“Nothing-NOT a conversation, NOT a handshake or even a hug establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together!”

Jonathan Safran Foer

TOP 10 BEST Bloody Mary’s In DFW ?

Did I hear someone say, Bloody Mary?

Yes, why yes I did and I went on a serious mission to locate the BEST we have to offer in the North Texas area.

Trey with Celebrity Chef Keith B. Hicks

If you’re one of the 5 million-plus people we reach every month through social media, event happenings, my radio and television podcast show then you’re aware of this fact. BUT I always like to state the obvious.

I’ve tried each one of these BLOODYS! Trust me, I have tried literally hundreds of Bloodys in the last decade. It was all tasted & tested and approved by Trey’s Chow Down and Drink With Trey 

If you love brunch then chances are you love a great Bloody Mary.

I drank Bloody Mary’s between Texas, Florida, California, Washington, New York, even in Jamaica and Mexico. I drink them quite often and have been asked at least 100 times this year or more, “Trey, who has the best Bloody Mary in North Texas?”

Bloody Mary’s are a staple in the national and the Texas brunch scene. It’s a favorite among the cocktail lovers of all ages the young drinkers and the old.

But first, I want to discuss the history of the Bloody Mary because it still blows my mind how it was conceived and created. Just as simple as someone mixing a drink and giving it a name after one long night of drinking. I still laugh at this because so many awesome deals can transpire over cocktails.

The history of the Bloody Mary is simple. It’s only 100 years old.

In FACT, next year is the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Bloody Mary.

Best Pies in the South & Top 10 in the USÅ

Fresh Pie Royalty at Charlotte’s Eats & Sweets Keo, Arkansas  

Stacks of fresh pies daily.

When we heard that the best PIES in the South were just a short ride to Arkansas, you know what had to do. We dropped the hammer and headed out for some of the BEST PIES in the USA.

CHARLOTTE’S EATS AND SWEETS has been awarded BEST PIES in the south by Southern Living, Best Pies Arkansas, Food Network, and a host of other media outlets. I was so impressed with what I read in my research that I couldn’t wait to make the trip to meet them and try their fresh pie deliciousness.

Often hailed as the best coconut pie in the South, this main attraction still brings crowds to this tiny shop on Main Street. It’s easy to find and located just east of northern Little Rock. Pie and cake lovers will line up an hour before the doors open at 11 AM, and you better be ready because it’s hard and fast. Smart diners know to reserve their slices early because they’re in high demand. It’s simply a bonus that the SANDWICHES are very delicious too!

I couldn’t believe the number of pies they still make fresh from scratch every day. Their staff is so nice and helpful, and they have that sweet southern attitude and big smiles. The atmosphere is all Southern old-school decor and makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door.

THE PIES ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Honestly, I’ve never tasted pies and cakes so flavorful. Each bite I took was better than the last. They were so good I couldn’t help but make noises; folks kinda looked at me funny, but I paid them no mind. I was smacking, moaning, and licking my lips because I’ve never had pies that delicious before. There is just something about Charlotte’s Sweets. If I had to guess, it’s all the love they put into the process.


If you’re looking for something new or just want to try some of the BEST PIES, CAKES, AND SWEETS you’ve ever had, I would highly recommend you take a ride over to chow down. I can’t explain the deliciousness except the say this: I would drive 1,000 miles to enjoy the delicious eats and sweets anytime!

They’re a new officially APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food lovers to enjoy.

The UNFORGETTABLE “Quince Experience.”

Quince Deliciousness


Trey’s Chow Down is Road Trip’in the USA for deliciousness, and today we’re at the new QUINCE Riverside in Fort Worth, located right off of University Drive in the beautiful WestBend Center. They offer a big variety of fresh, chef-driven dishes that are colorful, beautiful, and loaded with deliciousness. They also have an experienced pastry chef that is creating both sweet and savory deliciousness. (The desserts are insanely delicious!)

Located at 1701 River Run suite 181, Fort Worth, TX 76107

QUINCE’s menu is inspired by the travels of their chefs and leadership team to their favorite culinary destinations such as New Orleans, Lima, NYC, and Mexico City. QUINCE is an upscale casual restaurant with uplifting familiar music, attentive service, and spectacular views that come together to create a fun & entertaining atmosphere that is KNOWN as the “QUINCE Experience.”

