“Alcohol isn’t in my vodkabulary. However, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink to much of it, it’s likely to tequilya!”


Dibs on Victory Park Plaza GRAND OPENING 26th & 27th

Dibs on Victory Park Makes Highly-Anticipated Debut

New refined concept is set to celebrate its grand opening on April 26-27

 – Dibs on Victory might have a familiar ring to it thanks to the fact that it has been named one of Dallas’ “Most Anticipated New Restaurants of 2017, 2018 and 2019.” But it’s now open and ready to rock and roll.

So, highly-anticipated is far from an understatement. This & That Co. – the folks that brought you neighborhood staples like High Fives, The Whippersnapper, Tiny Victories and Ferris Wheelers – are excited to bring its newest concept, Dibs, to Victory Park.

The new multi-level restaurant, located across from the W Hotel, will celebrate its official grand opening on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. Doors will open for dinner and drinks at 4 p.m. and the party starts at 10 p.m. with DJs playing until 2 a.m.

DFW BEST Bars & Super Bowl Watching Parties!

Trey Enjoying A Drink, lol!

Last year, our Drink With Trey “BEST BARS & NIGHTCLUBS LIST” received over 1000 re-shares and 121,000 reads! We just had to make a BEST LIST for 2019 for our Texas sports fans too.

It’s here! It’s time! Are you ready sports fans?

Every year the Super Bowl puts excitement in the air for sports lovers, partygoers, drinking buddies, and heck even folks who love to watch the super bowl just for the commercials.

If you follow Drink With Trey, Trey’s Chow Down, or Trey Chapman, then you know how much we love to have a good time. You can’t threaten us with a great party because in most cases we are the PARTY. We’ve been partying, watching sports, slinging back drinks, listening to live music, and chowing down all over Texas in 2018. We wanted to offer our suggestions for the BEST PICKS to watch the SUPER BOWL or any sporting event for that matter in the DFW area.

Our picks have a large number of TVs, great music, awesome chow, seductive bar bites, and great service folks that pride them selves on great customer service. It’s all about having a great experience with lots of fun. Buckle-up buttercup! It’s fix’in to get crazy!

The Tipsy Alchemist

Drink With Trey Cocktail

Dallas, Texas Uptown

The Tipsy Alchemist’s sole purpose is to blow your mind with elevated cocktails through science, art & technique in a sexy, colorful, social lounge setting. Tipsy is always fun and it’s a destination just waiting for you. I’m so THANKFUL to the management at The Tipsy Alchemist for creating this new cocktail. The (Drink With Trey ) if you want an amazing drink then head over to Tipsy in Dallas and say you want to “Drink With Trey!” Thank you Aaron and Scuba and the great staff at The Tipsy Alchemist who took the time to create this drink!

I love the BOOT glasses for the presentation too!

Reservoir Bar & Kitchen

Fort Worth, Texas on West 7th

Rez as the locals like to call it has plenty of TV’s with a big menu and great chef-driven brunch items. I love the Texas-size patio and they have so many TVs! The only way to miss anything is to close your eyes. The NEW bunch menu is killer. It is just packed with great creations.  On Super Bowl Sunday they will have brunch until 3 PM and 2.00 Mimosa’s. The staff is friendly with big smiles and just love to sling those cocktails. So get there early and have some fun for Trey. Check out Reservoir’s new location at Texas Music Factory coming soon!

On Super Bowl Sunday they will have brunch until 3 PM and 2.00 Mimosa’s. Check out this video: Reservoir fun

Happiest Hour

Dallas, Texas in Hardwood District

Happiest Hour (Photo Credit: H.H.)

I love this place! My favorite spot is on the patio looking out at the beautiful buildings of Dallas. They have a wonderful bite menu and why not considering they’re the sister of Saint Ann’s Restaurant. The staff is always upbeat and friendly with big smiles. They are hosting a big watch party downstairs and on the front lawn. They have a VIP party upstairs. Not sure about the cost of VIP though. I do know, they will have $5 dollars off appetizers and beer tower specials. I dare you to try “Everything But The Kitchen Sink.” This dish is what I call A Spectacular Foodie Rock Star! If you love sundaes, then I double dog dare you to try this dish. Head on over to the Happiest Hour and turn it up like Trey!

They will have a VIP party, $5 dollars off appetizers and beer tower specials. Check out this video: Happiest Video

Texas Republic Bar & Kitchen

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th area

TXR as the locals like to call it has one of the biggest TV screens in the DFW area, if not the biggest with incredible color. They have amazing sound throughout the club and a wonderful staff that is super friendly. They also have fantastic bathrooms, which is important if it’s crowded. They have an amazing menu that is chef-driven and the chef offers some award-winning items that you will love. Oh baby, the “Trash Can Nachos” are OMG… I just dare you to get this amazing dish. Tap this link and view video Make plans for TXR tell’em Trey sent you.

Deep Ellum Distillery

Dallas, Texas in Deep Ellum

What can I say about my boyz at Deep Ellum? It’s just an AWESOME place with fantastic one-of-a-kind cocktails created by professional mixologists. They have booths, tall tables, bar seats, and a Texas-size TV screen. They offer wonderful Deep Ellum Distillery products like Apple Cinnamon Vodka, Pickle Flavor Vodka, and of course the regular Deep Ellum Vodka. I dare you to try the “Apple Pie Drink” you CAN NOT have just one. I guarantee it or my name isn’t Drink With Trey!

