“Nothing-NOT a conversation, NOT a handshake or even a hug establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together!”

Jonathan Safran Foer

A Lively & DELICIOUS Cuban Destination In Texas.

Good Day,

If you follow me, then you know how much I love to eat, and I don’t mean just EAT. I CHOW DOWN. Most of the time after I finish my meal, I leave behind what looks like someone has been in a food fight. It was no different last week when I stopped in to review the NEW LATIN PIG restaurant in The Colony, Texas.

I’ve always been intrigued with the Latin culture. They have food with fantastic flavor profiles, great music, wonderful colors, amazing countryside views, and beautiful people. We can even discuss how sexy their language sounds.

The Latin Pig Bar Area.

I heard about this place called The Latin Pig. I said to myself, Trey, two great things in the name Latin and the word Pig. I smiled and said I need to check this place out.

As soon as I drove up I noticed the colors on the sign and the beautiful building. I couldn’t wait to get inside and try some deliciousness.

When I walked in and heard the music and immediately wanted to start dancing. I refrained because when I dance I look like a sick one-legged chicken. I didn’t want to scare all the staff. I noticed the art deco booths and the big glass chandeliers hanging over the bar. Loved the atmosphere. It’s perfect!

Dippin My Sandwich in Deliciousness

I pulled up a stool at the bar and a fantastic server came to see me. Even though I love Cuban food I had lots of questions about the menu. My server had a wonderful Spanish accent, and it made me feel like I was visiting Cuba.

The Latin Pig says, “The cuisine at The Latin Pig can be traced back to the 16th century and it is a fusion of Cuban, Native Latin American Indian, and Caribbean influences. The food is healthy, prepared daily on site, genuine to Ana and her family’s homeland and full of flavor in an authentic Havana 1950s décor.”

After I reviewed the menu I settled on two dishes and placed my order. I listened to the music and soaked up all the fantastic aromas that filled the air.

I order the “Loaded Yucca” which had Sour Cream, Black Beans, Picadillo, Mint tomatoes sauce, over fried yucca. This dish was colorful, packed with authentic Cuban flare, and had a kaleidoscope of flavors. Loved it and the fried yucca.

I also ordered the delicious beef “ROPA VIEJA” sandwich. It’s prepared with Shredded Brisket, colored peppers, and onions in a Cuban style tomato sauce. It’s loaded with Swiss cheese on pressed French bread. Comes served with an amazing flavorful dipping sauce and mariquitas and black beans on the side. “OMG” is what this perfect sandwich should be named. The bread was so fresh, the beef brisket was tender and flavorful, and the dipping sauce was so good I drank the remaining bit like it was coffee. It was truly a wonderful succulent sandwich packed with deliciousness.

The next time you feel like taking a little trip to Cuba but don’t have the time or the dimes, head over to The Latin Pig. Even if you have to drive for a bit, I promise you will enjoy the cuisine and the staff. They also have live music and grand drinks.

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Anyone Like A Delicious Fresh Cuban Mojito? Me I do!


SugarWHAT?…….Sugarbacon in Historic Old Town McKinney!

Good Day,

I scroll through social media all day every day.  I average over 7.5 hours a day on social media from posting, to looking at postings, videos, photos, and searching for new restaurants and chef information. It’s a must to try and locate the next best food venture.

Interior: (Photo Credit: Eat Play Love McKinney)

So there I was scrolling and I saw this NEW place named Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen. I was like SugarWHAT? Did it say bacon?! I thought this has to be good. There is no way one could create a place called Surgarbacon and it be BAD.

Sugarbacon, here I come hammer down to Old Town McKinney.

Historic downtown McKinney describes itself as a downtown destination offering something for everyone. Festivals, nightlife, entertainment, fine and casual dining, charming bed and breakfasts, unique shopping, arts… downtown McKinney has it all. It’s just a hop skip and jump from Fort Worth, and only 30 minutes east of Dallas.

The drive was beautiful and picturesque as we entered Old Town. It’s surrounded by beautiful homes, cute shops, and small businesses scattered around the square.