After making QUINCE the “#1 Rooftop Restaurant in the World” in 2020, they’re excited to introduce the brand to the Fort Worth community so Texans can enjoy some truly delicious chef-driven dishes. Offering big patio areas, picturesque views, and fresh cocktails with incredible service.

Any of the appetizers, salads, mains, and desserts offered are a must try, especially the steaks and the Cajun-Creole Spicy Jumbo Shrimp. ( Featured Dishes Below )

The dessert’ presentations are so stunning and flavorful… if I had to trade my soul for this experience, I just might! Absolutely INCREDIBLE meal and service. If you’re looking for something new, unique, and delicious, QUINCE is the SPOT! They receive 15 hats out of 10 for a perfect score, PLUS 5.

 Featured Dishes: 

LAMB Barbacoa Dumplings

ROCK Shrimp Tempura

Rosemary Cheese Fries

Cajun-Creole Spicy Jumbo Shrimp

Cowboy Bone-In Ribeye & Shrimp

Savory Sweet Treats:  

Baklava Cheesecake

Black Forest Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake

I LOVED this new concept and the culinary delights they’re offering. It’s worth it to reserve a table and chow down. Tell‘em Ol’ Trey sent ya! They’re a NEW OFFICIALLY APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food lovers to enjoy.

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Trey ( Chow Down ) Chapman


Texas Biggest Eats & Treats! The Big Snack Round Up On Fox 4 Good Day!

Bonnie’s Donuts #10 Roll

Howdy Chow Hounds!

I know you’ve heard the old saying, “EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS!” Well, I can honestly say, YES, IT IS – and I’m going to prove it to you!

Wagon Wheel Texas Size CFS

Have you ever had BIG snack dreams? Just sitting there with your mouth watering, wishing you had a two-pound burger, a three-pound donut, a five-pound fritter, or a ten-pound cinnamon roll? Of course you have, and not only are they real, I’ve found them! All of these and more are right here in Texas, just waiting to make your BIG SNACK DREAMS come true. Snacks so BIG, so TASTY, and so DELICIOUS that they’re unforgettable.

If you follow me, you know that I love big oversized portions of everything. I started down the big snack road because I too had a dream of insane snacks. It didn’t help that I kept seeing multiple folks post what they thought were big Texas snacks. I just couldn’t take it anymore: I had to seek out the BIGGEST snacks in Texas, but they had to also be delicious.

1 Pound CFS Tater

The biggest issue with big oversized eats, savory sweet treats, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts, is a lot of them sacrifice flavor for size. Not good enough! I wanted to discover big AND delicious eats that everyone would love.

We traveled around Texas for a year and a half looking for the best and the biggest. What we discovered was so impressive that I just had to tell the world. I think everyone deserves a delicious meal with laughs, smiles, good conversation, and BIG loads of deliciousness. Join me as I take you to places that are SLANG’N TEXAS DELIGHTS! Buckle up butter cup, because we’re going on a ride straight to DeliciousVille that will be unforgettable!

Big snack information and links. Please just click on the highlighted names.

Mary’s Cafe / Strawn, Texas 

Mary’s specializes in fresh, house prepared, Texas sized, fork-tender chicken-fried steak as well as chicken-fried baked taters, burgers and Mexican dishes. These are the hallmarks of her Southern roadside cafe and kitchen. She also offers a variety of other dishes and has something that everyone will like. We enjoyed the massive chicken fried-steak and one-pound baked tater. They were both prepared fresh to order, massive, and are a must have if you love Texas size delicious food.

Bonnie’s Donuts / League City, Texas

MOAB Burger Patriotic Pig

Bonnie’s is a family operation and they work hard to make sure everything they serve is fresh, warm, and prepared with love. They specialize in some of the BIGGEST treats in Texas, like their five-pound fritters, five- and ten-pound cinnamon rolls, Texas donuts, and more. I’ve had them all and they are truly unforgettable. It’s worth the drive for this deliciousness! Bonnie’s Donuts is located in League City, Texas – just a short drive from Houston. They’re a truly BIG, FLAVOR-LOADED destination that’s absolutely unbelievable. ( 24 Hour Preorder Must Call) 

The Patriotic Pig / N.R.H. Texas 

The PIG, as I call it, specializes in Texas BBQ, fresh sides, burgers, desserts and NOW one of the BIGGEST BURGERS in TEXAS. It’s the new MOAB (Mother of All Burgers); It weighs in around 2.5 lbs. fully loaded. It’s a MASSIVE brisket smash burger topped with their house-made BOOM sauce. It comes as a 1-pound or 2-pound option. It’s a MONSTER! The burger is actually very flavorful and I love the BUN because it’s unique: soft on the inside, and flavorful with each bite. The meat is so juicy it was literally dripping all over the place. You might say it has that DRIP of deliciousness.