D.E.D. special:  Happy hour all day on Sunday. $5 DED Vodka, $6 infusions, and $7 specialty cocktails. Head over to D.E.D. it’s just bad azz! D.E.D. Tasting Room Video.

Whiskey Garden

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th Area

Whiskey, let’s say that again, WHISKEY. You see how that just rolls off your tongue? The locals call it Whiskey. I like to call it my fun house. Whiskey Garden has long been one of my favorite places for just about anything fun related. Awesome staff, award-winning tacos from Chef Tuck, great cocktails and of course tons of fun. Just stay out of the pool it’s cold as a well-diggers butt this time of year! Oh, and it’s covered, lol! Reservoir across the street is a sister club so feel free to walk back and forth.

Specials: Free buffet starting at 4 by Tailfeather’s Wing Truck. at Whiskey until they run out of food. We know they won’t run out of drinks. Love my W-H-I-S-K-E-Y staff!

The Owners Box

Dallas, Texas at Restaurants On Lamar/Omni Hotel

The Box! The Big Deal! The Beast in Dallas! This place is packed with TVs, pool tables, private suites, great staff, a big patio, and awesome food. Let’s just say The Owners Box is a destination, not a stop off. You have a chef-driven menu and 6 other restaurants on Lamar to choose from if you get hungry. They also have 2 other big patios if you just want to stroll around and get away for a few. Oh yeah, I forgot one of the most important factors. You can carry your drinks anywhere on Lamar. Just stroll around sipping, drinking, and laughing like you own the place. Like a BOSS! If you need a room, the Omni is there too. Heck, drinking at the Owners you’ve already won (even if your team didn’t). I love the pretzel and loaded fries just DELICIOUS! Head over to the Owners Box.

Texas Live

Arlington, Texas at Live Area

Texas Live-WOW! (Photo Credit T.L.)

What? What? What did you? That’s what folks normally say when you try and describe Texas Live to someone who has never been before. I like to call it an “Entertainment Mecca” everything you need for a real Texas party. T.L. has a complete and crazy line up of places to sling back drinks, watch the big game, or Chow down on some incredibly delicious food. It’s so big it needs it’s own zip code, lol! They are having great specials Super bowl Sunday look at this deal:

Sunday, February 3rd for the Big Game Bash and enter for a chance to WIN the ultimate tailgate package! Package includes a 65″ TV, tailgate tent, cooler, and two chairs. Enter herehttp://bit.ly/2SeAxG9

Head on over to Texas Live and have a Texas-size time like Drink With Trey does! Check out this video

Bottled Blonde

Dallas, Texas at Good Latimer Express

Bottle Blonde, or B.B. as I Iike to call it, has an awesome upstairs outdoor patio setting. The downstairs is killer too but I love the upstairs. The first time I was there I fell in love with the vibrant upbeat atmosphere upstairs. The cars flying by on the expressway makes for some fun games. They have a fantastic friendly staff and a wonderful menu full of great tasty creations and bites. They have lots of TVs and plenty of room for Super Bowl Sunday.

They will have two 24-foot projection wall TV’s which will be awesome to watch the big game. Head over to B.B. have a have a drink on the upstairs patio for Trey. Watch this video! 

Bar 2909

Fort Worth, Texas West 7th Area.

Varsity Tavern (Photo Credit V.T.)

Bar 2909 or just 2909 as the locals like to call it. I call it my outdoor headquarters for all that’s fun. 2909 has an amazing outdoor area with games, lots of seating, a fireplace, big heaters, and great sound. They have plenty of bar space so you can get your drinks easily without any issues. They have a wonderful Chef driven menu from Cork & Pig Tavern and it’s full of tasty creations. Its filled with great eats. They have one of my favorite sandwiches, the “French Dip”. This is so good you will order two one for later. Great cocktails, lots of room for lounging and having fun in the sun, or under a heater. Head over to Bar 2909 and have some good times. Watch this video! 

Varsity Tavern

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th Area

V.T. is what I call it and it’s a great place for fun and debauchery of all types. They have two floors of greatness. Outdoor games of all types, great cocktails, and an awesome staff that loves to have fun. You can hang out upstairs and look down two different streets. Here you can take in the vibrant upbeat atmosphere. They have some big TV’s with a great sound all over V.T. I love the upstairs section outside in fresh Texas air. They have great seating areas with plenty of stand up and stretch room. V.T. as also been an all-time favorite of mine and is a great place to watch sporting events. Love me some V.T. baby! What this Video! 

End Zone

McKinney, Texas on Eldorado Pkwy

If you’re in the McKinney area for Super Bowl Sunday or any sporting event you need to head on over to the wonderful End Zone. The powerhouse of sports entertainment, or as I would say, the place for some bad azz fun with great staff. E.Z. has plenty of room with great bar food. They have some awesome cocktails too! They say, “It doesn’t matter if you like the classic, soulful, shaken, or stirred, you will get an amazing cocktail from E.Z.”. They’re having some great deals on Super Bowl Sunday.