“Sugarbacon Old Fashion”

We located Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen in an old restored Texas building compete with old gas pumps out front. It’s a fantastic old fashion brick building, concrete floors, and old style top bar area with open dinning and live music.

We sat at the bar so we could try some of the famous signature cocktails they offer along with their creative menu, which is listed with delicious proteins and other items.

After research and discussions we discovered everything is farm fresh and sourced locally when possible from the McKinney-Dallas area. They offer  Tender Belly Farms” Pork, “Morgan Ranch” Beef, andLewellen Farms greens. Seriously, it is local and farm fresh vegetables and ingredients ONLY.

“Sugarbacon Roasted Chicken”

We tried several dishes started with the appetizer named “Sugarbacon” prepared with pork belly, ancho BBQ sauce, and b&b pickles. This was loaded with flavor and is completely on point. Succulent pork belly and the pickles top off the flavor profile well. Superb and delish.

We then ordered the “Roasted 1/2 Chicken” smashed potatoes, sugarbacon glazed green beans, and smoked tomato gravy. The chicken was cooked to perfection and had a creative delicious flavor profile, topped with the smoked tomato gravy. Delicious!

We also tried the tender fall off the bone “Pork Spare Ribs”… these don’t even need to be discussed. Just go try it. They where stupid delicious I was licking my little pig fingers and had sauce slow dripping down both sides of my mouth.

Sugarbacon craft cocktails are amazing too! They use their own little alcohol barrels to create various flavors for craft cocktails. The “Old Fashion” was really good and tasted like pure goodness! You’ll be done and wanting more.

The Sugarbacon desserts they offer are creative and perfectly sweet. We tried “Butterscotch Banana Pudding”, and this reminded me of being in a sweet factory. Lots of unique butterscotch flavor. It was like… Sweet flavor rodeo yee haw give me some more!

Overall, “10 COWBOY HATS” for Sugarbacon I really enjoyed the concept. I can’t forget to mention, the staff was so friendly and fun. Check out Sugarbacon and tell’em Trey’s Chow Down sent you.

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BurgerFi Excellence: True Bombdigity Delicious Burgers!

Good Day Foodie’s,
Trey’s Chow Down made a trip to Sarasota, Florida. We were out to investigate and review the amazing BurgerFi. My fellow foodies, trust me this was a fantastic place.
The delicious “CEO” burger, Moo!

BurgerFi states: “We really get cooking with our 100% natural ANGUS and WAYGU beef, free of hormones and antibiotics and chef-driven menu items, like our famous crispy fries and double-battered onion rings — served hot and crunchy with our chef-created sauces. Other favorites include our VegeFi (our own gourmet spin on a veggie burger), Vienna hot dogs with all the fixings, frozen custard, natural sugar cane sodas, and local craft beer and wine. You’ll find the highest level of pride and attention in everything we do.”

I chose to visit the Sarasota location because it was located in a new development area, and is also a new unit for BurgerFi. 
came on the scene just a few years ago back in 2011. They’ve already been named in “Top 50 Movers and Shakers” by Fast Casual Magazine. BurgerFi has a BIG list of other awards already in the bag too. Their locations are colorful, clean, open and fresh with beautiful patios.

We tried the ” CRY + FRY “, topped with fresh hand battered oversized onion rings, with fresh hand cut french fries prepared in-house daily. It had the perfect crunch and

The succulent “Chicken Avocado BLT,” Bam!

delicious flavor. We also ordered the “The CEO” and “Chicken Avocado BLT.” The CEO was a fantastic burger prepared with double wagyu patties, with brisket blended patties, house-made candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli, age Swiss, with a tattooed BURGERFI fresh bun. This burger had a fantastic flavor profile, it was juicy and was very delicious. The Chicken Avocado BLT was prepared with farm-fresh fried avocado, crisp house prepared bacon, tangy sauce, melted cheese, and fresh bun tattooed with the BURGERFI name on it. had a unique flavor profile. The chicken was cooked to perfection on this sandwich, it was succulent and packed with deliciousness.