I’m not kidding you! It’s Massive. It’s Delicious! I DARE you to try it!

Vidorra Dallas / Dallas, Texas  

3 Pound Taco Vidorra Dallas

Have you ever dreamed of a four-pound taco? Me too, and I’VE FOUND IT! The El Jefe Taco is a jalapeno cheddar tortilla loaded with taco beef, chorizo, and all the fixins’. I even had the lettuce drip going on with each bite I took. Be sure to get their queso and try the tablitas en fuego as well. These are Texas-sized dishes that are loaded with deliciousness.

Ol South Pancake House / Fort Worth & Burleson, Texas

WOW! What a breakfast sandwich! Weighing in at over one pound, the BIG Texas Chow Down. It’s prepared with a fresh house Texas waffle that makes up the top and bottom of the sandwich. In the middle it has fresh eggs, two different cheeses, slices of ham, loads of hashbrowns and bacon, then topped with butter and smothered in Ol South pancake syrup of your choice. This is as TEXAS as TEXAS gets for an unforgettable savory sweet breakfast treat.

Texas Pancakes Jackie’s Ham & EGGS

Jackie’s Ham & Eggs / Lewisville, Texas 

Locally owned and operated, Jackie’s has been slang’n TEXAS SIZE deliciousness since deliciousness was deliciousness. I LOVE JACKIE’S! If it’s BIG, Jackie’s has it! Big pancakes, one-pound biscuits and gravy, plate-sized crepes, Texas-sized omelets, enormous breakfast burritos and MORE! We were impressed with every dish. The portion sizes are R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. Get ready to chow down when you walk through the door at Jackie’s.

The Wagon Wheel / Eagle Pass, Texas  

The Wagon Wheel is family owned and operated and is local favorite restaurant. They offer delicious Texas BBQ, country fried steak, and wood-fired calzones that are to die for. Folks drive from all over Texas to try them. They’re so big they use a pizza pan (not a plate) to present the items. TEXAS SIZE is an understatement. Over a pound for the chicken fried steak and calzones, crazy. If you’re looking for some serious Texas-size snacks, they’ve got them. ( Special Thanks the Elder East S.A. TX)

Serious Pizza West 7th / Fort Worth, Texas

Serious Texas Size Pizza

Wheel-sized pizza prepared fresh to order… you won’t believe the SIZE of this pizza! More like KING KONG. The Pizza is served HF&D #HotFreshandDelicious and you can order many combinations or create your own custom pizza. They use fresh ingredients and vegetables to create some delicious pizza flavor profiles you will love. If you like the size of wagon wheels loaded with deliciousness and pizza perfection then head over to SERIOUS PIZZA and get SERIOUS about your pizza decisions.

Jonathon’s Diner / Dallas, Texas  

YEE HAW! It’s the BIGGEST club sandwich in the state of Texas! Chef John’s TEXAS Club Sandwich: stacked and packed with ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss, American, lettuce, tomato, avocado, farm-fresh egg, mayo, and onion on toasted bread. It looks like a small sky scraper sitting on the plate. The sandwich was not only massive, but also packed with deliciousness. You will love this sandwich! It’s served only Mon-Fri for lunch.


Texas Size Club Sandwich

Deli News / Frisco, Texas  

It goes by the name NEW YORK GIANT, but we don’t care because it’s piled high with Texas deli deliciousness. It’s prepared with one pound of fresh, authentic NEW YORK pastrami piled high on fresh rye bread. You can get it anyway you like want it: sauces, bread, everything. Your Sammy, your choice! If you love BIG PHAT sandwiches this is for you. A MUST TRY!