The biggest game in all of the sports, free beer hour, free appetizer samplers, prizes, $200 being given away…I mean, what else do ya need!?!? Head on over to E.Z. and tell’em Big Trey sent you.

The Mad Hatter Pub (Photo Credit Sneaky Pete)

Mad Hatter Neighbor Pub

Fort Worth, Texas in West 7th Area

Here’s the deal. Mad Hatter isn’t a big sports club, a party palace, or a gigantic bar. It’s plain and simply one of the BEST little bars in Texas, PERIOD! When I tell you it’s the BEST because I truly mean it. The place reminds me of CHEERS. It just can’t get any better than the little Cozy Mad Hatter. The owner and staff are truly amazing and so friendly. They pride themselves on great customer service as well as serving perfect cocktails and cold beer. You get good times and plenty of conversation whether you want it or not. If you in the mood to try an award-winning cozy little joint in Fort Worth where everyone knows your name then head over to the wonderful Mad Hatter. Tell them Trey sent you. Mad Hatter still my NUMBER #1 VOTE of the BEST BARS in Texas, PERIOD!

Upper 90 On College 

Fort Worth, Texas Magnolia Area

Up 90 is a fantastic little sports bar located in the new hip area of Fort Worth in what I like to call the Magnolia Arts District. Known for friendly fun folks and a great staff you call see all your sports games and enjoy some great company. I think they enjoy every sport known to man at Upper 90 it’s a real sportsman paradise. Super bowl Sunday is no different it will be a Texas size day!

Party kicks off at 5PM Free Food, Drink Specials, Super Bowl Squares, Live Music and more. Head over to Upper 90 and enjoy the fantastic sports vibe and wonderful staff! Check out this video!

Please have an awesome time and remember to TIP your staff well! Be polite and don’t drive drunk. It never ends well for anyone especially you. 

Much Love,

Trey Drinking Chapman 

Watch out new Radio TV show @ Spoony Radio . COM 

Best Bars Of 2017 Ft Worth & Dallas

Good Day Drinking Buddies,

Everyone knows I love to socialize, party with friends, throw back some great shots and throw down some good times. For years people have said, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.” I always say, “They’re wrong, dead wrong!” Almost every single memory worth remembering happens after midnight For Me!

Trey & Chad

The things that happen, the things I see people do-heck, the things I do after midnight might scare the average person, but not me! I always tell my friends all aboard the Trey Train and let’s go for a ride. Leave your troubles at the door step, get on, put a smile on, and let’s ride. The way I see it, you can sleep when you’re laying in the pine box. Who in the heck wants to grow up anyway? Not me. The way I figure it, you only have one life to live, and you better live it full throttle with no regrets. Get busy living folks!

“Club Pilikia Dallas”

I’ve listed my favorite places to throw back, throw down some cold ones, sling some shots, drink some whiskey, and tell some lies. All my top picks are PERFECT go-toplaces you need to check out. I would know, after all, I’ve been drinking, partying, listening to live music, cutting up, throwing down and swapping stories my whole life. I can promise you these places are awesome. I’ve spent a full year partying, visiting bars, saloons, pubs, clubs, and watering holes all around the Fort Worth and Dallas area and now I’m fixing to spring it on you like a drunk man on a pogo stick!

So listen up buttercups and get ready to jump on the “Drink With Trey” train. We will have some fun, get into some debauchery, live a little, laugh a lot, and have one hell of a time. Oh yeah and the real fun kicks in around midnight, so get on the “Drink With Trey”  train and let’s ride this bad boy till the end of the line.

Fred’s Original Texas Cafe, West 7th area, Fort Worth; 

Fred’s is a hamburger joint by nature, but has live music seven days a week, and the beer is always cold. Fantastic outdoor space, great drinks, and great food with a super cozy atmosphere. I love starting my evenings at Fred’s. Be sure to try the “Calf Fries”!

Bar 2909, West 7th Area, Fort Worth;

2909 is a fantastic party spot during the day, afternoon, evening and night. Colorful decor, excellent sound, great TV, picturesque surroundings, wonderful staff, and it’s mostly outdoors. I love the big open, colorful outdoor bar area and the big fire place. The vibe here is upbeat, and the fun never stops. If you want to enjoy some lazy days, great afternoons, or long cozy nights, Bar 2909 is your bet.

“Whiskey Garden” Slinging Tunes!

Whiskey Garden 7th Street, (regulars call it, ‘WHISKEY!'”), Fort Worth;

Whiskey is a truly amazing work of art. Cool artistic surroundings here. From the gas pump faucets, tire sinks, whiskey bottle light fixtures, and creative decorations to its incredible outdoor area that comes complete with a swimming pool. That’s correct, a swimming pool with underwater seats for pool drinking! Fantastic outdoor setting with semi-private tables and a massive wooden deck. Whiskey has plenty of bar space to quickly grab cocktails while still leaving lots of space open for socializing. Bring your suit, your fun times, and head to Whiskey Garden to throw down.