The overall visit was a 10 plus with a rating of “10 Cowboys Hats.”  They have a fantastic clean concept with great customer service, well-trained staff, colorful dining areas, with big outdoor patios, and a creative menu full of house prepared fresh items.
I have quite a bit of restaurant operations background, just 40 plus years, and I HIGHLY recommend BURGERFI for chowing down, socializing with friends over some shakes, dining, or even franchise opportunities. I see big potential for growth and fun times with the BurgerFi concept.
Until next time… Keep chowing down, friends!
Please remember my reviews are not paid or sponsored in any way by anyone or BurgerFi.
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All-American Awesomeness at Liberty Burger

Good day burger buddies,

I received an email from a burger lover who requested I check out Liberty Burger. He thought I would enjoy it, I figured “Why not”?

There are plenty of new burger joints to visit, but it is nearly impossible to visit them all. After I did my due diligence, I thought it necessary to take a ride over to chow down at the DFW Liberty Burger.

Liberty Burger philosophy is, “We are family-owned and Texas-grown, and that’s how we operate. We not only strive to reinvent the all-American concept of the hamburger, but we pledge to be a restaurant with high-quality food, social contribution, and environmental responsibility. We believe in doing things right: sourcing the freshest and highest quality product, finding local bakeries that use only American-grown ingredients, and ensuring that our meats come from responsible sources.

No, it’s not the easiest way to run a restaurant, but it is the right way – and that’s what we are committed to doing. Call us crazy, but Liberty Burger has goals far above the “bottom line.” We hold our values close to our heart and pride ourselves on quality, community, and service. From the beef to the beer to the beverages, Liberty Burger strives to use only family-owned and Texas-grown products and services.

We believe in supporting the communities that support us, and we are thankful for all of your support.”

A *NEW* Adventure for BBQ on the Brazos, Giddy Up!

Good Day Chow Hounds,
BBQ ON Fox 4 Good Day.

BBQ on the Brazos at the Texaco Gas Station in Cresson, Texas has been open now for about five years. I can’t beleive it’s been 5 years since I pulled in there, threw the door open and screamed, ” Where is my BBQ boys I’m hungry?”

Pit Master Chef John Sanford has won many awards since opening the place. They even won a spot in the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Restaurants last year. Nothing can stop this BBQ dream team except for one thing… a NEW business lease. Not only have they won all those awards but they’ve also been featured on Fox 4 and some other T.V. stations.

Chowing Down @ Taste of Dallas 2018


“Taste of Dallas, Dallas’ premier summertime food and drink festival, returns for its 32nd year serving up three fun-filled days of great food and music featuring over 50 restaurants and food trucks, Backyard Bites presented by Coleman Backyards, Latin Flavors presented by Jose Cuervo, dozens of engaging and interactive sponsor and exhibitor activations as well as The Foodie Experience with its all-inclusive food and beverage sampling format on Friday night.

Taste of Dallas Music – Presented by Dallas Observer, features over 40 music acts on 4 stages throughout the weekend with all concerts and performances included in the price of admission”

Head over to http://tasteofdallas.org/ for more information!

The Sky Is The Limit At Perch!

Good day foodie friends,

Perch Dinning With A view!

About six months ago I heard details of a new restaurant PERCH that was going to open on top of the new Frost Bank Tower in downtown Fort Worth. I thought what a wonderful idea. A brand new high-rise building with a brand new restaurant where the sky would be the limit.

My family has been in the restaurant business for over 100 years. All my life has been in the restaurant industry, and I follow a personal policy… don’t visit a new place until they’ve been operating for a month or two. I’ll go to openings, review parties, and media presentations, but I don’t review for at least a month or 60 days. Too many procedures can change when a new place opens. The staff, menu items, kitchen operations, and even the front of the house is trying to find their groove. You have to be fair and give them time so everyone and everything flows operationally perfect for a review visit.

We visited the new high-rise cafe Perch for the first time this evening. I believe they’ve been open about eight weeks now, so you know I was ready.

The CHR Age Beef Tender Meat Balls.