1 Pound Texas Size New Yorker

Round Rock Donuts / Round Rock Texas

It’s a donut round up at Round Rock donuts! They’ve been slang’n some of the best and world’s largest donuts since 1926.  Their donuts are famous for their orange hue — a byproduct of using fresh eggs. More than 2,000 donuts are hand-rolled, cut, fried and iced daily at the bakery. If you want a unique and BIG donut experience, head over to Round Rock and chow down!

Blackship Little Katana 

I wanted to still highlight this BIG TEXAS dish because it’s so impressive. The Black Ship Little Katana Fresh Sushi Boat. The boat is filled with various sushi options of your choice, and it has plenty of choices. My best judgment is it weighed over two pounds when I picked it up. Everything in the sushi boat was so tasty and fresh. We really enjoyed each piece of sushi offered in the boat; it was massive and two of us couldn’t finish it. A seaside boat of sushi deliciousness!

Big Sushi Boat. Blackship Little Katana.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

I have to confess something to each of you. I’ve had dreams about the bacon dish at Del’s. Oh man, there’s nothing like naughty bacon dreams folks. It’s the THICK-CUT NUESKE’S BACON AU POIVR served with a Bourbon Molasses Glaze and a side of deliciousness. Oh, the food gods are shining down on Del Frisco’s for this bacon dish! By all means, this is so good it should be illegal. The succulent bacon flavor just rolls across your tongue and sends your taste buds into full mode overload. Don’t be surprised if you have to wipe your chin after each juicy bite. A true trend sitter and it’s under 20 bucks, ladies and gentlemen.

Korean Meets American For Burger Perfection!

K-POP Burgers

I discovered a NEW Korean/American fusion burger concept that is slinging insane burgers!  K-POP Premium Burgers created by the passionate Chef Kevin Lee and his wife Jenice Lee located in The Colony, Texas. The burger profiles are truly unique. It’s where Korean meets American to create some of the most delicious fusion burgers I’ve eaten, and I’ve eaten a bunch. Chef Kevin Lee creates and prepares all the sauces in house daily and only uses fresh ingredients to create big, bold, Korean/American delicious burger flavors you can never forget. The meat patties are cooked to HF&D (Hot Fresh and Delicious) They have those flavor loaded crusty edges from the flat grilling process that I’m in love with.  This is all coupled with a Texas-sized batch of fresh waffle fries, topped with garlic sauce and fresh parmesan cheese. When I say you’ll never forget, I mean NEVER.

El Rincon Mexican Eats 

Trey’s Chow Down LOVES ROAD TRIP’IN TO EL RINCON for the BIG PHAT 2.5 Pound Burrito. The Texas size burrito is prepared fresh to order using only fresh ingredients and vegetables to create 2.5 pounds of BURRITO DELICIOUSNESS. The El Gigante Burrito fresh grilled steak, charro beans, fresh bacon, grilled onions, peppers, tomatoes, Mexican Rice, sour cream, guacamole, spicy Serrano sauce, and topped with chili con carne, and house prepared queso. The burrito was savory, meaty, chessey, flavorful, loaded and PACKED with DELICIOUSNESS. GO get it folks. I double dare ya!

El Rincon Burrito Coppell, Texas


If you live in Texas or you’re just passing through you need to make plans to enjoy some TEXAS-SIZE MEALS! Everyone needs some TEXAS DELICIOUSNESS.

Hope to meet you at a table soon!

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Trey (Chow Down) Chapman  aka) The Chow Down King!

Parlor Doughnuts – Donut Layered Perfection  

Here’s one for ya! Donut Deliciousness!
Counter service at Parlor.

Parlor Doughnuts is a craft doughnut and coffee shop offering an array of unique bakery items, including their original layered doughnuts. They offer vegan, gluten-friendly, and keto-friendly products, as well as artisanal breakfasts and specialty coffee. Their goal is to efficiently deliver a superior product, at a moderate price, with exceptional service, in a comfortable setting.

That’s why Trey’s Chow Down is BACK at Parlor for possibly some of the BEST DOUGHNUTS I’ve tasted in the USA. We’ve made it to 24 states on our MEETS, EATS & SWEETS Tour, and Parlor is truly a donut of LAYERED PERFECTION. Parlor uses a different and unique technique to create their signature donuts.