Lola’s Trailer Park, 7th Street, Fort Worth; 

The park is outdoors with a small dimly lit indoor area that is ideal for relaxing. Beautiful old trees adorn the entire Lola’s Trailer Park. The outdoor stage is visible from anywhere, and the outdoor bar puts out nothing but good vibes. The live music is always impressive and sounds great, the staff is awesome, and the drinks are always flowing. Complete with BBQ, food truck parking, and outdoor games- I love Lola’s, and all the awesome bands that play here year round.

Pilikia Tiki Bar, Dallas;

Pilikia is one of the hottest spots in Texas. This tiki bar is truly amazing and worth the drive from anywhere in Texas. Once you enter, you immediately get transported to the tiki party of your dreams. The atmosphere is completely tiki worthy from the skull walls, colorful, extravagant furniture, tiki hanging lights, and the big and cozy patio. They offer creative and extravagant cocktails that honor the tiki mid-century culture.

Reservoir Bar & Kitchen, 7th Street, (regulars call it, “Rez!”), Fort Worth 

Reservoir is the best SPORTS bar in the Fort Worth-Dallas area, nothing else comes even close. Lots of T.V’s, a great patio, incredible vibes, big open spaces to enjoy watching sports, awesome service, new food menu, and plenty of spirits. If you’re looking for a sports bar with fun vibes and a banging atmosphere, then hit up Reservoir because that’s going to be your bar.

The Local, 7th Street, Fort Worth;

The atmosphere at the indoor/outdoor Local is always popping. They have big windows that open up and a large outdoor bar. This combination brings the outdoors inside and the inside outdoors. It has a vibrant, up beat vibe and a cozy feel. They have games, great cocktails, wonderful staff, and love slinging drinks and creating good times.

The Tipsy Alchemist, (regulars call it “Tipsy”), Dallas;

Slanging at “Tipsy Alchemist”

I’m going to tell you now if you haven’t had the Tipsy experience, then you haven’t lived. The Tipsy’s sole purpose is to blow your mind with elevated cocktails through science. They create magic at Tipsy- slinging smoking, creative, and colorful cocktails! When I say smoking, I literally mean smoking cocktails that will blow your mind! This place is a classy, energetic lounge that extends from the creative, craft cocktail bar downstairs to a beautiful Champagne Room upstairs. The Tipsy Alchemist is AWESOME!

Five-Sixty, in the Glass Ball over looking Dallas;

“Sky High Drinking” at its best in this beautiful cocktail lounge that offers 360-degree views of Dallas and beyond. The service is fantastic, the cocktails are strong and creative, and the views are simply incredible for socializing, lounging or closing that next big deal. I love Five-Sixty and the staff!

The Basement Bar, The Stockyards, Fort Worth;

This bar is full of old school stories and tales of yester year. When you walk down the stairs and enter off of Exchange Ave, you’ll find a cozy bar, with amazing interior and a vibrant atmosphere. Being a classic, The Basement Bar is truly like no other and offers various types of entertainment and is open seven days a week.

Button’s Soul Food & Music, Fort Worth;

You WILL NOT find another place like Button’s anywhere on this planet. Every time I enter Button’s my knees start twitching, and my feet start stomping. They always have the best Blues and Jazz music around. The sound is incredible and will have you dancing, the award-winning soul food will have you wanting to shake the chef’s hand, and a friendly, wonderful staff makes you want to kick back and stay a while. At Button’s you want to dance, wiggle, sing, and bust a move- old school style. I love me some Button’s!

The Durty Crow, 7th Street, Fort Worth;

It’s hard for me to explain the Durty Crow. All I can say is it’s down-home cozy, and everyone is your friend there. They have big garage doors that open so that the outside can come inside. They have live music sometimes, which is always good. The staff is friendly, and the customers love to sit and tell Fort Worth’s biggest stories. The vibe is friendly, cool, and always welcoming. It’s kind of like your local hometown bar. I love getting Durty at the Crow.

“Swan Song” @ “Key’s Lounge”

Keys Lounge, Fort Worth;

Known for its nightly music acts, Keys Lounge is a Fort Worth staple. Great Blues, extremely down-home cozy atmosphere, and wonderfully friendly staff. Keys Lounge is always hopping and has some of the best Blues tunes in Texas. If you want to get Bluesy with friends that feel like family, Keys Lounge is the place. They have the key to the blues.

Oscars Pub, Camp Bowie, Fort Worth;

The best way to describe Oscar’s Pub is that it has authentic, feel-good bar vibes where everyone knows your name. Oscar’s is just a wonderfully friendly place with an incredibly knowledgeable staff and loyal regulars. If you want to relax and crack some jokes, then head to Oscar’s Pub and have a ball.

The MAD HATTER, 7th Street;

If you want to talk about a cozy little down-home bar, then my friends, Mad Hatter wins hands down. It’s a small, dark and narrow building full of stories and charm. I swear every time I enter this bar, I just want to plop down on a stool and start telling stories because here, everyone is your friend. They have to be! It’s too cozy not to be. If you truly want comfortable in a Cheers sort of way, Mad Hatter is your bar.