When you research the word PERCH the definition from dictionary. com, the result is; a pole or rod, usually horizontal, serving as a roost for birds. any place or object, as a sill, fence, branch, or twig, for a bird, animal, or person to alight or rest upon. a high or elevated position, resting place, or the like.

This definition was perfect for the new Perch Restaurant

Suicide: Awareness My Mom & Bourdain

Hello everyone,
My writings, blogs, travel post, ranch happenings, and delicious food posts don’t include negativity or negative connotations. I’m always upbeat and I tell jokes. I live, laugh, love, eat, drink, and travel to the best of life. However, I felt it necessary to write about a dark topic; suicide, death, my mother, and Anthony Bourdain.

This subject is close to my heart. The day I saw the news about Anthony Bourdain taking his own life, it had me thinking deeply.

Anthony Bourdain Chef, Story Teller, Traveler, TV Host
When I read Bourdain took his own life I hopefully believed it was “fake news” or a prank. I spent an hour researching the event and came to the
realization that is was true… and I just couldn’t believe it.
I have never met him, and I do not know him on a personal level. I watched his shows and loved the level of honesty about travels, cooking, people, kitchens, and political views. Throughout my research about Bourdain’s life, I found that he has stated his suicidal thoughts before, and has wrestled with demons his entire life. I felt an empty space in my heart for the way he must have felt for years.
There are a lot of parallels between Bourdain and my wonderful mom, Carol.
My mother Carol Cartwright Chapman was lively and an honest woman with a compassionate heart the size of Texas.  She was so lovely that people would stop just to stare at her beauty and talk to the incredible woman with the big smile. I know folks say this all the time but it was true EVERYONE LOVED her, and if you didn’t, it’s because you never had a chance to talk with her.
Carol loved to help people, in fact,  I think she wore a permanent candy striper uniform because she volunteered at the children’s hospital so often. Traveling made her so happy. She adored to tell stories, have great grand meals,  loved cocktails, and enjoyed parties.
Carol Chapman: Mom, Volunteer, Travler, Socializer, Lover

I believe it is important to be transparent about these issues because someone else out there might be able to relate.

Just like Bourdain, she had demons that ate her up daily. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think she drank and did drugs for the same reasons Bourdain did the same things. He has been honest about these issues in interviews. My mother Carol would regularly say to me, “Trey, if something happens to me don’t spend all the money and take care of yourself!” I would always say, “Mom WTF are you talking about? You’re incredibly beautiful, everyone loves you, and you live a charmed life. Nothing will happen to you, ever!” She would smile and tell me, “You just never know Trey.”
Today, and every day, I say to myself, what the f@#k was I thinking? Why did I not see the signs? They were there all along every time she told me that. After her death, I found out she tried to commit suicide two times before and she wasn’t successful. She had been taken to the hospital and no one told me. You don’t think I didn’t feel like someone hit me in the head with a steel pipe?
At first, you go through the angry stage, the “Why?” stage, then the forgiving stage,  then back to the “Why” stage. You end up staying at this stage. It’s something that will eat at your daily thoughts because you want to know the answer to the questions; Why did she do it? Why didn’t she ask for help? The same thoughts came up when I heard that Bourdain had committed suicide.
The answer to that question is… they don’t even know what’s wrong. I’m pretty confident that no one really knows why they do it, and especially the ones committing suicide!
I am sure people never thought Anthony Bourdain would do this. He seemed happy,  he was successful, rich. He was traveling and eating around the world on an extremely successful television show and won some of the biggest awards and worldwide accolades.

Lip Smacking Unique and Creative BBQ Dishes!

Trey’s Chow Down T.V. BBQ On Good Day Fox 4

Good day to all the BBQ lovers,

When I was a boy, I remember riding in the backseat and driving by Angelo’s BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas. You could smell BBQ two blocks up the road before even getting there. That was over forty-five years ago, back when the DFW area had only a few barbeque joints. The usual order was limited to ribs, brisket, or chopped beef. There wasn’t nearly as much selection of BBQ as we have today.