It’s the individual layers in their doughnuts that make them so special – Parlor dough is layered with butter, making it flakier than the average doughnut. Beyond their amazing dough, they work hard to offer an incredible selection of over 20 flavors. For this reason, they believe you will leave their shop saying, “This is the best doughnut I have ever had… PERIOD!” I do agree with that, and with the perfect layers combined with the variety of favors and fillings offered, there’s really nothing quite like it.

Please see my FOX NETWORK special from Early 2022

Because everything tastes better with a little background, here is the story of Parlor’s Doughnuts…

For centuries, the “parlor” was the special room in the house where people came together to talk and where exceptional things happened.  It was usually the best-furnished room in the home where families could comfortably receive their guests.

While the origin of the doughnut can be traced back to the early 1800’s, their popularity grew during WWI when volunteers (known as Doughnut Lassies) prepared doughnuts and coffee for soldiers on the front lines. The doughnuts provided comfort, a brief reprise from battle, and reminded them of home.

Information – https://www.parlordoughnuts.com

Parlor Doughnuts was founded by Darrick Hayden, in partnership with Josh Tudela, in February of 2019. Darrick traveled the states extensively with his son’s band for several years.  During those years, Darrick would seek out the area’s best doughnuts and coffee. His appreciation of good doughnuts grew, as his son’s appreciation for great coffee grew.  With his son Noah, the two launched a coffee shop in 2015 named Proper Coffee, which flourished, and gave birth to the concept of Parlor Doughnuts.

The concept for Parlor Doughnuts grew out of the Hayden’s travel, exposure, and the desire to create a new path for the doughnut experience.  Layered dough was the clear choice for this unique doughnut shop experience.  Parlor offers their signature “Layered Doughnut”, which sets them apart from the traditional cake or yeast style. Along with this unique style of doughnut, Parlor seeks to offer something for everyone by offering vegan/gluten-friendly, and a keto friendly doughnut, along with a special doughnut for all the pups out there, with their Doggie Doughnut. The brand has expanded to offer breakfast items such as acai bowls, avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches and tacos.  And of course, specialty coffee.

In February 2019, the dynamic combination of unique doughnuts and great coffee launched in Evansville, IN in a niche little downtown shop. The community’s support exploded, exceeding all expectations. Less than a year later, Parlor Doughnuts opened an expansive location on Evansville’s east side, including a large dining area, drive-thru service, and on-site coffee roastery. Additional shops have now opened throughout the country (view our locations here).

Parlor Donuts is a new official Trey’s Chow Down Delicious destination for all donut lovers to enjoy.

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Nightlight Donut Perfection #Worthit

Small Business Wednesday – Spotlighting Locally Owned Small Businesses We Discover!

Nightlight Donuts 

Jackson & Eric Wren  

Located in WACO, Texas, they switched from food truck to storefront during the pandemic and the rest is history. The twin brothers Jackson and Eric Wren are the owners of Nightlight Donuts and Coffee and they’ve been slinging donut deliciousness since 2018 and have never looked back.

Trey’s Chow Down has been Road Trip’in the USA in search of the BEST DONUTS the USA has to offer. Today we’re in Waco, Texas at Nightlight Donuts & Coffee where they believe kindness – not sugar, flour, or a special spice – is the secret ingredient. Kindness is the thing that they believe so strongly in and I think it’s awesome, especially in today’s crazy world where KINDNESS and LOVE is needed the most!

We received a tip of deliciousness about Nightlight so we made the trip to chow down. They offer some very unique, fluffy, savory, and sweet donuts that are filled with deliciousness. Each bite I took was better than the last – so flavorful and memorable I had a hard time putting these donuts down because each one was served HF&D #HotFreshandDelicious. On top of that, they were vibrant and beautiful.

These were some of the BEST DONUTS we’ve discovered in our travels around in the USA. I say they’re worth a drive from anywhere if you long for a savory, sweet, flavorful and delicious donut. You can view all of the offerings at the website link we have posted below.


Nightlight Donuts & Coffee Jackson & Eric Wren

I would highly recommend you take a ride over to chow down on some donut deliciousness. Nightlight is a NEW official Trey’s Chow Down APPROVED delicious destination for all donut lovers to enjoy.