The Lazy Moose, Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth;

The Lazy Moose is everything most bars hope to be. It is extremely cozy, with a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful peeps. “The Moose,” as I call it, has done a masterful job at creating a wonderfully inviting place where the food is delicious, and the cocktails are perfect! They have living room style chairs, tall tables and there is even a piano in the bar. I really can’t explain it, you just need hurry on up to slow on down and get Lazy at the moose. Trust me, you will thank me!

Saint Rocco’s (Roof Top Bar), Trinity Groves, Dallas;

Saint Rocco’s Bar has a fantastic view of the Dallas skyline from the Trinity Groves development. The bar itself is beautiful, colorful, and very cozy. The east side of the bar is entirely open, and you have amazing views of Dallas and the new Trinity Groves Bridge. They have a lot of couches set up like a living room with coffee tables. I’m going to say at least 15 different “living room” seating options, not including the extra chairs. They also have large H.D. T.V. screens projected on the back walls for sports games and events. It’s a large, cozy, atmosphere that you can feel very comfortable in and socialize for hours. Every time I get there, I hate leaving and always end up hang out a little longer than planned. The staff is friendly and great at slinging cocktails. And if you’re hungry; they have some great Italian pizza and a small menu from Saint Rocco’s downstairs. If you’re near Dallas, Fort Worth or Austin be sure and hit up Saint Rocco’s Roof Top Bar. Check out their Facebook page for updates and make sure it’s not closed for a private party that evening!

Magnolia Motor Lounge, West 7th, (regulars call it “Mag’s”), Fort Worth;

“Mags” is famous for its live music and good times. They offer a large variety of music on any given night. The sound is always on point, and the bands are always great. Most evenings they feature 2 or 3 acts, some acoustic, which are always great and some full band. They have fantastic service and slang those cocktails like Dale Junior races his cars- fast and smooth! They have a chef who whips up a great menu, and specials that change every month! “Mags” has lots of shows, and all of them are good. I can’t remember ever having a bad time at Magnolia Motor Lounge! When you get there, throw the door open and tell ’em Trey sent you!

“Javier’s” Cars & Cigars!

Javier’s, Dallas;

If you are wondering where to go to smoke some great cigars, drink some incredible cocktails, and look at some awesome cars- I will tell you; Javier’s, of course. Javier’s is a Dallas institution, one of which that has a bar, cigar bar, and that also serves excellent continental Mexico City cuisine. The decor is traditional Mexico chic with big chairs and vibrant furniture, and on the floor, there are handmade clay tiles that complete that old school Mexico atmosphere. The customers are always looking sharp, and the service is first class amazing, and on any given day or evening you can see all kinds of unbelievable cars lining the parking lot. Lambo’s, Hot Rods, Bentleys, Custom Porches, you name it- Javier’s has it. I love Javier’s and all it offers to help you escape with a cigar and a smile!

Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge, Sundance Square, Fort Worth;

Silver Leaf is tucked away in the Sundance Square Development in Downtown, Fort Worth. “The Leaf” as I like to call it has an incredible selection of cigars and spirits. The atmosphere is upscale and downright chic. It still doesn’t matter if you dressed in jeans, a suit, or a tux, it is all the same here- it’s cowtown! They have great furniture, TV’s, classy decor and excellent service! If you wanna smoke a great cigar, stop in and the cigar aficionado will fix you up! They have great cocktails and slang ’em with the best! They know cigars and good times at “The Leaf!” Tell ‘ em Trey sent you!

Well, my drinking buddies, I hope you enjoyed my picks because I sure have this last year and will continue to for years to come! Holler at me if you see me at any of these “Drink With Trey” favorites. Let’s do a shot, have some fun and snap a selfie!

Love Y’all and God Bless,

Trey Chapman

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2017 DFW Best Dining, Socializing, & Drinking Patios!

Good Day Drinking, and Socializing Buddies,

Grace Bar Patio downtown For Worth.

If you’re like me I feel it is hard to beat a FANTASTIC patio to kick it on while you enjoy a cocktail, eat or socialize with friends. If you look up the word patio on Wikipedia, it defines it as: (an outdoor space used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is typically paved). That may be the Wikipedia definition, but truthfully patios are so much more than this.

In today’s times’ people search high and low, far and wide, and go to endless lengths to create amazing patios. Patios in most cases are an extension of how one perceives socializing, cooking, partying, or spending time with family and friends to look.

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and event venues are no exception to this rule. They know if they can create a fantastic outdoor atmosphere that it will attract people who love the outdoor way of life. When you are in the sunshine or under the moonlight, everything is always fresh, and vibrant! To me, drinks and food always taste better outside. It just feels a lot better, and you do not feel confined. Being outside has a freshness to it that can’t be emulated any other way than being outside.

In the last year, I have spent much time outside looking for great patios that you can have some have fun, eat, socialize, play games, listen to music, drink, and feel alive. I wanted to share these favorite places with you in hopes you will have as much fun as I have had kicking it and slinging the good times. My choices may not have the word “patio” in their name, but if they are on this list, it has a patio for sure.

BBQ, Whiskey, & Beer, Oh My!

Trey & Appetizer Platter.

Way back in the day long before we had BBQ joints we had a little thing called prohibition. Do you remember this little government debacle? What prohibition did do was generate a greater need for more alcohol. We had all kinds of hidden illegal “speak easy’s” bars and clubs. It was a massive failure for the government.