Boy… have times changed. Change is good, and delicious. The BBQ market has gone crazy with all kinds of creative dishes and innovative ideas. We have old ol’ fashion BBQ, craft BBQ and some BBQ that I’m not even sure how to classify it. Pitmasters and chefs will stop at nothing to create mouth-watering deliciousness to send our foodie senses into overdrive. Everyone is competing for the next incredible dish and smoking up Texas with the best BBQ chow downs.

The competitiveness for the best barbeque has resulted in techniques that perfectly yield insanely good flavors on the finest meats. Foodies around the world have fallen in LOVE with Texas BBQ time after time. Chefs are replicating and doing it up Texas style. The bigger the better, just like everything in Texas. The best restaurants have chef driven menus, farm fresh house prepared sauces, and create bold BBQ flavors. Trust me, I’ll show you the best of the best places to chow down on barbecue.

Biscuit Lovers Galore & More!

Good day biscuit lovers,

Biscuit Bar Photo C: B.B.

Sometimes, you just stumble into a truly fantastic place. Maybe you even had dreams about the perfect place and wished someone would just create it. Then…all the sudden…out of the clear blue you hear about someone opening your dream concept.

Well my friends, I can’t tell you how many times my dad, and others, have discussed a place that serves great biscuits with lots of fixings. Growing up in four generations of family restaurant business, you learn to love all kinds of concepts. Gatherings have us sitting around discussing great foodie ideas.

A while back I heard about 2 biscuit bar concepts, but it was still in the works. They were going to open one in Plano and call it “The Biscuit Bar”. I thought to myself, sure they are we will see about that. I figured it was probably all talk.

Original ChopShop (Now Open Los Colinas)

Good Day Fellow Foodies,

Protein Bowls Photo Credit: ChopShop

I stopped by the NEW ChopShop in Los Colinas last week for the grand opening and it was fantastic. I loved the open floor plan concept and all the colors that are displayed for all to see. I tried several items but loved the “Grilled Protein Bowl” with chicken. Everything I tired including the “Nitro Cold Brew” was farm fresh and delicious.

The Original ChopShop is a neighborhood eatery crafting ‘Just Feel Good Food’ from whole ingredients. Since the first restaurant opened in Old Town Scottsdale, Ariz. in 2013, Original ChopShop has provided a warm, welcoming place where guests can come as they are and fuel their well-being with wholesome, flavorful food. Protein bowls are a core focus of the menu, providing guests with three key essentials: greens, grains and proteins. The menu also offers salads, sandwiches, acai and pitaya superfruit bowls, fresh-squeezed juices, and protein shakes, all made from scratch on-site with real, quality ingredients. The team at Original ChopShop is proud to offer customizable food for

Good Ol’ Texas Biscuits – Best in DFW 2018

Good day folks,

Little Red Wasp “Chicken and Biscuit”

One of my favorite things in this world is eating biscuits. Any type of biscuits, in any dish, in any form! I’ve been pondering on the idea of writing a story on biscuits because they are so delicious. After TWO whole years of research, I finally decided to let all my fellow foodies know where the best biscuits are located. I waited for TWO years because new eateries kept opening. Here we go everyone hop on the biscuit train!

Dictionary.com defines biscuits as…Any of various hard or crisp dry baked products: such as
(1) British : cracker (2) British : cookie
b : a small quick bread made from dough that has been rolled out and cut or dropped from a spoon. They’re just so much more than this.

When I read this, I laughed and thought we need to have a good ol’ Texas version of a definition for what biscuit means. So here it is…

Trey’s Chow Down defines biscuit as: a delicious lil flour-based treat cooked until golden brown perfection. It is fluffy, flaky, soft and should be covered with gravy or slathered in butter and jelly. It can be used for a sandwich, breakfast, or brunch treat.

I’ve been looking all over DFW for the best of the best biscuits. I’ve found some really delicious ones along with spreads to top them with. I hope you enjoy these lil bites of goodness as much as I enjoyed eating them. Head over to any of these places and let me know what you think! Be sure and tell ’em who sent you!