Stay tuned for our BEST DONUTS IN THE USA 2023 article.

Hope To Meet YOU AT A Table Soon! Stay Hungry!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman


Harold’s Chicken Deliciousness (Old School)

The iconic Chicago-based restaurant Harold’s Chicken Shack celebrated it’s grand opening of its new location in the city of Cedar Hill last week. Family-owned and operated, we’re PROUD to feature this NEW Texas family business.

The Harold’s Chicken Shack story goes something like this:

Harold Pierce, an African-American entrepreneur who moved to Chicago in 1943, founded the restaurant on June 22, 1950 at the corner of 47th Street and Kenwood, near the estate where he worked as a chauffeur. Harold and his wife also operated a soul food restaurant on 39th street called the H&H (Harold & Hilda); their specialties were dumplings and chicken feet.  

Pierce differed from other fast-food innovators in his development of the Harold’s brand. He wanted each of his franchises to develop its own personality rather than forcing each to fit the same mold. Some Harold’s restaurants are very informal, with take-away chicken served by employees standing behind a window of bulletproof glass. (Originally introduced as a necessity rather than an aesthetic concern). Others offer the option to dine in. Harold’s Chicken Shacks may or may not offer fountain drinks, additional menu items, catering services, or delivery. The only constants are the basic chicken dinners and the emblem of a cook chasing a chicken with a cleaver. Even this varies greatly, sometimes rendered in lights and sometimes hand-painted. Often, the cook is dressed like a King. Harold’s restaurants are 

Their owners, said this week, “They’re glad to be open and we’re happy to be in Dallas!”

Trey’s Chow Down Road Tripp’ed to NEW Harold’s Chicken Shack that opened just last week. It opened to a TEXAS BIG fanfare as droves of folks showed up wanting some of Harold’s famous Chicago-Style Chicken.

The atmosphere is clean, vibrant, and comfortable with a big dining room, a bar, and a bar area for cocktails and beer. The service was fantastic and the staff was all smiles, even as busy as they were.

We enjoyed a big variety of Harold’s fresh-prepared chicken, wings, tenders, sides and more. They prepare everything fresh in-house and it’s served HF&D #HotFreshandDelicious. The chicken is fresh and it goes through a process of being cleaned, dipped, then battered and covered with Harold’s proprietary herbs and spices before frying. After its fried its covered in Harold’s special red sauce that was developed over 70 years ago. The chicken is flavorful, crispy and loaded with deliciousness in every bite. Each bite was a flavor explosion in my mouth – I LOVED IT!

We are happy to have them in Texas, slinging Harold’s delicious Chicken for all the hungry folks in North Texas. I’m honored to feature them on Trey’s Chow and wish them all the luck.

Featured items:  

Fried Pickles, Fried Mac-N-Cheese Balls, Fresh Fried Okra, French Fries, Fried Chicken Wings and Chicken Tenders.  

If you haven’t tried Harold’s Chicken, I would highly recommend you take a ride over to chow down, but because the hype is still as fresh as the chicken, be prepare to wait!) It’s worth it, I can promise you that. They’re a NEW OFFICIALLY APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food lovers to enjoy.

(Please follow us for deliciousness around the USA)

Hope to meet you a table soon!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman

Trey’s Cowtown Burger SHOWDOWN 2023

Trey’s Cowtown Burger Showdown 2023

Held at the River Ranch Stockyards, we were proud to present the First Annual Cowtown Burger Showdown to find out who creates the BEST burger in North Texas. We had Old School Burgers, Smash Burgers, Craft Burgers, and more! At the Cowtown Burger Showdown it was all about the BURGER deliciousness and the creative chefs who were slinging them. Burger slingers from ALL OVER Texas came to throw down for the showdown and it was truly an unbelievable day of burgers, fun, and wild cards. It was a family-friendly event and we had over 3,500 burger-loving folks attend to enjoy the festivities. A portion of the proceeds from this event went to benefit the Brotherhood for the Fallen, a Texas-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to responding to the families of officers who have been killed in the line of duty.
We can’t wait to bring you the NEXT Cowtown Burger Showdown in the spring of 2024. Stay tuned and please enjoy some delicious TEXAS burgers!
THANKS to the WINNER and PITMASTER Dayne Weaver of Dayne’s Craft BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas. Dayne and Ashley have some of the BEST BBQ in TEXAS and now they have the BEST BURGER, too!
Dayne’s Craft BBQ
9840 Camp Bowie West Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76116

Website For Dayne’s https://daynescraftbarbecue.com

Please see some of the photos from event!