Back then every joint was cozy, off the beaten path, and had lots of drank for the dranking. So when I heard that a place called Barrel & Bones was coming to cowtown and it was influenced by prohibition, well I got all kinds of excited. Then, when I found out the name and they had smoked meats, BBQ, cool cocktails, and had a vast collection of specialty whiskey & craft beers… Well, let’s just say I was happier than a cow with a fresh salt lick.

Already open in The Colony I couldn’t wait for them to open the NEW location in Fort Worth so I could see what it was all about.

They have a variety of fine cuts of beef, chicken, and pork as well as smoked sausages for you to choose from. The dishes are masterfully crafted by Chef Eric O’Connor.

Texas Bourbon Beans, Mac-N-Cheese, Loaded Bake Potato Salad.

Barrel & Bones has an unbelievable amount of whiskey and delicious food available. They have whiskey from Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Scotland, Kansas, Oregon, Japan, and Colorado just to name a few. If you where to count the number of states or countries they have whiskey from it would be around 30. The flavor profiles are creative and scream TEXAS. I’m in love with their appetizer menu. I don’t care if you get the onion ring tower, The Texas Bourbon Beans, Mac-N-Cheese, Loaded Bake Potato Salad or the big phat smoked chicken wings because ALL are delish. They have these fresh fried ” Pablano Corn Fritters” that are just stupid good! Where talking the “Flavor Rodeo” baby!

The BBQ smoked meats are packed with flavor and they have a Texas-sized selection. They have names like “Texas Brisket”, “Texas Jalapeno Sausage”, “Carolina Pulled Pork” or “American Kobe Beef Spare Ribs.” They even have fresh house made sauces for you to try. I saw 8 different sauces just waiting to be lapped up. They have names like ” Texas Traditional”, “Texas Sweet and Spicy”, “Carolina”, “Memphis”, “Asian Sweet Chili”, “Alabama”, “Buffalo”, and of course the one sauce that bares their name sake the “B-N-B Special.

The atmosphere is cozy, inviting, and comes along with great service. This place is a down-home Texas feel. You can sit at the bar and look at the vast array of whiskey and beer while chowing down on some delicious BBQ or those stupid good “Pablano Corn Fritters.” If you are sitting with someone and they want you to try your fritters, you tell them, “Trey said ‘No sir, not today my friend not today. You get your own!”

Barrel & Bones is a fantastic concept with something for everyone. You don’t have to be a drinker to enjoy the delicious menu options. You can just make the trip to chow down. You better take a wheelbarrow with you cause if you’re anything like me you’ll eat till you can’t walk. Be prepared because you will need a ride out of there.

Barrel & Bones Craft Bar and Smokehouse is a Trey’s Chow Down approved deliciousness destination that is not to be missed. If you love BBQ, Whiskey, Craft Beers, and smoked meats you have what I like to call the quadfecta. Just get to Barrel & Bones and tell’em Trey sent you.

See you at the “Flavor Rodeo” chow hounds!

Trey (Chow Down) Chapman


Suicide: Awareness My Mom & Bourdain

Hello everyone,
My writings, blogs, travel post, ranch happenings, and delicious food posts don’t include negativity or negative connotations. I’m always upbeat and I tell jokes. I live, laugh, love, eat, drink, and travel to the best of life. However, I felt it necessary to write about a dark topic; suicide, death, my mother, and Anthony Bourdain.

This subject is close to my heart. The day I saw the news about Anthony Bourdain taking his own life, it had me thinking deeply.

Anthony Bourdain Chef, Story Teller, Traveler, TV Host
When I read Bourdain took his own life I hopefully believed it was “fake news” or a prank. I spent an hour researching the event and came to the
realization that is was true… and I just couldn’t believe it.
I have never met him, and I do not know him on a personal level. I watched his shows and loved the level of honesty about travels, cooking, people, kitchens, and political views. Throughout my research about Bourdain’s life, I found that he has stated his suicidal thoughts before, and has wrestled with demons his entire life. I felt an empty space in my heart for the way he must have felt for years.
There are a lot of parallels between Bourdain and my wonderful mom, Carol.
My mother Carol Cartwright Chapman was lively and an honest woman with a compassionate heart the size of Texas.  She was so lovely that people would stop just to stare at her beauty and talk to the incredible woman with the big smile. I know folks say this all the time but it was true EVERYONE LOVED her, and if you didn’t, it’s because you never had a chance to talk with her.
Carol loved to help people, in fact,  I think she wore a permanent candy striper uniform because she volunteered at the children’s hospital so often. Traveling made her so happy. She adored to tell stories, have great grand meals,  loved cocktails, and enjoyed parties.
Carol Chapman: Mom, Volunteer, Travler, Socializer, Lover

I believe it is important to be transparent about these issues because someone else out there might be able to relate.

