at Crockett Row is led by The Woodmont Company, and the property is managed by Vestar. For more information, visit crockettrow.com and follow Crockett Row on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@CrockettRowW7th).
Crockett Row at West 7th is a vibrant destination to eat, drink, shop and explore in the heart of the Cultural District in Fort Worth, Texas. Located at the southeast corner of West Seventh Street and University Drive just minutes from Downtown Fort Worth, Crockett Row at West 7th encompasses five walkable blocks of fashion and accessory boutiques, salons and spas, gourmet and fast-casual restaurants and bars, and a movie theater.
Crockett Row at West 7th regularly hosts community and special events to highlight its unique mix of specialty shops & restaurants and the vibrant arts & culture scene in Fort Worth. A list of events is available on its website.
The property is managed by Vestar, a nationally recognized leader in the acquisition, management and development of retail real estate with more than 26 million square feet in its property portfolio.
For more information, please visit crockettrow.com and follow Crockett Row on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@CrockettRowW7th) with the hashtags #crockettrowatwest7th and #crockettrow. 
Trey’s Chow Down

203 Cafe To Open (Sundance Square)

203 Café to Open on the 2nd Floor of the Fire Station No. 1 in Sundance Square this Fall

New Breakfast, Lunch and Catering Location Offered by Reata Restaurant Group

FORT WORTH, TX – After more than two decades of providing legendary Texas cuisine with a healthy portion of exceptional service to tens of thousands of loyal customers, the owner of Reata Restaurant is expanding with the new 203 Café.

Fire Station number #1

Located on the second floor of the Fire Station No. 1 building in Sundance Square at 203 Commerce Street and between the Wells Fargo and Bank of America towers, 203 Café will offer fast casual breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, along with catering to downtown businesses.

“When we initially established ‘Reata on the Road’ as a ‘temporary’ catering company back in 2001, we had no idea how significant our catering business would grow to be, especially among the downtown office community,” said Mike Micallef, owner and president of Reata Restaurant Group. “We also recognize that sometimes office workers need another option for lunch on the go. 203 Café will provide a different menu than Reata through satisfying items that are easy to take back to a desk or a conference room.”

With a focus on signature sandwiches, examples of 203 Café menu items include:

  • The Rueben – Housemade pastrami with applewood-smoked bacon, swiss cheese, housemade fennel sauerkraut and whole grain mustard, served on toasted pumpernickel rye bread.
  • The Turkey – Citrus and herb-roasted turkey breast sliced thin, with whole grain mustard, arugula and sliced red onions, served on a butter croissant roll.
  • The Buffalo Shrimp – Fried bay shrimp tossed in spicy house made buffalo sauce, with shredded iceberg, red cabbage, cilantro, sliced tomatoes, cotija cheese and garlic aioli, served on toasted ciabatta.
  • The Bratwurst – Traditional German sausage of pork and spices steamed in lager, with housemade sauerkraut and whole grain mustard, served in a toasted pretzel roll.