Bonnie’s Donuts Delicious 5 and 10 Pound Cinnamon Rolls!

Howdy Y’all,

As you know, Trey’s Chow Down road trips the USA for creative chefs, tasty eats, savory sweet treats, and unique travel destinations. Today we’re in League City, TX, a suburb of Houston, to enjoy some of the biggest cinnamon rolls, sweet donuts, and incredible pastries – all prepared fresh at Bonnie’s Donuts.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the desserts! That holds true here in League City, thanks to Bonnie’s Donuts and their 5–10-pound cinnamon rolls. I couldn’t believe the size of these monsters. The customers we spoke with said that every thing is delectable, delicious, and worth checking out especially the FRESH 5 and 10 pound cinnamon rolls.

The owner Natalie Chun has been making these gigantic rolls with her husband for a about five years. Natalie came to the U.S. from Cambodia 8 years ago to pursue her dream of owning a business. She started out working for a local baker and when the opportunity came to purchase Bonnie’s Donuts, she didn’t hesitate. The cinnamon rolls quickly became a fan favorite thanks to social media, food bloggers, and YouTube channels.

I was lucky enough to be invited in to try some of their award-winning donuts and the Texas-size cinnamon rolls. I was shocked at how heavy, dense, and massive the rolls were. Each batch, which includes an estimated pound of cinnamon, takes roughly two hours to prepare. When I picked up the ten-pound cinnamon roll I was smiling ear to ear and couldn’t wait to get my icing on and start chowing down!

You can check out the giant desserts along with their other creative creations on their Facebook and webpage. I absolutely loved meeting them and enjoyed these one-of-a-kind savory sweet Texas-sized treats. Don’t sleep on the donuts, because there delicious too.

Bonnie’s is a NEW officially APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food lovers to enjoy. Tell’em Ole Trey sent you to chow down!

Hope to meet you at a table soon!


Unforgettable Po-Boys, Sides & Bread Pudding NOLA

Howdy Chow Hounds!

Po-Boy Deliciousness “I’m in Heaven!”

History has it that the Po-boy was invented by the Martin brothers, Benny and Clovis, to feed striking streetcar drivers in New Orleans in 1929. According to an account on the website of the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival, Benny Martin once said: “We fed those men free of charge until the strike ended. Whenever we saw one of the striking men coming, one of us would say, “Here comes another poor boy.” I’m not really sure how it was created but the generally accepted and repeated story of how the celebrated Po-Boy sandwich was invented first appeared in a New Orleans newspaper in 1969, 40 years after the streetcar strike. All I know is I love me a good Po-Boy sandwich and I sure found one of the BEST Louisiana originals.

Today we’re at Frady’s One Stop, located at 3231 Dauphine St in the Bywater District of New Orleans. It’s a COZY and BRIGHT store on the corner that just screams old school New Orleans. It’s been family owned and operated for decades and has unbelievably friendly service. You will fall in love when you see it, just like I did!

The building that houses Frady’s One Stop has been around for more than a hundred years. Before Joseph Frady bought the going-out-of-business Flick’s Meat Market in 1972, it was an open-air fruit stand. Frady bought the meat market with two goals in mind: to turn it into a corner grocery store and to serve the best cold drinks and sandwiches. He did make that dream happen and today they’re slinging some of the BEST Po-Boys in the USA.

Frady’s in the Bywater District is the perfect place to go after long walks, bike rides, or if you’re just plain hungry. They offer fried shrimp and meatball po’ boys that are truly unforgettable and loaded with deliciousness. They also offer roast beef, fried prawns, fresh sides, and savory sweet bread pudding. Be sure to also check out some of their tasty beer options!

Featured Dishes: Fresh Meatball Po’ Boy and Fresh Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy. Prepared on bakery-fresh French bread that is soft on the inside and with a fantastic crust on the outside. Absolutely the PERFECT Po’ Boys loaded with deliciousness.

Lexy’s – A Dallas Treasure of Deliciousness

Howdy Y’all!