Just like Bourdain, she had demons that ate her up daily. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think she drank and did drugs for the same reasons Bourdain did the same things. He has been honest about these issues in interviews. My mother Carol would regularly say to me, “Trey, if something happens to me don’t spend all the money and take care of yourself!” I would always say, “Mom WTF are you talking about? You’re incredibly beautiful, everyone loves you, and you live a charmed life. Nothing will happen to you, ever!” She would smile and tell me, “You just never know Trey.”
Today, and every day, I say to myself, what the f@#k was I thinking? Why did I not see the signs? They were there all along every time she told me that. After her death, I found out she tried to commit suicide two times before and she wasn’t successful. She had been taken to the hospital and no one told me. You don’t think I didn’t feel like someone hit me in the head with a steel pipe?
At first, you go through the angry stage, the “Why?” stage, then the forgiving stage,  then back to the “Why” stage. You end up staying at this stage. It’s something that will eat at your daily thoughts because you want to know the answer to the questions; Why did she do it? Why didn’t she ask for help? The same thoughts came up when I heard that Bourdain had committed suicide.
The answer to that question is… they don’t even know what’s wrong. I’m pretty confident that no one really knows why they do it, and especially the ones committing suicide!
I am sure people never thought Anthony Bourdain would do this. He seemed happy,  he was successful, rich. He was traveling and eating around the world on an extremely successful television show and won some of the biggest awards and worldwide accolades.

Pure Greatness: Coffee, Cocktails and MORE at Ampersand

Good day drinking buddies and coffee connoisseurs,

Ampersand dogs are welcome too.

Drink With Trey has visited a lot of coffee houses, and I’ve visited a lot of bars… but I haven’t visited a coffeehouse-bar combination. That is exactly what Ampersand is. It’s a coffeehouse by day, and transforms into a bar club in the night. It is literally business up front, party in the back.

Ampersand has locations in Dallas and Fort Worth to enjoy. Ampersand Fort Worth is located just off of the booming West 7th area. The have all kinds of coffee options from air roasted coffee, craft coffee, and coffee cocktails. The options are fresh, creative, and deliciously perfect. Cocktail infused coffee drinks are simply a win.

Corey Mobley and Crew!

The building has a contemporary modern style. It’s clean, beautiful, and complete with an outdoor patio. There is plenty space for chatting with friends, studying or grabbing a quick coffee-moment with yourself. The overall setup is so clever. I’ve never seen anything like it. Just imagine a nice sunny morning, strolling down to Ampersand and having a nice cup of coffee on the porch. You can smell the fresh air already!

Ampersand offers so many items that the other local coffee shops don’t. This includes nitrogen infused cold brew (on tap), cold brew frappes, and smoothies. They air roast their very own coffee beans. The Lavender Vanilla latte and the Vietnamese iced coffee have definitely been getting some traction here in the last couple of months. Perfect drinks for this lovely weather we have been having lately.

I definitely want to highlight that they have a coffee infused cocktail menu as well. I bet you’re interested now! You got to head over there ASAP and get one of these drinks.

If you choose to visit in the evening… Oh boy, get ready to have a great time. Ampersand Fort Worth is fully complete with incredible music, great cocktails and a party atmosphere. The bartenders are awesome and the customer service is superb. Be sure and say hello to ROCK STAR Corey Mobley if he’s on tap!

Ampersand is Fort Worth’s freshest stop to fuel your caffeine need and have a refreshing cocktail beverage. Head over there today and tell’em Trey sent ya!

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 Drink With Trey 

It’s Rockin and Rollin’ at The Bronson Rock!

Good Day Chow Hounds,

“Buffalo Chicken Wrap”

The rock rolls again folks! Some years back in Keller, Texas, a place opened for business named Bronson Rock. Over the years they’ve added space, live full band performance shows, and good food. They’ve seen some hard times with a business partnership, but not any more. Those times are LONG GONE!

The new owner Sam Dalton is no stranger to the restaurant and bar business he’s been very successful with other ventures. Sam and the new Operations Director  Dan Carr are excited about the new management, new staff, new delicious menu, and new operations. I’ve visited several times since the new owners took over and the rock is rolling full steam ahead.

“Romaine Caesar Salad”

Dan Carr prides him self on excellent customer service and strives to make each experience perfect at Bronson Rock. In a recent interview with VoyageDallas.com, Dann said this about his career choice in the restaurant business.

“One day ten years ago, I was honest with myself and acknowledged that although I never planned to make a career in the restaurant industry, there was no denying it; I loved it. As of now I have been in the service industry 25 years. I have worked almost every position that this industry has to offer. Through that I feel it has given me a great understanding and respect for this business. I have a genuine love for guest satisfaction. Nothing pleases me more than hearing about what a wonderful experience someone has in my establishment. When I was a bartender, I always strove to be the best, fastest, and friendliest bartender each customer had ever met. As a manager and now co-owner of an establishment, I love the fact that I carry on my shoulders the responsibility for the entire customer experience.”

Hangover Kitchen & Chef Scott Is The Cure!

Chef Scott (Salsa King)

Good Day,

If you drive west up Exchange Avenue in the fun Fort Worth Stock Yards you will find lots of great places to have fun and plenty of indulgences. When you need to grab a quick bite it’s always great to have good chow out in the Stock Yards. You will see The Basement Bar, The Longhorn Saloon, McNasty’s Saloon, and the Thirsty Armadillo. Located inside Thirty’s is the famous Old School “Hangover Kitchen.” When you walk into the Thirsty Armadillo you can smell what Chef Scott is cooking!

Brisket Tacos

The “Hangover Kitchen” offers all kinds of deliciousness to fill that hunger gap. It’s also the perfect place for that late night craving of a house made tacos, pizzadilla, or fresh salsa and chips. Chef Scott is slinging some delicious dishes in the “Hangover Kitchen” in the afternoons, evenings and late night!

I’ve tried several dishes from Hangover and I loved each dish. He also makes great house made salsa you can take home with you. Salsa with names like: Cilantro, Maple Bacon, Melon, Inferno and many more. If you eat salsa and chips at Hangover you will be in love.  I’ve tried the several of his salsa creations, and they where all layered with flavors.


“Dilla Gang Bang”

I chowed down Chef Scotts house made brisket tacos they were deliciously yummy totally unforgettable. I also tried the house made “Dilla Gang Bang” Oh man that was awesome! If you love “Fried Pickles” grab some of them, delish. I did manage to also sneak in a sausage-on-a-stick that is charred all over, giving it an awesome flavor. “Hangover Kitchen” and Lounge has an awesome menu with amazing dishes.

Maybe you’re in the Stockyards, maybe you need something catered to your work place, or maybe party food. Wherever you are, give chef Scott a call and drop him note! He will be happy to see you.

“Hangover Kitchen” is located at 120 W Exchange Ave Fort Worth inside the Thirsty Armadillo. Phone # (817)-504-1126

Between The Buns! (Dallas Observer)

Join the Dallas Observer on Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 4PM– 7PM at Dallas Farmers Market as we celebrate the Inaugural Between The Buns, A Dallas Observer Slider Event presented by Whole Foods Market.

Between The Buns is an outdoor slider-sampling festival that will feature over 20 of the best sliders that Dallas has to offer, from fried chicken, to pulled pork, burgers and more! It will also include music, cash bars with beer and cocktails. Get your fill of sliders, one of the best finger foods, only at Between the Buns!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW at http://ticketf.ly/2mnUY2y

Unlimited Samples From:
Arepa TX
Asador Restaurant
Barnes & Noble Kitchen
Dallas Chop House
City Council Restaurant & Bar
Cook Hall – Dallas
Cuban Bakery
Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
Easy Slider
Fresh Art Foodie
Full Circle Tavern
Harlowe MXM
Haystack Burgers & Barley
Henry’s Majestic
House of Blues Dallas
Hutchins BBQ McKinney
Isabelly’s Chocolates & Sweet Treats
Knife Dallas
Mi Habana
Old Town Creamery
Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar
Texas Spice on Lamar
The Dapper Doughnut – Central Dallas
Unrefined Bakery
Village Burger Bar
Whole Foods Market

VIP Admission Ticket Includes:
Entry into the event 1 hour earlier than general admission (entry at 3pm). Included in the price is unlimited food samples from Between the Buns vendors, entertainment, access to VIP lounge with exclusive VIP only samples, 4 Drink Tickets at VIP Private Bar (Private Cash Bar available after tickets are used), as well as VIP restrooms.

All Tickets Include:
Entry into the event at 4pm. Included in the price is unlimited samples from Between the Buns vendors, entertainment and beer & cocktails available to purchase.

All guests must be 21+ with a Valid I.D. Rain or Shine
More information at betweenthebunsdallas.com

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/2z9VVlP

Big Texas Beer Fest Is Back!

Good Day Drink With Trey Fans,

It’s back for another year beer buddies, Big Texas Beer Fest in Dallas. All the information from Big Texas Beer Fest and the Dallas Observer is listed below.

Dallas’ original and award-winning beer festival, Big Texas Beer Fest, returns to Fair Park for two separate sessions, Friday and Saturday, March 30-31. Sample from 500+ beers from over 100 breweries. Saturday VIP is already sold out, and we have ALWAYS sold out the last 5 years running, so grab your tickets now.

General admission tickets start at $35 and VIP from $60. Admission covers your first (12) 2oz samples; additional 12-sample cards are available at the event for only $2. Ride the DART rail for a quick drop off at our front door.

Jam out to live music in our outdoor food and music pavilion! We’ll have 10 local food trucks to choose from, and local music from other local favorites throughout the weekend.

We’ll also have a vintage mini-arcade co-sponsored by the folks from Free Play Arcade! Come out to meet all the folks who make your favorite beers. A portion of the proceeds benefit the North Texas Food Bank!

Big Texas Beer Fest and Dallas Observer. Please sees link below!



Creative Food, Great Drinks, Live Music Daily: Magnolia Motor Lounge

Good Day,

From Scratch Menu!

Some years back before the Fort Worth 7th Street area started rocking and popping, a little place opened up for business in the southwest corner called Magnolia Motor Lounge. We they opened I thought to my self this is going to be a great place.

Magnolia Motor Lounge, or for the frequent the 7th street area comers, then you’re aware they go by the name “MAGS” for short.

MAGS offers a wide range of national and local artists nightly. This means on any given night there is awesome tunes being played at Magnolia Motor Lounge. They have a wide VARIETY of music from rock, blues, Texas blues, Texas red dirt, and any & all types of music. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be fantastic and the sounds are always great.