Trey’s Chow Down was honored to enjoy some fresh, chef-driven deliciousness at the NEW Lexy’s Dallas, a hip local restaurant serving up creative American cuisine. Every dish is prepared fresh using only LOCALLY SOURCED vegetables and proteins from local farms and craft suppliers. Each dish is prepared by master chefs, absolutely perfect and loaded with deliciousness.

It’s located in the beautiful Trinity Groves a buzzing dining district with an eclectic range of eateries in converted warehouses. Sleek hip restaurants, a down-to-earth vibrant Art Park, and a bistro serving Asian fusion fare are among the options. Nearby, contemporary art galleries showcase the works of emerging local artists. Spanning the Trinity River, the Ronald Kirk footbridge has skyline views and access to trails in the river basin below.

The restaurant is colorful and vibrant, but still cozy and beautiful. As you enter through the front doors of LEXY’S you’re transported to a place of calm and coziness. You will feel relaxed and love the laid-back atmosphere. The menu is loaded with succulent flavorful meats, craft cocktails, sweets and a CHAMPAGNE VENDING MACHINE. I loved the SIZZLING WAGYU BEEF platter!! #stupiddelicious.

They offer a big variety including: Filet Mignon, Seared Tuna, Flatbreads, Salads, Fresh Wagyu Beef, Roasted Chicken, Big Phat Tomahawk Steaks, Herb-Crusted Salmon, Wines, fresh craft Cocktails, all with incredibly friendly service.

Trey’s Thoughts: 

“If you love bright, beautiful, and cozy restaurants that are slinging deliciousness with big smiles and tasty craft cocktails, The new LEXY’S DALLAS is where you want to be. One of the BEST new restaurant openings of 2022. Chef Beto, along with his wife ALEXY and their team have a created an awesome world of culinary perfection and cocktail heaven!”  

LEXY’S is a new official APPROVED Trey’s Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food and cocktail lovers to enjoy. Their brunch is a must see!

Hope to meet you at a table soon! Stay Hungry!

Trey ( Chow Down ) Chapman


Cajun-Creole Deliciousness at Cafe Sydnie Mae

Hello Chow Hounds!

100 Year Old Casket Elevator

We’re back on the road again on our MEETS, EATS and SWEETS Tour 2022. If you follow us you know we’re always on the hunt for the MOST DELICIOUS eats, savory sweet treats, and the BEST Places to MEET. We received another tip about this incredibly cozy and friendly spot in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana Cafe Sydnie Mae. They are slinging some of the BEST French Cajun-creole cuisine in state of Louisiana.

Breaux Bridge is a beautiful and cozy community nestled in the St. Martin parish of Louisiana. It’s centered around an amazing old bridge that was constructed in 1779 to assist with crossing the Bayou Têche, helping ease the passage across for families and neighbors. The rest, they say, is history. The bridge still stands today and has been renovated to its current beautiful state. I loved walking across the bridge, thinking what it must have been like in 1779.

When we heard about Cafe Sydnie Mae, we made reservations and headed out for dinner. Located at the foot of the Breaux Bridge in downtown, we loved the coziness soon as we pulled up. The cafe is located in a 100-year-old casket factory and is full of history. They offer chef-driven, fresh-prepared dishes that are loaded with flavor. The atmosphere is extremely homey, with live music and a beautiful old school Louisiana vibe.

We ordered a big variety of dishes to try and each one we enjoyed was better than the last, all loaded with flavor. My favorite was the BIG PHAT fresh GRILLED pork chop. That Pork Chop was so delicious it was Pork-O-Liciousness. It was so flavorful that I would drive 500 miles to enjoy it again. The fresh dessert was also savory, sweet deliciousness.

Cafe Sydnie Mae is worth a drive a drive from anywhere in Texas and Louisiana to enjoy some incredibly fresh Cajun-creole cooking in a beautiful old-Louisiana atmosphere, with friendly service and toe tapping music.

SIMPLY PUT: ” It’s so delicious and cozy you will never want to leave! I can’t wait to return for more deliciousness and fun. “

They’re a NEW OFFICIALLY APPROVED Trey’s Coastal Chow Down Delicious Destination for all food lovers to enjoy. Tell’em Trey sent ya to Chow Down!

Trey ( Chow Down ) Chapman